RUSHING LIGHTS It starts innocently One person trying to help the other Then collaboration A plan the other

discovered The womans ho se That I had been living in !as part o" a tr st The woman was ne#t o" $in !e loo$ed li$e each other And that gave me a notion

%y boy"riend and I Tho ght& since I loo$ li$e the women !hy not ' st $ill her Then b rn her in the oven And steal her identity Ta$e her property and money !e got e#cited Li$e two bees aro nd honey (verything was great Till we ran into a stone wall The sheri"" ca ght on He tried to p t on a stall Ta$e care o" sheri"" That was the only sol tion %y boy"riend and I& Had to "ollow it to its concl sion So here we both are In a car racing o t o" town The cops hot on o r trail Their only tho ght to bring s down !e)re driving along At near one h ndred miles an ho r I $now ways to stop this * t now I don)t have the power Then my eyes "i# on Rear view mirror and windshield The only thing that)s in my sight Is dar$ blac$ air and r shing red lights by Tim Thayer

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