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Week 30

Week 30


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Published by: Rob Callison on Jul 26, 2009
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1 Week 30, Day 1: Monday, 27 July 2009 Ezra 5, 6 Are legal challenges to the work of God’s people anything new

? (5) Does God move in the hearts of unbelievers to accomplish His purposes? (6) Who paid for the rebuilding of the Temple? (6:8) Proverbs 27 How should you live today? (27:1) Compare 27:2 with Proverbs 25:27. What have you learned about jealousy in Genesis? (27:4) Can your friends tell you the truth? (27:6) What sort of relationships does God want you to have with those around you? (27:10) What sort of life will you live if you lack wisdom? (27:12) What does God expect from fellowship? (27:17) What is one of the greatest tests of your character? (27:21) What makes a fool a fool? (27:22) Luke 1 For whom was the Book of Luke originally written? (1:3) What would be John’s mission? (1:14-17) Who was the angel that spoke to Zechariah? (1:19) Does God maintain a high standard for His holy people? (1:20) Was the throne of which Gabriel spoke the type of throne people usually think about? (1:32, 33)

2 Who did Elizabeth claim Mary to be? (1:43) What was one trait of Mary’s that separated her from others? (1:48, 51) What did John do before he began his ministry? (1:80) Week 30, Day 2: Tuesday, 28 July 2009 Ezra 7, 8 Why was Ezra qualified to minister to God’s people? (7:1-10) What did Artaxerxes feel was hanging over his head while the Temple remained neglected? (7:23) Were taxes imposed upon the church? (7:24) What predicament did Ezra find himself in while witnessing to the king, and how did he handle it? (8:22, 23) Proverbs 28 Does obedience affect your prayers? (28:9) Look again at Matthew 15:9. What does God expect you to do with sin? (28:13) Who is blessed, and who falls into trouble? (28:14) What causes dissention, and what is the remedy? (28:25) What is counter to walking in wisdom? (28:26) Luke 2 Who named Jesus? (2:21) For what was Simeon known? (2:25) Was Jesus destined to cause division among men? (2:34) Does Jesus reveal what is truly in a person’s heart? (2:35) What sort of child was Jesus? (2:40)

3 What example did Jesus set for children? (2:51) What sort of man did Jesus grow to be? (2:52) Week 30, Day 3: Wednesday, 22 July 2009 Ezra 9, 10 In what major way had the Israelites sinned against the Lord and proven themselves unfaithful? (9:1-3) Why had the history of the Jews been a violent one? (9:7) Was God merciful to the Jews while He punished them for their sins? (9:13) How did the Jews respond to God’s continued mercy? (9:14) What were the consequences to families for the marriage of unbelievers? (10:10-44) CONGRATS ON FINISHING ANOTHER BIBLE BOOK! Proverbs 29 What happens to those who refuse to respond to correction? (29:1) What do the righteous care about? (29:7) Who did Jesus focus most of his attention on? What do wise men have a unique ability to do? (29:8) Look again at Proverbs 16:7. What is often the world’s response to a man of strong character? (29:10) Who is in control of all situations and circumstances? (29:13) Will it often appear that the wicked are victorious? (29:16) What happens when a people forget God’s Word? (29:18) How does this verse relate to 29:15, 17? How does 29:19 relate to 29:18? What is the difference between being a servant and a son? Where does pride lead? (29:23) What position does guilt place you in? (29:24) What position does that place you in

4 as a sinner and your ability to testify against other sinners around you before the Lord? Whose approval do you seek in everything you do? (29:25) Who do you trust to bring you justice? (29:26) Who do you trust? What motivates you to do what you do every day? Luke 3 What challenge did John put to his people? (3:3-8) Was Jesus’ message and ministry destined to be divisive? (3:9, 17) How old was Jesus when he began his ministry? (3:23) Week 30, Day 4: Thursday, 30 July 2009 Nehemiah 1, 2 With whom does God keep a covenant of love? (1:5) When was the last time you prayed all day and night over your sins and the sins of others? (1:6) Did God use Nehemiah’s reputation and credibility before the king as an instrument for His glory? (2:1-6) Who determines the success of any endeavor? (2:20) Proverbs 30 What is “a man’s understanding?” (30:3) Note that Agur son of Jakeh understands that God has a Son, and he desperately wants to know his name. (30:4) How well should you know God’s Word? (30:5) Compare 30:8 with Matthew 6:11. What can happen when life is too easy? (30:9) What is the fate of those who don’t respect their parents? (30:11, 17)

5 What is the root cause of the sinful character traits described in 30:12-14. Didn’t Jesus comment on all these? What impact can physical attraction have on your behavior? (30:19) Does the Bible warn of trouble when a wife feels unloved? (30:23) How does this verse relate to the story of Rachael and Leah? What can verses 30:24-28 teach you about leadership? What is a good idea if you have stuck your foot in your mouth? (30:32) Luke 4 Why did Jesus go to the desert? (4:2) What did Satan’s temptations all have in common? (4:1-12) When did Satan plan to return to Jesus? (4:13) Was Jesus concerned about avoiding conflict and remaining peaceable? (4:24-27) Sidon and Syria were foreign nations. What was Jesus telling the Jews? (4:24-27) Do demons believe in Jesus? (4:34, 41; see also James 2:19) Week 30, Day 5: Friday, 31 July 2009 Nehemiah 3, 4 Does God’s work often require people to labor outside of their job descriptions? (3) Does God often expect His people to do work that the world would consider beneath their social status? (3:5) What is the world’s response to a united committed church? (4:1, 2) Is there a cost for defense? (4:16-18) Proverbs 31 Where did King Lemuel learn this oracle? Should leaders be big drinkers? (31:5)


What makes some people prone to drink too much? (31:6-7) Do you defend those who cannot defend themselves? (31:8) How about during gossip sessions? Compare Proverb 31 with Proverbs 2:16, 12:4, 19:13, 21:9, 21:19, 25:24, 27:15. Where do noble wives come from? (19:14) What may be one reason a wife does not display noble behavior? Proverbs 30:23 Luke 5 What is man’s first response to the revelation of the holiness of God? (5:8) Why did Jesus command the leper to testify to the priests before talking with anyone else? (5:14) What example did Jesus give us for prayer? (5:16) What incredible display of love and faith was demonstrated while Jesus preached? (5:17-20) Week 30, Day 6: Saturday, 1 August 2009 Nehemiah 5, 6 How does greed get in the way of God’s work? (5:1-8) Why does the enemy want God’s people to be afraid? (6:9) Does it take great courage to complete God’s work? (6) Proverbs 1 What are the proverbs for? (1:2-6) Where does knowledge come from, and who cannot accept it? (1:7) Compare 1:10 with 25:26. How hard is it to find wisdom? (1:20) Why do people not have wisdom? (1:22)

7 To have wisdom, what must you respond to what? (1:23) How does this relate to Gen 19:19? If you are not humble in spirit, what will surely overtake you? (1:26, 27) What do people often do too late? (1:28) Compare with Isaiah 55:6 What will all people do? (1:31) Psalm 85 As God forgives, what must we pray to prevent? (85:8) Week 30, Day 7: Sunday, 2 August 2009 Nehemiah 7, 8 What is the most important discriminator for a leader? (7:2) How long did God’s people listen intently to God’s Word? (8:3) Why did Nehemiah build walls before houses? (7:4) What is the natural response from a sinful people upon the conviction of the Holy Spirit and God’s Word? (8:9) Proverbs 2 What does it take to understand the fear of the Lord and to find the knowledge of God? (2:1-5) Where do you find wisdom? (2:6) Where do you find protection? (2:8) Wisdom must go from your brain to your _____. (2:10) Psalms 86, 87 What should be our constant prayer? (86:11, 12) Is God’s plan eternal and predestined? (87)

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