dead motherfuckers bread motherfuckers fed mana monster truckers I eat my own skeet, bitch, die in a fire, witch

no that's my soul, I'll kill you in sheol oranges and chainsaws, balls and pistols fifty six turtlenecks, hell is frozen over now development land, hence the bulldozer I died twice, I guess I just need closure for sure, my nose smells green not weed, klonopin, pull the pin from the grenade and wait explosion, allahu ackbar, buddha, shit eat a rabbit, become an addict wreathed in flames, satanic bond minus james jamus est vir, damn queer, faggot scribe and nazi propaganda machinery monarchs, demonology, switch up geneology, we rock like geology give a bitch my demon seed, fifteen ducks, no respect from these fucks drugs as a crutch, bills from these psyche wards are too much and such stuck in shit, ain't that a bitch, filth eating fiends, guess my sniper rifle missed the sheep and the meek, breathe radioactivity and bleed move from cage to cage, we're not free take heed, I think they want to kill me died twice and the verdict is always guilty fight alien parasites, red nights and black knights half a pack of lucky strikes, I wait for the day but night is day for me fucking lizard wizardry, more dead content, sent them to hell, you'll probably buy the boxed set

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