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Unit Task IDC 4U/4O


Knowing Self and Others Creating Community Task 1: Social Trends Survey Task 2: Differentiate a Link Activity Test Components of Leadership Task 1: Leadership Presentation Oral or Written Task 2: Leadership Skills and Qualities Ranking Project Planning Task 1: School Event Plan Task 2: Community Event Plan Task 2: Learning Differences Presentation

Overall Expectations

Task 1: Student Profiles

TF1 demonstrate an understanding of the key ideas and issues related to leadership and mentorship; TF2 demonstrate an understanding of the different structures and organization of leadership and mentorship; TF3 demonstrate an understanding of the different perspectives and approaches used in leadership and mentorship; TF4 demonstrate the skills and strategies used to develop leadership and mentorship products and activities. PMR1 be able to plan for research, using a variety of strategies and technologies; PMR2 be able to access appropriate resources, using a variety of research strategies and technologies; PMR3 be able to process information, using a variety of research strategies and technologies; PMR4 be able to assess and extend their research skills to present their findings and solve problems. IEIC1 implement and communicate information about leadership and mentorship, using a variety of methods and strategies; IEIC2 evaluate the quality of interdisciplinary endeavours (leadership and mentorship), using a variety of strategies; IEIC3 analyse and describe the impact on society of interdisciplinary approaches (leadership and mentorship) and solutions to real-life situations; IEIC4 analyse and describe how interdisciplinary skills (leadership and mentorship) relate to personal development and careers.