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Self learning mterial for MS Word 2000.
Self learning mterial for MS Word 2000.

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Published by: mesfint on Jul 26, 2009
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As discussed in the previous section, page numbers can be added as part of a header or
footer. This section discusses an alternative approach.

To inserting page numbers:


from the Insert menu.

The Page Numbers dialog box appears

Select the Position and Alignment for the page number.

If you do not want the page number to show on the first page (if it is a title page,
for example), uncheck the box


If you want to change the number format, click


Select the required style from Number Format:

Click here to
select the
style of

Microsoft Word 2000

Changing the Look of a Document


Click OK.

Click OK again to insert the page numbering.

To Remove Page Numbers:

Select View Header and Footer or double click the page number itself.

Select the page number. A crosshatched frame border appears around the page


Press Delete on the keyboard. This will remove the numbers from the whole


Open the document "Computer Experiences".

Add page numbers following the steps above.

Now double click the page number to display the Header and Footer.

Click before the existing page number, type "Page" and then type a space.
This creates a page number such as "Page 1".

If you want to add graphics along with the page number, click before the
letter P in "page 1". From the Insert menu, select Symbols and from the
Font box select Webdings. Select the symbol you want and click Insert
and then click Close.

Select the frame around the page number and drag it to a new location on
the page.

Change the font and size of the page number.

Undo the actions in the two steps above.

Close Header and Footer.

Microsoft Word 2000

Changing the Look of a Document


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