Change and Innovation Assessment

Change and Innovation Assessment
Section 3 -- Current Personal Approach (You, a leader, an individual)
Your Personal Inclinations and Work Focus. Think about yourself within the context of your unit or team. Think about what you do right now and how you approach your work. Directions. Consider the six questions below in terms of the way that you personally approach work. Rank the alternatives according to that which is most like your personal inclinations and behavior--that is, what you actually do. In other words, how do you approach your work to influence others, get tasks done, and reach your desired outcomes? Under each question, rank the four statements according to the way you perceive things for yourself right now. That is, which statement is most like your approach to work? Assign 1, 2, 3, or 4 to the statements A, B, C, and D depending on which one is the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th most like you personally right now. Assign 1 if the statement is most like you now and 4 if the statement is least like you now. Remember that for each of the six questions, statements A, B, C, and D must be assigned a 1, 2, 3 or 4. No statement may be assigned the same number as another statement.

1. Currently, I approach work by...
Now * A. communicating openly and honestly.

B. out-performing competitors.

C. analyzing the facts.

D. developing an inspiring vision.

2. Currently, I approach work by . . .
Now * A. showing concern for others.

B. delivering results.

C. maintaining consistency and reliability.

D. fostering optimism.

3. Currently, I approach work by . . .
Now * A. increasing employee morale.

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thinking creatively. D. controlling costs. 5. D. . C. D. 4. winning through I approach work by . B. making firm decisions. C. listening to others. [ normal form elements] © Copyright 2002 2 of 2 13/01/2011 8:12 . B. Currently. Now * A. D. Now * A. developing and coaching others. Now * A. getting the details right. I approach work by . . maintaining flexibility. . Currently. driving toward deadlines.Change and Innovation Assessment http://www. I approach work by . fostering cooperation and consensus. taking charge and requiring results. . solving problems logically and systematically. clarifying policies and procedures. Currently.repeto. C. identifying new opportunities. . C. . initiating change. B.cfm B. 6.

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