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```` ``` .4 This book has all sorts of cars in it.

5 blue cars .

6 4 purple cars .

7 green cars .

8 yellow cars .

Green toy car 9 Red toy car .

yellow toy car Silver and blue toy car 10 .

11 classic cars (that means they're really old!) .

racing cars 12 .

13 .


It's a bus! 15 ....That's not a car.

16 More racing cars. This car goes really fast! .

17 These cars are long! .

18 These cars are short! .

.. classic means they're really old!) .. (remember.19 more classic cars.

really old!) . (Vintage cars are really.20 Thse are vintage cars.

(These vintage and classic cars are all a bit different!) ```` ``` .21 Interesting cars.

22 Ride on cars .

23 MY CAR ! Ride on cars .

```` .24 We hope you enjoyed all the cars.


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