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Name of documentary, author/producer, and year. Helvetica is developed in 1957 by Max Miedinger and produces by Eduard Hoffmann in Haas.

Is it "informational" or "promotional"? support your argument. Its informational. Because it is very clear and easy to read and understand. A man in the film says the meaning of words should be in the context of words but not in the type. Who is the primary audience it aimed at? Signs, TV program, News (topic) and trademarks What is the relevance of it to specic areas/topics of our course? Because graphic design is a profession helping clients sale their product. How to emphasize on the thing we want to sale is very important. Especially words are the most efficient way to let people know the purpose of product. According to the lm, how does type affects our lives? Because type is always with words, and words are everywhere in our daily lives. No matter its connected with our sense of aesthetic or commerce, it plays a role as an information deliverer helper.