Methods of operation for remote control

Duplicate Your Existing Remote Controllers so you always have a backup: 1. Vehicle central locking systems 2. Garage doors 3. Electronic gates 4. Electrical appliances/Home automation i.e. lights Suitable for home use. If you want to use with car device, pls confirm they aren’t rolling code.

Frequency: 433.92 MHz Can’t copy rolling codes. Works with the following remote control modules [please check your existing remote control before your operation]:

2262, 2260, 1527, 2240, 5326
(If the suffix is the same, the performance is compatible. Such as SC2262 and PT2262.)

1. Clear out code:
To Clear up test stored rf signal memory from factory by pressing the A and B at the same time, 3 seconds later, LED indicator light flashes three times, undo B and then click B three times quickly, following is a continuous fast blinking. Indicates that the remote control codes stored has been cleared out.

2. The key of the remote control and the be copied remote control can be arbitrary. If LED light do not blink immediately. all the functions are the same.(eg: AA’.2. 4.B-B’) three seconds later. followed by a continuous fast blinking. 3. . after the success. 2 remote controls put together as close as possible. 3. This indicates that this copy of the remote control buttons are same as copied on the remote control button codes. Several other keys are also according to the above approach to learning. Duplicating (learning) Hands are holding remote control . That means kao coding has been completely clean. There are some controllers equipped by the original equipment manufacturers maybe can't copy. Checking When you clear away the code. and the other are holding the duplicating remote control. Attention: 1. Sometimes the frequency may have a little deviation. you can press any key on the remote control. Using this remote control before please be sure to clear the existing code. but blink 2s later. As long as both operations. LED indicator light flashes three times. while pressing the remote controls two match button.

And use frequency meter for test.You can adjust by yourself. .

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