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Rebirth Final

Rebirth Final

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Published by Dhuran Modha

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Published by: Dhuran Modha on Oct 16, 2013
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Written By Dhuran Modha (Final Draft)



EXT. FOREST - DAY As the sun is shining bright, the camera pans down and backwards through the trees to a singled out tree with a nest perched on a branch. (The sound of rustling leaves and quiet wind echoes in the background.) The camera pauses and focuses on an egg, with a 2 second pause the egg starts to shake and crack. (Crack) More and more of the egg cracks and a small beak pokes through. The camera starts to revolve around the egg as the bird stars to emerge small and simple. (Bird chirps) The bird is frail and wooden and unable to move, it is born with the wooden bones for the wings. The bird falls to the bottom of the nest and rolls onto its back. (Rustling of leaves) A gust of wind pushes the bird onto its feet, when the bird starts to struggle as sinew starts to form downwards from the "bones". As it tries to flap it wings they begin to thicken and form better, getting stronger. The legs begin to thicken, getting stronger. CUT TO: A front view of the the ribs as it starts to form, surrounding cogs and machinery as they start to whir. (Gears grind and clunk) The camera zooms out to a wide shot of the bird, the head enlarges and the neck grows longer and thicker and the bird stretches finally showing off to the camera the elegance of it. (Wood Splintering) CUT TO: The camera head on as the bird runs along the branch, jumping, attempting to take off but not gaining enough air. (Footsteps on the branch, wing flaps and thuds)


CUT TO: A worm's eye view looking up at the bird as it takes off, the camera shakes as it ascends (Deep wing flaps ) CUT TO: A bird's eye view, looking head on as the bird rises, the camera rises with it until the bird speeds up rotating as it flies almost into the camera, where it follows the bird upwards towards the sun. ("whoosh" of wind) The bird spreads its wings in front of the sun in a "t-pose" where the bird continues rises in slow motion. The sun shines and expands. FADE OUT

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