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MODULE I Theoretical Discussion Why Do Countries Need to Regulate Trade-Theories dealing with liberal Trade policy, need for government to regulate in trading activity of citizens MODULE II Regulation of International Trade in India-Historical Perspective India till independence, India and GATT/WTO, Indian economic and trade policy-Import substitution policy, India-Quantitative Restrictions Case, Indias Current Trade Policy. Constitutional Provisions relating to regulation of International Trade MODULE III Regulation of Trade in Goods in India Power of the Central Government to regulate trade under the Customs Act and the Foreign Trade Development and Regulation Act. Regulation of Process of Import and Export-Customs Act, Foreign Trade Development and Regulation Act. Indias Tariff Commitments-India-Wine and Spirit Case Protection of Domestic Industry under Indian Law-Customs Act, Customs Tariff Act-Sections 3 to 7, antidumping measures, safeguards measures, countervailing measures. Regulation of Quality of Products imported into India and exported from India-Foreign Trade Development and Regulation Act, Section 11 Customs Act, Food Adulteration Act, Weights and Measurement Act, Bureau of India Standards Act, Export Inspection Council, other agencies working under Ministry of Food Processing Industries Mutual Recognition Agreements. MODULE IV Regulation of Trade in Services Indias Commitments under the General Agreement on Trade in Services

Regulation of import and export of Services under the Finance Act 1994 and rules made there under. Regulation of Services sector-sectoral regulation MODULE V Regulation of Foreign Investment in India Indias Foreign Investment Policy Administrative process for clearance of foreign investment proposals-Automatic route, RBI and Central Government FEMA Regulation of Foreign Institutional Investment and Foreign Venture Capital by the SEBI Constitutional provisions relating to nationalization and compensation. MODULE VI Indias Foreign Trade Foreign Trade Policy of India Export Promotion Schemes-SEZ Act, EOUs and other export promotion policies. Compatibility of Indias export promotion policies with the WTO. India and Preferential and Free Trade Agreements.