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Topic of Lesson Introduction What is mental illness and mental health?

? Misconceptions surrounding mental health and mental illness.

Activity - Class brainstorm of words to describe mental health and mental illness on wordle. - Get students to write a belief the most people have about mental illness (can be broad or specific to a mental disorder) and stick them on the board. Discuss each one by one as a class are they fact or myth? - Introduce ongoing blogger activity. - In groups compile a list of 5 risk factors for mental illness and 5 protective factors. Then, split these into the categories nature or nurture and explain why for each one. -Standard textbook teaching supplemented by handouts and factsheets from beyondblue. Heavy focus on the brain and depression, looking at neurotransmitters. Discussion about the environment and its impact on the development of depression. -Exploring the beyondblue website. Guided by a worksheet, fill in who is most affected by depression and anxiety according to the beyondblue website. Students are encouraged to watch videos provided on the website. -Ensure all students are signed up to the class Edmodo website in order to begin communicating and fill in online quizzes -Video The Strong Series: The video explores improving self esteem, increasing resilience and Indigenous youth, increasing school performance, issues surrounding peer groups, drugs and alcohol, mental health and sexual health.

ICT Application/ Homework Blogger Assignment: Create your own personal blog. Design the page how you like and give it a name. Establish what you want the blog to be about and create a first post reflecting on the class.

The risk and protective factors of mental illness. The role of nature vs nurture in these.

Blogger Assignment: Create your own safety net including the people that can support YOU, and the ways in which you can support OTHERS.

Depression: What it is, the role of the brain and the environment on depression, risk and protective factors.

Blogger Assignment: Do you feel the brain or a persons environment has a stronger impact on their mental health and wellbeing? Why?

Depression: Treatment options, the prevalence of depression in different age groups and cultures Edmodo Quiz: Mental health, Mental illness, Stigma and Depression Quiz Blogger Assignment: Were any of the findings in todays class shocking or interesting? Did you expect to find the statistics you did?

Indigenous Australia: How indigenous youth are affected by mental health issues and what is being done to improve this

http://www.documentaryaustralia. Blogger Assignment: What stuck out in the video to you? Do you think the Stay Strong and Stay Deadly programs are effective in dealing with the presented mental health issues in Indigenous young people?

Indigenous Australia: Why are Indigenous people more at risk? What needs to be done?

-Article analysis: Make Indigenous mental health a national priority. Why is it a serious issue? What do you feel are some reasons as to why there is a large difference between Indigenous Australians and the rest of the population? Groups responses followed by whole class discussion.

Excursion to the Cunningham Dax Collection

-Excursion to Cunningham Dax Collection at Melbourne University. This is an exhibition of artworks created by people who suffer from mental illnesses or have experienced traumatic events. le/1717847/Make-Indigenousmental-health-a-national-priority Blogger Assignment: What do you feel are some of the key issues when dealing with Indigenous mental health? How can we improve the situation? Edmodo Quiz: Mental Health and Indigenous Australians Quiz Blogger Assignment: Reflect on the artworks you saw today and the ways they represented the artists. Focus on one or two artworks in particular and comment on the significance of the way in which it was created and what was depicted. How do you think is related to the mental illness the artist was suffering from?

Assignment Research

-Research and work on personal research assignment into chosen mental illness. -Research and work on personal research assignment into chosen mental illness. -Each student to present research to the rest of the class. Students to take notes on each mental illness guided by worksheets. Assignments will be displayed on the class Weebly as students present. -Looking at the collection of statistics regarding a range of age groups, cultures and mental illness in Australia, develop charts and graphs to effectively display this information. Discuss how to present statistics and how to read graphs and charts. -Is there anything anyone wants to share from their personal blog with the class? Blogger Assignment: Reflect on anything you found interesting in the presentations and comment on what you have learnt over the course of the unit, as well as what you wish to learn more about. Edmodo Quiz: Overview of Mental illness and a range of disorders Quiz

Assignment Research

Assignment Presentation

Data Analysis and Debrief