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Ottawa scores solidly in an analysis of service efficiency in 16 municipalities, hitting the median or better in many of the 36 service areas studied
“This report indicates that we are performing significantly better than the 2012 OMBI median in a number of service areas, but the report also provides informative indicators of service areas where improvements can be made. This analysis validates the excellent services provided to residents by our dedicated staff while helping us to identify and focus on areas for improvement.”

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The Ontario Municipal Benchmarking Initiative (OMBI) compares the results of municipalities in 22 service areas (such as policing) and several sub-categories for each (such as how many police officers and staff are employed per capita). It’s a voluntary project between 16 municipalities that compares services, but doesn’t try to explain the differences between each.

— Mayor Jim Watson


What is the total cost for each library use? n Ottawa: $1.64 n Median: $1.95 n High: $2.57 (Barrie) n Low: $1.48 (London)

What’s the number of police staff (officers and civilians) employed, per 100,000 citizens? n Ottawa: 206 n Median: 223 n High: 295 (Windsor) n Low: 81 (District of Muskoka, which uses OPP)

What’s the per-hour cost to have a vehicle in service in urban areas? n Ottawa: $298 n Median: $315 n High: $402 (Barrie) n Low: $205 (Thunder Bay)

How many of our paved roads are rated good to very good? n Ottawa: 71% n Median: 63% n High: 83% (York Region) n Low: 37% (Region of Durham)

Sports/ recreation
What’s the per-capita cost to offer rec programs/ facilities? n Ottawa: $157 n Median: $95 n High: $157 (Ottawa) n Low: $67 (Winnipeg)

How much money does one public parking space earn? n Ottawa: $2,695 n Median: $1,297 n High: $3,596 (Calgary) n Low: $463 (Thunder Bay)

How many water main breaks happened per 100 km of pipes? n Ottawa: 8.6 n Median: 8.6 n High: 31.0 (Winnipeg) n Low: 1.1 (District of Muskoka)

How much of the municipality is parkland? n Ottawa: 1.5% n Median: 6.2% n High: 12.8% (Barrie) n Low: 1.1% (Sudbury)

Waste management
How much residential trash is diverted from landfills (ie. through recycling)? n Ottawa: 40% n Median: 48% n High: 55% (Halton Region) n Low: 29% (Calgary)

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