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April 2013

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A basic guide on how to get rid of camera shake

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EXCLUSIVE TESTS Canon EOS 1D X Panasonic GH3 Samsung Galaxy Camera Sigma 18–250mm OS
Sachin Kalbag discusses why photojournalism is still strong

simple WAYS to achieve perfect

Sureshot techniques to ensure that the subject is always in perfect focus


5 steps to make the shot that's in your mind
How Twitter can help your photography business grow Amit Mehra talks about his silent notes from Kashmir


Chronicling the times of the masterful Roman Vishniac



There Are No Secrets
How does one make money through photography, and how does one make lots of it? At the recent iClick Symposium in Bengaluru, this seemed to be a recurring question amongst a lot of young hobbyists. After having interacted with many masters of photography from India and abroad, I thought of putting down six rules that form a chain of thought about becoming a successful photographer. Rule #1: It is not about the money. There are other, easier ways to get rich. So, the motive to make money from photography must come from a powerful, raw need to release the shutter for other reasons. Rule #2: Therefore, as clichéd as it sounds, it is about a craving hunger to make excellent photographs because of a deep-rooted love for something beyond the camera. Rule #3: Conversely, when perfect frames are required, internalising the craft becomes an indispensable prerequisite. Rule #4: To learn the craft, making a lot of mistakes early on and quickly learning from them becomes very important. Thus, being curious and experimental is equally important. Rule #5: Mistakes help you discover things about yourself. They help you put yourself into your own images. In essence, this helps you create your own identity and style. Rule #6: Building an identity takes time, effort and, most of all, discipline. Amongst all the qualities that are essential for success, discipline usually wavers first. This happens because discipline needs the conviction of a bigger purpose. If it does waver, you need to go back to Rule #1 and ask yourself why you are doing photography in the first place. That said, the secret for success is actually not really a secret, regardless of which profession you choose. Success needs passion, knowledge, dedication, discipline, willpower, resourcefulness (as opposed to resources), money and effort. And if you think about it, the only part of this equation that can possibly be transposed or interchanged... is effort for money. Everything else needs to be there, unequivocally.

“Amongst all the qualities that are essential for success, discipline usually wavers first.”


K Madhavan Pillai

by Amit Mehra
It took some time for Amit to realise that he was reacting to Kashmir just as a photojournalist would. After observing the valley for a while, without his camera, he decided to restart the project. “A photographer is only a witness. He is not a judge. He is not there to change any opinion. But if his body can create a debate, a dialogue, a discourse, that is the greatest reward,” he says.

To read more about Amit Mehra’s quest to capture the eerie silence of Kashmir —
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Better Photography april 2013

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april 2013

in A basic guide on how to get rid of camera shake focus SIdER IN FREE POSTE eXclusive tests Canon EOS 1D X panasonic Gh3 samsung Galaxy camera sigma 18–250mm os VISUAL MUSINGS Sachin Kalbag discusses why photojournalism is still strong Simple WAYS to Achieve perfect Mario Alberto Magallanes Trejo Sureshot techniques to ensure that the subject is always in perfect focus 58 dOES MIRRO THEIR FIRST RLESS MAKE THE CU T? & FUN dIY BES! PHOTO CU Sigma 18–250mm f/3. 150 all on ay de d Gui et to r's rk ye a Bu e m ive in th ust s ha era ex m An e ca th Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GH3 Broadcast quality video in a mirrorless system Samsung EK-GC100 Does one really need this Andriod camera? 76 (Total 186 pages) 56 Don’t Lose Focus! Simple techniques to get crisp photographs BETTER PHOTOGRAPHY learn to avoid camera shake • how to achieve perfect focus • simple waYs to create personalised postcards vol.3 DC Macro OS HSM Will this superzoom fulfill its promises? micro test 5 steps to make the shot that's in your mind MARKET SENSE How Twitter can help your photography business grow Amit Mehra talks about his silent notes from Kashmir GREAT MASTERS Chronicling the times of the masterful Roman Vishniac PROFILE 60 Photograph: Mukesh Srivastava Design: Santosh D Kamble Lexar Card Reader. 16 • no.betterphotography. 11 • april 2013 www. Vanguard Camera Bag & Vanguard Tripod 80 Say Goodbye to Camera Shake Tweak your camera settings to avoid shake .56.April 2013 72 SnapShots 76 GearGuide BetterPictures Book Review ‘Okavango: Africa’s Last Eden’ by Frans Lanting Look Who’s Shooting Alok Rai Visual Musings by Sachin Kalbag 34 40 41 44 test Canon EOS-1D X Canon redefines speed with its latest flagship 72 SHOOTING TECHNIQUE Arriving at the Photo Create the perfect picture in five easy steps 50 vanguard photo-video Booklet INS IdE ON THE COVER MAKE & GIFT PERSONALISEd PICTURE POSTCARdS • CREATING INNOVATIVE SELF PORTRAITS April 2013 • Rs. Tamrac Backpack.

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Feedback Send your feedback to The Editor. 2013 issue of Better Photography is one of the best that I have read in the past one year. Everyday. I think that the quality of photography is only going to deteriorate. addressing several issues. Amateur-looking Photographs Over the years. Better Photography. What I fail to understand is the fascination behind DLSRs. via Twitter The New DSLR Trend Recently. the articles in Better Photography have become even more informative. back in 2009. a little boring and would have preferred a calendar instead. a cousin of mine insisted that she wanted a DLSR for her birthday. The last time BP had a contest addressing this category of photographers. While some of the images are good. Mumbai. I think that better pictures can be published. This ignorance does not just end here. I do not know her photography habits or whether she wants to simply photograph casually. Would Love a Calendar! It was a delight to receive two posters in the February 2013 issue of Better Photography. Dr Amit Vakil. Shobhit Das. I see people creating their own Facebook photography page which is flooded with mediocre photographs of sunsets. J K Sawant Marg. APRIL 2013 . Mumbai-400 028. However.” Better Photography More Cell Phone Photography! I find the magazine to be very educative and informative. Since then. People are made to believe that great photographs can only be created with the help of great cameras. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the On Assignment articles. Although there is a regular mention about shooting with cell phones in articles. Prithwish Karforma. I think that it deserves much more attention and importance. there has not been a single contest. via post Dr Amit Vakil Best Issue so Far! 20 The March. Chennai. ‘A’ Wing. I loved the cheatsheet but found the poster with the quotes. ‘From Day to Night’ by Stephen Wilkes and ‘A Small Wonder?’ by Christopher Boffoli. are the photos that are being published in the Shooting Technique section. via email “I hope BP organises competitions for minors who are unable to participate in most contests. Being a 17-year-old. At this rate. was the Young Photographer of the Year award. I feel that minors have very little scope of participating and showcasing their work. via email BP reader Dr Amit Vakil sent us this image he shot after reading ‘Dare to Shoot Against The Light’ (March 2013). they have mastered the art of photography. What they fail to understand is that the real legends have spent years mastering this skill. I urge BP to bring back the YPOY awards or introduce some other competitions for young photographers. Priyanka Surve. the thing that I find missing is a separate cell phone photography section. Kolkata. However. There are many who believe that by owning a DLSR. the only department where I have seen a dip. This would help give us an early start. insects and flowers. Dadar (W). The article inspired me to experiment and shoot silhouette photographs. India Email: feedback@betterphotography. better is the quality. These photographers not only employed genius techniques but their photographs are fine examples of creativity at its very best. New Delhi. Network 18 Publishing. Ruby House. They think that the more expensive the gear. I enjoyed reading all eight techniques but ‘Playing with Silhouettes’ was the best. Nikita Joseph. However. the Shooting Technique ‘Dare to Shoot Against The Light’ was the most impressive. via Twitter Underage for Competitions I am disappointed with the lack of photography contests for people under 18 years of age.

my phone allowed me to be part of the crowd and I could take better pictures. via email B ette r P h o t o g r ap h y Gabriel Fuchs’ column. an idea struck me! I began to shoot pictures of friends and family. Hetal Kumar. but she did have a point. At the same time. you will get a Envie Speedster charger! Christy Lee Roger’s work was published in the December 2012 issue of Better Photography Audrey Fernandes. It has completely changed the way I photograph. I was able to draw things that did not exist in the picture and could finally give my drawings a context. My anticipation usually leads me to reading the magazine within a couple of Find us Online!   On Finding the Artist in Me I don’t think I would call myself an artist but I do enjoy sketching frequently. I thought that Ben’s photograph sketches were ingenious. why are photographers becoming laidback and not wanting to make an effort to photograph correctly in the first place? Jhanvi Karkera. I would print it out on paper and trace it. via email 22 “Cell phone photography is not as easy as it looks. I liked that neither I nor my smartphone attracted attention. via email Laidback Attitude I have a few questions. I tried to reason out that not every work of art must have meaning attached to it. APRIL 2013 . But I am glad that I get to photograph people in different situations and then convert their photos into art. I would draw whatever came to my mind. Just like the camera. another section that focuses only on cell phone photography techniques should be included. This made me wonder if these were the only two ways I could combine photography and drawing. I find my heart literally pounding with excitement. Write in to Better Photography with your feedback. I learned that cell phone photography is not as easy as it looks and there is still so much to explore and know. Dr Samrat Ray Chaudhuri. Christy’s images were nothing less than paintings created underwater. Even a Pocket Guide covering this topic would be great! This would really benefit beginners like me. I constantly asked myself if there was any way I could combine both my passions. Then I was introduced to photography in college and before I knew it. Once I would Youtube: youtube. I am saddened with the discontinuation of Gabriel Fuchs’ column.” I say this with regard to my recent smartphone purchase. via post Different Strokes Will be Missed Each time a new edition of Better Photography hits the Facebook: facebook. Different Strokes. Better Photography introduced me to two photographers. I used to look forward to it and enjoyed his take on photography and the manner in which he penned down his thoughts. Why is that so many photographers including professionals seem to be so dependent on postprocessing? Is it difficult to create photographs today without adding final touches to it using software? More Website: betterphotography. I also learned that she previsualised her shots. While photographing. Then. Patna. rather observations that I would like to make.FEE DBACK Twitter: twitter. until a friend asked me if my doodles meant anything. Kolkata. Panaji. with the help of the sketches she drew. there is a lot more that needs to be kept in mind. While shooting on the streets. Indore. I was drawn to it. However. Being a shy person. and if your letter wins the Letter of the Month. was last published in the January 2013 issue. I still do not know if this is what it means to combine photography and art. Ben Heine and Christy Lee Rogers. This is why I think that apart from the current Tips and Tricks section. However.

Both Pelican 9460RS and 9470RS RALS lighting systems are designed to provide convenient and ecologically responsible alternatives for wasteful generator powered lights whil shooting outdoors. The NEX-3N is a compact mirrorless camera with a 16. Nissin Di700 Third-party flashgun manufacturer Nissin announced a new flash available for Nikon.w h at ’ s ne w Sony SLT-A58 and NEX-3N Sony’s new A58 features a 20.5mm f/2. Vincent was in the Vincent. LIFE and a long time contributor to National Geographic. Fujifilm and Olympus. Photoshop Touch lets you create layers and use selection tools and filters. Nikon COOLPIX A: APS-C Sensor in Compact Body F ollowing the footsteps of Sony. Sony claims that this camera is the world’s smallest and lightest interchangeable camera with a APS-C-sized sensor. won a special mention in the most prestigious one was the BP Fun Frames Awards. At the time of In his 55 years of photography.. Kerala. you can download the app for both iOS and Android phones. Mansi plans to highlight the issue of lack of education for the girl child. brain surgery. 24 Pelican 9460RS and 9470RS RALS Pelican Products. India Press Photo Award. Not good when you’re engaging in. 1. A major disappointment is the absence of an electronic or optical viewfinder in spite of the huge price tag. say. won over 65 national and of fireworks of the Uthralikavu international photography awards.000 to produce a body of work on the issue of gender.1MP APS-C CMOS sensor in a DSLR-style body. wonderful! JOE MCNALLY Joe McNally is an internationally acclaimed photographer who is known for his magic with light and his ability to create stunning images with flashguns. This image by KJ Vincent part of Thrissur District. Image source: Kodak Better Photography april 2013 . The 59-year old debated question-to what extent photographer suffered multiple should photographers risk their head injuries in the accident lives for making pictures? which turned fatal. While Rudra will be documenting the life of women beyond public spaces. But when lighting. Rs. Inc has announced two new versions of remote controlled. He has been a photographer at magazines like Sports Illustrated. features a 18. This raises the much running train. COOLPIX A can shoot images in 14-bit and 16-bit RAW too. The fellowship is supported by United Nations Women. Despite being warned by the Award-winning Photographer Passes Away W Mansi Midha and Rudra Sharan Bag NFI Fellowship N ational Foundation for India has announced Mansi Midha and Rudra Raksha Sharan as the two photographers for the annual NFI Media Fellowship. a 3-inch high-resolution TFT LCD monitor. The Di700 model has range of 24–200mm and can achieve a maximum output of GN50 at 200mm.. a resident of Kodungallur. Canon. to smartphones. Moreover. NFI also organised an exhibition of the work done by last year recipients. Nikon has finally launched a compact camera with an APS-C sensor. The photographers will each receive a grant of Rs. The upgraded translucent mirror camera will replace the A37 and A57. It is also equipped with an external slot for a battery pack that reduces its recycle time and gives it more power. Accidents. ell known photographer K J Vincent police. He was listed by American Photo as one of the 100 Most Important People in Photography and is one of the most versatile photojournalist today. same as the D7000.00. multi-terrain versions of their Remote Area Lighting Systems. the camera has a manual focus ring. The Nikon COOLPIX A is built around a 16.1MP APS-C sensor. Priced at USD 5 (Approx. Unpredictability. the accident. Adobe Photoshop Touch Adobe has finally brought its photo editing application. K J Vincent Pooram festival in the rural Amongst his many achievements. he risked his life by standing on passed away on 26 March 2013 the railway tracks to take photographs of after he was knocked down by a the festival.8 fixed lens and offers an ISO range of 100-6400 which is expandable to 25600. A built-in hot shoe lets you attach Nikon Speedlights. Canon and Sony mounts. pursuit of taking photographs Kerala. which was earlier restricted to only tablets. offers full manual controls and comes with multiple Scene Modes.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor. 270).

s naps hots what ’ s n e w Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX300. TT-1 backpack and WH-30 and RH-10 ballheads. HX300 and TX30 Sony’s latest addition to their line-up are. According to Mansi. The country only recently lifted the ban on foreigners’ use of mobiles. T Series and CT Series of tripods. last month. a new lease of life into old photographs. culture and lifestyle from the past. The new launches include P Series. IQ260 Achromatic and IQ280 medium format digital camera die to have access to—they have it. This is why I was there. card-style camera that is built with a 26–130mm equivalent zoom. Empowering Women Journalists in J&K D elhi-based photojournalist Mansi Midha trained women reporters of the Global Press Institute J&K desk. we applaud the initiative and hope it Aliya Bashir sets the tone for more. ssociated Press photographers David Guttenfelder and Jean Lee are one of the first few people to share rare glimpses of North Korea with the world. with features including HDR processing. With the country’s newly launched Koryolink 3G network. You can find both the photographers on Instagram and follow them at @dguttenfelder and @newsjean. named RhinoCam allows NEX owners to shoot with classic medium format camera lenses that capture 140+ megapixel photos. tumblr. The images have already been receiving a lot of appreciation and give us an intimate glimpse into a country that has for long been in Fotopro Camera Accessories Camera accessories manufacturer Fotopro has a wide variety of new products to help photographers shoot better. imagine if they were empowered with cameras and some training. The tumblr site breathes Phase One IQ280. em and empower women in the developing world. which is available only to foreigners. whereas the WX300 is an 18. Celebration plans included new services for photographers as well as a tie up with Ricoh for better and higher quality prints. to produce local news coverage that elevates global awareness. The lab has continuously reinvented itself to keep up with the changes in the technology. IQ260 and IQ260 Phase One unveiled WiFi enabled IQ260. New Tumblr Site Revives Old Nat Geo Photos N ational Geographic has started a new Tumblr site titled Found which aims to publish long lost photographs in celebration of the magazine’s 125th anniversary. The company also launched Capture One Express 7. april 2013 Better Photography . GPI is a social venture that uses journalism to educate. The TX30 is a tough. Digital back users can now take pictures wirelessly and view them from their iOS devices.natgeofound. David and Jean became the Stories From North Korea Now On Instagram A first few people to use Instagram and share images of a reclusive North Korea. it is most rewarding when the medium is used to empower people and foster change. The initiative was the brainchild of William Bonner who curates National Geographic’s extensive photo archive. the DSC-HX300 a 20. waterproof. to put their own stories into a visual context. You can see the images at www. The kind of stories that any photojournalist would Solar Lab Celebrates 40 Years of Existence S olar Lab which was founded in 1973 turned 40 last month and is the oldest Indian photo lab still in existence. most of which have never been seen or published before.2MP WiFi compact superzoom with a 25–500mm equivalent lens. This is a great move from Nat Geo as these pictures share interesting stories about events. “The reporters at the GPI desk have incredible access. At Better Photography. Vizelex RhinoCam 26 Fotodiox’s new mount system turns a Sony NEX E-Mount mirrorless camera into a digital back for full 645 medium format photography. lens correction and digital asset management tools.4MP 50x superzoom with a 24–1200mm equivalent lens. So while writing is their strength. A stripped-down version of Capture One Pro. The kit. being women and Kashmiri.” In an age where photography is becoming more democratic.

Contact: +91945153005. presentation in European Photography magazine and showcase of their work at multiple photo festivals across Europe. New Delhi Zen of Photography is a series of workshops conducted by photographer Achal Kumar. 2400) Deadline: 30 April 2013 the anatomy of an aspiring metropolis and its in-between spaces. Website: visit Entry Fee: 34 Pounds (Approx. The workshop is meant to teach partcipants to capture the unnoticed 6 March–6 April P r o ta l k Tethered Shooting is the option to control your camera via a computer to take pictures. photographers can submit photobooks that is not already a printed body of work. The deadline for submission is 20 April 2013. These images by Dhruv Malhotra capture Ca l l f o r e n t r i e s Dhruv Malhotra (Approx. Prizes: A complete book production from German publishers seltmann+söhne. You can send in your work for consideration as print or digital exhibitions. otters and bats.200) and a featured exhibition at CDS. 2800) Deadline: 2 May 2013 Bird Photography Trail Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary.000).documentarystudies.Ev e n ts 20 February–1 May Zen of Photography India Habitat Centre. Categories: Professional. Prizes: Cash prize of USD 10. 3500) Deadline: 30 April 2013 Adobe Design Achievement Awards Contest The competition: Open to 18 years old or older students of higher education from across the world. VIPA 2013 The competition: Vienna International Photo Awards calls documentary photographers to submit digital entries for the 2013 edition of the awards. Submissions for print exhibitions must be based on the theme of the festival–Grace. 6 April Photobook Dummy Award 2013 The competition: As a part of the 6th International Photobook Festival. The exhibition is on display till 5 May 2013 and puts together over four decades of his work. Rs. For more details on the festival. personal correspondence and exhibition prints made from Vishniac’s recently digitised negatives. It highlights the versatility and innovative work by the iconic photographer. USA. The work needs to be created with methods such as research and interviews. Website: www.08. To read more about Roman Roman Vishniac Vishniac. photo-based installations Noida Soliloquy 30 Chatterjee & Lal. a 3D award and a 24-month Adobe Creative Cloud membership. ADAA Contest calls for entries to showcase their photography skills. UK is looking for photographers with an ongoing documentary project. crocodiles. 5.40.thevipawards. take part in Photobook Dummy Award 2013. Iconic Photographs by Roman Vishniac Rediscovered N ever seen before images by legendary photographer Roman Vishniac are on display in an exhibition at the International Center of Photography.16. The images must be photographic in nature and then digitally enhanced or manipulated primarily (over 50%) with Adobe tools.000) and their work will be exhibited in a group show in Vienna. 21 March – 18 April Delhi Photo Festival 2013 Open For Submissions T he second edition of Delhi Photo Festival is now calling photographers and curators to submit entries for the 2013 festival. You can view and save images directly on the computer. Deadline: 21 June 2013 a pril 2 0 1 3 BPW is organising a one-day bird photography trail to the Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary in Mysore. Mysore If you have always wanted to show your work as a photobook. 1. he has consistently photographed the night resulting in this collection of images. Website: www. Parsis Chemould Prescott Road Gallery. charming old Bombay streets. The photographs span over two decades and capture parsi families.000 (Approx. Mumbai or multimedia and film.fotobookfestival. a winner’s Entry Fee: 35 Euros ( dorothea-lange-paul-taylor-prize Entry Fee: USD 65 (Approx. Participants will be a part of ranger-guided boat tours of the isles. Prizes: Professional category winner wins USD 4000 . Being a chronic insomniac.adobeawards. most of it being published for the first time. Rs. The rediscovered work at Roman Vishniac Rediscovered consists of vintage prints. Amateur and Smartphone. Rs. Rs. Mumbai Sooni Taraporevala’s images highlight the daily life and simplicity of the Parsi community in Mumbai. Rs. Rs. 2. Prizes: Each category winner will receive USD 2000 (Approx. Dorothea Lange–Paul Taylor Prize The competition: Center for Documentary Studies (CDS). Website: www. Categories: Individual and Team.duke. parsi aunts in floral dresses and more. UK. film footage. turn to Page 114.2013. This is the best way to watch and photograph birds.

Land Of The Lion Gir National Park. The big change in the D7100 is a 51-point AF system. Chirodeep was also a part of a Q&A session with Sooni Taraporevala where he spoke at length about the process and motivation behind this body of work. Chirodeep Chaudhari ap r i l 2 0 1 3 .photocaddy. editors and curators under one single roof. Isabel Saij and Jean Pierre Dubois. an Indian conservation architect. Additionally. New Delhi and was followed by a conversation about the book with Uma Nair. The series puts together over 24 years of his work based on his ancestral village in Bengal.1MP sensor which omits the optical low pass filter. The photographs are some of the first few images taken of the city and are a mix of the architectural beauty and portraits of residents of Mumbai. Mumbai between 14–26 March. This may make the quality different enough from the D5200.mp4 Through The Lens Penguin Books India and Visual Arts Gallery together organised Through The Lens. Rishi Singhal. The exhibition on display included the works of photographers Anay Mann. Nikon also announced an update of the Nikkor AF-S 80–400mm f/4. Somnathpur: One Day Photography Workshop Bangalore Interested in photographing the rich cultural and architectural heritage of India? This one-day workshop organised by BPW is a great chance. This is the first time that we will see such an AF system in a camera at this price point. we wait to see if and when this sensor will be used in a consumer camera. Visit: media/20130304mov. The book was launched by renowned photojournalist Raghu Rai. Hyderabad highlighted the elegant French architecture and the cultural influence of the country. The tour will give wildlife photographers to test their skills and take stunning pictures. The workshop will teach students how to organise and manage all their images as well how and how much to edit any photograph. are displayed throughout the gallery in various formats. It can be in the camera or within the lens. The launch took place on 20 March at India Habitat Center. However. put together from public and private collections. an event to launch Amit Mehra’s new book titled Kashmir. in 15 – 24 April Nikon D7100 Gains 51-point AF from D800 N ikon announced their latest offering for serious photography enthusiasts— the Nikon D7100. A visitor looks at the images from A Village in Bengal that were on display at Project 88 in Mumbai. 17 – 21 April New Canon Sensor Can See In Extreme Darkness C anon unveiled a new 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor that is specially designed to shoot videos in low light.6 decadeold telephoto lens. It brought together both hobbyist and professional photographers and was dedicated to explore the power of photography. Mumbai 32 Italian photographer Patrizia Maïmouna Guerresi will present an intimate perspective on the relationship between women and the society through this exhibition. As the successor to the Nikon D7000. Serena Chopra. it is the new flagship model of Nikon’s DX-format DSLR lineup. this exhibition held at Kalakriti Art Gallery.  E ve n ts 6 – 7 April A Comprehensive Lightroom Workshop Mumbai P r o ta l k Lens Drive System refers to the mechanism that drives the lens’s autofocus system to the required focus point. Contact: +919483518811 A Fantastic Legacy: Early Bombay A collection of original images of Bombay dating from 1850s to 1900s were on display from 13–27 March 2013 at Max Mueller Bhavan in Mumbai. Participants had the opportunity attend seminars. similar to the one seen in the D800. iClick Symposium 2013 Bengaluru hosted India’s first photography symposium from 16–17 March 2013. discussions and live photography sessions from photographers.5-5. Visit www. Inner Space Patrizia Guerresi for details 4 May A Village in Bengal Mumbai-based photographer Chirodeep Chaudhari showcased images from his latest book in this exhibition held at Project 88. an interesting decision coming close on the heels of the D800E. Watch the sample footage at www. France Heritage On display between 16–21 March.toehold. Photocaddy teaches you the nuances of Adobe Lightroom in this two day workshop. Gujarat Toehold is organising a four-day wildlife photo tour to the Gir National Park in Gujarat. the photography project was built around the work done by Aishwarya This is her first exhibition in India and the new body of work has been created as a response to India’s culture. Gigi Scaria. The camera packs a 24. The sensor can capture details even in extreme darkness. but one can only speculate on whether the difference would be stark. The images.

s naps hots

I n d u st ry Vo i c e

“Photo Café is a revolutionary concept with HP and Café Coffee Day to make printing photographs more fun.”
Solar Lab has completed 40 years of successful existence in the photography industry. Enthusiasm and passion for photography from people across all professions is the reason we have managed to Mahendra Visarai survive for such a long Founder, time. When we began, Solar Lab colour film was still a novelty. Today, it has almost died out. However, digital photography has opened up new avenues of its own for photo labs to exploit. For any photo lab that aims to survive for such a long time, it is necessary that they keep adapting to the latest technology while still delivering good quality prints. In the year 2012, we introduced the concept of Photo Cafés. Today, photographers can visit our stores, relax and have a cup of coffee while they get their photographs printed. At the moment, our main aim is to open over 100 Photo Cafés in the western region of India by the end of 2013. Eventually, we are looking to have more branches countrywide. A major credit for our success and our ability to stay up-to-date with the latest technology goes to the government. We have had the freedom to import raw materials as well as the machinery to deliver best quality prints. Though taxes still account to 35% of our total production costs, we still hope that in the coming years, the government will offer a few exemptions on the multiple taxes levied. —As told to Ketan Kundargi

Mumbai Gets its First Photography Festival S
pread over two weeks, from 13–27 March 2013, the first ever photography festival for Mumbai—FOCUS was organised by Asia Art Projects in collaboration with curator Matthieu Foss. The festival celebrated the photography medium with over 22 exhibitions, artist talks and free workshops across two dozen venues that included gallery spaces, cafés, shops, boutiques and even garden spaces in the city of Mumbai! In its debut edition, FOCUS was themed The City and the photographs throughout the festival showcased the city in urban as well as in its traditional landscape. “The festival was all about sharing, and exchanging dialogue on photography. Photographers and photography aficionados and people from various forms of media came together to share their thoughts and ideas,” Matthieu said.

Chandni Gajria


Olympus Brings New SanDisk Celebrates Silver Jubilee Year Cameras to India O S
lympus India has recently launched eight new compact cameras in the Indian market. Some of the prominent cameras in this list include the XZ-10, SH-50 and the TG-2 all of which were announced this year at CP+ and CEF. This is a great move by Olympus as other cameras companies often avoid or even delay launches in India. Mr Kenichiro Mori, the newly appointed MD of Olympus India said, “This year, we want to be at the forefront of advanced compact camera race.”

anDisk completed 25 years of existence in the flash memory technology in March. The company celebrated at a social evening with the members of the photography industry on 4 March 2013 in New Delhi. The event was an opportunity for the members to interact with Mr Sanjay Mehrotra, Co-Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of SanDisk Corporation India. At the event, SanDisk also offered insights into the future of Consumer Electronics and Flash Memory technology.

B o o k R e vi e w

Title: Okavango: Africa’s Last Eden Author: Frans Lanting ISBN: 978-3-8365-3415-4 Publisher: Taschen Price: USD 39.99 (Approx. Rs. 2100)

Into the Wild
Dutch photographer Frans Lanting’s Okavango: Africa’s Last Eden was first published in 1993. The book documented a year-long journey that Lanting undertook in the Okavango Delta in Southern Africa. The book was widely appreciated then and became a reference point for photographers working with nature and wildlife. Almost 20 years later, Lanting along with his wife and editor of the book, Christine Eckstrom have compiled an updated version of this classic work. The new edition of the photography consists of more than 170 photographs, with at least a dozen new images. Lanting’s painstaking efforts to document Africa’s pristine beauty are evident with full colour photographs that make you fall short of words. With this book, one can clearly see the diversity of wildlife and nature found in the vast Okavango wetlands and across Botswana’s arid plains. The volume is divided in chapters and an introductory text supports each chapter. Lions, hippos, herd of elephants, hyenas, giraffes, African fish eagles, spoonbills, flamingos, swamps, marshes and lagoons...Lanting has photographed every aspect of the Okavango Delta with ultimate skill and imagination. Okavango: Africa’s Last Eden is a visual delight for photography, nature and wildlife lovers. In more ways than one, this book truly manages to unite the reader with the vivacious life force that is common to all living beings on Earth. — written by Priyanka Chharia

Better Photography

april 2013

s naps hots

Photokipa 2013: More Interactive. More Entertaining. More Photography. T
he 2013 edition of Photokipa will be held between 19–21 April 2013 at Bhrikutimandap Exhibition Hall, Kathmandu, Nepal. Photokipa 2013 is Nepal’s photography trade fair which is being organised by Creative D Pvt Ltd and marketed by Workspace Nepal. This year, the objective of the fair is to provide an international exposure for the local industry. Photokipa 2012 saw the participation of some big brands such as Samsung, Sony, Elinchrom, Canon, Mimaki, Sharp, Apple and GoPro. This year, the number of exhibitors is only set to increase with many more domestic manufacturers from India and China all set to take part. Over 50,000 visitors are expected to be present at the fair. Unlike other fairs, Photokipa 2013 will also see multiple trade associations coming together to appreciate the contribution

of various individuals in the field of photography. The three-day fair will also showcase works by renowned photographers from Nepal, India and China. Apart from this, exhibitions, fashion shows and workshops will form a major part of this fair.

36 Over 50,000 visitors will be participating at the fair. Photokipa 2013 will see photo associations and industry members from India, China and Nepal, come together.

The second edition of the fair has a wide range of events scheduled for photographers to test their photography skills.

Multiple workshops have been planned for all three days.

US Students Teach Photography in Rural India Nat Geo Photography Show Now on Indian TV M T
any cultures in rural parts of India are slowly vanishing due to the changing environment and technology. A unique program Children Learning International Cultures (CLIC) Abroad has undertaken an initiative to teach Indian rural children how to use a camera. This way they can photograph and create an archive of their own homes and disappearing cultures. CLIC Abroad was founded in 2009 by photographers Bhaskar Krishnamurthy and Frank Christian in collaboration with the University Lake School, USA. By Marchend, students from Wisconsin, Georgia and Missouri, USA, will travel to Pragpur, Himachal Pradesh and get acquainted with 50 rural children. With 60 digital cameras donated by Nikon, the program will educate young rural kids to photograph their own daily lives. Additionally, the program has previously donated shoes and computers for rural schools and coolers for an orphanage.

he first photography based reality TV show, Mission Covershoot will follow and document the journey of eight Indian amateur photographers in Sri Lanka. The photographers will battle with their SLRs to have a photograph shot by them as the cover of National Geographic magazine. The show premiers on 25 March at 10 pm on National Geographic Channel.
april 2013

Better Photography

Website Review
Fototazo is an interesting website launched by Tom Griggs, a photographer and educator based in Medellín and Philadelphia, US. The site combines photography with a social cause and raises funds for young and emerging photographers from economically disadvantaged backgrounds of Columbia to help them purchase a piece of photographic equipment. The grant is applicable to those who are already building a career in photography and whose growth is hindered by the inability to purchase equipment. Visitors on the website can take a look at the work of the photographer chosen for the grant and chose to donate any desired amount they wish. Apart from this, the website features in-depth interviews and projects of several contemporary photographers. An online gallery on the website is regularly updated with single images along with a statement from the photographer. With the format of the website, one gets to look at new photo projects everyday. — Chandni Gajria


S o f t wa r e o f t h e m o n t h

Lost Photos
Just as the name suggests, Lost Photos is a simple software that digs out all your forgotten pictures from the decades of emails lying in your inbox. With Lost Photos software, one can easily search for any picture that you may have received or sent from your email account. You may argue that you don’t need the software since you never felt the need to search for that particular image. But only after using the software did I remember that the image even existed. To find old images, simply enter the email Id and password of your email account. The software then searches through various emails in your inbox and gives you the results of the photos it has searched. You can browse through these pictures and most likely, you will find a photo that you had completely forgotten about. You can share the picture on facebook, twitter or even email them once again to a friend! — Chandni Gajria

hat if you could share a video simply picture is embedded with a hidden video. by passing a print of a photograph? Using the app, point the phone at the Live The new HP Live Photo mobile application Photo print and you will be able to see does exactly that! The free app for Apple your photograph come alive! iOS devices (mainly iPhone and iPad) works on augmented reality to view videos that are stored in photograph prints. Creating a Live Photo print is easy. Download the HP Live Photo app on your iPhone or iPad and choose a video which is 45 seconds or less in length. Then, select a still from the wide variety provided by the app. Add a frame from the templates available and just hit print. A blue icon on the Live Watch the video at to see the magic of HP Live Photo Photo print indicates that the

Watch Your Photo Come Alive into Videos W

Chandni Gajria

Dove Launches Campaign Against Photo Editing S
kin care products manufacturer Dove launched an interesting and unique marketing campaign. The campaign challenges the concept of using editing softwares in order to fake beauty of models and people. And it is doing so by launching a new Photshop action that undoes any editing that might be done by a retoucher on a photograph. Dove decided to prank photo manipulators by launching a fake

action that claimed to add glow to portraits. However, when someone applies it to a photo, the image is reverted back to its original, untouched state. It also overlays a banner with the message–“Don’t manipulate our perceptions of real beauty.” While the action was not very effective and only a few retouchers fell for it, Dove has definitely brought out a new and fun way to promote its message.

When asked why he stayed away from showcasing his pictures on the social media. Better Photography april 2013 . Here.” Alok Rai One of the images from Alok’s winning series. three professional The winners were photographers.s naps hots Photography Workshops by Tamron Across India New Photography & Multimedia School T T The five winners will showcase amron India. Mahesh Bhat. Alok Rai 40 Indian Photographer Wins Scholarship at Foundry Workshop Alok Rai is a 29-year old Pune-based photographer. Suresh Natarajan and Rafique Sayed will be a part of the teaching faculty. —Written by Ketan Kundargi “To me. They help me navigate my memories. photocompetition. workers at the Pushkar fair set up a roller coaster ride. announced at CEIF Assisting these 2013. make it a great location for a photo school. Prashant Panjiar. the medium of photography is just another way to relive the journeys he has been through. It also makes me confident of the fact that I am doing the right thing by following my own style rather than getting trapped into the trends. Ravi Dhingra be the five winners and Adarsh Anand are of the Tamron The winners of the Tamron Challenge 2012 pose with partners with Tamron Challenge 2012 Nitin Goyal of Tamron India at CEIF 2013 in New Delhi. as a part of its Tamron their images and also get a hands-on Challenge campaign will be conducting experience with various Tamron lenses photography workshops for hobbyists and at the workshops. India on this project.” Alok loves to travel. He photographs his experiences sometimes using a DSLR and at times with his iPhone. he replied saying that they only offer instant gratification.      k W ho ’ s s hoot i n g Loo he One School Goa is now accepting admissions for its three year Photography and Multimedia courses starting 1 July 2013. The relaxed and creative nature of Goa.” Most of his images in this series have not been published anywhere yet. won him a full scholarship to the seven-day 2013 Foundry Photojournalism Workshop to Sarajevo. Peter Van Agtmael judged the entries. The school aims to teach young photographers why to photograph rather than simply concentrating on the technical details. Renowned photographers Shantanu Sheorey. “This way. The Tamron Challenge serious enthusiasts. Bhaven Jani. Dinesh Khanna. Alok hopes to publish these images in the format of a book someday. photographs are like breadcrumbs. Eesh professionals will Dewan. “Winning the scholarship feels good. For him. the viewer can always come back to the memories. It is reassuring to know that my work matches up to the strictest standards in the industry. 12 workshops nationwide photo across different cities competition which in the country will aimed at identifying be conducted by five photo enthusiasts. “The texture of life within a photograph helps to reconstruct the memory and thereby the experience that is associated with making the final photograph.” His series of images of the Pushkar fair. From March till June was a two-month 2013. He says. Mahesh Shantaram. Magnum photographer.

Overnight. If not for MiD DAY photographer Bipin Kokate. stopped wars. top-class news photography has brought down governments. 2008. I am often asked about the importance of photography to making stories more effective. and 54 were injured. As editor of a tabloid. we’d never have been able to understand the terror in its worst form. However. That. this helps in several ways. if there were no moving images of the planes hitting New York’s World Trade Center on Sept 11. In the past. And change lives. If Atul’s photojournalism was literally one of courage under fire. Richard Drew’s photograph of a man plunging to his death from the north tower of the World Trade Center in New York on Sept 11. 2012. But television is really a series of moving images strung together. and even brought tears to our eyes. In the middle of the mayhem. their valour while the Maharashtra government headquarters was on fire. created revolutions. on blogs. Photographs have always had that impact.  41 Bipin Kokate / MiD DAY As the Executive editor of one of Mumbai’s leading tabloids. to me. whenever a photojournalist’s freedom has been questioned or compromised. is a good thing. and potentially. says that photographs now speak a thousand and one words. Admittedly. even molesting female police personnel. just about everywhere. there are millions of photographers serving a larger cause. in both instances. including 45 policemen and seven journalists. it is the sequence that stays with us. perhaps. to me. For instance. the photographs went viral across several media outlets and were shared close to a million times on Facebook and posted almost an equal number of times on Twitter. Two people died. Sachin Kalbag strongly believes in the power of the photograph. made us smile. each of them could go public with their pictures. the battle between the NSG commandos and the Pakistan-trained terrorists who attacked Mumbai on Nov 26. 2001. for that matter. the counterargument is that it is television that feeds on social or political unrest and is the catalyst of change. Or. the crowd swelled to thousands and went on a rampage – burning buses. they were arrested by the Mumbai Police. Pablo Bartholomew’s picture of a boy buried in sand during the Bhopal gas tragedy in December 1984. Everybody had just one question: Who were these two men? Two weeks later. Consequently. it is not impertinent to ask the question whether photojournalism is still relevant. so we will. To be sure. around 3 pm. Atul’s pictures were instrumental in tracking down the two rioters. he has stood behind his staff photographers. on Facebook. would have never been highlighted. they became national heroes. Often. it was perhaps the same courage that led six personnel at Mumbai’s Mantralaya building to climb to the terrace and save the national flag from burning. Therefore. 2001. it just got democratised further with the inclusion of citizen journalists—on Twitter. He is active on Twitter as @SachinKalbag. the relevance never diminished. have to wait a long time before beginning to unravel why. never the moment. Over the years.Visual Musings A Thousand and One Words: Why Photojournalism is More Important than Ever Sachin Kalbag Atul Kamble / MiD DAY M umbai’s iconic Azad Maidan saw a few hundred people on 11 August. Over the next fortnight after MiD DAY published them. They were shown on television channels and made it to international newspapers and websites. private vehicles. MiD DAY. They had kept the flag safe for over two hours and it was only when the chief minister’s office told them to climb down with the flag did they do so. MiD DAY photographer Atul Kamble shot what became the symbol of the riot and the basis of a nationwide manhunt for the two men who destroyed the Martyrs’ Memorial. That. a classic case where news photos not only resulted in great journalism but also had a massive impact on society and law enforcement. april 2013 Better Photography . In the age of smartphone-photography and social media sharing. Police investigations are painfully slow. It is this that makes photojournalism the most exciting and effective storytelling tool. it is that one moment—the photographs of the planes hitting the North and South Towers of WTC in 2001 and Sebastian D’Souza’s chilling close-up image of Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Amir Qasab—that defines the event for us. protesting the inhuman treatment of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. Steve McCurry’s much talked about picture of an Afghan girl… every single photograph has had an indelible influence on our minds. attacking policemen and journalists. changed laws. The examples I mentioned are proof enough.


the Canon EOS-1D X is a whole lot more than a speed demon. The loss of the 1. This is Better Photography’s recognition of the very best products launched in the course of the year. a star rating for ‘Value for Money’ is considered. the weightage we give to these parameter differs from category to category. compact cameras now sport a minimum of 14MP. semi-professional and professional categories. dynamic range. the highest rated products in each category automatically win the Better Photography Excellence Award. warranty and support.test te st GearGuide How We Test Product Categorisation We first segregate products into categories for the purpose of equitability in testing. Better Photography M Features Performance Build Quality Ergonomics Warranty & Support erging two parallel lines of previous flagship DSLRs— the high-speed APS-H sized EOS-1D Mark IV and the high resolution full frame EOS-IDs Mark III—into a single DSLR was a bold move. performance. printers. Similarly. we distinguish between advanced and basic compact cameras. the 1D X is a shooting. we also test consumer and pro lenses.. and the companies that made them. Under the hood. For full frame sensors today. and other photographic accessories and gear. The DSLR is divided into entry-level. Additionally. giving Canon users an immediate reason to upgrade. individual features.. colour accuracy for individual colours in different lighting. the 1D X is an improvement over the previous flagships. we arrive at a score for that parameter. why just 18MP? After all. 44 we list out hundreds of individual variables (for eg. we also tag products as ‘BP Best Performer’ and ‘BP Best Value for Money’. based on the current pricing of a product. Value for Money does not affect the final percentage. flashguns. etc) against which we either give points or simply mark ‘yes’ or ‘no’. It uses three high speed processors—two Digic 5+ processors (17 times faster than Digic 4) for april 2013 . center-to-edge definition. Featuring the most sophisticated AF/AE system yet. BP Excellence Awards At the end of the calendar year. denoted as a percentage. build. In terms of features and control layout alone. ergonomics. For compacts. In comparison tests. Everything in the 1D X is about speed. as K Madhavan Pillai discovers. and then. Thus. Canon EOS-1D X An Ode to Speed Weightage of parameters 5% 15% 15% 20% 45% Our Seals of Approval Any product that scores 80% or higher in individual tests gets ‘BP Recommended’—a seal of approval from our team. but is considerable for wildlife photographers) is now offset with a18MP full frame sensor that can blaze away at 12fps. AF and image processing monster.3x crop (which may seem minimal. Final Ratings Under each main parameter. 18MP marks the perfect sweet spot in terms of superb sensor quality (dynamic range and extreme high ISO performance) and high enough resolution for most users. Features One of the recurring questions that users in India have is. light falloff. The Process We primarily test for features. because prices for products change constantly. the final score. because different types of consumers have diverse expectations from products. While this remains constant.

The difference between the 1D X and the 5D Mark III is in the way metering system links with AF. the camera can now detect faces and colour when tracking subjects. Cases range from ‘versatile multi purpose’ to ‘erratic subjects moving quickly’. and a third Digic 4 processor only for metering.5-6. What’s in the box • EOS-1D X body • Viewfinder eyecup • Battery charger • USB Cable • Stereo AV cable • Camera strap • Body cap • Accessory shoe cap • Lithium battery • Software CD-ROM • Instruction manual 45 april 2013 Better Photography All photographs by K Madhavan Pillai . to Zone AF or full Auto.tracking sensitivity. To enable a maximum continuous shooting speed of 12fps. to clusters of points around a single point. With the latest firmware update.000 shutter cycles). from using individual points. Exposure: 1/80sec at f/16 (ISO 12. The camera can shoot upto 290 JPEG and 34 RAW images continuously before it begins to slow down for data to be written to the media card. and boasts a greatly improved tracking and low light focusing capability. The new AF system has 61-point AF with up to 41 cross-type AF points (like the 5D Mark III). cross-type AF supports apertures up to f/8. acceleration or deceleration. The 1D X has 100. unlike earlier flagships.800) image processing and AF. The central five of points have diagonal ‘Dual’ AF elements for improved precision.000-pixel RGB metering that can be used with Automatic AF point selection when tracking subjects around the AF area. I have yet to come across a camera with more detailed AF /AE functionality.. AF is now given its own independent space in the menu system of the 1D X. There are six AF presets. These responses can be fine-tuned using sliders in the Menu. Called the ‘Intelligent Tracking and Recognition’ system (EOS iTR).. and how rapidly the autofocus point will switch from one to another. called ‘Cases’.TEST Test TEST Panasonic GH3 High quality video meets mirrorless 50 Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100 Fun all the way? 56 Sigma 18-250mm t e st f/3. the mirror mechanism has been redesigned and the shutter blades are made up of carbon fibre (tested for 400. One can now also customise the way the camera uses these points to focus. Personally. Each Case defines the camera’s three main AF responses. without having to manipulate images after they were shot.3 DC OS MACRO A jack of all trades? 58 Colours at higher ISO settings reproduced extremely well.

te st 46 Controlling image parameters at high ISO. Exposure: 1/80sec at f/22 (ISO 16. without worrying about losing detail or bad noise.000) Better Photography april 2013 . is nothing short of liberating.

like Zone AF. these customisations will revolve around the quick changing of focus points. There are several new additions to the control layout. the sole purpose of restricting the 1D X seems to be to differentiate it from the more expensive. ALL-I compression at 24fps. modes and Cases. and the Sony Alpha 99. like 1080p at 30. there are two ways to get to grips with all the various options the 1D X has to offer. cinema oriented 1D C. and a ‘Q’ button to jump to the ‘Quick’ function menu. There is no headphone output. Either simply set the april 2013 Better Photography 47 . even over long durations of time. There are plenty of video features in the 1D X. In fact. stereo microphone input. Canon has improved the vertical grip considerably. to the DOF button so that I could easily switch between Single Point AF and Zone AF whenever the situation demanded. or HDMI out for uncompressed recording or previwe to an external device. Canon has just announced a firmware upgrade that allows the 5D Mark III to output uncompressed video. I found myself enjoying the weight and heft of the camera. That said. and continues to be a pioneer in movie capture in DSLR cameras. sports and wildlife photographers. Although AF isn’t available while shooting (making the 1D X a choice only for expert users). Customisation options abound in the EOS-1D X. a direct live view button. the EOS-1D X is both larger and heavier than its predecessors. After a couple of days of use. with a three button layout and joystick similar to the main grip. including mini ‘joystick’ controllers to move through options. it has not compromised on handling comfort. Handling Solidly built to withstand tough shooting environments. To me. I could registered a custom AF function. it is possible to adjust aperture and other settings live. All of these could have easily been included and are available in the Nikon D800 and D4. There are some serious omissions though. For example. 25 or 24fps . and all of these are easy to set. Yet. For most action.t e st Canon was. Both the control layout and the way the AF and metering behaves in different shooting conditions can be set according to user preferences.

punchy colours. image quality and overall speed. settings and controls to exactly the way I wanted it. I found myself being a little disappointed with the life of the battery. The most significant. one could get into the various sliders and sensitivity settings.. Buying a second battery is recommended. The flash exposure lock button from earlier flagships is now a customisable button right next to the command dial. Better Photography The top of the camera would be familiar to older Canon users. In terms of performance. White Balance can also now be directly accessed. Extremly accurate and superbly quick. aLSO LOOK FOR • Nikon D4 48 camera options based on the descriptions of the shooting scenarios and let the camera handle things from there. This is not to say that the camera does not perform extremely well in all of its default user settings. and is comfortable to hold over long periods of time. The AF toggle switch and mini joystick on the vertical grip for moving AF points is a welcome addition. A new Live View button has found a place near the viewfinder while the playback and review buttons have moved just below the LCD. the camera is better contoured than its predecessors.. just as in its features and handling. Serious widlife or sports photographers often spend the entire day in the field and rake in the frames. The tinest details were captured brilliantly. It took me a good two weeks of extensive trials to discover the best settings under various situations before I customised sensitivity. The best handling experience and results at the highest shooting speeds depend on these customisations. and experiment more to understand exactly what changes. the 1D X is a perfectionists camera. april 2013 . I very rarely missed critical focus at shallow depth of fields. the camera shows plenty of improvement over its predecessors. Yet. which is what I did.te st Test Shots Colours and Grain Reminiscent of Transparency Film Remember the quality of transparency film being projected? The camera can be tweaked for nice. P lu s • Speed! • Image quality • Low light performance • AF/AE control Minus • Battery life • Price Performance The camera is extremely quick to start up and get shooting. immediately noticeable changes are in terms of AF accuracy. Ergonomics Front Shutter release DOF preview Top Metering modes Light for Focus point top LCD modes Rear Live view button Mini joystick Remote IR signal receiver Vertical grip Lens release button Shooting\AF\drive modes Hot shoe Exposure compensation button High resolution LCD Rear command dial Vertical grip buttons The Canon EOS-1D X is made up of tough magnesium alloy and is weathersealed against the elements. especially considering the shooting speeds possible. Or. Though heavy. It drains out after about 1400 shots. Extremely Responsive and Accurate Focusing I particularly enjoyed using cluster points with the Single Point AF.

Opening badly underexposed shadows by three stops showed progressive colour noise at higher ISO. lacks some critical video features 13/15 42/45 15/15 17/20 4/5 Performance Average battery life. Metered Manual E-TTL II Auto Flash and Metered Manual NA 1/250sec 3. type Sensor cleaning Focusing modes AF type AF points Metering Shutterspeed range Exp. Standard). Manual Phase Detect 61 Evaluative. mini HDMI Type C Lithium-ion 158 x 163.200 Auto. The grain is pleasantly film-like. but this is easily correctable in software.000 pixels Pentaprism (100% coverage) JPEG (Extra Fine. Both dynamic range and critical detailing were excellent. Spot 30–1/8000sec -5 to +5 EV in 1/2 or 1/3 EV steps sRGB and Adobe RGB Auto. 4. the 1D X is a significant leap. Extreme low light AF was slower than normal. Shade. with the RAW files showing substantial recoverable details in the shadows and highlights. Center-weighted. Cloudy. Even at 12fps. Which would be the better camera between the Canon EOS-1D X and the Nikon D4? The answer to that is subjective indeed because the differences between them. MM RECO ISO 6400 Model name MRP Effective pixels Max. Images are surprisingly clean all the way up to ISO 25. Low light performance is where the EOS-1D X outshines every other camera in the Canon line-up. There is no colour shift all the way up to ISO 51.800 ISO 25. 2 or 10sec Dual Slots. Daylight. White Fluorescent. the best results at the fastest speeds also depends on the user being able to anticipate and set the camera for the shooting condition. sports or wildlife.200 With good exposures. A buying decision at this level would. Yes Yes Yes Yes. Extremely high image quality and AF at 12fps! While it needs a lot of user customisation for optimal results. Optional Yes.200. MPEG- 4 AVC No Yes Yes. Fine. Drive modes Built-in flash External flash Flash modes Conclusion The Canon EOS-1D X is clearly meant for the high-end pro action. but locked quite satisfactorily. extremely quick AF Build Quality Weather sealed magnesium alloy build meant to withstand tough shooting situations Image stabilisation Live View Remote control Self-timer Storage types Timelapse recording Movie clips USB HDMI Battery Dimensions Weight Ergonomics Large and heavy for most users but feels great. RAW (14-bit). images were wonderfully clean. Type I or II CF card. though diverse. are extremely close (except in video recording features). However. the camera maintains AF almost perfectly. It delivers excellent overall quality. needs to be customised for results Warranty & Support Two-year warranty.29. over its predecessors. 100–51.995.2 inch 10. the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III and the EOS-1D Mark IV. luminance noise is barely visible until ISO 1600 and chrominance noise till ISO 3200. hot shoe E-TTL II Auto Flash. worthy proposition for many professionals.000 regularly! Even without noise reduction. Despite a steep price tag of Rs. low light performance and speed. I was using ISO speeds up to 16. In good light. with hardly one out of twelve frames going awry. 4. it must be said that a large part of the performance delivered by the camera heavily depends on the expertise of the user too. sports and wildlife photographer who can use the advanced feature set.  49 Flash range Flash sync speed LCD size LCD dots Viewfinder File format FINALRATINGS Features Dual card slots.1MP 5184 x 3456 Full frame CMOS Yes Single-point. AI Servo. Flash and Kelvin Yes.40.29.600 ISO 51. widespread service network in India OVERALL 92% Who should buy it? High-end professional photographers who are into action.7mm 1530g ISO 12.6 x 82. resolution Sensor size. the images were brilliant and perfectly usable straight out of the camera at its highest resolutions. superlative image quality even at high ISO. in technology and image quality.995 18. it will prove to be an attractive. This is true for every flagship DSLR by Canon or Nikon. 12fps 14fps with AE/AF Lock No Yes.600.t e st S pec i f i cat i o n s Noise Test ENDE D There are so many different ways to customise AF and AE that it is well nigh impossible to go wrong. but it holds especially true for the EOS-1D X. Environmentally sealed Yes Why? Value for Money Better Photography april 2013 . Tungsten. be based simply on which lens system a user already owns or whether a user is already familiar with Nikon or Canon. For Canon users. While the camera excels in every area of our review. compensation Colour space ISO White balance Canon EOS-1DX Rs. highly advanced linked AF/AE system. excellent image quality. in all likelihood. UDMA mode 7-compatible.

it is mostly positive. loses this. the LUMIX GH3 also has a 16MP sensor. this is a camera that can match even a high-end DSLR in terms of its build. the GH2 had something called a multi-aspect sensor. The camera boasts of a new Venus Engine VII FHD. the sensor has been modified to provide a wider dynamic range and a 1EV gain at the high end of the ISO sensitivity scale. and with this new camera. the company has taken giant strides to give a pro-like feel to their flagship. The default aspect ratio is 4:3. unfortunately. the company says that though the resolution is the same. Both the GH1 and GH2 were universally accepted as competent still cameras with excellent video functionality. With a larger-than-usual body. While this is similar to the working of most other cameras. However. That was the first thing I noticed when I removed the camera from its box. which not only speeds up april 2013 Features Performance Build Quality Ergonomics Warranty & Support Better Photography anasonic’s flagship mirrorless cameras have always been great hybrids. one that gives full 16MP images in all aspect ratios. Shridhar Kunte sees if it is worth its price. and the camera crops pixels to get 3:2 and 16:9. If you . were hoping for an upgrade in terms of megapixels. But from here on. Before we elaborate more on its pro aspirations. The GH3. The GH3 is now here. you will be disappointed. let’s quickly see what kind of new features this update sees. Just like the GH2.test 50 The New Benchmark Weightage of parameters 5% 15% 15% 20% 45% Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GH3 P Features The Panasonic GH3 sets the standard for what a hybrid camera that shoots both stills and videos should be.

It also has several other jacks. the GH2. You can make the smartphone into an off-camera viewfinder. including a 3. Exposure: 1/20sec at f/2. With the help of this.5 PE • SILKYPIX Developer Studio 3. The GH3 becomes the only camera of its kind to What’s in the box • Battery charger with AC cable • Battery pack • Body cap • USB cable • Shoulder Strap • CD-ROM • PHOTOfunSTUDIO 8. you can not only transfer your images wirelessly.8 (ISO 3200) startup and shot-to-shot time. but also control the camera remotely. The GH3 has an option of recording video at 72Mbps straight out of the box. making it the fastest Micro Four Thirds camera in the market for JPEG shooting.test The GH3 has one of the best Micro Four Thirds sensors to date. The camera is equipped with WiFi. Interval Shooting and Multiple Exposures. The camera gains dedicated modes for HDR. which only allows 6fps. as it allowed the camera to record video at much higher bit rates than the competition. consider a camera good enough for broadcast use only if the data rate is higher than 50MBps. That’s right. It is the video features in which the camera takes a big leap. What was great to see was that you can even control the lens if the camera is fitted with a power zoom. The camera has an impressive burst speed of 20fps in the Super High speed mode. and has a dedicated app on iOS and Android. had a hack that was not official.1 SE • LoiloScope (trial version) 51 april 2013 Better Photography All photographs by Shridhar Kunte . a headphone jack and compatibility with an optional battery grip. Its predecessor. capturing excellent quality even in low light. but became really popular. Professionals will be happy to see that the GH3 has a PC Sync socket. considering that several broadcast corporations worldwide. including the BBC.5mm mic input. but also enables extremely high bit rates while shooting video. this high frame rate is not available while shooting RAW. The GUI of this app is very simple to use and concise. This is a big deal.

6x crop. The amount of detail captured by the GH3 sensor with the 12–35mm lens is excellent. Faithful Colour Reproduction Colours are pleasing and reasonably accurate. The GH3 is undoubtedly the heaviest camera in the Ergonomics Front mirrorless camera segment. I think Panasonic has done a good thing by not conforming. the body design is very close to the entry-level APS-C size DSLR. slow motion capabilities and professional camcorder features such as Time Code round up the GH3’s exhaustive video expertise. A majority portion of the body is covered with textured rubber. Plu s • Weather sealing • Superb video • Highly customisable Minus • Not-so-great EVF • Only one card slot 52 record such high bit-rate video. but without downsampling any pixels. The screen is not flushed with the body. All over the body you will find as many as five customisable buttons. and that is bound to make it a favourite of professional cinematographers. The use of magnesium alloy frame and weather sealing gives a clear signal that this is a pro tool. one of which can be customised. which results in your thumb touching the aLSO LOOK FOR • Sony Alpha 77 • Olympus OM-D Top Flash Mode dial Front exposure dial Rear Drive mode dial Electronic viewfinder Focusing mode switch Rear exposure dial Textured rubber grip Lens PC Sync socket Drive mode dial Hot shoe Mode dial Customisable Fn button Tilt-and-swivel OLED touchscreen Customisable Fn button The handgrip of the camera is considerably larger than that of its predecessor. For those who are looking for smaller cameras. Like the GH2. Better Photography The camera looks just like any entry-level DSLR. On the top. one rarely needs to go into the menus. There are two microphones placed around the hot shoe. The GH3 is much easier to handle for those with average to large-sized hands. there are several options like the GF5. In fact. april 2013 . This basically implies far superior quality.8 lens. The overall body weight is 470g which is close to Nikon D5200. which shoots video at a 2. Uncompressed video through HDMI. Due to this and the extremely effective touchscreen and Quick Menu. Handling We tested this camera with the Panasonic’s new high-end 12–35mm f/2. G5 and the OM-D. A PC Sync socket can be seen at the front. the camera has an Extra Tele Converter mode. In a day and age where every mirrorless manufacturer is trying to make their camera smaller. the GH2. there are four buttons.test Test Shots Excellent Dynamic Range The GH3 improves on older Panasonic sensors and delivers fantastic dynamic range. better than other Micro Four Thirds cameras.

This holds good even when the light levels falls. Slow Sync.456 pixels 17. but that is not too bad a thing. Spot 60–1/4000sec +/. 3. In fact. 75Mbps video shooting. ISO 200–12800.264 Yes Yes Yes Yes.990 (body only) 16. Environmentally sealed Yes Why? Dimensions (W X H X D) 133 x 100 x 79mm Value for Money Better Photography . as compared to the GH2. It simply means that one can sharpen in post. The Electronic Viewfinder is better than other MFT cameras. compensation Colour space ISO White balance Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GH3 Rs.. in terms of features. The high bit rates and the ETC mode. but this is not a major problem. and produces excellent images.800 The sensor seems to perform quite similarly to the Olympus OM-D E-M5. expandable to ISO 25600 Auto / Daylight / Cloudy / Shade / Incandescent / Flash / White Set 1. Red-Eye Reduction with Slow Sync. and if shot and processed carefully. Adobe RGB Auto.3 steps) sRGB. CMOS Yes AFS (Single) / AFF (Flexible) / AFC (Continuous) / MF Contrast AF system Multi.14.   Ergonomics As many as 5 customisable buttons Warranty & Support Three year warranty with limited service network OVERALL 87% Who should buy it? Filmmakers who do not want to compromise anything in terms of video functionality. 1/160sec Sync speed 13/15 41/45 14/15 16/20 3/5 Performance Fast AF. magnesium alloy body Conclusion For still photographers. Type-C Lithium-ion 575g (body only) ISO 3200 Aspect ratio (w:h) 4:3 Performance The focusing on GH3 is real quick and accurate. The AF works very well during video. MPEG-4 AVCHD/H.test S p ec i f i cat i o n s RECO DE MMEN D corner of the screen each time you press the video-record button. handles better than any Micro Four Thirds camera. Mini-B connector Yes. I was very impressed with the video quality of GH3. 10sec SD/SDHC/SDXC card No Yes Yes. The viewfinder and tilt-swivel screen have been upgraded to OLED.608 x 3. But it is too expensive. 2.000 pixels Yes. no in-body IS. it is a filmmaker’s delight. is if they want far shallower depthof-field (though the GH3 with an f/1. PC Sync socket. Cinematographers ought to seriously consider this though. Images captured under tungsten lighting showed a warm cast. JPEG. the images straight out of the camera show good colour balance and excellent contrast. For JPEG shooters. ISO 6400 ISO 12. This is a good improvement. USB 2. good noise control at ISO 3200 Image stabilisation Not in Body Live View Mirror lock-up Remote control Self-timer Storage types Timelapse recording Movie clips USB HDMI Battery Weight april 2013 Build Quality All-weather design.. the GH3 is very good—it is fast. if video is not your prime concern. but not as good as Sony’s EVFs.05 megapixels 4. even while shooting in really low light. you will get far better cameras at much lower price tags. If you tap the screen in the Playback mode. With the extensive amount of control and the fantastic data rates. data rates and on-field performance.. without artefacts appearing. resolution Sensor size. Noise Test ISO 1600 Model name MRP Effective pixels Max. with brilliant colours.0. even ISO 6400 can give good results.5EV (in 0.. Sharpness levels are low. Dynamic range at base ISO is excellent. the only reason why a full frame DSLR may be more enticing for some. the camera jumps to a 100% view. While being a competent camera for stills. ensure that the quality of the footage is really good. we would say that the GH3 has better video capabilities than any hybrid camera in the market. and the footage is tack sharp. 99. the GH3 is the best video interchangeable-lens camera. The quality of RAW photographs is even better. 100% FOV RAW.990. Rear-curtain Sync 12 (in meters at ISO100) 3-inch TFT OLED 6. 53 Drive modes Built-in flash External flash Flash modes Flash range LCD size LCD dots Viewfinder File format FINALRATINGS Features 20fps. 2. Centre-weighted. 99. The body costs Rs.8 lens does provide a lot of bokeh).3 x 13 mm. 4 / Colour temperature setting 6 fps in full resolution (max 18 consecutive shots of RAW+JPEG Yes Yes Red-Eye Reduction. The touchscreen implementation is quite good. type Sensor cleaning Focusing modes AF points Metering Shutterspeed range Exp. There are very few options available in the market that will even come close to the video performance of the GH3.

te st


Need? Or Want? C
ameraphone technology has been evolving at breakneck speeds. Cell phones are striving to offer better sensors and more megapixels. The point-and-shoot market is being eaten into, and the latest wave of revival seems to be cameras which run the Android OS system and offer the facility to connect to the web instantly via WiFi or 3G.

Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100

Ambarin Afsar tells you about the only question you need to ask yourself while considering the Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100.
with a 4.8-inch high definition capacitative touchscreen, the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS and a 1.4GHZ quad core processor. All these essentially make it a Samsung Galaxy SIII phone with a superzoom lens, slightly larger sensor, a popup flash and an inferior screen. You can use a 3G microsim or use a WiFi hotspot to do everything that a smartphone does, except make actual voice calls. The camera has the usual suspect PSAM modes, 15 Scene modes and 15 Effects or Art Filters. I found the Galaxy camera performing really well when it came to effects like Old Photo, Gothic Noir, P lu s • Instant connectivity • Third-party apps Minus • Lacklustre image quality and detail • Too large

Weightage of parameters 5% 15% 30% 15% 35% Features Performance Build Quality Ergonomics Warranty & Support
Better Photography

The Samsung EK-GC100 is a 16MP compact offering 21x optical zoom (23–483mm),

Annoyances Within the Galaxy Camera’s Interface

Camera controls are provided in the form of a virtual lens barrel which covers half the screen while shooting, making one miss what is going in the frame.

The most frustrating thing about the Effects line-up is that every time you get back to shooting, from playback, the camera forgets which effect you had chosen.

april 2013

t e st

Impressionist and so on. But when I viewed the images on the PC, I realised that they had all been downsized from 16MP to 2MP without so much as a warning! The camera can record Full HD 1080p video well as slow motion video at up to 120fps.

The camera is very large and it weighs a whopping 300g! This is considerably heavier than most point-and-shoots and smartphones. The design of the camera is quite minimalist. The rear is only dominated by the 4.8-inch touchscreen. Surprisingly, this did not deter me too much. The interface is fairly easy to understand and the camera is not sluggish.Third-party apps as well as native apps work quite well. Battery life lasts around 2-3 hours of continuous shooting. The CIPA rating given to the camera is around 340 shots, which more or less matched up to what I found. However, regardless of whether you are a moderate or heavy app user, be prepared to charge the camera by evening.

that, it is disappointing. There is ruthless noise reduction at almost ISOs, and even at ISO 100, images soften up, display oversharpening and artefacts. All of this gives the images a mushy appearance when viewed at 100%. The colours are punchy and contrasty straight out of the camera and Auto White Balance does a good job in almost all situations. Autofocus is also fairly decent and intuitive at the wide end, while at 21x, it gets slightly slow. The touch focus and touch shutter features are quite responsive. The lens functions smoothly throughout the zoom range, however, it shows some fringing in high contrast situations.

S p e c i f i cat i o n s

Model name MRP Sensor size, type Resolution LCD Aperture range Shutterspeed ISO range Optical zoom Metering modes File formats Battery Storage Dimensions (W x H x D) Weight

Samsung EK-GC100 Rs. 26,520 1/2.3-inch, BSI CMOS 16.3MP, 4608 x 3456 pixels 4.8-inch, HD TFT f/2.8–5.9 16–1/2000sec Auto, 100–3200 21x Multi, Spot, Centre-weighted, Face Detection AE Still: JPEG, Movie: AVI, MP4, WMV, FLV Lithium-Ion MicroSD (upto 64GB) 70.8 x 128.7 x 19.1mm 300g

The EK-GC100 has plenty of glitches to be ironed, in terms of the interface and image quality. In order to be a true convergence device, the camera needs to be at par with the smartphone experience, which has not happened. Priced at Rs. 26,520, you have to ask yourself whether you really need this gadget. If you really want good image quality, you could simply opt for the Canon SX50. But if you have your heart set on this camera, then wait for the WiFi version. 


The image quality of the Galaxy camera is much like that of a basic compact, and in

Android 4.1, Good 3G/WiFi connectivity, touchscreen, 21x zoom, no voice calling

25/30 21/35 12/15 7/15 2/5

Aggressive NR, soft edges, mushy images

Build Quality
Stylish, minimalist, sturdier than the Galaxy phones, but needs to be handled with care

Too quirky an interface, requires some back and forth

Warranty & Support
Two-year warranty, limited service network

Who should buy it? Someone interested in investing
in yet another cool toy.

The Vintage filter lent a nice cool blue tint to my images. The camera’s strengths lie in its filters.
Ambarin Afsar april 2013 Exposure: 1/320sec at f/4 (ISO 100)

The device is still not a true convergence device. The camera capabilities require a lot of finetuning. On the other hand, the touchscreen experience is perfect.


Value for Money
Better Photography



Sigma 18–250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS MACRO

Jack of All Trades
Ambarin Afsar finds out whether Sigma’s latest superzoom offering, the 18–250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS HSM, lives up to the promises it makes.
18–270mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD, also offers a ratio of 1:3.8. The lens features a maximum aperture of f/3.5-6.3 and 16 lens elements in 13 groups. It also features a Hypersonic Motor for quiet focusing, and focuses on entry-level Nikon bodies. It is optically stabilised, and the manufacturers promise a 4-stop advantage. Sigma has also limited the minimum aperture to f/22, in order to help prevent degradation of image quality. On the other hand, Tamron offers f/40 at the telephoto end.

Weightage of parameters 5% 15% 25% 20% 35%

uperzoom lenses are always very interesting for me. I like the freedom to go from wide to tele in a matter of seconds. These allin-one lenses are something that third-party manufacturers keep updating and reworking, so much so that they end up giving better value than proprietary lenses. The Sigma 18–250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS HSM is one such update.

The 18–250mm Macro OS HSM offers two main updates over its predecessor, the 18–250mm DC OS HSM. These are improved close-up capabilities and a much reduced size and weight. The updated lens offers a magnification ratio of 1:2.9 while its predecessor offered a ratio of 1:3.8. Its competitor, the Tamron

Features Performance Build Quality Ergonomics Warranty & Support
Better Photography

The 18–250mm reminds me a lot of the Tamron 18–270mm in terms of design, size and build quality. The lens is lightweight, with a solid plastic barrel.

The sharpness suffers at the telephoto end of the zoom. But, the price, close-up capabilities and the compactness make this seem acceptable. 
Ap r i l 2 0 1 3

but in this case. Chromatic aberration is reasonably low. it is priced a little too expensively. given the price. S p e c i f i cat i o n s DED MMEN RECO Model name MRP Lens construction Closest focusing distance Max. If you want optimum sharpness at 135mm. and stopping down by one stop eliminates it entirely. this image displays a lot of pincushion distortion. At 250mm. It offers you macro capabilities. the compromises are few and far between. The lens also features a depth-of-field scale and an image magnification scale. feels sturdy Ergonomics Zoom creep. Who should buy it? Why? Shot at 62mm. it would be best to further stop down to f/8 and f/11.  FINALRATINGS Features Magnification ratio of 1:2.6mm 470g P lu s • Close-up abilities • Price Minus • Slow apertures • Zoom creep 59 Conclusion Priced at Rs. where there is some red and purple fringing towards the corners of the frame. even at the telephoto end. especially since the lens has macro capabilities. All three buttons can be reached quite easily. what I found unnecessarily lacking was a full time manual focus override option. 30. On the other hand. This lens is a good all-in-one travelling companion. There is the usual barrel distortion. no full time MF override 17/20 30/35 22/25 13/15 2/5 Performance Responsive AF.500. Value for Money Better Photography . you have to make do with slow apertures—a trade-off. limited service centres OVERALL 84% Anyone looking for a decent performer within an affordable budget. The lens features two switches on the left side of the barrel. These control AF and OS. What was surprising was the amount of pincushion distortion that I observed at 35mm. Performance The autofocus is very quiet and impressively fast. My observations about the sharpness of the lens are slightly mixed. 30.500 16 Elements in 13 Groups 0.5 x 88. sharpness is average in the centre and quite soft towards the edges of the frame when the lens is wide open.5-6. 4-stop OS advantage.9. detail suffers a little. Exposure: 1/1000sec at f/8 (ISO 400) Ap r i l 2 0 1 3 Ambarin Afsar Superzooms are often full of compromises. Additionally. a good autofocus system and a large zoom range.3 DC OS MACRO HSM Rs. when pointed downwards. pincushion distortion Build Quality Solid plastic build. which is to be expected at 18mm.6 improves centre and corner sharpness drastically. which seems palatable. and if you want peak image quality. image quality could have been sharper. Sigma would do better to make the zoom ring more resistant to this. This lessens when you move to mid-range focal lengths and becomes apparent at the extreme tele end again. I do not know why this could not have been included and seems quite irksome to me.test The zoom and focus rings operate quite smoothly. Magnification Diaphragm blades Filter diameter Dimensions Weight Sigma 18–250mm f/3.35m 1:2. It is most noticeable at the wide angle. At 18mm. while there is another smaller button located on the zoom ring to lock the lens at 18mm for transport and to avoid zoom creep. This gets better as you progress towards 135mm and 250mm. stopping down to f/5. DOF scale Warranty & Support Two-year warranty. this lens is complete value for money. Vignetting is apparent only at the maximum apertures throughout the zoom range. However. you will necessarily have to stop down to f/11. I found the Sigma’s AF system to be faster than competing lenses from thirdparty manufacturers. While its Tamron rival is also a wonderful performer.9 7 62mm 73. I did find the lens suffering from a lot of zoom creep.

then this is the perfect reader for you. No space to carry a laptop is a big letdown. 1999 • Dimensions (W x H x D): 3. the device is a one stop solution. Even with a normal CF card. Lexar has carried forward the unique pop-up design and which is their new exclusive feature. So whether you want to transfer images from a high end UDMA 7 CF card or from the microSD card in your mobile phone. On a USB 3. The Lexar Multi-Card USB 3. the speed is considerably better. the rather catchy colours of green and purple are going to make it distracting when out in the wild. But that is about it. S p e c i f i cat i o n s • Product name: Vanguard Kinray 53 • MRP: Rs. safe and reliable. You can use the device on a USB 2. hen in October 2012 we reviewed the Lexar Professional USB 3. Overall. it fails to be good with either. However.0 reader that is half the price. Removable inner compartments means you can turn this bag into a backpack with ease.0 card reader. This makes one fear that all the gear will fall out each time you open it. It is even equipped with extra straps to carry a sleeping bag and a rain cover making it a reliable option in any weather. It is a camera bag and backpack combined in one. 40 more than the dual-slot reader. It ensures that no dust enters the card slots when not in use and safeguards it from any possible damage.0 computer as well. Vanguard has given special attention to the ergonomics.0 Reader supports as many as 25 types of memory cards with the six built-in slots that it sports. Except for a small pouch to carry memory cards and other accessories. Lexar seems to have covered everything that any photographer might need from a card reader.0 memory card reader. Lexar seems to have heard us because they soon announced an updated version with just that. You can easily carry a spotting scope or a long telephoto lens. inray 53 is the first in the latest line up of camera bags from Vanguard. If you are not using a superfast memory card or a USB 3. Not that we are complaining. with this reader.mi cr o test Vanguard Kinray 53 Camera Bag Lexar Multi-Card 25-in-1 USB 3. However.5 x 1 inches • Warranty: Limited Five-year Warranty Product source: Nikita Distributors.9 x 2. The bag can hold upto two DSLR bodies.0 computer. With this. adjustable chest harness and a secure waist strap make carrying the very comfortable. W S p e c i f i cat i o n s • Product Name: Lexar Multi-Card 25-in-1 USB 3.0 Reader • MRP: Rs. a flash unit and tripod. three lenses. Pune Tel: +91-2030500614 R at i n g Product source: Fastrack Communications. Vanguard has sure made a colourful entry with the bag available in combinations of Purple-Grey and Green-Grey.0 enabled computer. In a bid to be a great wildlife-cum-daily backpack. we mentioned how we missed slots for multiple cards in it. almost double than the speed offered by a USB 2. Wide and padded shoulder strap. The addition of two security straps along with the zip to lock the camera compartment helps photographers breathe a sigh of relief when carrying their equipment. If you are a photographer who wants to accelerate his workflow. 14. we are not completely convinced about the build quality of the pop-up mechanism given the much bigger size and weight. but limited K 60 You can carry a spotting scope or a long lens comfortably.0 Dual-Slot USB Reader. you can transfer data at speeds as high as 150 MB/sec when using a high speed memory card. but that is compromising its high-end capabilities. the bag misses out on any other compartment to carry small everyday items. and often.990 • Warranty: Lifetime. the bag does not do justice to the high price tag it carries. However. durable back support. The Kinray 53 is specially designed for bird and wildlife photographer. the camera compartment is vertical and along the back rather than the base of the bag. it makes more sense to opt for a simple USB 2. it is great value for the money.0 Reader Not The Best Option Multipurpose and Fast Lexar adds more slots to its top-of-the-line USB 3. Delhi Tel: +91-9871388886 R at i n g Better Photography april 2013 . At only Rs.

It might be a little bulkier than a full carbon-fiber tripod but it comes at half the cost. The best feature is the dual 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch locking screws that can be easily switched from one to other without having to take either of them out. three lenses and a flashgun. ease of use and how feasible it is to carry around. a camera like Nikon D7000 takes some effort before it can be accommodated.4 inches • Warranty: Limited Five-year Warranty 61 Product source: Shetala Agency. The bag fits in a camera body. the bag lets you carry all your equipment in a lightweight bag. While one can be used to carry a water bottle. The bag also features two internal pockets to fit in extra accessories such as a charger. But while the bag can fit in all the photography equipment you own easily.m i cro t e st Vanguard Auctus 283CT Tripod Tamrac Jazz 83 Backpack High Performance. card reader. lens cleaning equipment or a portable hard drive. Chennai Tel: +91-44-42125148 R at i n g apr i l 2 0 1 3 B e tt e r P h o t o g raph y . In fact. The feet can be switched between normal base. A range of pockets in the compartment help you organise and store a wide variety of personal items with ease. Whether on a sandy beach or a rocky terrain. anti-rust spikes or angled rubberised shoes depending on where you are using the tripod in. Vanguard has designed the tripod such that it stays solid. do remember that it does not leave out space to fit in any bulky personal belongings. However. The tripod has a load-bearing capacity of 14kg and can extend to a height of 67 inches. Delivered No Nonsense Innovative new features in a rock-solid The camera bag is designed to do one professional tripod makes it one of the best. The lens clinch strap ensures that your lens attached to the camera body is secured safely in its place. a photographer has to consider the stability it offers. 3500 • Dimensions (W x H x D): 2. The tripod is the latest high-end professional offering from Vanguard and sports some never-seenbefore features. simple thing and it does a decent job at it.4 x 9. Designed for the urban photographer with multiple gadgets. Removable internal compartments help you customise the bag to your liking and equipments. 28. W hile buying a tripod. it can accommodate all of them together at the same time. The camera is a great value-for-money option for photographers who lug around with multiple cameras. S p e c i f i cat i o n s • Product name: Vanguard Auctus 283CT • MRP: Rs. it weighs only 3kg itself due to its lightweight but durable carbon-fiber legs. lenses and accessories every day. Yet. S p e c i f i cat i o n s • Product Name: Tamrac Jazz 83 Photo/iPad Backpack • MRP: Rs. Tamrac has provided mesh pockets on either sides of the camera bag. the centre column of the tripod itself is conspicuously not made of carbon-fiber. The three legs can be locked at different angles for use in uneven terrain and to shoot from extreme low heights. The outside compartment has a foam-padded sleeve to carry a 10-inch tablet around. I was surprised by its ability to adjust itself with ease. Each section of the two-fold legs can be locked using special locks that resist dust or sand from getting lodged in the joints. While a camera like Canon 6D fits in easily. The excellent build of the bag makes sure that the weight is distributed properly and avoids making it feel like a burden.990 • Warranty: Lifetime. Pune Tel: +91-2030500614 R at i n g he Tamrac Jazz 83 is a compact and easy-to-use backpack that photographers can carry around on a daily basis. The Auctus 283CT is a great option for professionals who are looking for extreme stability and versatile features. but limited T Product source: Nikita Distributors. The Auctus 283CT packs the best from all these three in a single tripod and within an affordable budget. irrespective of what terrain you are shooting in.8 x 2. the other can be used to carry a small tripod or a gorillapod.

Sho ot ing T echnique BetterPictures 72 Better Photography april 2013 .

Once you have figured out what you want to photograph. before the action actually takes place. you need to think about certain settings before you dial in the aperture or set the shutterspeed. Think Before You Shoot Before you make a photo. If you believe in simply making a picture and moving on. think about what you Exposure: 1/250sec at f/16 (ISO 200) Better Photography John Byer When there are plenty of colours in the frame.shooting technique on assignment digital technique Say Goodbye to Camera Shake No more blurry photos! 80 I’m Not Here The self represented as a shadow 82 Personalised Sho ot ing Picture Postcards Creativity with images T echnique 90 73 Arriving at the Photo M april 2013 Ketan Kundargi lists five things you need to consider while setting the exposure for the image you have in mind. . Irrespective of whether you shoot in the Manual mode or in the Program mode. stop right there! Here are five things that you need to think about before you release the shutter. pay special attention to the exposure as it will decide how each colour is eventually rendered in the final image. you need to previsualise the moment you wish to capture. aking a stunning photograph is all about planning right.

Exposure: 1/60sec at f/2. use exposure bracketing in order to retrieve shadow or highlight detail.Sho ot ing T echnique 74 Ned Horton If you are in a tricky lighting situation. if required.8 (ISO 200) Better Photography april 2013 .

mind. and be used wisely to create a certain mood. diffused light can help you create magical lowcontrast images. then simply overexpose! Exposure: Not Available The Contrast Consideration Harsh light can help you make high-contrast images which are graphical and impactful. how many tones you capture depends on the saturation value you set in your camera. and make a B&W photograph instead? When faced with backlighting. Do You Need to Adjust Exposure? Need the image to be brighter? Overexpose! Want to avoid highlights getting blown out? Underexpose. Samten Kabo Exposure: 1/320sec at f/5. Experiment by varying exposure by a stop or two next time. Gradually. they will become ingrained and will help you make good pictures instinctively. even the White Balance presets simply help you achieve the correct shade of white in every Program mode lighting situation. On the other hand. Go through these steps each time you shoot. Do not always go by the camera’s default reading.6 (ISO 400) To be Safe If you are still unsure about getting the exposure right. Think. april 2013 Richard Sweet Better Photography . the range of tones offered by soft. But you can also use these can help you get presets creatively for a cool or warm tone for great images.  75 Multiple Colour Tones or a Simple B&W? We live and see the world around us in various hues. However. stop. your images. every time you lift the camera. Rethink. Shoot. play it safe. Once you tweak camera settings Playing with White Balance with these Every light source has a certain colour five factors in cast that affects all the hues in the scene. Shoot in the RAW mode and use Auto Exposure Bracketing to be able retain details later. if you want the subject to be well exposed.Sho ot ing T echnique Even if you are shooting in plain daylight. The Contrast setting within the camera can enhance the lighting conditions further. Basically. using the Cloudy WB will help you make your images more warm. Do you want varied tones of a single colour or do you want to mute them. want it to look like an work on its aesthetic appeal.

Better Photography april 2013 Aji Jayachandran . A slight movement and you could lose your focus. Keep calm and shoot! 76 Sharpness is a critical aspect of macro photography. In such cases. use a tripod.Supriya Joshi presents simple points you should keep in mind to make sure your images are always in focus.

doesn’t it? Similarly. think about the best photograph you have seen. make sure you focus on the eyes. fast-moving birds are often difficult to capture. Do You Know How AF Works? The default focusing system of your camera tends to focus on the Small. hat is life without focus? Imagine going through life unfocused. you must first half-press the shutter-release button. for perfectly sharp images. the point of the image would have been lost if the camera’s focus was off even by a little bit. or when the AF point turns green. 77 Mukesh Srivastava april 2013 Better Photography ..W When shooting portraits. Zoom in and use Continuous AF to follow their quick movements. we sometimes click the shutter-release button a little too fast. you know that camera has achieved focus. For the camera to achieve focus. When the camera makes a beep sound. how do you make sure your images are always in focus? Here are little things you can ask yourself before and while shooting. So. Feels strange.. Did You Click too Soon? In a hurry to shoot.

focusing on the eye is essential. However. Better Photography Snehal Brahmbhatt . switch to Single Point AF. In this mode. If your main subject does not meet these criteria. switch to manual focus. switch to the Night Landscape mode. Are You Shooting Through a Window? Specs of dirt or moisture on a window can confuse your camera’s AF system. the camera will refocus if the subject has moved. Is it too Dark? Poor lighting conditions confuse the AF system of most cameras. it becomes impossible to focus. compact cameras and mirrorless cameras are not so good at doing this. Make sure that the AF-assist lamp is switched on. and if you get too close to a subject. most compact cameras have a Macro mode. So. Alternatively. Are You too Close? The minimum focusing distance of every lens is different. However.Sho ot ing T echnique Souvik Bhattacharya 78 brightest and closest subject to the lens. Is The Subject Moving too Fast? If you want to shoot a fast-moving subject. To avoid this. you can get close to the window and then try focusing. While shooting fireworks at night. keep these limitations in mind while you are shooting. where you can decide where you want the camera to focus. april 2013 While photographing birds and animals. which allow you to get as close as 1cm to the subject. The focus will automatically be set at infinity and you will get sharp results. as this will throw light on the subject and let you focus with relative ease. so you may face difficulties while focusing. first lock the focus. switch to the Continuous Autofocus mode. So instead of focusing on the subject beyond the window. If the subject is off center. it will focus on the dirt. reframe and shoot. This system is usually called Multipoint AF.

What are the things it is good at? What are some things it cannot achieve? Of course. This means that only a small part of the overall scene 79 Neelima Vallangi april 2013 Better Photography . The camera will also meter off the faces of the people in the group. Like the name suggests.   How Critical do You Need to Be? Wide apertures like f/2. this feature will detect all the people present in the frame and focus on them. shoot when the subject enters the frame. you can go completely creative and do whatever you want in order to make the most effective photograph. It comes in handy while shooting star trails. Then. Are You Expecting Too Much? Before you shoot. capturing the moment! To Experiment with Bokeh If there are a lot of light sources around you and you want to achieve beautiful out of focus blurry lights. your camera’s AF might not work well.Sho ot ing T echnique Here Are A Few Situations Where You Should Choose Manual Focus Jesse Therrien Deba Prasad Roy Andrey Gorshkov In Low Light In very low light. some subjects like street lights look great when they are out of focus! In fact. which is when you should switch to manual focus. learn the various idiosyncrasies of your camera’s AF system. thereby ensuring that the faces in the frame are well exposed. is rendered sharp. Are You Shooting a Group of People? In such cases.8 make the depthof-field (DOF) really shallow. Learn about hyperfocal distance and depth-of-field in order to get sharp landscape images. While Prefocusing for Action Manually prefocus at the point where you expect your subject to pass. switch to manual focus. you need to be a lot more critical while focusing. Due to this. switch on Face Detection.

Try to keep the minimum shutterspeed 1/60sec. Pulling them tight towards the inside of your body will further help to keep you centered. thereby giving you faster shutterspeeds that can reduce camera shake. This is because the camera is more prone to shake at the telephoto end. though handy. Camera shake eating at your patience? Confused about what settings to use ? take a look at this list of the things you could be doing wrong. Use the wrist strap for further stability. Be Careful While Using Touch Shutter The more you zoom in to the scene. This will ensure that you will have a shake-free photograph. A noisy image is still better than a shaky one. make sure that you hold the lens from one hand to maintain balance. Shoot at the Widest Aperture Touch Shutter. and how Fire the Flash Most cameras today are capable of producing good quality images at high ISOs. april 2013 .8 allow more light in. Boost the ISO 80 Wide apertures like f/2. Avoid it during problematic conditions and stick to the regular shutter-release button. use at least 1/125sec. At the extreme end of a 3x zoom compact camera. hold the device with both hands using a sturdy grip. Better Photography Support the Lens Specially in the case of heavy lenses. the higher the shutterspeed should be. The same applies for the kit lens of a DSLR. Mind the Elbows Hold your elbows close to your body.Sho ot ing T echnique say goodbye to Switch on the camera’s flash to freeze the moment. can result in camera shake. Increase Shutterspeed When You Zoom In Improving Posture to Reduce Camera Shake Use Both Hands While using a compact camera or a cell phone.

The picture may be dark. 81 Underexpose the Settings If none of the other points work. Switch on Image Stabilisation IS uses motion sensors to detect movement and automatically stabilises the frame. And shoot. switch to RAW so that there is minimal loss of quality while brightening the image. This can be done with any camera while shooting JPEGs. Pay Attention to the Handshake Icon The handshake icon suggests that the camera settings are not optimal for handholding the camera. Better Photography . This will help you stand steady. Use Your Elbows as a Tripod Not only will this give you a totally new frame and way of seeing. use a tripod or a steady surface. It will help you steady yourself as you photograph. underexpose your image in such a way that the shutterspeed given by the camera is fast enough for you to handhold the photo. but you can recover some amount of details in a postprocessing software. just shoot three or more images in Burst Mode. IS does not help freeze fast moving subjects. the images in the middle of the burst will be the sharpest. And hold it.Sho ot ing T echnique camera shake Before you get angry at your camera and give up on making images. So. Switch to the Burst Mode When you are shooting in quick succession. However. Therefore. Anonymous Take a Deep Breath After you have made your frame. april 2013 Balance Your Weight While Shooting Vertical Frames Divide your weight between both your legs and stand firmly. if you are facing camera shake issues. Supriya Joshi tells you how. to rectify the mistakes. take a deep breath and breathe out completely. if your camera allows so. However. while pulling your elbow towards your body. you will also have the added stability of the surface to reduce camera shake.

o n a s s i g nm e n t I’m Not Here 82 What happens when you separate the person from the shadow. I use my shadow and a pair of running shoes to express an absence within myself. the self from the whole? Pol Úbeda Hervàs explores this in a series of self portraits. Better Photography april 2013 .

if the need arises. T Duration Notes here was a point in my life where I hardly recognised myself. The shoes remain only to make sure that there is something more than. My shadow is there. too. I will resume it sometime in the future. I am surprised by this. How do we accept that we are changing? How do we accept that we hardly recognise ourselves in certain situations? I am changing at this very moment of my life.. It is an on-going series which I started in February and continued till August 2012. This series actually acted as catharsis for me. My Assignment Description To portray a metamorphosis that occurs within one’s life. I do not the react in the same way that I used to. but I erase myself because I do not know who I am any longer. The idea behind the images emerged just from a need to express myself.. Immersing myself in these photos was therapeutic. a shadow. These pictures came to my mind naturally.o n a s s i g nm e n t 83 This series taught me that introspection can take various forms. as a means to reflect the way I feel about myself. Is this me? These pictures display the way I see myself now. The name. My Perspective I was not really inspired by some other project or an accidental shot. How do we accept that we hardly recognise ourselves in certain situations? Better Photography april 2013 . came in quite naturally because the real me was just not there. at a particular point in time.

 The experience of shooting film makes one much more focused. tarmac. Tips on Creating a Series of Shadow Photos • Neat and Simple Backgrounds: Play with different possibilities regarding where the shadow will be projected. Try different surfaces like water. I simply make three or four pictures per location and then move on. I am quite quick with each shoot. The subtle pastels of the series further helped establish a certain kind of mood. In a The colour palette is important. The reason behind this is that I began photography with an analog camera. All the locations where I make these pictures are not really spots I have scouted for previously. I always carry a camera along with me so that when I see a place that appeals to me.o n a s s i g nm e n t 84 The Process To me. bricks. I chose a static pose that was common for all my photos. I shoot there immediately. I just chance upon them on the go. • The Pose: Ask yourself how you want your shadow to act. I do not make a whole bunch of pictures simply because I do not need more. It is important for a location to strike the right chord with me. This will help you capture a shadow with a length similar to your own height. a dynamic pose would be interesting. different patterns on floors and so on. however. You realise what you really want to achieve and how to go about it. Better Photography april 2013 . • The Time of the Day: Shoot the pictures soon during the morning or around the time when the day is ending. this image conveys a sense of loneliness typical of urban areas. concrete. stone.

in this case. a few years or maybe even never.o n a s s i g nm e n t 85 One of the things that this project taught me was how shadows change and lengthen during different times of the day. this series was an enlightening experience for me. Always keep this reason in your mind. However.8 lens. To see more of Pol’s work. I will keep it a secret. My Equipment I usually use a Nikon D800 with a 24–70mm f/2. if you observe my pictures april 2013 way. it also makes you realise the true worth of every picture you make. This may happen in a few days. It is important to think this way because while the series is easy to attempt. and try making a couple of shots. www. I decided not to take more pictures till I felt the same way again. Better Photography . It is quite simple. This is exactly what I needed when I started this project. I do not want it to merely be reduced to an exercise. I will just say this much. I use a Leica M8. It is always hard for me to know where to stop making a  Maintaining a static shadow throughout the series helped me create a distant. really—just think of it as removing yourself from your shadow. So. I do not want the photos to lose their significance for me. you will hit upon the idea yourself. As far as the technique goes. you can visit his Flickr page. I found out a lot about myself and how people change. How would you go about achieving this in a software? Needless to say. aloof atmosphere. However. the only thing you need is a reason to make pictures. When I am travelling.

in a bid to prove her wrong. I told my friend this. Several years ago. where are your photos?” So. It may not have you in it. likes. dislikes and all such things. She laughed her head off. “You are always in front of the camera.. then every single photo that one makes. your background. april 2013 . I’m Here Now P Better Photography ersonally. dismissing my thoughts as intellectual rubbish. only because it was fun. I started including myself in a lot of my frames. is a self portrait. I believe that if a photographer is honest. in an effort to find the perfect Facebook profile picture.86 Raj Lalwani peers into mirrors wherever he goes. but it still portrays something about you.. your influences.

There is a picture waiting to happen. almost everywhere. everyday. april 2013 Better Photography . Notes The most vital aspect to self portraits is to have fun.o n a s s i g nm e n t My Assignment Description To remember the places I have been to. and see new ones. Duration I shot the first frame four years ago. while adding a hint of myself in the frame. 87 Mirrors and reflective surfaces are all around.

But the entire I go see. with the entire scene around me being framed. My Equipment Does it really matter? I used whatever camera I had on me at that point of time.o n a s s i g nm e n t 88 Were these My Perspective self portraits After all. thus keeping my vision fresh and my camera. they be. about A lot of these self portraits have been the places born out of sheer boredom. exercise of looking into mirrors and searching for shadows has helped me be on my toes all the time. but the photos are often worth it. but as that be boring? something that you want to share with all I’d rather that your friends. even if it is for the infamous Likes on Facebook. The Process All sensible talk left aside. a bit of humour is never a bad thing. the first time I decided to follow my friend’s advice was when I encountered Kareena Kapoor. not But wouldn’t because it will stand the test of time. not the real one. The moment I shared the picture with my I get weird reactions from passersby when I point my camera at mirrors. I saw a kitschy poster of the actress amidst a lot of crazy artefacts. Sometimes. It was almost a “I have to have a picture with that” kind of moment. a picture is worth it. isn’t that what most of us seem to forget? Photography is meant to be about me? fun. april 2013 When the kind of photography you do is an exercise in narcissism. Better Photography . from compact cameras. I generally enjoy wider focal lengths as the story conveyed is more wholesome. always ready. No. to DSLRs and cell phones.

. they are just too tempting. I started looking for ways to bring myself 89 april 2013 Better Photography . That got me thinking. I don’t want to call this a He occasionally blogs at rajlalwani. and just wait for things to fall together.. and as my style has changed. it is also a status update of sorts. a statement that this is where I am. friends. with a mirror being dead in the centre. The Kareena photo happened four years ago. as have my self portraits. Shadows may be cliché.o n a s s i g nm e n t Going Beyond with Self Portraiture • Find Out What You Want to Say: Is it only about you? • When You Should Shoot: It depends on whether you want to plan a structure or just enjoy a picture at a time. wouldn’t this be an awesome way to photograph places that leave an impression on me? So whether it was a a mountaintop in the middle of Himachal.. it is not shot with any agenda. but in front of some scenes. Or you you want to convey your relationship with a person.  Raj’s work is online at www. Sharing these photos not only tells me how my friends react to environmental self portraits. or my favourite downtown cafe.. I now enjoy transparent surfaces. since they show a hint of me and the world beyond. much like a personal diary. The early ones were obvious. place or an idea? • Look up the Masters: From Lee Friedlander to Cindy Sherman. everyone was curious to know where I had spotted this sight..rajlalwani. study how the masters have dealt with this challenging genre. I often park myself wherever I need to be in the frame.wordpress. apart from the sheer enjoyment of being in a particular place at a given point of time.

You will be to create two very different contrasting postcards—a sepia toned photo collage and a dramatic vibrant one. which consist of his best postcards from the 1950s-1970s. Aditya Nair shows you how to make different styles of postcards. D Better Photography o you have a bunch of casual snapshots of friends. if you plan on mailing a series of such postcards. He compiled a book called Boring Postcards.digi tal Techni que 90 Personalised Picture Postcards Have you ever wondered how to creatively reuse your old photographs? In less than six easy steps. add a thumbnail of the image you will send next as a sneak peak. You could add a thumbnail of the picture used in front of the postcard. Original The Back of a Postcard The back of a postcard is usually where the recipient’s address is added. In fact. april 2013 . They make great souvenirs to distribute among friends or hang on your wall. At a time when travel was difficult. The following tutorial will help you understand the technique of making digital postcards. you can experiment with various typographies for writing the message you want to send. there are a few things you can try to make it distinctive. While it is customary to keep this space clean. Additionally. The first known picture postcards date back to the middle of 19th century. British photographer Martin Parr has time and again confessed his fondness for collecting postcards. For instance. and were used as a way to share stories or gather souvenirs. these postcards allowed people to share the adventures and experiences of the traveller. family and all the tourist destinations that you visited over the years? Such photographs are in fact the perfect images to convert into postcards.

This will create a white border for that image. Saturation to 45 and Lightness to 5. Save this image and then follow the same procedure for the other images. With the centre image layer on top. Press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E. Resolution 300ppi. Transform the layer and increase the size of the image if you feel it is necessary. Choose Hue/Saturation. The technique relies on the use of basic Photoshop functions such as Hue/Saturation and Marquee Tool for selection. Go to Select > Inverse to inverse the selection. 3 ADD A WHITE BORDER: On the image. Check the Colorize button. Select Stroke from the dropdown menu. Adjust it to fit the canvas size. Drag one image of the collage into Photoshop. Hit the Delete key to erase the rest of the image. Place the resized images on the canvas. while using the Hue/Saturation slider in Adobe Photoshop. you can give your images any colour tint that suits the postcards by merely dragging the Hue/Saturation sliders around. Choose the Elliptical Marquee Tool. hold down the Alt key and draw an oval selection. Change the Blending Mode to Soft Light and adjust the opacity. It recreates the original photographs into a sepia toned photo collage that doubles up as a memorable gift for the newlywed couple. Height 2 inches. Change Hue to 40. In addition. you need to inverse the selection again. However. Tools Used • Free Transform • Layer Blending Modes • Canvas Size • Hue/Saturation • Marquee tool • (in Photoshop CS or higher) T Skill Level 1 2 3 4 5 his tutorial makes use of five images that were shot at a wedding. While a sepia tone is used for this tutorial. change the colour to white and select the tab that reads inside. Create a custom file —Width 3 inches. Better Photography april 2013 . go to the selection and right click on it. Do the same for the other three images. 4 CREATE THE CENTRE OVAL IMAGE: Select the centre image layer. Go to a layer of an image in the background. Raj Lalwani 91 1 RESIZE IMAGES: Go to File > New. Stroke the selection like in Step 3. Height 4 inches. you can add a texture or a vignette to this tutorial. Resolution 300 pixels/inch. select the Marquee tool. From the centre of the image. choose the Outside tab in the Stroke menu. 6 ADJUST THE TONES: Select the ‘Create new adjustment layer’ icon at the base of the layers palette. 2 CREATE A CANVAS: Create a document of Width 6 inches. Choose a suitable width. 5 ADD THE CIRCULAR BORDER: In order to add a border to the photo collage. Ctrl + Left click the thumbnail next to the layer name to select it.d i g i ta l T ec h n ique An Old World Photo Collage Learn how to recreate sepia toned photo collage with a set of five images.

do this only if you do not intend to actually mail the postcard. To further highlight the texture. They can double up as your very own photo diary! 4 REDUCE THE IMAGE SIZE: Double click on the Background layer to unlock it. Festive Decorations: Postcards are compact and light weight. Go to Image > Adjustments > Gradient Map. 3 CHANGE THE BLENDING MODES: Change the Blending Mode of the texture layer to Soft Light. and drag one of the corners inwards. simply by changing the Blending Modes. 2 Aditya Nair ADD A TEXTURE: Download a texture that you would use for the postcard. Press Ctrl+T to transform the texture. Using textures and Layer Blending. Select all four layers. Drag the edges of the selection till it fills the frame. A Box Full of Memories: A collection of postcards can serve as a precious visual memoir. Before 1 USE A GRADIENT MAP: Change the foreground colour using the Color Picker Palette to red and the background colour to green. You can refer to websites such as sxc. T Tools Used • Gradient Map • Free Transform • Layer Blending Modes • Canvas Size (in Photoshop CS2) Skill Level 1 2 3 4 5 92 his tutorial uses Gradient Map to create a colorized Pop Art like postcard. Add an element of fun to the otherwise boring business card. You can add your contact details on the back of the postcard. Press and hold the Shift and Alt keys. as they are a helpful resource for obtaining royalty free textures that you can add to your images. 5 Ways to Use Postcards Creatively Post a Portfolio: Create a pocket-sized portfolio using photographs as postcards. They can be used to customise the decorations of your next Christmas tree! april 2013 Better Photography . Reduce the Opacity of the layer till you get a pleasing effect. Additionally. In the Mood for Business: Use postcards to create personalised business cards. drag the corner of the Transform selection to fit the image to the postcard. Place the texture over the gradient map layer. By the end of the tutorial. With Shift and Alt keys pressed. set a suitable size for the postcard by going to Image > Canvas Size. Press Ctrl+T to transform the layers. the postcard gets a more dramatic and graphic effect.digi tal Techni que After Dramatising a Picture Postcard Use gradient mapping to transform a simple portrait into a dual toned digital postcard. Duplicate the Background Layer by pressing Ctrl+J. Reduce Opacity to 50%. duplicate the layer. The entire image will become smaller. Change the Blending Mode to Linear Burn. 5 FIT IT IN: With all layers selected. keep all layers selected and press Ctrl + T. you will be able to transform the orignal image and resize it to the exact size needed for printing. you can make use of the internet and a stock image of a postal stamp and digitally add it to the postcard. Then. You can use it as a gift for friends and family. Innovative Field Notes: Postcards can be used as visual reminders while working on the field.


the subject has been placed in the dead centre of the image. Dodging or even using layer masks would have helped bring out vivid details.PhotoCritique Want your photographs reviewed? Send your photographs to The Editor. I would have composed the image with the Rule of Thirds in mind. Renukoot Camera: Canon PowerShot A3300 IS Aperture: f/2. Including the soil has lent a sense of place to the image. The bright catchlight is also perfect. The snail looks like it is contemplating a leap. Network18 Publishing. Dadar (W) Mumbai . But. the decision to move in for a really short focal length was a good call. foreground. The low angle vantage point is unique and presents the world from the point of view of the snail. So it becomes that much more important to take that extra moment to stretch yourself for a signature picture. available light and even the moment have all come together fto make a splendid image. Amrita Ganguly-Salian: I love the “juicy-ness” of the 94 These blown out highlights are quite distracting and could have easily been avoided. However. India E-mail: photocritique@betterphotography. The snail appears slightly underexposed. The subject. The textures and the natural colouring of the snail have been rendered beautifully. the snail looks dark. Better Photography april 2013 . The chances of getting a great picture are high. J K Sawant Marg. Ruby House. Nature lends itself to myriad experiments with photography.8 Shutterspeed: 1/50sec ISO: 80 A Snail’s World Kedar Bhat: This image shows great use of a wide angle macro shot in order to display the snail in its native environment. Additionally.400 028. For me. By Vikas Sarolia. ‘A’ Wing. Firing the on-board flash at a reduced power would have filled in light. an off-centre placement would have been more aesthetic. background. Storytelling aside. zooming in would have helped eliminate distractions. Better Photography. Either you could have fired the flash or tweaked the image in postprocessing.

I would have opted for a roughly square crop. These areas seem glaringly out of focus. What irks me is the loss of detail throughout the image. By Sayan S. Crisp focus throughout the image would have been ideal. Kolkata Camera: Canon EOS 1000D Aperture: f/5. This would have helped achieve critical sharpness. there was potential to make this a vivid graphical image. He has worked with Outlook. is a Physics graduate and a freelance photographer with nearly two decades of experience under his belt. the shutterspeed should have been faster (at least 1/250sec). which could have easily been avoided. These droplets make the image look very refreshing. Ambarin Afsar: Most people would consider this a ‘cooked’ image. The highlights seem to be washed out and the image look over saturated and way too contrasty. But. Consequently. This seems like an indoor shot to me. While the colours are indeed far too saturated. The Times of India. The act of composing is not just limited to framing. The Indian Express and Hindustan Times.6 Shutterspeed: 1/125sec ISO: 400 Refreshing Droplets Kedar Bhat: Since you have shot this at 230mm. everything is a possible subject for photography and she is more than happy to appreciate new ways of seeing. Ambarin Afsar is a writer with the BP team. He loves photographing nature and wildlife. and continues to inspire many students of photography. She exudes an infectious zest for almost everything around her. the exposure could have been controlled to avoid blown out highlights. in order to avoid the red areas that can be seen in the background. But I like the vibrant colours. So. april 2013 . As for the composition. Focus and sharpness are key factors as well.­­­ Kedar Bhat 95 Amrita GangulySalian befriended the camera 22 years ago. The lines of these leaves draw the viewer ino the centre and make the frame very geometric. Her critique is rooted in classical theories and balances the photographer’s opportunity with the use of technique. you could devoted some time to perfecting the composition.The Panelists This red area further adds a dash of colour to the image and creates an interesting colour contrast.

photocr itique 96 This is an interesting place to end the frame.. By Kaushik Mitra. The hint of a catchlight makes it seem as if the crocodile’s eye is glinting. there is a slightly out-of-focus region on the left of the frame. However. You could have used a narrower aperture setting to get greater depth-of-field. The Eye of the Crocodile Kedar Bhat: This is a simple close-up photograph. However. wondered how sunny had it really been! Better Photography april 2013 . one should allow for creative cropping. The most striking part about this photograph is the brilliantly green eye. While I agree with that logic for documentation purposes. Go tighter for more drama! I also noticed the high shutterspeed. this crop is lop-sided. The unending rows of teeth make the image look menacing. This photo is evident of the same. The line of the jaw leads the viewer into the frame. I would have included the jaw and the snout of the crocodile completely rather than making this choice of a crop. The out-of-focus areas in the frame echo the rugged appearance of the crocodile and convey information about his habitat and environment. Including slightly more headspace would have been a good idea idea. You have got fantastic detail in the eye and it would have made for a superb extreme close-up as well. the eyes of the reptile are far too close to the frame’s edge. Currently. Amrita Ganguly-Salian: I am a big fan of extreme close-ups.6 Shutterspeed: 1/4000sec ISO: 400 The inclusion of this tiny blade of grass or some other element could have easily been avoided. You even have enough play of depth with the back of the head to pull off a super-tight frame. Nature offers the best textures and patterns. Paying attention to these little details is what makes a great moment. and so. towards the area where the snout of the crocodile ends. I often attract ire from purists who feel that traditional portraits should have enough ‘neck/nose/ head’ space around the profile.. I would also like to ask you whether it was possible to include more space above the alligator than below it. Kolkata Camera: Canon EOS 550D Aperture: f/5.

That said. Off-centre placement would have worked better. However. The blue colour palette is also commendable.p h oto c r i t i q ue A Rocky Perch Kedar Bhat: It seems as if you have used a cool White Balance preset such as Incandescent. you have managed to evoke this magic in my mind. Additionally. However. The most magical part about this image is the soft shimmering bokeh. I also like the soft. I think of my childhood and the magic of summer. I am glad you moved away from the conventional green-yellow colour palette and tried something so different. It acts as a wonderful secondary element. I wish that the frame was tighter and that there was more light on the dragonfly. or probably set it in such a manner manually. to be featured in the PhotoCritique section. Ernakulam The texture of the rock is distracting and keeps drawing the viewer’s eye away from the dragonfly. With the glimmering bokeh in the background. you can win the Critics’ Choice Award—a Sony USB Portable Power Supply of 4000mAh! The out-of-focus background creates a sense of depth. the dragonfly is sharp from end to end. It is refreshing to see an attempt like this. To me. the crack in the rock and the blown out highlights on the top right corner of the image are distracting. Camera: Nikon D90 Aperture: f/5. which is commendable. By Jinish Matthew. They could have easily been avoided by a simple change in position or framing. it looks good here. Ambarin Afsar: Whenever I think of tiny insects like dragonflies or glow worms. out-offocus background.6 Shutterspeed: 1/160sec ISO: 200 97 april 2013 Better Photography . If our judges select yours as the best photograph. This overlapping of the dragonfly’s wing and the edge of the rock could have easily been avoided by a change in position. Whatever may be the case. these creatures seem like something out of a fairytale. You could have cropped the frame from the bottom and the right. Critics’ Choice Award Send your pictures to us.

is to simply stand under a tree and look up. Tell Their Story Trees can live through hundreds of years.Want to share your ideas and tips? Write to The Editor. Another thing to try if there is a park or forested area nearby. The Human Touch You can easily evoke the feeling of solitude by concentrating on a single tree. Explore changing seasons and their effect. ‘A’ Wing J K Sawant Marg. dry leaves or even bare branches. Dadar (W) Mumbai-400 028. In comparison to the vastness of the landscape and the background. There are several people who take shelter under trees. Look for a lone tree or try to compose the frame in such a manner that the surrounding area is clean and simple. While trees are wonderful subjects to photograph as is. or even one that is growing in your backyard. India E-mail: editor@betterphotography. Weary travellers on a sunny day. You will notice that the branches create a surreal jigsaw puzzle. Subhodeep Banerjee Michael & Christa Richert april 2013 . make it a point to photograph it every day. Look for Patterns Trees are full of intricate patterns and textures. paying attention to the sky during a clear night will help you capture striking star trails with the tree in the foreground. Make Dream-like Frames Photograph trees at night and use long exposures—leaves fluttering in the wind against the night sky create a surreal haze. You can make close-ups of the bark. If there is a tree that strikes you as particularly interesting. Better Photography Network18 Publishing Ruby House. In fact. the tree will seem solitary and will stand out beautifully. include a person in the frame to make the viewer aware of Ayon Mandal 98 THE BEAUTY OF TREES The Lonely One A great way to photograph a tree is to seclude it from its surroundings. These dark zigzagging lines and curves contrast beautifully with backlit green leaves and the bright sky. Autumn is a great season to photograph the changing colours of the leaves.

In fact. you get to see several unique sights. THE HUMBLE BUS Through the Window During bus journeys. Buses are often scrawled with amusing messages. Raj Lalwani There are chances that you will be left with several motion blurs. Anticipate and frame your shot. You can photograph the hapless passenger holding on for dear life in a packed bus. Capture the spirit of camaraderie in your fellow passengers with a quick snapshot. Quick Tip Make your landscape photographs stand out by adding a point of interest in the foreground. You could even build an interesting photo series around people taking shelter under trees. you will also be making some very memorable images. But do not despair! You can create a very unusual series with a collection of these blurry photographs. which can help you create witty juxtapositions. if your friends or family are enthusiastic about climbing trees. Sometimes buses break down. Along with invoking memories of childhood thrills. or the groups of people who choose to sit on the roof of the bus when no seats are available. The Passengers The best part about using the public transport system is just that—you get to be in close proximity to the public! You will encounter several kind of people from various walks of life. 99 Supriya Joshi april 2013 Better Photography . you can even ask them to do so. especially during long hauls. You can also shoot in Burst mode to capture the moments outside the bus.tired pedestrians looking for a short break and even animals can be seen finding solace in the shade of a tree. Take this opportunity to point your camera at the scenes outside the window.

The waiting area and the hustle and bustle that occurs when people are trying to buy tickets can provide great opportunities. often providing funny results. and get truly natural moments. Capture the myriad of expressions on their faces—from impatience. Don’t ask them to pose. Also store your money in different places. you could also ask your copassengers to pose in front of the bus as well! Be Vigilant Do remember that there can be several miscreants who may have an eye on our gear. Be very smart about the way you travel with your equipment and make sure you are always aware of your surroundings. Better Photography Anupam Pal april 2013 .Saji Anthony 100 At the Bus Stop You can find several photos even while you wait for a bus. You can choose a spot and shoot with a telephoto lens. Keep your equipment well concealed when you are not shooting. Before you begin your journey. Let them get on with their daily activities. photographing parents is great when it is a completely candid affair. Bus stops often provide shelter to even those who do not travel by one. The Highlight Why not try photographing the bus itself? Make various frames of the bus from unique angles. Then. to anger and annoyance. THE JOY OF PARENTHOOD Be Natural Just like any genre of photography. You can even experiment with a fisheye lens for added effect. You can also photograph the long winding lines of commuters as they wait for the bus to arrive. while you become almost invisible to them. you can truly photograph with ease. Photographs like this will be a hilarious reminder about how your child was as a baby.

you have plenty of freedom when it comes the treatment of your images. These tiny frogs used to come into my bathroom during the rainy season. it is best to prefocus your lens before they enter the frame.Poses Work Too If they are not comfortable with candid photography. you can have the little child scampering around. the onboard flash and an 18–55mm kit lens. we are confronted with such creatures on a daily basis. Make it a point to feature yourself in these photographs too! These will serve as lifelong memories to be cherished forever. If you are shooting at home. Involving them with the shoot can help you capture tender as well as funny moments. While external flash units are ideal for illuminating your frame. Photograph them playing games or even when they are trying to pacify the child with a toy.. you can do just as well with your camera’s onboard flash. When it comes to small creatures.. In the end. Use silly props. set your aperture to a narrow setting such as f/16 and shoot the light source. Ask your parents to stand or sit next to a window for good directional light. — Arpan Mukherjee Arpan Mukherjee I made this image from the eye level of this unusual frog sitting on a bucket. make ridiculous poses. The Choice of Light The most viable source of light is natural light. Arpan Mukherjee The demeanour of an adult also drastically changes when they are around children. find an uncluttered space and seat your father and mother together. The gear that you use is not important. Sometimes. but context is. Guide them on how to pose and try to capture the chemistry that they share. I was able to photograph this tiny thing. Children are capable of giving the most remarkable and curious expressions. yet do not think about photographing them. Even the simplest of gear will allow you to create stunning macro photographs. Raj Lalwani 101 Reader’s Tip Capture Tiny Creatures The world is filled with creatures big and small. april 2013 Better Photography .. Quick Tip To get a starburst effect in your images. You can even head outdoors for a shoot. The frog’s eyes and the texture of its skin were of essence. while simply drawing the curtains can help you diffuse strong afternoon light. Candid captures speak a lot more than posed ones.. Let children interact freely with their parent. remember to ask yourself what has made you photograph a particular frame. Involve Yourself Since it is your own parents who you are photographing. the composition was made to bring out these characteristcs. the image is what matters. Use your camera’s self-timer to quickly become part of the frame. A piece of white thermocol can act as a handy reflector. just have fun! Wonderful Moments If there is a newborn baby or a toddler in the family. Using only a Canon EOS 450D. a posed photograph of them can serve as a wonderful memory too. and it is a fulfilling experience to photograph them. So.

Better Photography Infomedia18 Limited Ruby House. E-mail: editor@betterphotography. What is a writeprotected memory SD card? SD cards are equipped with small switch on the left. What does this mean? Mohan Kumar. The cost of any lens is decided on the basis of all these factors put together. keep it in a clean area. set a low ISO. minimum focusing distance.Want your doubts cleared? Write to The Editor. When switched on. then chances are that dust has settled on your camera’s sensor. it may not be effective in extreme situations. Use a narrow aperture and take a picture of a white surface to check the sensor for dust. Most digital cameras have a built-in option that shakes off dust from the sensor. the card is write-protected. erasing or accessing any data on the card. Bengaluru. This is why people use the term ‘35mm equivalent’ to help convey the actual field of view that the lens offers. thus preventing you writing. you are going to face this problem at some point of time or the other. april 2013 Better Photography Ketan Kundargi . India. The slightest of errors may damage the sensor. via email The field of view offered by a particular lens depends on two factors—one is its focal length and the other is the sensor size of the camera being used. When you are using a digital interchangeable-lens camera. use a narrow aperture such as f/11 or f/16 and shoot a picture.8. it is now reliable and affordable. Always remember that prevention is better than cure. But. there are others that one does not realise B r i ef ly What is the Difference? Why is there such a huge cost difference between the 50mm f/1. it does not mean that the dust is accumulated on the sensor. image stablisation and the focusing system. and is an easy way to access your data from anywhere in the world. Nashik. Full Frame Sensor APS-C Sensor 102 Explaining Field of View I often come across the term ‘35mm equivalent’ when you refer to lenses in your magazine. Always change lenses when in a dust-free environment. You can select a folder on your computer and sync it to the online server for continuous H ow to Check Whether Your DSLR Sensor Has Dust Have you noticed unexpected dark spots in your images lately? Do they seem to be in the same place in multiple images? If yes. For example. Inspect this photo at 100% on a computer. These include build quality. and also make the warranty null and void. Delhi. If the problem still persists. J K Sawant Marg Dadar (W). use the Sensor Cleaning option within the camera.4 and 50mm f/1. differ from each other on a variety of factors. a costlier lens does not necessarily mean better image quality. take your camera to an official service center. the optical construction of the lens. Is the difference only because of the aperture or is there more to it? Abhishek Reddy. Cloud Storage for Backup How safe are online storage options for backup of data? Which is a good option? Pankaj Kulkarni. While focal length and maximum aperture are the obvious ones. ‘A’ Wing. Mumbai-400 028. Point your camera to the sky or a white surface and overexpose by a stop. While this is safe. Even an inexpensive lens can result in better sharpness at certain apertures compared to the costlier alternative. Checking for Sensor Dust Just because you notice dark spots. even of the same focal length. whether it is in your bag or outside. We do not recommend you clean the sensor on your own. If the amount of dust is high. switch to the Aperture Priority mode. While the technology is still new. the 18–55mm kit lens gives a field of view similar to the one given by a 28–84mm lens on a 35mm full frame The same lens may give different fields of view on different cameras. camera. Clean the front and back element of your lens to check for any dust or marks that it might have. When storing your camera. via email Any two lenses. Cleaning The Dust If you spot any dust. resulting in these spots. since its 35mm equivalent focal length may differ. via Facebook The past few years have seen a considerable increase in the number of websites that offer to back up your data on the internet.

With options like Box and Dropbox. via email While you can swap memory cards between two cameras. better shadow detail and high tonality? Digital photo editing tools are easily available now and one can correct practically anything in their image. While third-party flashguns are reliable to be used with your DSLR. Ultimately. While they are cheaper. Hyderabad. I have to open the files in Adobe Photoshop and make a few edits to make them usable. contrast and the white balance. If you are using a manual flash. Sometimes. It is always a good idea to format a memory card before using it with another camera. misrepresentation and ethics are entirely subjective. backup. A digital RAW file is just like an old film negative.  Third-party Flash Are flashguns from third-party manufacturers safe to be used with my DSLR camera? Mehek Adnan. Keep in mind that online data storage is only a secondary backup. Each provider offers either a trial period or around 2GB of free storage space. Try any service before you select a plan that suits your budget and data size. the image is allowed and not considered ‘photoshopped’. Lucknow. untouched image of the moment you just witnessed. you can use your own website as an archive for your images. They let you correct exposure. This might not be possible with a thirdparty flash and may require you to use the flash manually. or a more dynamic image with increased contrast. take three different images at -1 EV. not only can you access the data stored on other computers or a laptop but also on a smartphone. Alternatively. Most manufacturers make proprietary flashguns for their cameras because a lot of information needs to be communicated between the flashgun and the camera. via email What would you prefer? A simple. in another camera? Ramkumar Salian. Usually. they are not the best option. This has been a much debated topic for quite a while now and there seems to be no end to it. via post ja n ua ry 2 0 1 3 . Do not completely depend on it as a server crash might lead to loss of data. Editing softwares are the new age darkrooms. as long as an actual pixel has not been moved. you stand to win a Lexar 8GB 100x SDHC media card!   A service like Dropbox offers one-click applications that let you access data from anywhere in the world. +1 EV and at the correct exposure. you need to decide for yourself what extent of manipulation you are comfortable with. Is that considered unethical postprocessing? Vikas Poonia. Send in your queries to Better Photography. they have their own disadvantages. As a photographer. 105 One Card in Two Cameras Can I reuse a memory card that I used to shoot with a certain camera. Always use an external hard drive to have a local and primary backup of your data. But there is a fine line between aesthetic beauty and ethical editing. In most photography competitions. make sure that the trigger voltage is compatible with the hot shoe of your camera. it is not advisable to do so unless it is extremely urgent. Mumbai. If your letter wins Question of the Month. such basic manipulations are considered ethical. conflict between two different folders may result in corruption of data and render your card useless. It is important to know that many camera companies consider the warranty null if you use a third party flash. decisions about the truth of a photograph. Is Editing RAW Ethical? When I shoot in RAW. Every camera manufacturer has a different file structure for saving images. B r i e f ly How do I bracket exposure? If your camera does not have built-in auto bracketing.

he deeply admires the work of Swapan Parekh. • He stresses on the importance of the edit. as they are an understanding of human psyche. Raj Lalwani finds out. “Show your cards one at a time. almost like a movie.Pr ofi le ShowCase Amit Mehra • His documentary aesthetic stems from his early training years with the legendary S Paul. 106 The Notes of Silence Better Photography Amit Mehra’s photos are as much a collection of his personal observations. “I breathe his work. april 2013 . His favourite photographer is Nadav Kander.” he says. • Amongst his contemporaries.” he says.

Amit consciously decided that he wasn’t looking for any. like commas. “I spent days just observing silently. is like a bunch of ellipses. travelling without his eyes. Better Photography Amit’s photos in Kashmir are a rejection of the beautiful. for instance.. When Amit started this project. “My photos were getting stuck into the realm of the obvious. A friend of mine recommended that I visit Kashmir without a camera. One viewing is not enough. I wondered what a photographer would do. But if his body can create a debate. and makes you wonder. “A photographer is only a witness. Three dots that make you wonder what lies next. “He is not there to change any opinion.” he said. I was not sure how to react. It is a kind of work that made several thoughts run concurrently through my mind. The frame draws you in. Amit’s work in Kashmir. with an eerie sense of silence that envelopes.. though. I constantly seek to draw parallels between the two. When you are talking about an issue as layered as Kashmir. that is the greatest reward. from a best shot GREAT MASTERS PHOTOFEATURE Mahesh Shantaram Talks about his favourite photo 104 Roman Vishniac The many lives of the legendary storyteller 106 Sayed Asif Mahmud Profile The grim reality of the tobacco industry 114 A mit Mehra’s Kashmir is as much of a conversation with the land. He is not a judge. There was no camera that was blocking my vision. I spent time at chai tapris and just indulged in conversations. Images are often like punctuation—the dramatic ones are like exclamation marks and the connecting photos in an essay. he found himself falling into the same trap. makes you ponder. A Bunch of Pauses As someone who loves photography and writing. Any media coverage or references to Kashmir. are either about its magical vistas or the political conflict.” But Amit mulled over the suggestion and went back.” he says. but a fellow human being. the punctuation changes to a question mark. not as a photographer.” 107 Finding the Vision The manner in which we perceive a place. whether something is about to happen. Somewhere along the way. on two consecutive days. there are no right answers. often depends on the way it is represented in photos. if we haven’t experienced it for ourselves. a dialogue. when I saw it in Delhi’s Photoink gallery. a discourse. as it is a personal monologue between the photographer and his thoughts. a photo or two later. ap r i l 2 0 1 3 .

and the branches stretching out. the body of work is fascinating because the tension has been portrayed without any gimmickry. but about the common man and his feelings. It is like a love affair gone wrong. “I had grown silent myself. but in Amit’s work. To me. the quietude is not one of calm. I saw a thicket of trees. I had to undergo counselling for awhile. He isn’t exactly an insider. My vision was growing narrower. he spoke of times that he would play with his daughter in his head. It is almost eerie. one can only speculate how numb someone who belongs to the region would be. • He loves the 35mm focal length. Naazo. not quite an outsider. Amit is a strong believer that the choice of lens is the most important factor that will influence your pictures. a nanny brought his daughter. It is not about whose side you are on. filled with silent cries and a sense of dread. Amit seems to play with visual motifs. “When you start living in a conflict zone. almost as if something made Amit want to shake things up. Better Photography april 2013 . play of space and the muted colours make the photographs cold and unsettling. within the realm of traditional documentary photography. with all the pain seeming to get lifted. Amit says. Silence that Deafens Silent photos have always fascinated me.” Aftermath of a Love Affair For me. There are equal number of wounds on all sides.Pr ofile G adg e ts & G e a r • In the age of automation. But as we sat awhile later. You seem to hear whispers. filled with regret and suspicion. “I wanted to bring out the kind of pain and alienation I felt. staying in Kashmir. I had forgotten how to make regular conversation. it looked as if even the trees were protesting to what has happened to the land. resembled hands. My work is not about azaadi. The faceless entities.” The unsettled frame dominates a large part of this work. We paused our conversation as Amit broke out into a broad smile. you get so deeply affected that it changes the way you see.” The Need for Debate If an honest photographer who throws himself into his subject can get so affected. with barriers within the frame portraying the psychological distance between him and his subjects. but don’t really know where they come from. That is why I ended the project in 2011. 108 Uncomfortable and Numb Just around this time.

This was the first time I was involved in the entire bookmaking process. it is ours. questioned and debated. Amit says that as Indians. Amit made several visits to this tree. but you can’t force anything.” he says. “We say that Kashmir humaara hai. “Ghalib’s poetry was complex.” Photographic considerations left aside. that is the reality. to finally make this photograph. we need to be a lot more warm towards Kashmiris. It is like having a baby.Profile 109 One of his favourite spots in Kashmir. as compared to the exhibition. Earlier. which the tawaifs and fakirs would identify with. The Octopus It is difficult to imagine that the bystander who has carved silent whispers in Kashmir Better Photography april 2013 . Kashmir is an important body of work that needs to be seen. but he also had some simple lines. In fact. Sure. It is the only way one can create more awareness. appreciated. Amit strongly believes that a photographer’s work must go beyond the photographic fraternity. can you? Thodi mohabbat toh dikhaiye (show a little love. That is why he felt the book demanded a different edit. my journey would end at the ecstatic moment of having got the frame. more empathy. criticised. at least).

Pr ofi le “It is not about azaadi. It is very important for a photographer to be ruthless about his own work. Amit half smiles at my opinion and says. is the same photographer who shot the exuberant India: A Timeless Celebration. I am a different person now. after Kashmir. but I personally didn’t connect with it as much. “I will redo that book some day. not about whose side you are on. Amit likes to keep his Metaphors surround his work.” With an ongoing project that traces the roots of Sufism. with intermingling wires depicting the tangled lives of the people. I think only seven or eight stand the test of time. It is just about trying to understand the human  psyche. Out of the 70 pictures in the book you are talking about. and individual faces often distract from that reality. Amit’s older book was much appreciated. Better Photography april 2013 .” He believes that the suffering is of the collective.

www. you can visit his website.”  To see Amit’s other work. You can probably call me a schizophrenic photographer. I have learnt from flowers that jitna khuloge. A typical day often involves a commercial architectural shoot early morning. or you may lose focus. “I am like an octopus who likes to deal with different things at the same time. 111 The portraits within this work have a weird sense of intimacy combined with distance. Tips by AMIT • Be open to different experiences. • A subject may often take a year or two to just reveal its nuances. in old Delhi. It will help you put your work in perspective. canvas large. utna khiloge. But always have a time frame in your a visit to Nizamuddin dargah after that and a portrait of a friend at night. But he has also been revisiting the house where he grew up.P r o fil e The omnipresence of graveyards and animals gives an unsettling Kafkaesque feel to the photos. • Make prints. april 2013 Better Photography .amitmehra.

Where and when I shot this image This couple had planned a crazy two-day beach wedding in Goa just before Christmas 2011. I still managed to get this photograph. Despite all the chaos happening right in the middle of the sea. in full wedding attire! How I achieved it It all happened very quickly and I was not fully prepared for this picture. I was firing the flash in complete darkness before it stopped working.My Best Shot Mahesh Shantaram Why it is my best shot What does one say about water and electronics? Not much as not many devices live to tell the tale.8G ED and Nikon SB-900 Speedlight. I use a Nikon D3S along with Nikkor 24–70mm f/2. Four shots with an external flashgun into the splash fest and the game was over for me. The gear I used to get the shot For any wedding scenario. It was packed with plenty of surprises to keep guests and photographers on their toes at all times. The saline water got in contact with the camera’s hotshoe and I could not shoot anymore. Bengaluru-based Mahesh Shantaram is a documentary and wedding photographer who is known for his storytelling approach. With a diploma in photography from the Speos Institute in Paris. 112 Better Photography april 2013 . I owe the exciting feel of this shot to the videographer and his halogen lamp. The highlight of the event was the grand finale where they dragged their family members into the sea. He was. he is also a member of the international Wedding Photo Journalists Association. behind the scene instead of in front of it. In fact a lady guest even helped me get to the shore. for once.

113 april 2013 Better Photography .

avoiding broken glass and barbed wire. the story doesn’t begin here. T Dancers Emily Frankel and Mark Ryder. A man jumps out from the second floor of a building. microbiologist. This boy has a reasonably privileged childhood. The year is 1938. photos that he will send to the League of Nations. Vishniac Portrait Studio. Images courtesy: The International Center of Photography . when a boy is born to a wealthy Jewish family in a country house in Russia. he is gifted a camera and a microscope at the age of seven. Better Photography april 2013 All photographs copyright Mara Vishniac Kohn. a versatile photographer. 114 The Story So Far But. He has with him photographs that prove the existence of these camps. The family lives in Moscow at a time when most Jews have been expelled. New York.gre at master s Roman Vishniac (1897–1990) Ambarin Afsar tells you about the extraordinary experiences of Roman Vishniac. he location is a concentration camp where Jews await deportation to Poland. He creeps away. He uses these to make microphotographs of tiny insects. It begins in 1897. art collector and teacher. It is the dead of night. early 1950s. This man is Roman Vishniac.

mid-1930s. april 2013 Better Photography .g r e at m ast e rs 115 Window cleaner. Berlin.

Spielberg’s Holocaust The boy grows up to a university education and doctorates in Zoology and Oriental Art. 116 Better Photography Ap r i l 2 0 1 3 .” .Yoshefa Loshitzky. Boy with kindling in basement dwelling. Editor. (little Jewish towns) in Eastern Europe.gre at master s “His photos guided the visual interpretation of Schindler’s List. approximately 1935–38. when anti-Semitism is gaining an ugly hold over Germany. he sets out. the family moves to Berlin. Warsaw. And so. to help raise funds. they were only allowed to buy two rolls of film at a time. Poland. Vishniac discovered that there were places where Jews weren’t allowed to own cameras. In other places. Krochmalna Street. In 1935. Vishniac is commissioned by the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee to document life in the shtetlekh Being Jolted into Reality These shtetlekhs shocked the young man with an affluent background. A Commission Comes His Way Troubled by blatant discrimination.

Edward Steichen old people. Poland. a railway terminus near Potsdamer Platz. and so on. He was an outsider.g r e at m ast e rs 117 People didn’t always welcome him. and holding his breath. Better Photography . he said. and would even conceal a Leica in a scarf wrapped around his neck. Ukraine.” april 2013 Interior of the Anhalter Bahnhof. “I felt it was my duty and a native son’s to preserve a world that might cease to exist. his photography seemed to violate the Torah’s prohibition against engraved images. Berlin. Persecution grew each day. and to many. The Escapades of a Young Gun This quest took him to the shtetlekh of Russia. I especially warmth and love wanted to take pictures of children. “Vishniac A Wish to Preserve Memories and Faces displayed a After completing his commission. Vishniac rare depth of decided to continue the project on his own. Hitler eventually killed more children than . keeping his back to a wall for support. understanding Decades later. late 1920s–early 1930s. I wanted to save the faces. Vishniac learned to disguise himself as a travelling fabric salesman and would bribe anyone who got in his way. Germany. Gradually. he learned to use a kerosene lamp in low light situations. He wanted to destroy the young. since for his people. Hungary. He would hide a Rolleiflex beneath his coat for outdoor photos.

Berlin. Better Photography Ap r i l 2 0 1 3 . Germany.gre at master s 118 Recalcitrance. 1926.

two hundred of these photos were published in an iconic People behind bars. but out of their desire to preserve life and its essence. the International Center for Photography has made available to the public the unseen images of a man who put his life on the line.g r e at m aster s Despite his precautions. to microphotography. Life returned to normal and Vishniac .Cornell Capa 119 Ap r i l 2 0 1 3 Better Photography . and discovered how undiscovered he was. he was detained 11 times on the suspicion of espionage. only 2000 photos reached America.000 images made in Eastern Europe. Germany early 1930s. his family fled to New York in 1940. He passed away in 1990. “I met him in 1966. book titled A Vanished World.   Vishniac’s story tells us that heroes are born not only out of adversity.” . Out of the 16. A Haven in New York After many near escapes. This year. In 1983. Berlin Zoo.

DNA Better Photography APRIL 2013 . a stampede-like situation took place in the general compartment of the Sampark Kranti Express at Anand Vihar Terminal in New Delhi. The sheer exuberance and thrill of the game is evident in the expressive silhouettes of the boys. Too Crowded to Breathe On 25 February. the photographer throws light on the difficulties faced by commuters on a daily basis. Maharashtra. By photographing a similar situation. Money Sharma. a group of young boys are seen enjoying a game of cricket in Thane.A selection of some of the best images from the Indian mainstream media 120 Rajendra Gawankar. DNA The Way it Should be Played! Despite the scorching heat.

Allahabad for the Paush Purnima Shahi Snan. The Indian Express The Long Road Ahead On 26 January.000 flamingos fly thousands of kilometers to reach the marshlands surrounding Mumbai and Navi Mumbai every winter.Vishal Srivastav. thousands of devotees crossed the pontoon bridges at Sangam. forming an endless view of bridges and pilgrims. though serene. is also a reminder of how dozens of them die when they hit the high tension electric cables that power the city. Sanjay Hadkar. The frame is mesmerising. This image. 121 APRIL 2013 Better Photography . a religious bath on the day of the full moon at the Maha Kumbh Mela. The Times of India An Epic Journey Over 15.

poorly ventilated. cramped factories without any protective equipment. A single pack consists of 25 sticks and costs 6 Taka (approx. Most of the workers are women and children.Photo Feature Sayed Asif Mahmud is a documentary photographer based in Bangladesh. a bizarre reality in the tobacco industry of Bangladesh. 4). Several people work at the same time in dark. South Asian Media Institute. You can see his work at www. Beedi is a locally produced cigarette made of tobacco flakes rolled in tree leaves. Tobacco Tales Sayed Asif Mahmud documents the cycle of destruction of people and environment. This amounts to 80% of all arable lands in the Bandarban district of Bangladesh. Rs. Their lives are similar to this tale which is a continuous cycle of lush green forests being crushed to golden tobacco dust. no Employing them is profitable for the owners as they are paid a minimal amount and at times. he portrays issues in the urban environment around him with a very personal perspective. A stretch of 80km on either side of the river Matamuhuri is under tobacco cultivation in spite of an injunction by a district court on its cultivation. Better Photography april 2013 . sayedasifmahmud. This photoessay depicts the story of the workforce in this industry. At the same time. A graduate from Pathshala. the environment is stripped naked for money. T 122 he 100-odd beedi factories of Bangladesh are known to dehumanise people to mere tools of the trade.

april 2013 Better Photography .P h o t o F e at u r e 123 Reports suggest that 50 million beedis are produced annually in 117 factories across Bangladesh.

Better Photography Forests are being cut down to be used as firewood for curing tobacco leaves.P h o t o F e at u r e 124 Children working in the factories start smoking at an early age because of easy access. Beedi workers often work long hours in inhuman conditions exposed to tobacco dust and chemicals. april 2013 .

There are more children working as labourers than those studying in schools. It might put their lives at risk. 125 april 2013 Better Photography . Getting access can be the biggest challenge when documenting sensitive issues. three workers were shot dead during a protest demanding an approx Rs. Family members of the workers often settle close to the industries in spite of the health and environmental hazards. Respect your subject’s right to privacy. Build contacts. Tips on Documenting Issues Related to Human Rights Workers from different ages and classes will have different issues. Child labour is rampant in these factories. Do not shoot images that will reveal their identity if they do not want you to.P h o t o F e at u r e Last year. 1. Explore their daily routine and capture all aspects of their difficulties. approach related NGOs and contact journalists working in the area to shoot without difficulty.50 increase in their wages.

India Email: entries@betterphotography. J K Sawant Marg.Y ourPictures Want your photographs showcased? Send in your photographs to The Editor. the entire tea plantation was magnificently green.5-5. Kolkata “From where I was 128 Tones of Green Debashis Tarafder. I released the shutter. Network18 Publishing. A few women were picking leaves.” Camera: Nikon D200 Lens: Nikkor 18–200mm f/3. When one of them was distinctively clear. ‘A’ Wing.6G ED AF-S VR DX Aperture: f/8 Shutterspeed: 1/125sec ISO: 200 B e tt tter Photography l 2013 ma ap rr cih . Better Photography. Dadar (W) Mumbai-400 028. Ruby House.

129 mp a ar ric lh2 0 21 03 13 B e tt tter Photography .

the presence of a person amidst the rays of light brought a sense of solitude and loneliness in this frame. a group of children caught my attention.Yo u r P i c t u r e s Burst of Light Baiju Abraham.6 Shutterspeed: 1/250sec ISO: 100 130 Dive into the Sea Saran G S. Camera: Nikon D90 Lens: Nikkor 18–105mm f/3.” Camera: Nikon D3100 Lens: Nikkor 18–55mm f/3. Thiruvananthapuram “While walking along a bridge.5-5. Bengaluru “I was shooting at Cubbon Park in Bengaluru one winter morning when I noticed the effect of sunrays.5-5. They were about to jump into the sea fearlessly.6G VR Aperture: f/5.6G ED VR Aperture: f/5 Shutterspeed: 1/800sec ISO: 200 Better Photography april 2013 . I photographed them while they were still in midair. To me.

I made this picture when these women were returning home the next morning.6 EX DC HSM Aperture: f/10 Shutterspeed: 1/160sec ISO: 200 april 2013 Better Photography .” Camera: Canon EOS 600D Lens: Sigma 10–20mm f/4-5. where the villagers participated in singing folk songs all night.” Camera: Nikon D3100 Lens: Sigma 70–300mm f/4-5.6 APO DG Macro Aperture: f/8 Shutterspeed: 1/25sec ISO: 100 131 A Scenic View Varun Bondwal. West Bengal. I wanted to include the river. The curve of the railing further inspired me to try this composition.Returning Home Sumanta Podder. Kolkata “It was the weekend after Holi in Pandabeswar. Hyderabad “The view from the Black Mountain Tower in Australia was breathtaking. land and sky in the frame. The zigzag appearance of the blue river and the man sitting afar lost in thought made this frame an interesting one.

9 CMOS 15.999 2.1 22.450 41. K: Price with Kit Lens (Mount – C: Canon.7 14.4 15.3 35.9 75.8 22.9 CMOS 15.6 66.6 23.5 81.24.295 35.7 122 110.5 13 13  13.1 99.5 61.950 43.5 34 37.2 18 20.49.990 K 34.2 43 75.8 43.6400 200-6400 100-6400 100-6400 100-6400 100-6400 100-3200 100-3200 30-1/8000 30-1/4000 30-1/4000 30-1/8000 30-1/8000 30-1/4000 30-1/4000 30-1/4000 30-1/8000 30-1/8000 30-1/8000 30-1/8000 30-1/4000 30-1/4000 30-1/4000 23.3 22.3 34.450 24.990 Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GF2 29.9 139.6 108.3 22.9 36 23.990 K 112.24.1 12.1 17.9 CMOS 14.5 82.3 38.3 71.4 23.06.5 96.995 4.5 63.2 13.450 135.6 122 124  69.950 87.6 13.89.8 97.3 17.5 78.3 12.8 13. NA: Not Applicable.6 23.6 CMOS CMOS CMOS CMOS CMOS CMOS CMOS CMOS CMOS 100-25600 30-1/4000 100-6400 100-6401 100-6400 30-1/8000 30-1/4000 30-1/4000 144.2 24.9 77.6 24 24 15.1 97.9 14.990 10.9 24 14.6 36 23.1 12.5 13.4 73.3 23.4 Review Month Lens Thread Sensor Type MicroDrive Iso Range Rating (%) CF Type II Micro SD CF Type I Breadth Length Height Depth SDHC Width MMC SD xD Cameras Interchangeable Lens Camera Camera Name Canon EOS 1000D Canon EOS 1100D Canon EOS 550D Canon EOS 6D Canon EOS 60D Canon EOS 600D Canon EOS 650D Canon EOS 5D Mark III Canon EOS 7D Canon EOS 1D X Canon EOS M Fujifilm X-E1 Fujifilm X-Pro1 Nikon D3S Nikon D300S Nikon D3100 Nikon D3200 Nikon D3X Nikon D4 Nikon D5100 Nikon D5200 Nikon D600 Nikon D700 Nikon D7000 Nikon D800 Nikon D800E Nikon D90 Nikon 1 J1 Nikon 1 V1 Olympus PEN E-PM1 Olympus PEN E-PL3 Olympus PEN E-P3 Olympus PEN E-PL5 Olympus OM-D E-M5 100-25600 30-1/8000 200-6400 100-51200 100-12800 200-6400 200-6400 30-1/8000 30-1/8000 30-1/4000 30-1/4000 30-1/4000 148. So: Sony.990 K 35. X: Fujifilm) Better Photography april 2013 .8 84.) Sensor Size (mm) Resolution (MP) 25.5 105.950 84.7 109.4 24 CMOS CMOS CMOS CMOS 200-12800 30-1/8000 200-6400 100-3200 100-6400 100-3200 100-12800 100-6400 100-6400 100 .5 23.3 36 22.6 CMOS CMOS CMOS CMOS CMOS CMOS Live MOS Live MOS Live MOS Live MOS Live MOS Live MOS Live MOS Live MOS Live MOS CMOS CMOS 200-12800 60-1/4000 200-12800 60-1/4000 200-12800 60-1/4000 200-25600 60-1/4000 109.5 110.1 10.4 92 BP Recommended.69.5 63.7 158 163.7 32.3 36 22.7 128.3 12.2 22 22.8 116.3 42.1 152 133.9 24 14.990 55995 2.8  108 116 123 67 68 87 124.6 15.1 16.9 14.8 8.950 1.3 12.9 36 23.950 3.5 157 147 124 125 160 160 128 129 141 147 132 146 146 132 106 113 114 96 96 157 156.8 32.950 64. and the option of changing lenses.8 159.5 74 74.ted Upda st ’s mo India hensive e compr ’s guide r buye Buyer’sGuide These cameras offer serious enthusiasts many features like speed.3 38.900 K Samsung NX10 Sony Alpha 37 44.1 133. M: Minolta.8  67.1 23.990 Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GF5 40.5 144.2 110.6 24 CMOS CMOS CMOS 23.450 1.7 78 82 77 77 81.3 18 17.9 23.7 89 89.3 16.3 10.1 12. N: Nikon.950 24.250 32.9 98 113 123 105 123 123 103 61 76 23.1 24.2 18 18 18 22 18 18 18 16.29. S: Sigma.6 16.0 13 15.990 K 30.3 12.9 35.04.8  37 39 39.2 24.2 78.4 14.990 K 41.9 15.990 Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GX1 45.990 K 66.950K 38.1 35.6  200-12800 60-1/4000 160-12800 100-6400 100-6400 160-12800 100-3200 100-16000 60-1/4000 60-1/4000 60-1/4000 60-1/4000 30-1/4000 30-1/4000 Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GH2 1.6 15.995 1.8 8.250 5.29.6 79.2 18 18 18 17.5 129 74.3 12.09. Dimensions (mm) Shutterspeed (sec) Weight (Grams) Storage Media Price-Body only (Rs.995 56.1 12.995 49.3 14.5 76.5 13.7 78.950 34.3 23.8 76.950 1.8 14.3  12.3 36.7 85 75 87 80 85 79 Jan 13 Jun 12 Sep 10 Aug 09 July 12 May 12 Aug 10 90 Dec 08 87 90 91 Nov 12 Oct 08 Jan11 90 95 91 90 83 96 93 83 Jun 12 Jan 10 Nov 09 Nov 10 July 12 Mar 09 May 12 Jun 11 87 82 81 90 93 Jan 11 Jun 10 Sep 12 Jun 12 Dec 09 86 88 86 Sep 08 May 11 May 10 129.5 81.3 16 16 16 12.990 K 44.5 16.6 15.6 35.1 16 14.950K 24.995 72.5 88 90. Q: Manual Film Cameras. great image quality.9 99.5 35.5 77 29.5 87.2 36.2 24.9 CMOS CMOS CMOS 100-1600 100-3200 100-6400 30-1/4000 30-1/4001 30-1/4000 Canon EF Canon EF Canon EF Canon EF Canon EF Canon EF Canon EF Canon EF Canon EF Canon EF Canon EF-M Fujifilm X Fujifilm X Nikon F Nikon F Nikon F Nikon F Nikon F Nikon F Nikon F Nikon F Nikon F Nikon F Nikon F Nikon F Nikon F Nikon F Nikon CX Nikon CX Micro Four Thirds Micro Four Thirds Micro Four Thirds Micro Four Thirds Micro Four Thirds Micro Four Thirds Micro Four Thirds Micro Four Thirds Micro Four Thirds Samsung NX Mount Sony A 450 495 530 675 675 515 575 950 820 NA 262 350 450 1240 840 455 505 1260 1340 509 505 850 995 690 1000 1000 620 277 383 265 313 369 325 425 392  265  267 272 353 448 126.84.5 13 13.8 133.2 16.1 63. NR: Not Reviewed.295 K 29.6 23.9 CMOS 15.8 15.009 1.

6 CMOS 23. good image quality. flashes.2 4352 3648 4000 4000 4320 4608 4000 4000 4000 4288 3648 3648 4320 4320 3648 5472 2904 2736 3000 3000 3240 3456 3000 3000 3000 2848 2736 2736 3240 3240 2736 3648 1.8-8 f/3.1 16 12 12 12 12.995 22.9 F/2. For instance. Always remember that your cameras.4 23.6 15.995 29.2 f/2.3-215 24-120 24-840 24-720 28-112 25-100 24-624 35 28-200 28-112 25-600 25-600 24-90 28-100 100-12800 80-3200 80 .4 23. Perfect composition.1/2000 15-3200 15-1/3200 30-1/4000 30-1/4000 30-1/4000 30-1/4000 30-1/4000 60-1/4000 60-1/200 60-1/2000 60-1/2000 60-1/4000 30-1/2000 f/2.990 K 16. • If you wish to read in-depth reviews of these products.79.800 80-6400 60-1/4000 15-1/4000 15 . 4. or a lenshood. Some of the world’s most renowned photographers use very basic equipment to capture the most beautiful frames.9 78 33 38 42.5 f/2. tripods.5 23. and capturing just the right moment is far more important than the kind of camera you use.3 1 28-112 28-140 4.8-4.990 Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ100 29. 990 K 69.3 23. it is time to make your next purchase.7-8 f/2.9 100-25600 30-1/8000 200-12800 30-1/4000 200-12800 30-1/4000 100-16000 30-1/4000 Advanced Compact Camera A bridge between DSLRs and compact cameras.5 97. • Products have been listed in an alphabetical order for easy reference.1 97.63 1/2. and all the relevant information related to the product category is available alongside.1 24.6 25.8 CMOS 15.8 f/1. They will radically improve your photography and offer you a range of creative techniques you can try out with them.3 14. 500+ products listed here Storage Media Review Month Aug 12 May 12 Dec 10 Review Month MicroDrive Rating (%) 84 84 86 Rating CF Type II Micro SD CF Type I Interchangeable Lens Camera Price-Body only (Rs.6400 100-3200 80-1600 100-12800 100-3200 100-3200 100-3200 100-12800 100-6400 100-6400 100-6400 100-6400 80-12. using light well.1 12.7 2.4-8 f/2. 3.8-2.995 31.1 20. speed.995 24.7 80.999 22.999 33.2 f/2-8 f/1.270 19.8 .8-5. Spend on the right accessories: While you can make your own accessories. 2.3 1/2 2/3 2/3 2/3 APS-C 1/1.990 Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 29.990 K 59. lenses.) CF Type II CF Type I Battery SDHC MMC Iso SD xD MMC SD 175 85 Dec 11 Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ40 20.3 1/2. or a small flashgun. some of them are quite important for a serious photographer.990 K 79. and tripod heads. refer to the Review Month.9 111 63 59 66.6 104 147 117 111 119.5 23.6 CMOS CMOS 100-12800 100-16000 100-16000 30-1/4000 30-1/4000 30-1/4000 Sony A Sony A Sony A Sony A Sony E Sony E Sony E 539 543 653 812 297 287 291 132. and by being creative.6 f/2-2.2 24. and the option of changing lenses.990 34.) Resolution (MP) Camera Name DLSRs offer serious enthusiasts a host of shooting features. spend on a light but sturdy tripod.1 132.1 14. try moving beyond your constraints by using every possible feature and function of your existing equipment.7-8 f/2.995 26.5 1/1.3 1/2.990 K 24.6 15.8-16 f/2.8 f/1. Better Photography april 2013 .3 10 12.1 10.8-5.3 24.990 14. • You will find information on various cameras. these cameras allow you to shoot in RAW and/or have a hot shoe for an external flashgun.6 CMOS CMOS CMOS 142.8 23.990 A Few Things to Think of Before You Buy 1.5 80.1 14.3 24.7 80.8-f/11 Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No No No Yes No Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion MS Pro Duo Price (Rs. Focal Range in mm (35mm equivalent) Maximum Image Size Sensor Size (Inches) Storage Media Shutter Speed (Sec) External Hot shoe Aperture Range Resolution (MP) Breadth (Pixels) Length (Pixels) Camera Name Raw Shooting Memory Stick Canon Powershot G1X Canon PowerShot G12 Canon PowerShot SX50HS Canon PowerShot SX40HS Canon PowerShot SX30 IS Fujifilm FinePix HS20EXR Fujifilm X10 Fujifilm XF1 Fujifilm X-S1 Fujifilm FinePix X100 Nikon COOLPIX P7100 Olympus XZ-1 47.999 76. Dimensions (mm) Weight (Grams) Shutterspeed (sec) Sensor Size (mm) Sensor Type Lens Thread Iso Range Breadth Breadth Length Length Height SDHC Sony Alpha 57 Sony Alpha 65 Sony Alpha 77 Sony Alpha 99 Sony Alpha NEX-3 Sony Alpha NEX-5 Sony Alpha NEX-7 45.988 59. or a good set of creative filters. When you feel continuously constrained by what you have: First.8 1/2. The photography you do most dictates the kind of equipment you buy: There is no reason to purchase equipment for things you intend to do in the future or just because it seems to be a good ‘buy’. lenses and accessories are all tools: The picture is eventually made by you.1 14.3 1/2.4  15.6 15.950 26. Photographic equipment improves in quality and technology every few months.999 44.3 10.Using the BP Buyer’s Guide: • This directory is a handy reference to more than 500 products from 15 manufacturers currently available in the Indian market. Once you exhausted your options.7 1/1.8-5.8-11 f/2 f/2.2 14.990 1.5 35.1 10.

3 1/2.3 1/2.6 f/3.995 5995 9.3 1/2.6 f/2.8-8 f/2.995 22.9-5.6 f/2.3 1/2.3 1/2.5-6.499 14 12.995 5.995 13.9 Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion AA Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion AA AA AA AA Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion AA AA Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion AA AA AA AA AA 176 Canon PowerShot A810 Canon PowerShot SX150 IS Canon PowerShot SX240 HS Canon PowerShot SX260 HS Fujifilm FinePix AV200 Fujifilm FinePix AX300 Fujifilm FinePix AX500 Fujifilm FinePix AX550 Fujifilm FinePix F80EXR Fujifilm FinePix F300EXR Fujifilm FinePix F500EXR Fujifilm FinePix F550EXR Fujifilm FinePix F600EXR Fujifilm FinePix HS20EXR Fujifilm FinePix HS25EXR Fujifilm FinePix JV200 Fujifilm FinePix JX300 Fujifilm FinePix JX500 Fujifilm FinePix JZ100 Fujifilm FinePix S2500HD Fujifilm FinePix S2950 Fujifilm FinePix S2980 Fujifilm FinePix S3300 Fujifilm FinePix S4000 18.7-17 f/2-8 f/3.1-5.499 12.1-5.3-5.3 1/2.8-8 f/3.3 1/2.1-5.3 1/2.8-8 f/3.3 1/2. NR: Not Reviewed.999 16 16 16 16 16 6.6 f/3.1 12. everyday shooting situations.7-17 f/2.3 28-112 28-336 24-120 24-120 28-224 24-120 24-105 28-336 28-112 28-112 28-140 28-140 28-140 28-140 28-140 28-224 37-122 28-140 28-336 28-392 28-392 32-96 33-165 33-165 27-270 27-270 24-360 24-360 24-360 24-360 24-720 24-720 36-108 28-140 26-130 25-200 28-504 28-504 28-504 24-624 24-720 80-1600 100-1600 100-3200 100-1600 100-1600 100-3200 100-3200 100-3200 80-1600 80-1600 100-1600 100-1600 80-1600 80-1600 100-1600 100-1600 100-800 100-1600 80-1600 100-3200 100-3200 100-1600 100-1600 100-1600 100-1600 100-1600 100-1600 100-1600 100-1600 100-3200 100-3200 100-1600 100-1600 100-1600 100-1600 64-1600 100-1600 64-1600 100-1600 64-1600 64-1600 1-1/1500 1-1/4000 15-1/2000 1-1/2000 1-1/2000 15-1/2000 1-1/1600 15-1/4000 1-1/1600 1-1/1600 15-1/2000 15-1/2000 1-1/1600 1-1/1600 15-1/2000 15-1/2000 1-1/2000 15-1/2000 1-1/2500 1-1/3200 1-1/3200 8-1/1400 8-1/1400 8-1/1400 8-1/1400 8-1/2000 8-1/2000 8-1/2000 8-1/2000 8-1/2000 30-1/4000 30-1/4000 8-1/1400 8-1/1800 8-1/1400 8-1/2000 8-1/200 8-1/2000 8-1/2000 8-1/2000 8-1/2000 f/2.4-9 f/2.8-5.995 18995 10.3 1/2. M: Minolta. X: Fujifilm) Better Photography april 2013 Review Month Memory Stick MS Pro Duo Price (Rs.3 1/2. Q: Manual Film Cameras.3 1/2.1-8 f/2. So: Sony.995 7.9 f/3.2 f/3.3 1/2.1-5.3 f/3.3 1/2.8-20 f/2.8-8 f/2.9 f/3.1 12.7-8 f/3-9 f/2.1 12.) Iso Range CF Type II CF Type I Battery Rating SDHC MMC SD xD .1 14 14 14 14 12 12 4000 4000 4608 4000 4000 4608 4000 3648 4000 4000 4000 4000 4000 4000 4000 4000 3648 4000 4000 4000 4000 4288 4288 4288 4288 4000 4000 4608 4608 4608 4608 4608 4288 4288 4288 4288 4000 4288 4288 4288 4288 3000 3000 2592 3000 3000 2592 3000 2048 3000 3240 3456 3456 3240 3456 3456 3456 2736 3456 3240 3000 3000 3216 3216 3216 3216 3000 3000 3456 3456 3456 3456 3456 3216 3216 3216 3216 3000 3216 3216 3216 3216 1/2. N: Nikon.8-8 f/2.3-5.3 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2.999 14 14 BP Recommended.1-5.BP Buyer’s Guide Basic Compact Camera This compact shooting device offers automation and numerous creative features for basic.3 f/2.1 14.3 1/2.499 14 14 14 8.5-5.8-20 f/2.1-8 f/3.9-5. K: Price with Kit Lens (Mount – C: Canon.3-5.9-5.3 1/2.3 1/2. Maximum Image Size Sensor Size (Inches) Storage Media Focal Range in mm (35mm equivalent) Shutter Speed (Sec) Breadth (Pixels) Aperture Range Resolution (MP) Length (Pixels) Camera Name Canon Digital IXUS 115 HS Canon Digital IXUS 1100 HS Canon Digital IXUS 125 HS Canon Digital IXUS 220 HS Canon Digital IXUS 230 HS Canon Digital IXUS 240 HS Canon Digital IXUS 310 HS Canon Digital IXUS 510 HS Canon PowerShot A1200 Canon PowerShot A2200 Canon PowerShot A2300 Canon PowerShot A2400 IS Canon PowerShot A3200 IS Canon PowerShot A3300 IS Canon PowerShot A3400 IS Canon PowerShot A4000 IS Canon PowerShot A800 8.3 1/2.8-20 f/2. S: Sigma.4-6.6-6.3 1/2.499 6.9 f/3.3 1/2.3 f/2.495 9995 11995 3.1 12.1 16.995 16995 10.2 10.1 16 16 14.1 12.3 1/2.3 1/2.2 f/3.3 1/2.5-5.3 f/2.1 16 16 16 10 16 14.3 f/3.3 1/2.3 1/2.995 19.3-5.6 f/3.3 1/2.3 1/2.499 5. NA: Not Applicable.8-20 f/3-18 f/3-9 f/2.3 1/2.1 16.499 7.3 1/2.1 12.5-5.2 f/2.3 f/3.495 12.8-5.9 f/3.1 12.495 6995 7995 5.3 1/2.9 f/3.995 4.495 5.8-8 f/2.999 5.3 1/2.6 f/3.999 14 14 15999 18.1 10.5-5.3 1/2.995 22.

0 10.3 1/2.3-5.1 16 16 16 16 12.8 f/3.3 1/2.1 16 14 16 14.9-5.3 1/2.950 20.3 1/2.Basic Compact Camera Resolution (MP) Camera Name This compact shooting device offers automation and numerous creative features for basic.950 15.950 22.1 14 4288 4288 4288 4288 4288 4288 4608 4608 3648 4000 4000 4608 4000 4608 4608 3264 4000 4320 4000 4320 3648 4608 4000 4608 4608 4608 4608 4608 4608 4608 4000 4608 4320 4608 4320 4320 4320 3648 4000 4320 4320 3216 3216 3216 3216 3216 3216 3456 3456 2736 3000 3000 3456 3000 3456 3456 2448 3000 3240 3000 3240 2736 3456 3000 3456 3456 3456 3456 3456 3456 3456 3000 3456 3240 3456 3240 3240 3240 2736 3000 3240 3240 1/2.2 16.2 14.8 f/3.999 14 14 14 14 14 14 16 14 10 12.1-5.1 14.8 f/3.950 14.2-6.5-810 24-100 24-100 22.5 f/3.2-5.9 AA AA Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion AA Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Rating SDHC MMC SD xD 177 1-1//2000 1-1//2000 1-1/1500 1/1/2000 1-1/2000 1-1/2000 1-1/1600 1-1/2000 1-1/2000 1-1/2000 1-1/2000 f/3.3 1/2.7 april 2013 Better Photography .3 1/2.9 f/2.450 11. everyday shooting situations.3 1/2.8 Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion AA Li-ion AA Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion 1-1/2000 1-1/2000 1-1/2000 f/2.7 f/1.1-5.3 1/2.450 10.6 f/2-4 f/3.5-5.950 24.5-5.7 f/3.3-5.950 13.8 f/3.9 f/3.950 16.3 1/2.5 f/3.1-6.5-6.8 f/3.) Iso Range CF Type II CF Type I Battery Fujifilm FinePix S4200 Fujifilm FinePix S4500 Fujifilm FinePix SL260 Fujifilm FinePix SL300 Fujifilm FinePix T200 Fujifilm FinePix T350 Fujifilm FinePix Z800EXR Fujifilm FinePix Z900EXR Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3 Nikon COOLPIX P500 Nikon COOLPIX P300 Nikon COOLPIX P310 Nikon COOLPIX P500 Nikon COOLPIX P510 Nikon COOLPIX P7000 Nikon COOLPIX P7100 Nikon COOLPIX P7700 Nikon COOLPIX S1200Pj Nikon COOLPIX S2500 Nikon COOLPIX S2600 Nikon COOLPIX S30 Nikon COOLPIX S100 Nikon COOLPIX S9100 Nikon COOLPIX S9200 Nikon COOLPIX S9300 Nikon COOLPIX S8200 Nikon COOLPIX S6200 Nikon COOLPIX S6300 Nikon COOLPIX S6400 Nikon COOLPIX S800c Nikon COOLPIX S8100 Nikon COOLPIX S6150 Nikon COOLPIX S4150 Nikon COOLPIX S4300 Nikon COOLPIX S3100 Nikon COOLPIX L120 Nikon COOLPIX L24 Nikon COOLPIX L23 Nikon COOLPIX L25 Nikon COOLPIX L26 Nikon COOLPIX L310 26.9-4.950 19.3 1/2.5 f/3.7-8 f/3.3 1/2.9 1/2.1-6.5-5.4-5.6 f/3.950 7.3 1/2.950 7.2-6.7-6.950 16.1 10.3 1/2 1/2 1/2.9 f/3.5 f/3.3 1/2.3 1/2.3 1/2.1-5.9 f/3.9 f/3.3 1/2.1-5.8 f/3.950 12.5-5.1 16 16 16.2-5.0 14.7-6.950 18.3 1/2.9 f/3.1-6.3 1/2.3 1/2.7 f/3-5.5 f/3.6 1-1/2000 1-1/2000 1-1/2000 1-1/2000 f/3.3 1/2.8 f/3.1 12 14 10.2-5.9 f/3.8-4. Sensor Size (Inches) Shutter Speed (Sec) Maximum Image Size Breadth (Pixels) Length (Pixels) Storage Media Aperture Range Review Month Focal Range in mm (35mm equivalent) Memory Stick MS Pro Duo Price (Rs.3 1/2.9 f/1.9 f/3.950 5.9 f/3.3 1/2.9 f/3.950 5.9 f/3.8-4.7 1/2.3 1/1.490 4.9-4.1 10.2-5.950 4.8-8 f/2.950 20.6 f/3.1 12.450 9.950 11.1 12.4-5.7 f/2.950 23.1 12.950 15.8 f/3.1 10.950 5.1 16.5-5.1-87.3 1/2.950 6.2-6.490 5.950 14.5 f/3.3 1//3 1/2.8-5.3 1/2.3 1/2.3 1/2.2-6.5-810 24-1000 28-200 28-200 28-200 28-140 27-108 26-130 29.1 16 12.3 24-576 24-720 24-720 24-576 24-720 28-280 28-140 35-175 35-105 22.950 9.1 14.5-5.950 13.9 f/3.3 1/2.990 12.3 1/2.7 1/1.3 35-175 25-450 24-450 25-450 25-350 28-196 25-250 25-300 25-250 25-300 28-196 26-130 25-156 26-130 25-525 37-134 28-140 28-140 26-130 37-134 64-1600 64-1600 64-1600 64-1600 100-1600 100-1600 100-3200 100-3200 100-1600 160-3200 160-3200 100-3200 160-3200 100-3200 100-6400 100-1600 80-3200 80-6400 80-3200 80-3200 80-1600 125-3200 160-3200 125-1600 125-1600 100-3200 80-3200 125--3200 125--3200 125--3200 160-3200 80-3200 80-3200 80-3200 80-3200 80-6400 80-1600 80-1600 80-1600 80-1600 80-1600 8-1/2000 8-1/2000 8-1/2000 8-1/2000 8-1/2000 8-1/2000 8-1/2000 8-1/2000 1-1/1000 2-1/1500 4-1/2000 1-1/2000 2-1/1500 1-1/4000 60-1/4000 1-1/4000 1-1/4000 1-1/1500 f/3.1-5.450 4.-5.3 1/2.3 1/2.3 1/2.2-5.999 20.

990 5.3 1/2.990 9.3 1/2.5-5.1 16.990 6.2 14. everyday shooting situations.990 10.3 1/2.400 15.1 14.3 1/2.0 12 14 14 16 12.9 f/3.1 14.9 f/2.1 16.9 f/3.3 1/2. So: Sony.3-5.3-5.1-6.9 f/3.3 1/2.BP Buyer’s Guide Basic Compact Camera Resolution (MP) Camera Name This compact shooting device offers automation and numerous creative features for basic.3 1/2.1-5.990 27.3 1/2.6 f/3.2 16.1 16.5-5.3-5.9 f/3.5 f/3.990 25.990 17.9 Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion 178 Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH25 Panasonic Lumix DMC-FP5 Panasonic Lumix DMC-FP7 Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ18 Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ20 Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX78 Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT3 Samsung DV100 Samsung DV300F Samsung ES90 Samsung MV800 Samsung PL20 Samsung PL120 Samsung PL210 Samsung SH100 Samsung ST66 Samsung ST200F Samsung WB150F Samsung WB700 27-135 26-130 27-135 26-130 27-270 26-130 26-416 24-384 25-500 27-870 36-105 35-105 28-112 80-3200 100-3200 80-1600 80-1600 80-3200 80-3200 80-3200 100-12800 100-12800 100-12800 100-3200 100-3200 100-3200 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S2000 6.3 28-140 29-87 28-140 24-300 25-525 26-676 24-864 25-600 25-600 27-108 26-130 26-130 24-240 28-112 28-112 28-112 28-112 28-224 35-140 35-140 28-448 29-464 24-120 28-128 80-1600 80-1600 125-3200 100-6400 80-1600 80-1600 80-1600 80-1600 80-6400 100-1600 100-1600 100-1600 100-1600 100-6400 100-6400 100-6400 100-6400 100-6400 100-6400 100-6400 100-6400 100-6400 100-6400 100-6400 80-1600 80-3200 1-1/2000 1-1/2000 1-1/1500 f/2.900 10.990 7.9 1/2.9 f/3.3 1/2.3 1/2. NA: Not Applicable.1 10.490 11.9 1/2.5 f/3.3-5.3 1/2.3-5.3 1/2.9 f/3. S: Sigma. K: Price with Kit Lens (Mount – C: Canon.3-5.990 9.990 14.3 1/2.5 f/3.3 1/2.1-5.2 14.3 1/2.5-6.990 4. M: Minolta.3 1/2.400 12.3 1/2.950 21.3-5.900 12.3 1/2.1 12. NR: Not Reviewed.3 1/2.1-6.990 12. Q: Manual Film Cameras.3 1/2.1 14.1 16 14.7-6.1 12.9 f/3.990 8.990 8.1 16 16 14 14 14 14 16.990 15.8 f/3.3 1/2.990 1-1/2000 1-1/2000 1-1/1600 f/3.400 6.990 12.) Iso Range CF Type II CF Type I Battery Nikon COOLPIX L810 Nikon COOLPIX S01 Nikon COOLPIX AW100 Olympus SH-25MR Olympus SP-620UZ Olympus SP-720UZ Olympus SP-810UZ Olympus SZ-14 Olympus SZ-31MR Olympus VG-150 Olympus VG-160 Olympus VG-170 Olympus VR-350 Panasonic Lumix DMC-S1 Panasonic Lumix DMC-S3 Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH2 Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH5 13.900 12.900 7.9 f/3.3 1/2.1 14.3 1/2.3 1/2.3-5.3 1/2.3-5.3 1/2.3 1/2.9-4.990 12.2 10.6 f/3-5.990 6.3 1/2.3 f/3.3 1/2.9 f/3.8 Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion 8-1/1600 8-1/1600 8-1/1600 8-1/1600 8-1/1600 8-1/1600 8-1/1600 8-1/1600 8-1/1600 8-1/1600 8-1/1600 1-1/2000 1-1/2000 1-1/2000 1-1/2000 1-1/2000 1-1/2000 1-1/2000 1-1/2000 f/3.1 12.3 1/2.3 1/2.490 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S2100 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W310 6.950 9.1 12.1 16 16 14 16.1-6.9 f/3.490 8.2 14.3-5.2 14.990 16.5 f/3.900 15.3 1/2. X: Fujifilm) Better Photography Rating SDHC MMC SD xD .990 7.9 f/3.3 1/2.5-5. N: Nikon.3 1/2.3-5.9 f/2.490 8.990 6.8 AA AA Li-ion Updated India’s most comprehensive buyer’s guide BP Recommended.1 14.3 1/2.5-5.990 17.990 11. Sensor Size (Inches) Shutter Speed (Sec) Maximum Image Size Breadth (Pixels) Length (Pixels) Storage Media Aperture Range Review Month april 2013 Focal Range in mm (35mm equivalent) Memory Stick MS Pro Duo Price (Rs.1 3648 3648 4608 4608 4320 4320 4320 4320 4608 4000 4320 4320 4608 4000 4320 4320 4608 4608 4320 4608 4320 4320 4000 4000 4608 4608 4320 4608 4320 4320 4320 4320 4608 4608 4320 4320 3648 4000 4000 2736 2736 3456 3456 3240 3240 3240 3240 3456 3000 3240 3240 3456 3000 3240 3240 3456 3456 3240 3456 3240 3240 3000 3000 3456 3456 3240 3456 3240 3240 3240 3240 3456 3456 3240 3240 2736 3000 3000 1/2.9 f/3.950 14.3 1/2.1 14.1-6.

179 There are times when simple facts about cameras and lenses are overlooked or misunderstood.3 1/2.1 14.990 8.5-7. Higher Frame Rates Are Needed for Action: You do not need an 8fps or 10fps to shoot sports and action.6-3. the frame rate of a camera is not entirely indicative of its speed.8-8 f/3. even an Extreme III card is an overkill.990 10.3 1/2.4 1/2.990 14. which basically ensures better quality. Sensor Size Does Not Matter: A camera that has a larger sensor has larger pixel sites.6 f/3.2 14.7-5.1 16.2-9.990 13.7 f/2.3 1/2.7 f/3.2 18.2 10.990 13. as well as better image quality at higher ISO settings. responsiveness.990 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX20V Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S5000/B Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W610 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W620 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W630 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W670 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W690 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX50 22.2 18.3 1-1/1600 1-1/1600 1-1/1600 1-1/1600 1-1/1600 1-1/1600 1-1/1600 f/2.3 1/2. Other factors like startup time.1 16.2 4320 4320 4320 3648 3648 3648 4320 4320 4320 3456 3240 3240 3240 2736 2736 2736 3240 3240 3240 2592 1/2.1 Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion 85 Aug 09 76 Apr 10 77 80 Dec 09 May 10 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX10V 17.990 12.490 6. You Should Shoot Only in RAW: Shooting in RAW is a worthwhile option if you are able to spend a good amount of time.990 11. Third-party Products are Inferior: Every company has some good and bad products.4 1/2. try borrowing memory cards of different speeds from friends. and does not have any effect on motion blur. general ergonomics and AF speed are also important.6 f/2. editing the images so that they can be converted to usable JPEG or TIFF files.2 18.3 1/2. Sometimes.3 26-105 26-105 26-105 35-140 25-100 24-120 24-120 34-238 25-250 28-560 28-140 28-140 25-500 27-870 28-140 28-140 28-140 25-250 25-125 26-156 25-125 25-125 80-3200 80-3200 80-3200 125-3200 125-3200 160-3200 80-3200 80-3200 80-3200 125-3200 100-3200 100-3200 100-3200 80-3200 100-3200 100-3200 100-3200 80-3200 80-3200 80-3200 100-12800 100-12800 1-1/1600 2-1/1600 2-1/1600 2-1/1250 2-1/1600 2-1/1600 2-1/1600 2-1/1600 30-1/1600 1-1/4000 30-1/1600 30-1/1600 30-1/1600 30-1/4000 f/2. You Need a High ISO Machine: If you are someone who enjoys shooting from dawn to dusk.8-8 f/2. is the largest print size one can make using the camera.1 9.3 1/2.3 1/2. Stabilisation Helps Shoot Sharper Images in Every Situation: Image Stabilisation only reduces camera shake. The only thing that the megapixel count refers to.990 7.990 4320 4320 4320 4608 4608 4608 4608 3240 3240 3240 3456 3456 3456 3456 1/2.990 27. However.990 Camera Myths Busted! The Best Cameras are the Most Expensive Ones: There is no ‘best camera’. or Vice Versa: Both film and digital have their advantages.3 1/2. While film offers better resolution and dynamic range.9 F2. an ISO setting up to 1600 is good enough for most situations. is crop the image to a slightly closer frame.990 14.3-8 f/3. Moreover. We list out a few common myths that are often propagated by the marketing releases of camera manufacturers.3 1/2.1 14.2-8 f/2.990 11.5-8 f/2.7-5.3 1/2.490 7. a third party lens may actually be superior to the one produced by the original camera company! Compact Cameras Cannot Make Good Pictures: Some of the best photographs in the world are shot with point-and-shoot cameras and even cell phones! Also. This will help you evaluate if a ‘slower’ card really slows down your camera. Higher the Megapixels.5-4.6-8 f 2. and interpolate causing a severe loss of image quality. It is all about anticipation and timing.3 1/2.990 5.1 18.9 f/2..1 18.990 12.0 f/2.1 16. Better the Quality: A higher-megapixel camera is not always better than a lower-megapixel one.3 1/2.4-5. if you wish to get really creative.6-8 f/3.4 1/2.2 14. dynamic range. You Need High Speed Storage: For most general users.7 f/2. Digital Zoom is Better: All that digital zoom does.1 16.. april 2013 Better Photography . Depending on the kind of photography you wish to do.1 14. they are convenient and discreet.2-3.8-5.9 f/3. a certain camera may be the most appropriate one for your needs. you ought to look beyond the Auto mode.8-8 f/2.1 14.3 1/2. It does not freeze moving subjects.3 f/3. Automatic Modes are Good Enough: Auto modes are reasonably intelligent and can help make good pictures.3 1/2.Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W320 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W350 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W360 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX1 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX7 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX1 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W380 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W370 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H55 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX1 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H90 9.3 1/2.990 14. Before you buy a new memory card. Digital is Better than Film.3 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX150 14.4 1/2.1 f/3.990 22.4-5.3 1/2.6 f/2.6-8.6-6.7-5.1 14.6-5.990 24. digital scores highly in terms of convenience and low light shooting.2 10.1 14.1 10. Even an 8MP camera is good enough to make an 12 X 18-inch print.990 14.


cell phone and digital Phillipe Kahn camera to use. Apart from this. One of the sections on this blog is dedicated to photobooks. The First Camera Phone Was Invented in The Year 1997 On 11 June 1997. Akshay presents content in a refreshing way. An engineering graduate. He hurriedly made a couple of trips to purchase soldering wire for the makeshift device. They are not reviews but instead Akshay’s personal opinion about them. Moreover. Under this section. Sitting beside his wife who was in labour at a hospital. photographyrelated articles and conversations with different photographers—all under one roof. ! Win Last month’s winning entry “Peter Parker! Is that you?” — Kousik Bhowal. Philippe decided to put his laptop. You can read a number of april 2013 constellationcafe. .wordpress. a system that would allow a cell phone to make a photo and email it to people. a technology innovator and entrepreneur built the first camera phone. Philippe R Kahn. He instantly made a picture of the baby girl and wirelessly shared it with over 2000 of his relatives. photographed by Vivek Better Photography Source: Wikimedia Commons casual conversations between Akshay and various photographers on this blog.Caption This! Provide a caption for this picture. the blog offers so much new content that it will take more than one visit to fully appreciate Akshay’s efforts. Unlike other blogs where bloggers only promote their own work. Kahn then created PictureMail. BP Apr Fly away with me Niharika Sen) Last date to receive entries 5 April 2013 B lo g o f t h e M o n t h Did You Know? A Constellation of Photographs New Delhi-based photographer Akshay Bhoan’s blog Constellation Cafe is an interesting space that brings together photobooks. Each post is accompanied by a brief summary of what the book is about. Akshay is a selftaught documentary and editorial photographer. Just as his newborn daughter Sophie. Akshay lists down the photobooks that he has read or is currently reading. he includes a few photographs from the book. These interviews are inspiring for anyone who likes exploring new work and is interested in reading experiences of others in the field of photography. 1455. arrived. to get a chance to win Camelion batteries and charger worth Rs. making the blog visually appealing. The selected entry will be published in the May 2013 issue of Better Photography. via SMS 181 Send your captions to E-mail: entries@betterphotography. or SMS “BP Apr <your caption> <your name>” to 51818 (for Kahn was ready with the camera phone he had just made.

as a photographer. 10 mins april 2013 . T Be etter t t e r P h o t o g rap raphy witter has become a go-to social media network for a lot of people. so utilise them to the best. apart from being a lot of fun. if you think about it. #On #Twitter! 2 secs Make Contacts @betterphoto Twitter lets you be in direct contact with your fellow photographers.M A RK E T SENSE 182 Click. can use it to do great things with your business? In the spirit of the website. Click. You can communicate with your clients on an immediate and personal level using Twitter. Tweet. Tweet! Supriya Joshi tweets about how Twitter can be a great tool for your photography business. here are the secrets to harnessing the power of Twitter. 3 days ago Retweeted by Better Photography #Don’t An Interesting Bio @betterphoto What one sees on your Twitter profile first #Hashtag is your bio. in 140 characters or less. But did you know that you. so make it interesting! You have #Everything 160 characters. You can network with the big guys as well as establish new contacts. Talk to Clients @ihateemails Twitter can replace email.

Ask for their opinions. @nikonrumors: Where there’s smoke. @reuterspictures: Photos from the news agency 6. @digitalrev: Tweets of the popular YouTube channel 12. @chasejarvis: Chase Jarvis 2. Mastering Twitter takes a lot of time and patience. @PicSeshu: Seshu 7. Post photos regularly. 15 mins A Teaching Tool @betterphoto Share the knowledge you have amassed about photography with your followers— it will increase your credibility. 55 mins april 2013 B etter e t t e r P h o t o g rap raphy . Too many tweets can look unprofessional. 3 hours 183 Sponsor Giveaways @betterphoto Generate interest in your handle through contests to give away prizes. 35 mins Whom to Follow? l Photographers: Some of the best photographers are on Twitter. Use them wisely. @StacyPearsall: Stacy Pearsall 12. 40 mins No Fighting! @betterphoto Do not pick fights with your fellow tweeters. You can make people aware of all the media you are on. @LIFE: A comprehensive collection of iconic images 10. tricks and tools of Photoshop 4. @PopPhoto: Dedicated to all things photography 7. 10 days ago Retweeted by Better Photography Integrate All Social Media @betterphoto Twitter can be a hub for your social activities. 1 hour RT = ReTweet DM = Direct Message #FF = Follow Friday Sell Your Work @betterphoto Twitter is a great place to hold an online auction. Participate in them and you can win some good merchandise! 22 mins Be Patient @betterphoto Rome wasn’t built in a day. It is a waste of time and it can be harmful for your image. @photowallah: Ritesh Uttamchandani 11. 13 mins Use Hashtags @i_lovehashtags Hashtags allow you to keep abreast with people sharing their views on a certain topic. @strobist: David Hobby 3. @zarias: Zack Arias 8. @YawnBabyYawn: Ketan Kundargi 2. and you will also be able to make some money with ease. This way. @PhotoshopTips: 9. @lookdoyousee: Raj Lalwani 3. It will reach a wider audience and make more people aware of your work. Your work will receive exposure. 12 mins Retweeted by Better Photography Find Assignments @betterphoto Keep an eye out for people who require services that fall under your expertise and you can offer help. 2 hours Participate in Contests @betterphoto Several Twitter handles hold contests. live tweet them! It will make your followers curious about your work. and neither will your follower count. @betterphoto: That’s us! l Us!: Some of the BP team in on Twitter as well! 1. @davidalanharvey: David Alan Harvey 5. @BlackLineDoodle: Conchita Fernandes 4. @bmoorevisuals: Brad Moore l Others: A list of what makes Twitter fun! 1. @MagnumPhotos: The works of legends 13. Have some fun with it! 12 days ago Retweeted by Better Photography Keep Tweets in Check @betterphoto Tweet frequently. 4 days ago Retweeted by Better Photography Live Updates @betterphoto While working on assignments. 30 mins Just Have Fun! @supriya_joshi Like any other social media website. @violinraindrops: Chandni Gajria Interact with Followers @photos_time If you are starting a new photo project.0 generation! 2. @FotoWala: Sephi Bergerson 6. Twitter is a form of self expression. @Alltop_Photo: Photography news from Alltop. @petapixel: A photoblog for the Web 2. you can book assignments. @JoeMcNallyPhoto: Joe McNally 4. involve your followers in it. @NatGeoPhotos: Images from around the world 11.M ARK A RK ET E T SENSE Showcase your Portfolio @checkmypix You can use Twitter to display your work. @chromasia: David J Nightingale 9. @pdnonline: Breaking photography news 3. @maheshbhat: Mahesh Bhat 10. or simply ask them to participate. there’s fire 8. @Photojojo: Making photography awesome 5. but don’t spam. Here are the handles you should follow: 1.

audacious and unlike any other in France. writing and ballooning. Sarah Bernhardt went on to become the most popular French actress of the 19th century. Nadar became the most sought after portraitist in France.184 Photograph by: Félix Nadar Image Source: Wikimedia Commons B The Photographer’s Divine Muse orn in 1820. Nadar photographed Sarah over a period of time and documented her phase as a struggling actress. visited the studio in 1862. theatre. Nadar stopped photographing his long term muse shortly after she acclaimed the status of a legend. and produced up to 10 portraits a day–a feat that was unheard of until then. However. he acquired a new studio at Boulevard des Capucines that marked a new era of mass production in photography. before he eventually turned to photography in 1851. In the second half of the 19th century. Sarah Bernhardt. this portrait of Sarah Bernhardt has been considered to be one of Nadar’s best works. and a photograph by Nadar became a matter of social prestige. In all the three photographs. there exist no contemporary prints of the images. While he produced three versions of Sarah’s portrait. who dabbled in caricature. Nadar chose to present the actress in a simplistic and unadorned manner. in order to reinvent her failing career and social standing. it transformed itself into a common meeting ground for the Parisian elite. an aspiring actress. which highlighted her natural beauty. Nadar’s new studio was grand. Félix Tournachon or Nadar was a student of medicine. Therefore. In addition. In fact. april 2013 Better Photography . It employed more than 50 workers. In 1861. and was nicknamed ‘Divine’ Sarah by her admirers.