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Nuclear Weapons Oral Presentation

First of all if we are to understand what is a Nuclear Weapon we must understand the Technology from where it came, how it was manufactured and how it works. A little bit before the Second World War scientist from the US and other countries were trying to obtain new chemical elements, by a simple principle that they were working on, they were attempting to create new elements based on Uranium by bombarding it with Neutrons. This was when the nuclear research started but this is questionable. There are basically two nuclear reactions: The Fission and The Fusion, the last one was recently discovered and is more difficult to archive. The common nuclear bombs are based on the Fission which consists in an uncontrolled atom-breaking reaction, because if it was a controlled reaction it would be a nuclear reactor not a bomb. To archive this it is necessary to get Material such as Uranium 235 in its critical mass, the critical mass is needed because the reaction will happen steady and there will be no waste of energy. But it cant be any Uranium you find in the rocks, it has to be THE isotope of Uranium 238, Uranium 235 which is the refined Uranium and more stable for it was separated from its isotope, the process to get to it is called ISOTOPE SEPARATION. Once you have all the Uranium you need you will have to build a bomb, the design is most important, for if you put all the uranium together and it reach the critical mass it explodes. Once the design is completed and you have the bomb it is needed for a better effect that you blow it a little far from the ground so that it will have a better effect. When the bomb explodes it first lights out all the area with a power compared to the sun itself, then it starts breaking all the atoms around and creating the explosion area, Destroying at a molecular level everything in the area, then it will Blow a very strong at the speed of tornados and hurricanes, sometimes approximately 280 km/h, then the nuclear dust full of radiation will fall and along with it the Nuclear rain.