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I\byor and Council

Mayor - James J. Kelly


Council Pnsidenl- HarT)' StyliatlOU William Brophy - Matthew M. Carrick

Mallhew Ilayes - Rafael Riqudme

Ellen Zamechansky
BoroUi:,h Admintslralion: John Perkins C.P.M. - Borough Admmislnllor On:gg Paster - Borough Atlomey

SUS3n Connelly - Borough Cler\:

School Ad mintstrlliion: Emanuele Triggilmo - Superintcndent of Schools Kevin Canollo Busmess Administrutor Kevin Dunne - Director of Buildings tlnd Grounds

Uculrd of t:duclIuon Members:

Robert DeWald - President Michtlcl Gluckman Vice Presldclll

John Kohlberger -Theresa Kelly

Bartw-a Cortta - Sandra Fcm:lndtz Rich3rd C. Healy D.C. - KDten Valida

Theresa Riva

October 15, 2013


Lord I ask tor e<Juntge

Courage to race and Conquer my own tears... Cou.rage to take me

Where oLbers will not p ...

The ofncers listed below have been promoted Il8 a. result of their hard work and dedJcation. Clder Joseph L. Faulboru, Jr., the Mayor and Council. and the communiLy would like to cougratulaLc each of you and wish you conUnued success.

Captain Michael J. Conner Captain Thomas O. McKeary Lieutenant Frank Gagliardi Lieutenant Vincent M. Tamburro

J ask for strenC'h

to protect albers And streoctb of spirU to lead otbers...

Strength of body

( ask tor dedieatlon

Lieutenant John CentreUo

Dedleatloll to my Job, to do It well Dedleatloll to my eOJRlbwlJl.y To keep it safe. Give me Lord. eoneern For others who in.lst me And eompasslon for those who need me... And please Lord

Sergeant Michael Foti Sergeant James Kaine Sergeant Keith W. Volz Sergeant Brian M. Joyce Sergeant Charles Hogan

Tbroucb it all
Be at my side...