FTS Program Management Office

Risk Management I

Risk “Uncertainty of Outcome” FTS PMO_BMK 2 .

Risk Analysis Identification Open Risk Log Entry Probability of risk happening Evaluation Impact if it does happen Response Identification Prevent Reduce Transfer Accept 3 Actions Selection FTS PMO_BMK .

the actions for desired effect .take action as necessary FTS PMO_BMK 4 .„plan-in‟ the necessary countermeasures .prepare any contingency plan(s) .Risk Management Plan And Resource .risk for early warning signs .include countermeasure resources in plans Monitor And Report (and Control!) .

Risk Management Project Plan Stage Plan Exception Plan Team Plan FTS PMO_BMK 5 .Planning .

Risk Management • # of plans depends on size of the project • Should always be a project plan FTS PMO_BMK 6 .

Project Risk Management • Exception plan is to same level of detail as the original plan • An Exception plan would replace the Stage Plan • An Exception plan may or may not effect the overall Project Plan FTS PMO_BMK 7 .

Identifying Risk • Risk Assessment High High Med Low Med Med Impact FTS PMO_BMK 8 Probability High .

Security/Legal • Complete the Project Checklist • Prepare Traceability Matrix FTS PMO_BMK 9 .ARB .GIER .Risk Mitigation Tools • Completing the questionnaires – DR – IMG – DSG .

Project Risk & Issue Log • Track daily issues raised – – – – – – Date Environment/Application/Process Raised by whom/Owner for resolution Issue Description Action Status FTS PMO_BMK 10 .

Questions? FTS PMO_BMK 11 .

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