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tal Items: 64 (The maximum you should hold is 50.

Scroll of the Sea Healing Springs (very rare) Residue

Blue Oyster (uncommon)

Pumpkin Lip Gloss

Tapira (uncommon)

Healing Potion XI (rare)

Avocado Black Cherry Gummy Korbat Healing Tea Tail Springs Residue (uncommon) (rare)

Pirate Hook Candy Cane (rare)

Smelly Dung Muffin Cheap Air Ring (uncommon)

Icy Snowball (ultra rare)

Peach Snowball (rare)

Supernova (uncommon)

Fire Muffin (uncommon)

Tai-Kai Codestone (shaking)

Gummy Pirate Candies (rare)

Faerie Bori Plushie (special)

Fresh Clam Jam

Star Fish Sandwich

Breadfish (special)

Healing Springs Residue

Swift Darkfire Negg Bomb (special)

Pimplepepper (uncommon)

Bagguss (rare)

Cheap Water Ring

Meowclops Candy Apple (special)

Tchea Fruit

Exploding Snowball (very rare)

Organic Evil Snowflake Korbat Pumpkins

Silver Little Timmy Battlecard (MEGA RARE)

Flask of Liquid Sunlight (rare)

Water Mote

Poison Snowball

Sand Snowball Night Stone (special) Sand Squash Water Mote

Water Muffin (very rare)

Rainbow Chia Pop

Starry Taco (uncommon)

Sand Snowball (special)

Resewn Shoyru Plushie Cheap Fire Ring (special)

Icy Snowball Pale Elixir (ultra rare) (rare)

Healing Springs Pumpkin Spice Red Koi Residue Soap Plushie

Watery Hot Dog

Ummagine Tchea Fruit (uncommon)

Two Dubloon Coin (special)

Eau de Korbat Pack o Shadow Pumpkin Korbat Plushie (uncommon) Seeds

Sticky Snowball (ultra rare)

Blue Acara Plushie


Mallard Balloon (very rare)

Vo Codestone (shaking)

Toy Pirate Sword (rare)

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