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How to input from USB flash drive with your CAMS1V2P

Your CAMS1V2P machine has a USB flash stick drive located just inside the left door of the machine, which allow you to load a design to the machine using any USB flash stick with a memory capacity of 2 Gigabytes or less. The steps below outline how to prepare your design to save to your flash stick, and how to input it to the machine. 1) After your design is created, Save and name the design by selecting File then SAVE AS, and give it a name.

2) After you have Saved your design click or the SORT SIMULATION Icon { and click on the fast forward {

} shown below

} to finish the sorting of the design.

3) Locate the Sorted “.srt” file by going to your “MY COMPUTER” and double click on your “C” drive. Find the folder titled Yongnam and open it. Inside the Yongnam folder you will see another folder called “SorttingFiles”. Open that folder and you will find your design.

4) Now insert the USB stick into your Machines USB port located just inside the left door, and select LOAD and Choose USB. Your machine will read the contents on the USB flash stick, and using the Up or down arrow buttons, Scroll to your desired design and Press the SET button. Immediately a preview screen will show your design information. Press SET again and it will install the design to your Machines memory and your screen will automatically change to the RUN menu. Place your transfer sheet on the table and TAB to the RUN command and press SET to start the design.