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BUSSINESS PLAN On TLC wedding consultant ™

BUSSINESS PLAN On TLC wedding consultant ™

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Presention on BUSSINESS PLAN----- TLC wedding consultant ™..........On Bangladesh.
Presention on BUSSINESS PLAN----- TLC wedding consultant ™..........On Bangladesh.

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Published by: TAYEEB AHMED KHAN on Jul 25, 2009
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BUSSINESS PLAN On TLC wedding consultant ™

Md.Rubayat Hossain  Tayeeb Ahmed Khan  Md.Ariful Islam  Md.Alamgir Hossain  A.K.M Golam Rasul

TLC wedding consultant ™


TLC Wedding Consultants is a start-up company that provides wedding, holy union, and anniversary consulting services to brides, grooms and other family members. We are a full-service bridal consulting group and our goal is to put the "fun" back into planning a wedding, holy union or anniversary party. we will use our expertise to help create memorable and stress free events for our customers. We create events suited to the couple's unique style--a true expression of their relationship and individuality as a couple.


The company will handle day-to-day operations of the plan and will work collaboratively to ensure that this business venture is a success. We estimate that our start-up costs will be tk.180,000(including legal costs, logo design, advertising, direct mail, and related expenses). An additional tk.300,000 will be required in the bank account as an operating capital for the first two months of operation. The start-up costs are to be financed in equal portions by the owners' personal funds .


We are a full-service wedding consultant group and provide the following services: etiquette advice, event scheduling, discounted invitations and products, vendor confirmation, rehearsal attendance, supervision of both ceremony and reception setup and budget planning. Our expectation is the satisfaction of our clients.


Our strategy is simple: we intend to provide our customers with a wide range of services custom tailored to their individual needs. By aggregating a complete range of wedding services under one roof, TLC Wedding Consultants will offer its customers the ease of one-stop shopping. The company's sales strategy will be based on the following elements: We are going to higher some big and modern billboards like auto changing, vision display, (because these are the new concept on billboard) in the major areas in Dhaka City, like Dhanmondi, Uttara, Gulshan, Gulistan, Fearmgate, Newmarket, Jatrabari, Wary, Mohakhali etc.


We will make advertisement that transmitted on different TV channel like NTV, ATN Bangla, Channel – I. We also publish our ad in daily newspapers like Daily Star, News Today, Financial Express, Prothom-Alo, Ittefaq, Janokantho etc. At the beginning to open our business, we will poster hole Dhaka City. Developing affiliate relationships with other service providers (florists, hair stylists, caterers) that would receive a percentage of sales to the referred customers. Word of mouth referrals - generating sales leads in the local community through customer referrals.


Nearly TK.2100 billion are spent every year on weddings and receptions, marriage is a billion Taka industries, therefore, just about everyone we meet is a potential client. However, we mostly advertise to brides, grooms, and family members. In 1997, 2.4 million marriages took place in the Dhaka city. This marriage rate is expected to remain at the same level in the near future. In the Dhaka city where TLC Wedding Consultants plans to operate their business, over 1,500 marriages are registered each year, which creates a sizable market potential for this line of business.


TLC Wedding Consultants will offer its services mostly to the brides and grooms, as well as to the family members. TLC will be offering a full range of services and thus provide the convenience of one-stop shopping for its clients. This will significantly reduce the customers' time and efforts preparing for such an important event as a wedding. The market needs for wedding planning services are strongly shaped by the customers' desire to have a perfectly planned and executed wedding ceremony. The clients often realize that they cannot make all the necessary preparations by themselves in a cost effective manner.


such customers seek professional advice to ensure that all the important aspects of the wedding ceremony meet or exceed perceived expectations. There are numerous florists, hair stylists, and caterers to choose from. However, there are almost no companies that will provide the full range of services associated with the wedding planning and execution. The market research has also shown that customers anticipate the complete wedding consulting services to be expensive and they budget accordingly. In fact, lower prices are very often associated with poor service quality. By aggregating a complete range of wedding services under one roof, TLC Wedding Consultants will offer its customers the ease of onestop shopping.


Though it’s a Partnership Business, So we have a leangle and written partnership contract paper. In this contract paper contains whole things, means all partners description, each partner’s capital or investment, duties, service charge, share of profit and loss, process of withdraw, amount of withdrawal, about interest, about adding a new partner, how to dissolve this partnership and many more.


1. Type of the Partnership Business: We will become equal general partners in the wedding consultant business. 2. Name & Location of the Partnership: We will use the name “TLC wedding consultant ™ ” of 45/C, Circle-2, Gulshan-2, Dhaka. 3. Amount of Each Partner’s Investment: Each general partner will contribute TK. 80,000 to the partnership on July 15, 2008. 4. Expected Life Time of the Partnership: The duration of the business will be 15 years from the date hereof, if the said partners or any two of them shall so long live.

5. Procedures for Distributing Profits & Losses:All profit earned from the business will be divided equally by the general partners, and all losses incurred by the business will be equally shared by them. 6. Amount that Withdraw for Services:Each partner will earn no more than TK.25,000 per month. 7. Procedures for Withdrawal of Funds: Not more than TK.1,00,000 per partner per year will be drawn out during the first four years of the partnership. 8. Process of Adding a New Partner: No new partners can be added without the full written consent of the partners.

Projected Profit and Loss

Marketing and Other Expenses in year 2008 TK. 273,000 , in 2009 TK. 60000 and in 2010 TK 120000. Total Operating Expenses in year 2008 TK. 3,936,900 , in 2009 TK. 5,301,600 and in 2010 TK 6,040,200. Net Profit in year 2008 TK. 1,335,840 , in 2009 TK. 1,157,880 and in 2010 TK 1,124,400 .

Projected Balance Sheet

Total Assets in year 2008 TK. 1,747,680 , in 2009 TK. 2,886,720 and in 2010 TK 4,022,880 . Total Liabilities in year 2008 TK. 111,840 , in 2009 TK. 93,000 and in 2010 TK 104,820 . Total Liabilities and Capital in year 2008 TK. 1,747,680 , in 2009 TK. 2,886,720 and in 2010 TK 4,022,880. Net Worth in year 2008 TK. 1,635,840 , in 2009 TK. 2,793,660 and in 2010 TK 3,918,060 .

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