Make & Do Activity Kit

Carved Halloween pumpkin
Pumpkins glowing in the dark are a wonderful decoration for your house or garden. Carve a group of pumpkins with a theme or a single one to stare from a window at neighbours in your street.

Time: 1+ hrs Difficulty: Hints: This activity uses sharp tools and these

steps are strickly for adults only. Children will enjoy the designing and pulp scooping steps. a thick marker pen 1. With draw your pumpkin face design onto the pumpkin skin.

step: With a sharp 2. Adult knife cut around the top of the pumpkin and lift off the lid.

What you will need:
• • • • • a pumpkin a sharp knife a large spoon a thick marker pen a tea candle

out the pulp and 3. Scoop seeds. If you separate the seeds out they can be roasted in the oven.

step: With the sharp 4. Adult knife carefully cut out your face.

you angle the cut as 5. If shown in this picture you will get a better glow as there is more orange flesh showing. Warning: Although this activity is fun, the cutting steps must be done with great care by an adult. The knife must be sharp and children should be well back from the workbench. Remember to never leave a candle burning unsupervised.
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a tea candle inside 6. Place your pumpkin and place it in a window facing your street or use it as a table decoration. Happy Halloween!
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