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Helvetica Notes

Name of documentary, author/producer, and year. Helvetica is developed in 1957 by Max Miedinger and produced by Eduard Hoffmannin Haas.

Is it "informational" or "promotional"? support your argument. It is informational, for it is clear and easy to read and understand.

Who is the primary audience it aimed at? All kinds of signs and trademarks, TV programs and News, etc.

What is the relevance of it to specic areas/topics of our course? Typography is part of the graphic design. As long as there is word, there is typography in the designers work. As designers, we need to make sure that our work convey the exact information we want to express to the audience by using the right typography.

According to the lm, how does type affects our lives? It is simply everywhere. It affects our lives in ways that we may not have realized. A bad type confuses people. But a great one make things clear and stand out from others.