TASK Your college played host to some students from another country.

As a student leader, you were part of the group of students chosen to entertain the visitors. Write a report of what you did for the college magazine. In your report, include the following:     tour of the college activities in college food meeting friends and family.

Exchange Student’s Programmes

Last week, our college, IPG Kampus Pendidikan Teknik has been organized an “Exchange Student’s” Programmes. We as the group that chosen to entertain the visitors have planned some interesting activities for the exchange students. The leader of the group, Nur Anati divided the task for the teammates during the meeting. We have 5 persons in the group. The activities that had held such as, tour of the college, knowing the activies in college, have lunch and meeting friends and family. On the day, the students arrived at our college at 10 o’clock in the morning. The exchange students have gathered at “Dewan Serbaguna” for some briefing. After briefing, we continued with ice-breaking activity. From this activity, we known their background such as, which country they from, which college they study. After finished having the ice breaking session,

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