Outlook Debate Topics These are the things I like to have my students come to blows over.

Contentious Statements Young people are lazy and don’t appreciate their parents. Girls are much, much, much smarter than boys. Girls are more violent than boys. Student Issues Boys should go to all-boys schools. Girls should go to all-girls schools. Is it better to study in China or study abroad? Cell phones should not be allowed in schools. Should students do volunteer work or focus on their studies? Is it better to study a language with a foreign teacher or local teacher? Students should not be allowed to have boyfriends or girlfriends. Morality I have two girlfriends. I eat cow. I eat pig. I eat dog and cat and guinea pig too. I am absolutely going to buy a gun when I get back to America. World Should you buy foreign goods or domestic goods? English is useless in China. Chinese is much, much, much simpler than English. Nonsense Which is better – 白吉馍 or 烙馍卷菜? Yes or no? Should you marry someone smart or good-looking? Should five-year-olds be allowed to drive cars? Could Batman beat Spiderman in a fight? Pirates or ninjas? Renato Ganoza for EF Zhengzhou, 2009

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