Mary’s Colgan Catholic
To be completed by organization sponsor or teacher at least two weeks prior to fundraising

Organization Name/Class: _____________________________________
Sponsor/Teacher Name: ________________________________________
Description of Activity (products to be sold, services offered, items to be donated,
etc.): ____________
Proceeds Will Be Used For:
Date(s) of Activity: ___________________________________
Target Market (businesses, parishioners, friends, family, etc.):
Cost Per Item:


Total Fundraising Goal: $___________
Per Student Fundraising Goal

(in units or $):

Price Per Item: _________________
# of Students Involved: ____________

Consequences for Not Meeting Per Student Fundraising Goal:
Current Balance in Organization’s Account: $_______________
Sponsor will submit completed form to principal. If initially approved, principal will forward
request on to President of Schools/Director of Administration for final approval. Organization
will be notified of final approval or denial of request and completed form remains on file in
the school office.

Approved By: _________________________________ Date: ____________________

Approved By: _________________________________ Date: ____________________
President of Schools/Director of Administration