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Self learning mterial for MS Word 2000.
Self learning mterial for MS Word 2000.

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Published by: mesfint on Jul 26, 2009
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You can create and link text boxes if you want a story that begins on a certain page to
continue on a different page. When text boxes are linked, excess text in one box will
automatically flow into the next box. All linked text boxes must be contained in a single

To crate text boxes:

On the Insert menu, click


In your document, click or drag where you want to insert the first text box.

Repeat the two steps to insert additional text boxes where you want the text to


To link text boxes:

Click the first text box.

On the Text Box toolbar, click Create Text Box Link. If you don't see the
toolbar, click a text box in your document, point to Toolbars on the View menu,
and then click Text Box.

You'll see an upright pitcher. Move the pitcher over an empty text box that can
receive the link. The pitcher turns into a pouring pitcher.

Click in the empty text box to "pour" the text into it.

To link to additional text boxes, click the last linked text box and then repeat the
steps above.

Type or paste the text you want in the first text box. As the text box fills, the text
will overflow into the next linked text box.

Note: Instead of the rectangular or square text boxes, you can use circles,
banners, callouts, and other AutoShapes as containers for your story.

Microsoft Word 2000

Editing Documents II


To move among linked text boxes:

Select a text box in the link.

On the Text Box toolbar,

o Click to go to the Next Text Box

o Click to go to the Previous Text Box.

To break a text box link:

Select the text box that you want the text to stop flowing from.

On the Text Box toolbar, click Break Forward Link .

Tip: To use the shortcut menu, move the pointer over the border of the text box

until the pointer changes to and then right-click the border.


Open a new word document.

Create three small text boxes side by side on the same page.

Link the first and second text boxes and then the second and the third.

Click in the first text box and start typing. Observe that when the text
becomes too much to fit in the first text box it overflows into the second
text box. Continue typing to fill the second text box. The text will flow into
the third text box.

Move from one linked text box to another using the text box toolbar.

Break the link between the second and third text boxes. What happens?

Link again the last text box. Now break the link between the first and
second text boxes and observe what would happen?

Create linked text boxes in two or three different pages and repeat the
activities above.

Microsoft Word 2000

Editing Documents II


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