CS1130 Programming Assignment # 1

Write an application Java program for the following problems:
1) Find the gross and net income. Input: # of hours worked Rate per hour Tax: Output: gross net 2) Find the sum and average of 3 numbers. Input: num1 num2 num3 Output: sum ave 3) Find the circle's diameter, circumference, and area. Input: radius Pi = 3.14159 Output: diameter circumference area 4) Convert from Fahrenheit degree to Celsius. Input: fahrenheit Output: celsius 5) Find the changes in dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies when you purchase. (i.e. purshased=$7.26 amountPaid=$10.00 then the changes are dollars = 2 quarters = 2 dimes = 2 nickels = 0 pennies = 4) Input: purchased amountPaid Output: dollars quarters dimes nickels pennies (Math.PI) (hours) (rate)

%10 of gross income

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