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October 16, 2013

New Wildlife Damage Specialist serves Meade & Ziebach Counties
moved to the Philip district. “Spencer is equipped and ready to begin assisting producers and landowners with predator control issues and game animal damage,” says John Kanta, Regional Wildlife Manager for S.D. GF&P. Lynch joins a team of 24 S. D. GF&P Wildlife Damage Specialists who work in counties across South Dakota. In 2013 they responded to more than 1,900 requests and worked with more than 1,200 livestock producers to stop predators. This year, the joint efforts of S. D. GF&P, Predator Control Districts and USDA Wildlife Services resulted in the removal of 8,058 coyotes, statewide. Kanta encourages all Ziebach and northwest Meade County livestock producers and landowners to contact Lynch with all their predator control and wildlife damage issues. Lynch can be contacted by calling 605-967-2055.

Help line available to producers and others affected by western S.D. snow storm, and to volunteers
Anyone impacted by the recent western South Dakota snow storm can call 2-1-1 or 877.708.4357 for any storm-related concerns. Producers living in Harding, Perkins, Ziebach, Shannon, Jackson, Jones, Bennett and Mellette counties will need to call 877.708.4357 to reach the helpline. The helpline can answer questions regarding animal removal from agricultural properties, documentation of livestock losses, livestock identification and provide contact information for other assistance programs. Producers experiencing emotional distress can also call for support or to find counseling resources. Agencies needing volunteers and individuals interested in volunteering to help should dial 2-1-1 or call 877.708.4357 for assistance. In the coming weeks, the helpline is available to field calls from volunteers that would like to help in identifying and documenting dead livestock, volunteers available for farm or ranch repair (ex. heavy equipment, repairing and re-building infrastructure), volunteers that have professional finance experience, and volunteers who are willing to field questions from those affected and help citizens with mental health needs. Agriculture is South Dakota's No. 1 industry, generating over $21 billion in annual economic activity and employing more than 122,000 South Dakotans. The South Dakota Department of Agriculture's mission is to promote, protect, preserve and improve this industry for today and tomorrow. Visit us online at http://sdda.sd.gov or find us on Facebook athttps://www.facebook.com/SDAgDept and Twitter @SDAgriculture. 

When faced with predator control or wildlife damage issues, livestock producers and landowners in Ziebach and Northwest Meade County can contact Spencer Lynch, the new Wildlife Damage Specialist for S.D. Game, Fish & Parks. Focused on protecting private landowner’s assets from predators, Lynch is a skilled trapper who has a degree in Wildlife Conservation Management from Missouri Western University. “Our selection process is extensive. We were impressed by Spencer’s background and trapping skills. He grew up trapping coyote, fox, beaver and is eager to put these skills to use protecting livestock from predators,” says Mike Kintigh, Regional Supervisor for S.D. GF&P. Growing up in the Ozarks of Southwest Missouri, Lynch spent

his youth hunting and fishing. As a young teen he began trapping and selling furs to local fur buyers. When it came time to choose a career, he says all he wanted to do was trap professionally, so he pursued a degree in Wildlife Management. “When you’re trapping, each day is different. I enjoy working outdoors and learning about the animals and their habitat,” says Lynch, who spent time before he graduated interning for S.D. GF&P as a Wildlife Damage Specialist, trapping in northeast South Dakota. New to the area, Lynch will spend time between calls for assistance with getting to know the area landowners and understanding the predator issues that impact the counties he serves. He is replacing Wildlife Damage Specialist, Brad Buescher, who

City Council settles water ordinance
By Loretta Passolt
The Faith City Council discussed health insurance and the water connection ordinance at a special meeting on Wednesday, October 9th. Council heard from Sandi Nelson via phone about the Health Pool insurance plans available through the Municipal League. Mayor Haines asked her how ObamaCare is going to affect anything. Nelson said they are 100% compliant and didn’t feel it will affect their plans in any way. She explained that the City would be billed one lump sum and they bill it out to the employees. They are required to pre-certify hospitalization. Karen Butler reviewed their current plan with Butler InsurContinued on next page

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CherRon Sitting Crow
CherRon was a proud parent of two young boys: Isidro Sitting Crow, 6 and William Chasing Hawk, Jr., 18 months. CherRon was a jingle dress dancer and enjoyed horseback riding, listening to music, cleaning, cruising and hanging out with her peers and children. CherRon had a smile that lit up the room. She was very family oriented and had a special bond with her parents. She did everything to help her family and friends even when she had hard times. CherRon will always be remembered for her strong will, sense of humor, loving heart and outgoing personality. CherRon is survived by her two children, Isidro Sitting Crow, Red Scaffold and William Chasing Hawk Jr., Rapid City; special niece, Elaina Brings White, Rapid City; parents, Vernell and Gloria Sitting Crow, Red Scaffold; sisters, Jennifer Chasing Hawk, Denver, CO, Lena Brings Plenty, Red Scaffold, LaRee Sitting Crow, Rapid City, Sarah Heirshmen Widow, TN, Mary Knife, Eagle Butte, Lyndsey Collins, Red Scaffold,  Sandi & Elizabeth Reindle, Rapid City, Jonni Lynn Brushbreaker, Rapid City and Rochelle LoVato, Albuquerque, NM; brothers, Herbert Sitting Crow, Vermillion, SD, Troy Sitting Crow, Lantry, Justin Sitting Crow, Red Scaffold, Cory Condon, Salt Lake City, UT,  Clinton Holy, Takini, Dean Dupris, Eagle Butte, Duane Bissonette, Eagle Butte, Thomas Collins, Red Scaffold special grandparents: Romanus Bear Stops, Red Scaffold, Mary Jane Red Horse, Bridger, Philomine Onstad, Sisseton and Pernell Iron Necklace, Pebbles, OH.  Grandparents: Violet Lone Eagle, Eagle Butte, Harvey & Stella Eagle Horse, Eagle Butte, Louise Widow, Red Scaffold, Kay Allison, Rapid City, Edward Widow, Red Scaffold, Katherine Eagle Staff,
Eagle Butte, Hal Robinson, Karriville, TX, Delight Halfred, Red Scaffold and Marlene Runs After, Cherry Creek; special mothers, Peggy Knife, Eagle Butte, Arliss Briggs, Bridger, Alvina Circle Bear, Eagle Butte and Connie Bear Stops, Red Scaffold, and many aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins. CherRon was preceded in death by her grandmothers, Catherine “Molly” Circle Bear and Germaine Sitting Crow; grandfathers, Theodore Knife, Sr., Pete Bear Stops and Doug Widow, Sr. along with aunt, Kathleen Garnette and uncle, Darwin Cook.

City Council settles water ordinance
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ance. Karen said she had checked with the Division of Insurance and the Marketplace will not be open until November 1st, and not effective until January 1st. They have two options: renew their current grandfathered plan or take the plan that isn’t grandfathered, but at a smaller premium increase. The grandfathered plan has a higher premium increase but co-pays are lower. Mayor Haines suggested they stay with the plan they have for now and wait to see if there are any changes later with the Health Care Act. Council approved staying wioth their current plan. Barb Berndt, chair for the Water Committee, reviewed Ordinance #308 for water connections. The committee met with Atty. Bogue to study the policies. He explained to council that the ordinance is requred to be published twice. Berndt said they made a few amendments to clarify things a little more clearly. The committee recommended a few changes regarding water lines, meters, meter pits, and meter testing. Council reviewed and approved the first reading. It will be published October 16th. Bogue said that beings Council delayed the water connections for Inghrams until they could get a policy in place, they could approve those requests now. It is up to Council. Council approved the requests for water for Karen Inghram and James Inghram, and water and electricity for Lexy Hostetter. With the current conditions, it may be a while before work can be done. Council rejected all the bidfs received for a digger derrick truck and will re-advertise the bids. They didn’t have enough specifications so bids were quite varied. Reed Henschel presented his quotes for caulking, tinning and painting the ice house. Reed plans to scrape the exterior, caulk any places that need it, tin the large hoes and vents and paint.. The original color was “railroad gray”, but he’s been here almost 25 years and it has always been red. Council approved his quote of $8800. Mayor Haines thanked Reed for providing such a detailed list of what he would be doing. Work will proceed as weather permits. Council closed out their meeting with executive session for personnel.

Funeral services for CherRon Sitting Crow, 26, of Red Scaffold,  were held Thursday, Oct. 10 at the Red Scaffold Gym with Father Dan Juelfs officiating. Music was provided by Daryl Whipple and Iron Bird Drum Group. Burial followed at Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery, Red Scaffold, under the direction of Stout Family Funeral Home of Mobridge. CherRon Lynn Sitting Crow, “Waste Win” (Good Woman), was born to Vernell & Gloria Sitting Crow December 28, 1986 in Rapid City, SD. CherRon graduated from Takini High School in 2005 where she was widely known for her excellence in basketball, volleyball and rodeo. In 2002, she was confirmed in Cherry Creek, S.D. with the name Theresa. In the same year, she was on the All Tourney Team at the Dakota Oyate Challenge Tournament. In 2003 and 2004 she was awarded All Tourney at the Lakota Nation Invitational Tournament. CherRon worked at the Imperial Restaurant and Holiday Express in Rapid City, SD. She also worked at the Marriot Hotel, Pepsi Center and Little Sisters of the Poor while she lived in Denver, CO. She cooked for the Summer Youth Program and the Elderly Nutrition Program in Red Scaffold.

Trinity Jo Wood Memorial Service

A memorial service for Trinity Jo Wood, 28 year old daughter of Duane and JoAnn Wood of Faith, SD will be held at the Faith Community Center at 11:00 AM on Saturday, October 19th. Following the service, there will be a potluck lunch and a time to worship. Sandwiches, salads, or desserts are suggested for the meal.

Meade County seeks contractors for livestock carcass removal and burial
Due to the recent blizzard disaster and subsequent livestock losses, the Meade County Commission Office is seeking contractors to assist with livestock carcass removal and digging of burial pits throughout Meade County. Project detail: •Carcass removal from county right-of-ways •Construction of mass carcass burial pits For further information, contact the Meade County Commission Office at 605-720-1625.

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Faith Community Health Center
Hours of Operation: Monday 8:00 am – 7:00 pm Tuesday - Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Verna Schad, CNP – Monday - Thursday Peggy O’Connor, CNP – Monday – Friday David Rollason, PA-C - Thursday For appointments call: 605-967-2644 or 1-800-584-7668

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October 16, 2013 • The Faith Independent •

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Coping with disaster related stress depression - suicide
The recent snow storm in western South Dakota has created a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety for many in our area. You and your neighbors probably are still trying to make sense of what happened and questioning how you will deal with the losses you are experiencing. Common reactions to stressful events like this include: Disbelief and shock Fear and anxiety about the future Difficulty making decisions or concentrating Irritability and anger Feeling powerless Loss of appetite or overeating Headaches, back pain and stomach problems Not sleeping or sleeping too much Increased use of alcohol or drugs Sadness Feeling hopeless and helpless Depression These are all normal reactions to life’s struggles, setbacks, and disappointments. It is ‘normal’ to have difficulty managing your feelings after a traumatic event. However if you don’t deal with the stress, it can be harmful to your mental and physical health. Following are some tips for coping during stressful times: Talk to someone about it. By talking with others, you can relieve stress and realize that others share your feelings. Spend time with friends and family. Encourage them to share their concerns and feelings with you. Take care of yourself. Get plenty of rest and exercise, and eat properly. Limit exposure to images of the disaster. Continuing to watch or read news about it will only increase your stress. Make time for activities you enjoy. This can help get your mind off the disaster and keep the stress in check. Do one thing at a time. Focusing on one task at a time and completing it gives you a sense of accomplishment. Do something positive. Helping other people gives you a sense of purpose in a situation that feels “out of control”. Avoid excessive drinking or drugs. It may temporarily seem to remove stress, but it generally creates additional problems that can compound the stress you were feeling. Ask for help when you need it. If feelings of stress and anxiety do not go away or are so intense that they interfere with your ability to function in daily life, talk with a relative, friend, doctor or minister about getting help. Depression is different from normal sadness in that it engulfs your day-to-day life. When you’re feeling extremely depressed, problems don’t seem temporary – they seem overwhelming and permanent. But with time, you will feel better, especially if you reach out for help. Don’t try to cope alone. Depression is a major risk factor for suicide. The deep despair and hopelessness that goes along with depression can make suicide feel like the only way to escape the pain. Suicide warning signs include: •Talking about killing or harming one’s self •Expressing strong feelings of hopelessness or being trapped •An unusual preoccupation with death or dying •Acting recklessly, as if they have a death wish (e.g. speeding, not stopping at intersections) •Calling or visiting people to say goodbye •Getting affairs in order (giving away prized possessions, tying up loose ends) •Saying things like “Everyone would be better off without me” or “I want out” •A sudden switch from being extremely depressed to acting calm and happy Take any suicidal talk or behavior seriously. If you think a neighbor, friend or family member is considering suicide, express your concern and let them know that there are many people who want to support them during this difficult time. PLEASE reach out and encourage them to seek professional help immediately. Talking openly about suicidal thoughts and feelings can save lives! For more information or emergency/crisis intervention services contact: Three Rivers Mental Health and Chemical Dependency Center, 11 East 4th Street - PO Box 447, Lemmon, SD 57638, 605374-3862 or 1-800658-3900

Donate to Rancher Relief Fund & help South Dakota producers devastated by October blizzard
South Dakota Cattlemen's Association, South Dakota Stockgrowers Association and South Dakota Sheep Growers Association established the South Dakota Rancher Relief Fund Oct. 8, 2013 with the Black Hills Area Community Foundation to provide support and relief assistance to those in the agriculture industry impacted by the blizzard of Oct. 4-7, 2013. The fund will be administered by the South Dakota Stockgrowers Association, the South Dakota Cattlemen's Association and the South Dakota Sheep Growers Association for the direct benefit of the livestock producers impacted by this devastating blizzard.   To Donate To donate to the Rancher Relief Fund visit, www.giveblackhills.org and search "Rancher Relief Fund" or click on this link: https://www.giveblackhills.org/in dex.cfm?fuseaction=Organizations.Overview&Organization_I D=27677. Donors can also mail checks to Black Hills Community Area Foundation/SD Rancher Relief Fund made out to the "Rancher Relief Fund." Address: PO Box 231, Rapid City, 57709. More about the sponsoring organizations The mission of the South Dakota Cattlemen's Association is to Advance and protect the interests of all cattlemen by enhancing profitability through representation, promotion and information sharing. Our vision is to be a producer-oriented organization that consumers and producers rely on for factual information to enhance a profitable business climate and promote environmental stewardship. To learn more visit, http://www.sdcattlemen.org/ or contact Jodie Anderson at 605.945.2333. The South Dakota Stockgrowers is a grassroots, non-profit organization of independent livestock producers dedicated to the continued success and viability of the domestic livestock industry.  Since 1893 our mission has remained unchanged, "to promote and protect the South Dakota Livestock industry." To learn more visit, www.southdakotastockgrowers.org or contact Silvia Christen at 605.342.0429. The South Dakota Sheep Growers is the trade association for sheep producers of South Dakota, representing both farm flocks and range operations.  We are a state member of the American Sheep Industry, the sheep industry voice involved in: meat safety, marketing, regulations through national education, communication and lobbying and legislation. We focus on lamb and fiber promotion on a state-wide basis and keeping members updated on issues affecting the sheep industry. To learn more visit, www.sdsheep.org or contact, Max Matthews at 605.490.0726.

Gov. Daugaard’s Column
In South Dakota, we pride ourselves on our hard work, persistence and self-reliance.  Our ancestors tamed the prairie and lived through difficult times, and these South Dakota values have been passed down through the generations. We also learn in South Dakota to care for our neighbors. Whether it’s a natural disaster or a personal tragedy, South Dakotans always come together to lend a helping hand to those in need. We learn that early in our lives. It becomes so ingrained in us that when we are needed, we simply show up. That’s just part of being a neighbor, and in tough times, South Dakota is one big neighborhood. This is a very tough time in western South Dakota. Our friends and neighbors there continue to respond to the recent disaster, during which much of West River was hit with one of the largest blizzards in our history. Homeowners lost trees, experienced property damage and went without  power for days. Businesses suffered from collapsed roofs or other damage that will require repairs before

A helping hand to our friends and neighbors

they can reopen.   Many ranchers suffered devastating losses. The early winter weather created a “perfect storm” that killed thousands – probably tens of thousands – of cattle and other livestock. These animals mean something more than just net worth, and losing them has put our ranchers in an unthinkable position. We need to do what we can to help our friends and neighbors during their time of need. If you are able to help those affected by the blizzard, please call 211 or 877-708-4357 to offer your assistance. In addition, a Rancher Relief Fund has been set up to help our livestock producers. The fund is a cooperative effort of the South Dakota Cattlemen’s Association, the Stockgrowers Association, the Sheep Growers Association and the Black Hills Area Community Foundation. Linda and I made a donation earlier this week, and I hope you will consider a gift as well.  To donate to the Rancher Relief Fund, visit www.giveblackhills.org and search "Rancher Relief Fund." Donors can also mail checks to Rancher Relief Fund, PO Box 231, Rapid City, S.D. 57709.

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Faith News
By Loretta Passolt
It is so hard to comprehend what the ranchers are going through following the worst blizzard South Dakota has ever recorded. They named it Atlas, the first letter of the alphabet and it was a strong one! But the ranchers will always remember and talk about it as the October blizzard of 2013. Even some of the old-timers have never seen a storm this bad. The number of livestock lost is just beyond imagination. This is their livelihood and some have lost a few, some most of it, some lost all. Reports of loss are just overwhelming! And with the government shutdown they have no place to go for help. And it took forever before it finally made the national news! All you heard about is the government shutdown! Even if they found some of their herd, they can still suffer longterm effects from stress. These cattle, sheep and horses are like family to these ranchers. They know them. Many of these cows would be calving in the spring, so ranchers not only lost the cow they lost the calf plus any future calves they would have. It’s going to take a long time for these ranchers to recover, both financially and mentally. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of them. There are still some of the rural areas that are without power, There were over 3000 poles down in Perkins County alone, so it is taking a long time to get everyone restored. Unfortunately, the weather hasn’t been of any help! More rain fell on Friday, and again this Monday and Tuesday, plus they are saying snow! The poor critters that did survive haven’t even been able to dry off. We need some sunshine! Never thought we’d have to say that in South Dakota! Dave and Eldora Fischbach left Tuesday, October 1st for about a three week trip to the eastern part of the States. Unfortunately, they cut it short after hearing of the blizzard back home. They spent a night with sister Julie in Wisconsin, then were headed to visit daughter Laurie and family in Ohio for a few days. From there they were heading to daughter Sue and Dean in Indiana. They were 6 hours from Laurie’s when they turned around. They arrived back in Faith Tuesday afternoon, October 8th. Dave made his way to the ranch to help check things there. Eldora headed to Rapid City to check on their house there. Dave had sold his cattle earlier this fall but he helped nephew Elson and his neighbors search for their strayed cattle. Paul and I went to Rapid City last Friday and saw just a small fraction of the loss of cattle. It makes your heart break, so can’t imagine how the ranchers feel. It is such a devastating loss to these ranchers. I saw Karen Sletten in the mall and had a little visit with her while we walked from one store to another. She said they had so much snow and many broken branches. She also said that Dan and Jayne (Jordan) were some of the lucky ones, they lost only about 6 or 8 head in the blizzard. It was a pretty cool Homecoming weekend. The parade had to be held in the gym because of the wind. Congratulations to the Faith Longhorns on their homecoming victory over Lower Brule Friday night. I understand they served only around 70 for the alumni banquet. It is really too bad that more don’t come home for their class reunions. Or come home, but don’t go to the banquet. Maybe they’ll have to think about changing Homecoming to Stock Show, that seems to be when everyone is having their clsas reunions. That would be a shame, though. The cross country team travels to Philip today, Wednesday, for the Region 8B Meet, hoping to qualify for the state meet. The V, B and A volleyball girls will be hosting Eagle Butte this Thrusday night, beginning at 5:00. The Jr. High girls will also be hosting Eagle Butte at the school gym at 5:00. They will be competing in a tournament at Mobridge on Saturday. The varsity girls will be traveling to Timber Lake next Tuesday for games. The football team will be traveling to Lemmon for a game this Friday at 7:00. They will be hosting Timber Lake next Thursday night.

Central Meade County News
By Sandy Rhoden
Recent weather is more 'October like' than the previous weekend. It was like comparing night to day if one attended the wedding of James and Tashonna Ingalls on Saturday in Hot Springs. The outdoor wedding took place in a beautiful creek-side park with a rock canyon as the backdrop. A live running creek provided for a gorgeous site with rippling sounds of water flowing by. The groom rode in on horseback and awaited the bride and her father who also rode in on horses. The bride and her father scaled down the beautiful stone staircase and across the rock bridge to the wedding site on rich green grass. After the lovely ceremony, the couple mounted one horse together and galloped away and circled around the park up the hill. The wedding reception and dance followed. It was a bright reminder of happiness and hope after a long, dark week in western South Dakota. As the week has progressed we have learned of such great loss of cattle & horses. Elders in the community have never seen this type of devastation in their lifetime. Every rancher has a story. Some feel blessed to have suffered little loss compared to neighbors or friends who have been devastated by losing a high percent of their livestock. Our hearts go to out to so many, as the remnants of dead cattle spotting the hillsides serve as fresh reminders. There were no right or wrong decisions made as the prediction and the time of year made no sense for such a fierce storm. It packed a much more powerful punch than anticipated, and cattle were still out in summer pasture as they typically are this time of year. The cattle didn't have their winter coats yet as it was early. The cold drenching rain had the cows chilled down by the time the hard wind and heavy snow unleashed on them. If they could, many drifted for miles trying to escape the elements. Larry and I were thankful that most of the 'extra' cattle that had drifted into our pasture found a place of refuge and survived.

There will be a Fellowship Dinner put on at the Central Meade County Community Center for ranchers in the area who did or did not suffer loss in the storm. It is sponsored by the Sturgis businesses as an expression of their support and it will begin at 5:00 pm. This will be a good time of fellowship and a way to share stories, offer and receive encouragement, and express thoughts about how to proceed from here. This Saturday, Oct.19, there will be a memorial service for Trinity Wood at 11:00 am in Faith. Trinity was the daughter of Duane and Joann Wood from Maurine who lost her battle with cancer. Our sincere condolences go out to Trinity's family and close friends. A big thank you to the crews from West River Electric, Grand Electric, Black Hills Power, etc. for working so hard to get power back to the thousands who lost electricity from the snow storm, Atlas. We are also thankful to the teams who came in from other areas to help us get back that very precious commodity. On Saturday there will be a craft fair at the CMCCommunity Center in Union Center from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm.

Record-setting October blizzard
The weekend's blizzard in South Dakota brought heavy snow and rain across much of the western part of the state, causing catastrophic livestock losses, property damage, and shutting down travel for a several day period.  Statewide, total precipitation ranged from over 8 inches in northern Black Hills to as little as .10 inches of rain in the southeast. Snowfall amounts were as high as 55 inches in the northern Black Hills. "Preliminary precipitation totals have been difficult to come by," said Laura Edwards, SDSU Extension Climate Field Specialist. "A lot of our weather observers in rural areas of northwestern counties are still without power and phone, or have larger issues to deal with."   Edwards explained that some observers with internet connectivity were able to send in storm reports to the National Weather Service, and to the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network (CoCoRaHS, www.cocorahs.org). In addition, many observer locations are at federal facilities such as National Forest and Parks. With these employees are furloughed leaving many locations with no measured data available for this storm event.  She said the snowfall amounts were challenging to measure, given 60 mph winds in blizzard conditions.  The top snowfall amounts were in the northern Black Hills area, with reports of 40 to 60 inches over the three-day period.  Widespread 20-plus inch amounts reached into the plains north and east of the Black Hills.  At Rapid City, 23.1 inches were measured, which sets a new record for total October snowfall. The one-day total of 19.0 inches on Oct. 4 is the highest one-day total for the month of October, and ranks third highest ever in the city's record. This recent blizzard also adds to an already snowy year for Rapid City with 85.7 inches since January, ranking 2013 as the second snowiest calendar year.  The current record 94 inches from 2009.  In the eastern part of the state, nearly all of the precipitation fell as rain, which soaked cropland and slowed harvesting activities. Rainfall totals were as high as 4 inches in the central and north central counties, soaking the soils and grain out in the fields.  Areas of the southeast received much less rainfall causing fewer harvest issues.  The additional precipitation in central and western locations along with the warmer temperatures this week will help with winter wheat emergence and establishment in these areas.    The forecast for the weekend calls for some more rain in western South Dakota with 1 inch or more amounts possible. Fortunately, flooding risk is minimal despite the rain and snow that has fallen recently.  Perkins County has been very wet over the last several weeks seeing a record wet September. Some rivers and streams there may approach minor flood level.    To read more articles about the October blizzard impacts and concerns with livestock and agronomy, visit www.iGrow.org.

Senior Citizens Menu
All meals served with milk and bread. Menu subject to change without notice. Wed., Oct. 16: Ham & Potato Omelet, Green beans, Cinnamon rolls, Tropical fruit Thur., Oct. 17: Roast beef, Mashed potatoes & gravy, Harvest beets, Peach crisp Fri., Oct. 18: Hamburgers on bun, Hash browns, Baked beans, Lettuce leaf & tomato slices, Pears Mon. Oct. 21: Breaded baked fish, Company potatoes, Stewed tomatoes, Tropical fruit Tue., Oct. 22: No Meals Wed., Oct. 23: Pork chop w/celery sauce, Baked brown rice, Broccoli, Cranberry sauce, Fruit cocktail Thur., Oct. 24: Chunky chicken vegetable soup, Garlic bread, Cheesecake w/fruit & almonds Fri., Oct. 25: French dip sandwich, Potato salad, Grape juice, Banana, Vanilla ice cream

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Marcus News
By Vicky Waterland
The past two weeks are ones that most of us will never forget and we sure don’t need someone to put a name on this storm. It will be remembered as the Early October Blizzard of 2013 or that one that came in the fall of 13 and was so darn wet ‘n cold. The stock were still in summer pastures and they did not have their winter hair.  I can imagine someone saying, “killed all those cows. Remember seein’ ‘em lay along the roads ‘n fence lines. Broke your heart. My wife ‘n some o’ the kids cried all the way to town just lookin’ at ‘em.” Yes, we’ll remember and we’ll carry just a tinge of fear in our hearts that it could happen again. I’m 60 and not as storm experienced as some but this is the worst one I remember since the March blizzard of 1966. My personal opinion here: but this storm was worse because of the drenching rain followed by high, hard, wind and blizzard conditions. Tuesday, as I helped Bub and Harold take some survivors back to my dad’s old place, I wondered what made all the stock in the country drift like they did? Yes, many were not in good sheltered pastures and yes, they were not “haired up” for the cold temperatures. Still it seems that almost everyone had some stock drift out in the storm. I have heard people tell of seeing stock drifting past their homes, trying to turn them back or send them to barns and not being able to turn them. They acted like zombies. Why? I can’t imagine the stress of being out in that. As ranchers, farmers and stockmen in general it breaks all our hearts. I wish I could grab some of those knot heads telling us to “put all the cows in sheds” by their scruffy little necks and chuck ‘em out in that weather for a little wake up call. They’d learn a whole lot in a little while. Having folks who are urban and suburban born and bred is like asking one of us to design a 60 story office building for downtown Chicago.  I’m also quite put out with the total uncaring, lack of response from our nation to the plight we have suffered. I mean the people in general, your relatives and mine, not just the government. Aren’t we suppose to hear from the Red Cross, and a few more? Don’t they come in and bring clean drinking water to those without it? We do have folks who have not been able to pump water for days due to the power outage.  Who is starting a fund for the families here that were devastated? I’ve seen one but I’m not sure anyone will ever see any funds from it. The next time you hear of a disaster somewhere and have the urge to call and donate DON’T. We need to start our own Dakota Fund and keep our money here to help the folks that care for and help us in our time of need. Take a good look at the salaries the executives of the big “relief” organizations get. It’ll make you sick and disgusted at the same time. Let ‘em find their own funds elsewhere. Folks, our problem is that all the world knows we can take care of ourselves and we don’t whine and howl about it. Larry the Cable Guy would say we just, “git ‘er done.” A big thank you to our power companies who have done their usual tremendous job of dealing with this whole mess and getting us up and running. We were off 5 days, Friday through Tuesday. Some may still be off but it is getting closer. We ran out of gas in the generator and we were getting down to 5 sticks of wood. I was surveying my furniture deciding what we could burn if Harold could not walk in the deep snow and get a tractor started. One of the first items I spotted was a wooden angel on my mantel. She didn’t look like much but she’d keep the fire going especially if I threw in a wooden stool next followed by a bookshelf. I also had a whole pile of paperback books that looked like they’d last a bit in the fireplace. Thankfully, Harold got his tractor down to Robert’s loader tractor and got more wood plus figured out how to jump start the electric gas pump on our fuel tank. A big thanks to Robin Kilness and Robert Wondercheck for making sure we got going. Any good outcomes this week are probably NOT because Meade County highway department was prepared. To any one unaware, the Meade County Commissioners, some time ago, voted that no blade operators live close to their blades or plow shops where we need them. One ole gal threw a fit and saw to it that all the places to live were removed from county property. That less than gorgeous specimen of womanhood is thankfully no longer on the board and we sure need to keep it that way. We also need to find better leadership for our county. Talk to all your relatives that live in the Hills area and make them aware of our plight. Speak up, tell them they need new representation from someone who actually knows about our county and its needs. There are also a bunch of you young folks that need to get signed up to vote and then vote! Janet Fernau used to be sure that all her high school government/history students were registered. Faith School, have we dropped the ball there? The loss of livestock has been

tremendous. A person hears so much that you are not sure what to believe. At this point it is hard to even guess at an amount. Harold and I counted carcasses from our place to Faith one day. We then added in the amount we knew had already been piled up over some of the hills and figured there were easily 150 between home and town. Folks talk of seeing 70 dead cows in one fence corner, 60 drifted into an open dam and so on. The loss was great, the emotional and physical stresses are high. Neighbors are helping neighbors, family is pulling together, friends offer help and caring. At a time like this just a phone call to say you’re thinking of someone helps. Everyone has been out searching for livestock with the help of so many good people.  Once again we are truly blessed to live in this part of the world, populated by smart, caring, generous individuals. God Bless each of you and God Bless South Dakota.   Jim and Vonnie O'Dea have had many of their family with them this week. Susan O'Dea came last Sunday night and helped until Tuesday night. Lowell Schweitzer came Wednesday noon and Doug Phillips came Thursday noon. Both left for their homes Friday afternoon. Michael Deichert and friend Ava came Saturday night and left Sunday afternoon. Holly and Paige Phillips came Sunday noon and will be leaving on Monday afternoon. Amy Deichert called on her way back from a college rodeo at Cheyenne. She was going to Spearfish Sunday evening and she will be out Monday to help for a few days. They appreciate all of the help, as the storm hit them pretty hard. Family is a good thing to have. John Powell and Dave Tenbrook of McIntosh spent Tuesday and Wednesday at the Tucker Hudsons helping them dig out and look for cattle following the storm. Bill and Wacey Brown, Piedmont, Brent Hoffman and his brother-in-law, helped Tucker and Tina Hudson sort and move cows off the flat at the Howes Grazing Association on Thursday. Tela Hutchison, of Burke, SD came Thursday night and spent Friday and Saturday helping her folks move cows around and look for some of those that strayed away. We are so blessed to have friends and family to help during a time like this. I had a million thoughts as this storm went on and after it was over. I’m not sure what I missed so let me know. vickywaterland@hotmail.com or call 9855318

Governor waives weight limits to speed removal of dead cattle after blizzard
Gov. Dennis Daugaard has issued an executive order waiving overweight limits for truckers hauling carcasses of cattle killed in last weekend’s blizzard in western South Dakota. The order allows trucks to exceed normal weight limits while removing dead cattle from the storm-impacted areas of the state. The order says an emergency situation exists while the carcasses are on the ground, and the animals should be removed as quickly as possible for protection of life and property. “The weekend blizzard already has caused untold devastation,’’ Gov. Daugaard said. “The number of livestock actually lost in the storm isn’t certain, but it will range in the thousands of head. We need to lift weight limits temporarily to

make sure the process of removing those cattle proceeds as quickly as possible.’’ The overweight waiver does not apply to specific roads or bridges with posted maximum weights. The order will expire at the end of the emergency. On Saturday, Oct. 5, Gov. Daugaard issued an emergency order to allow state assets to be used in response to the blizzard. Because of that order, many federal restrictions on motor carriers were waived, including hours of service. Trucking companies have a responsibility to make sure their drivers are able to operate equipment safely. The waiver of weight limits applies only to truckers serving in the storm-impacted area of South Dakota.                               

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Grand River Roundup
By Betty Olson
This has been quite a week! This whole area is still trying to recover from the aftermath of what is called the ‘Atlas’ blizzard that hit on Friday, October 4th. Grand Electric didn’t get our power back on until Thursday. I can’t tell you how excited we were to see their heavy equipment roll in here Wednesday morning. Most of the poles between the ranch and the highway were busted off and the highlines were down and frozen in the creek in front of our house. The crews from Grand and several private contractors, plus two National Guardsmen driving a truck to pull out any of the linemen’s trucks getting stuck, were hard at work all day Wednesday and most of Thursday getting our electricity restored. Wednesday when Scott Koan came to see what needed to be done to get us back in service, he gave me a copy of an email that Jerry Reisenauer sent out to the Grand employees. Jerry’s email said that they had completed an aerial survey of 96% of Grand’s system and the results were not good. They found that there were 4,209 poles lost in the storm. Here is the breakdown of poles lost on each substation: Bison-1241; Buffalo-102; Ellingson-549; Lemmon1119; Maurine-970; Stoneville-231; and Ladner-0. Grand had 1014 members without power and they are projecting the cost to rebuild the system will exceed $15 million! A thunderstorm rolled through here Friday morning, leaving us without power for another three hours, but thankfully the lights came back on and we can put the generators, kerosene lamps, and flashlights away for now. Most of our neighbors to the south are still without power, but hopefully they will be getting their electricity back on soon! South Dakota Dept of Ag has set up a blizzard helpline for producers living in Harding, Perkins, Ziebach, Shannon, Jackson, Jones, Bennett and Mellette counties that were impacted by this early blizzard. The helpline can answer questions regarding animal removal from agricultural properties, documentation of livestock losses, livestock identification and provide contact information for other assistance programs. Producers experiencing emotional distress can also call for support or to find counseling resources. Agencies needing volunteers and individuals interested in volunteering to help should dial 211 or call 877-7084357. We went to Hettinger Monday to get supplies and got a chance to visit with some of the neighbors. Racehorse Johnny Johnson was in Runnings and when I asked how he weathered the blizzard he had a cute story to tell. He said his hired man was slogging through the snow the day of the blizzard and Johnny asked him how deep he thought the snow was? The hired man, one of Johnny’s jockeys, replied, “Well, I’m a jockey and I’m pretty short. I leave three tracks in the snow instead of two. What does that tell you? You figure it out.” We’ve lost several friends and neighbors.  Joe Verhulst, 87, of Reva, died Saturday, October 5th, at Haven Health in Safford, Arizona. Private family services will be conducted at a later date. Ellen (Coffield) Besler, 83, passed away Tuesday, October 8th, at the David M. Dorsett Center in Spearfish. Her funeral services were Saturday in Spearfish with burial with her husband Elmer at Black Hills National Cemetery. Marilyn (Latham) Olson, 82, of Bowman died Saturday morning, October 12th, in Spearfish after a short battle with cancer. Marilyn’s funeral will be Monday afternoon in Bowman with burial to follow in the Bowman Cemetery. Charlie Clark, 76, died Saturday, October 12th while working on his ranch at Keldron. His funeral will be Friday at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Lemmon with Pastor John Irwin from the Reformed Presbyterian Church officiating. Following the funeral service, Charlie's ashes will be scattered on his beloved ranch along the Grand River.       Mac and Terisa (Mollman) Thompson’s baby boy Brady had heart surgery immediately after his birth in Michigan a couple weeks ago. Brady is recovering quite well so far and he and his parents have a new address. You can reach them at: 1600 Washington Heights, Room 27, Ann Arbor, MI 48109. Ranchers in western South Dakota have been dealing with devastating losses of cattle, sheep, and horses after the October 4th blizzard. These are my people and my heart bleeds for them, but they are made of stern stuff. These ranchers will mourn the loss of their livestock, try to figure out how to pay their bills by tightening their belts, and they will come through this, bruised and battered, but stronger. I’d like to leave them with this:   You might be a rancher if. . . . *Your family instantly becomes silent when the weather comes on the news. *You have animals living in buildings more expensive than your house. *Over 80% of your clothing came from ranch supply stores. *You refer to ranches by who owned them 50 or more years ago. *You give directions to your ranch by using area landmarks, not road names or numbers *You have buried a horse or a dog and cried like a baby.

*You have used a tractor with a loader as scaffolding for painting or roof repairs. *You've used the same knife to make bull calves into steers and peel apples. *You wave at every vehicle whether you know them or not. *Your dog rides in the truck more than your wife. *You've never thrown away a 5 gallon bucket. *You have used baling wire to attach a license plate. *You have used a chainsaw to remodel your house. *You can remember the acreage, water rights, state & federal leases, and number of cattle ran on land you leased 10 years ago, but cannot recall your wife's birthday. God be with you my friends.

Opal Area News
By Kay Ingalls
Missed last week as was still in a hectic mode with the blizzard and no electricity.  Our area ended up with what we are estimating 20+ inches of very wet snow and winds 50 mph+. Started on Friday forenoon and subsided around 2:30 on Saturday afternoon.  We got our power back on Wednesday evening to lose it on Friday forenoon, back on Saturday morning.  What a tough job our electric co-ops had and we thank them for all the hard work. On October 3, Dwayne Vig and grandson Landan Brink flew the C-172 to Sturgis for some maintenance.  Zona drove and met them at the airport and stopped to visit Glenn and Margaret Fogelman in their new apartment home in Sturgis. Later they met Chandelle and delivered her son Landan for his home school co-op. It was a misty, overcast day but Dwayne and Zona enjoyed the drive to Hill City and on to Mystic.  They had planned on spending a few days for a late anniversary outing but by midnight it was snowing heavily, the sky was full of lightning and thunder so they packed up and drove back to Rapid City where the snow turned to rain.  They were back at the ranch at 4:00 AM Friday morning so they could experience the blizzard, power outages and were in place to feed livestock when the wind quit.  Tuesday the 8th, Wednesday and Thursday, Dwayne and Matt Taton rode horses into Big Draw and surrounding area looking for neighbor's cattle and moving the cattle to better pasture.  Zona had the pleasure of helping JT and Kelsey move their cows home from the south school section. The majority of the whole week was spent just being good neighbors and helping one another with cattle.  Big losses took place to some, moderate to some and nearly none to others.  No rhyme or reason as to where and why the cattle ended up where they did, except the rain and heavy snow with high winds for so long just made them take off. Still today, over a week later, it is  long days working with the live and dead livestock and now on Sunday night and today has been steady rain, once again hampering the ranchers work. Wednesday the 9th, I traveled to my daughter’s home north of Sturgis so I could get to hold our precious newborn twin great granddaughters. Darren and Karen Gebes and family came from their home near Fargo, ND to have the little girls dedicated in the Lord's hands at the church in Sturgis. Brigid and Kiara are now three weeks old and just precious as can be. I traveled highway 212 going and coming home on highway 34 and it was a very disheartening sight to see the livestock losses. Thursday afternoon, Darrel and Sharon Sauder from Rapid City were out to the Vig ranch to do some antelope hunting. They stayed for supper and spent the night, leaving for home on Friday morning. Saturday afternoon, Dwayne Vig took Paul, Cheyenne and Garrett Winkler flying in the C210 to check on their cattle on Willow Creek and look for a way to get them home around the flooding creek.  The rest of the children stayed with Grandma Zona and then all had supper before driving home. Duane Arenson and niece Marla Jibbens stopped in for a visit with Howard and I on Friday afternoon.  Duane is Mary Bowlby Arenson's son,  making him Howard's first cousin and Marla is Alma Arenson 's daughter.  Duane lives in Sioux Falls and Marla in Portland, Oregon and they were traveling to her home. Duane would fly back home from there.  They had stopped at Marlin's also, but didn't catch them at home, guess they were just in the pastures working with cattle, but didn't make any connection. Tracy, Kay and Justin Ingalls drove to Hot Springs on Saturday to attend the wedding of grandson James Ingalls and Tashonna Frye. Beautiful wedding, beautiful location and beautiful couple.  Justin spent overnight as he drove with friends. Tracy and I came on home that night.  Congratulations to James and Tashonna. Nathan Ingalls spent a few days in Rapid City before coming home to reload and head back to his job in ND on Saturday.  He spent Sunday visiting a friend in Montana, going on over to Williston on Monday. Hoping for all good news and more of it for next week. Help me out neighbors with some news items.

The Rancher’s Prayer
The rancher looked toward heaven And said, "God where have you been? Do you know we had a blizzard, With rain and snow and wind? You know I built this herd of mine With blood and sweat and tears. You know the work and worry, As I struggled through the years. Now as I stand and look around, I see that it is gone. I don't know if I have the strength To rebuild or go on." God looked down from heaven____ Saw the pain there in his eyes. He heard the sadness in his voice. He knew the sacrifice. He said, "My son, you're not alone. I'm walking there with you____ I'll give you all the strength you need For what you have to do. I'll give you courage to go on, Through all this loss and pain. I'll give you hope to start once more, And build your herd again. I know that this is who you are____ And not just what you do. And as you're making your fresh start, I'll be right there with you. Do not think this is a failure, Or that you've done something wrong. You're an example of the spirit That makes South Dakota strong. So stand up straight and tall my son, For I have faith in you. Put yesterday behind you now, For we've got work to do!" ~ Bobette Schofield

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Special guest visits Story Hour
On Sept. 18, the Faith School music teacher, Jen Stomrud visited the Faith Public Library Story Hour.  Mrs. Stomrud brought conga drums to share with the preschoolers attending. Conga drums are big tall barrel drums made from a tree and are hollow.  These drums are from Africa and are often used in Afro-Caribbean  religious  or Latin music. They are played with the fingers and palms of the hands.  Participants received an opportunity to play the drums and learn about the letter C.  Library Supervisor Angela Ostrander then had the Story Hour participants listen to a story about the letter C, make interactive paper crocodile puppets and decorate large sugar cookies.  Everyone enjoyed the activities followed by checking out books.  Story Hour will continue on Wednesdays- 8:30 – 9:30 AM at the Faith Public/School Library with special guests and activities for youth ages 3-5 and their parents.  Upcoming events: Letter F – Fish windsock kite and G- Guitar, where participants will make their own paper guitar and listen to Mrs. Stomrud’s playing of different guitars.  Also, plan to wear a positive character costume for the Story Hour Fall Fun Celebration on Oct. 30. The library is open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 AM – 7 PM; Wednesdays 8 AM – 5 PM; and Fridays 9 AM – 3 PM.  Look for upcoming events on our website at: https://faithlibrary.wikispaces.co m/ Thanks for your continued support in literacy education for everyone @ the Faith Public/School Library.  Questions, please call the library @ 967-2262

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Class of 1993 … Left to right: Ryan Fisher, Elson Fischbach.
Photo by Marcia Samuelson

Class of 1973 … Front row, l to r: Mona (Fisher) Thomas, Greg Fisher, Richard Price, Dan Fogelman. Back row, l to r: Dave Fisher, Kathy (Fischbach) Schuchhardt, Kay (Lightfield) Palmer, Cindy Escott, Squeak Haines. Photo by Marcia Samuelson

Class of 2003 … Left to right: Jeff Brown, Amanda Dutton.
Photo By Marcia Samuelson

Eagle Butte CC Meet
By Coach Marlene Gustafson
The Cheyenne Eagle Butte Invitational Cross Country Meet was held on Thursday, October 10, 2013. The Faith Cross Country Team participated with athletes from McIntosh, Bison, Lemmon, Dupree, Wall, Takini, Lower Brule, Todd County, Little Wound, Crazy Horse, Pine Ridge, Eagle Butte, St. Francis, and Standing Rock. In the varsity girls race Faith Longhorn Shayna Engel medaled in 19th place with the time of 19:13. Brooke Enright placed 27th with 20:20. In the junior varsity 4,000 meter race Jacob Ulrich received the 11th place medal with the time of 17:15. Mark Smith placed 22 with 20:52 and James Ulrich placed 25th with the time of 21:24. In the 1,000 meter race the four Faith Longhorn boys each received a medal. Treyton Bushong placed second, Ryan Hohenberger was third, Jerin Halligan placed fifth, and Tyson Selby was eighth. In the Fun Run, Krece Halligan and Ann Ulrich received medals. The Faith Cross Country Team competes in the Region 5B Meet on Wednesday, October 16, in Philip.

Class of 1983 … Front row, l to r: Marilyn (Hansen) Palmer, Anthony Fisher, Darla Hulm, Debbie (Oldenberg) Brown. Back row, l to r: Marcy Trainor, Teri (Redden) Hills, Jenny (Selby) Aigner, Sharon (Sowers) Carlson. Photo by Marcia Samuelson

Antelope poached
Unfortunately sometime between Saturday, Sept. 28th and Wednesday, Oct. 2nd, two Pronghorn Antelope were poached near Faith. Initial investigation suggest a high powered rifle was used to fatally wound the two antelope and left to rot. This wasteful killing occurred just off the

By GFP Wildlife Management Specialist Ross Fees
highway. A reward will be offered for any information leading to a conviction. Please call 605-3813734 or state radio at 605-3938121 with any information. Information can also be given completely anonymously by calling the TIP’s hotline at 605-888OVERBAG or by going online to the GFP website and clicking the Hunting tab, and scroll down to the bottom of the page where you’ll see “Turn in Poachers.” With the recent snow blizzard, please help assess damage to wildlife by reporting any wildlife losses found as the snow melts.

October 16, 2013 • The Faith Independent •

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Lady ‘Horns come home empty-handed
By Kassidy Inghram and Bonnie Lutz
The Lady Longhorns had a tough day on Saturday, October 12th, when they travelled to Gettysburg. In the first match they played Highmore/Harrold, theset scores of this game were: 625 and 12-25. In the second match they played Faulkton and did pretty good with set scores of: 23-25 and 19-25. In the third match they played Ipswich with set scores of: 15-25 and 14-25. In the last match of the day they played McIntosh with set scores of: 11-25 and 19-25. Michaelah Martin led in receiving serves and digs. Leading the team in blocks was Maddy Vance. Shanna Selby stood out in this tournament and was awarded all-tourney. She also led in the team in serves, attacks, and sets. Coach Alison Grueb’s thoughts of the Highmore/Harrold match, “This was our first match of the tournament and we really started the day off on the wrong foot and just couldn’t get anything rolling.” Coach Grueb’s quote of Faulkton match, “We played Faulkton right after our disappointing loss to HighmoreHarrold and our game did a 180 degree turn for the better. We really moved a lot better against a hard hitting Faulkton team.” Coach Grueb’s thoughts of the Ipswich match, “We played fairly well against a good Ipswich team. We just had some basic fundamental difficulties that stopped us from getting a W.” In the match against McIntosh Coach Grueb’s quote was, “ All of our frustrations from the day cumulated into this loss in which we just couldn’t seem to do much right.” Junior Michaelah Martin’s thoughts of the tournament were, “I think we need to work more as a team and not get down on ourselves so much.” Senior Shanna Selby’s thoughts were, “We played some tough teams and we are missing one of our starting players. We didn't play exactly how we wanted, but we fought and played some good games.” Come out and support the Lady Longhorns this Thursday, October 17th, when they host Eagle Butte.

The Lady Longhorns come out strong but couldn’t finish
by Kassidy Inghram and Bonnie Lutz
The Lady Longhorns hosted a home game on Thursday, October 10th against Bison. The Lady Longhorns started off strong, but couldn’t finish the same. The set scores of this match were: 25-20, 23-25, 15-25, and 19-25. Leading the team in serves, sets, and attacks was Shanna Selby. Michaelah Martin led the team in receiving serves and digs. Maddy Vance lead the team in blocks. These girls all played well, but the player that stood out was Katie Bogue. Katie has really improved this season and had to step up into the setter spot. She played well as Karli Kilby is out on an ankle injury. Coach Ali Grueb’s thoughts of the game were, “We started out playing really well and just let a few mistakes in the following sets bring us down. We had to make a couple adjustments after Karli Kilby injured her ankle in practice earlier that week.” Senior Maddy Vance’s thoughts of the game were, “We started off pretty well against them, but then lost a tough second set. This made us then lose all of our confidence and we couldn’t get anything going for the last two sets. We have tough games coming up, so we just need to keep working and we’ll be alright.” The 7th and 8th graders match scores were: 25-12, 22-25, and 15-6. The lead scorer of the game was Kailyn Groves with 12 points, 10 of them being aces. The JV played a game as well with set scores of 25-14 and 2516. The JV played well with not missing as many serves, by hitting well, and having a strong start. The leading scorer for the JV game was Bonnie Lutz with 9 points, 3 of them being aces. Coach Jozelle Humble’s thoughts before the game were, “We need to come out strong and not dig ourselves a big hole. Have good serves, and hit instead of giving as many free balls.”

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Teammates assist #22, Wyatt Schuelke, in taking down Lower Brule’s #94 during the Homecoming game Friday night. Photo by Marcia Samuelson

Hunter Johnson, #72, Cole Trainor, #5 and Josh Afdahl, #12, close in on the Lower Brule Sioux during kick off. Photo by Marcia Samuelson

Sydnie Schauer tips the ball over the net during the volleyball tournament here on Saturday, October 12th. Photo by Marcia Samuelson

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Understanding what happened
This article was written collaboratively by Dave Ollila and Rosie Nold The high death loss from the early October blizzard in South Dakota has producers and the public wondering “How could this happen?” We tend to think about winter storms, extreme cold and other stressful conditions that cattle, horses and sheep on western range often successfully cope with and ask “Why was this storm so much worse?” A number of factors all happened simultaneously to create a situation of very high energy needs and high stress in cattle and other livestock. Any one of the following factors could have an impact by itself, but when all combined, it was simply too much for the animals and they most likely succumbed to hypothermia. The contributing factors included: 1. Animals were not adapted to winter conditions. Cattle will grow a thicker hair coat in response to shorter days, and cooler temperatures. But temperatures prior to the storm were in the 70°’s. For cattle, this meant they had thin hair coats and little protection from the elements. 2. Snow was preceded by hours of rain. A wet hair coat reduces the “insulation” that the hair and hide provide and increases the rate of heat loss from the body. For example, a cow with a wet hair or summer hair coat has critical temperature of 59°, while one with a dry, heavy winter coat has a critical temperature of 18°. The critical temperature is the temperature at which the animal must increase its metabolism, or burn its own energy, to maintain its body temperature. The further the effective temperature is below the critical temperature, the more energy the animal must use to maintain its body temperature. See “Spring Storms and Cold Stress” for more detailed information. 3. Winds in this blizzard were recorded up to 60 mph. Both research and practical experience show what a difference “wind chill” has on effective temperature. The range and pastures that are grazed during summer months are typically “open” – without constructed windbreaks, and usually very few natural windbreaks. With the storm so early in the year, most livestock were still out on summer range and pastures. Thus, animals felt the full intensity of the wind. 4. The hair coat, temperature, moisture and wind combination meant the animals’ energy needs to maintain body temperature were much higher than even during a “normal” winter blizzard. 5. Coupled with the very high energy needs of the animals was the fact that most of the feed the cattle were currently eating was quite low in energy. Cattle grazing lush green grass makes a beautiful picture, but the reality is that lush, rapidly growing green grass is very high in moisture and low in energy per pound of feed consumed. The unusually large rainfall in September had created this rapidly growing grass in many areas. Under normal weather conditions, cattle were able to consume large quantities of grass to meet and even exceed their energy needs. But under blizzard conditions, it was not possible for them to consume adequate amounts of forage to meet their much higher than normal energy needs. 6. To try to escape or reduce the harsh wind, cattle will walk with the wind and seek areas of shelter, such as draws and ravines. Walking through heavy, wet and deep snow increased their energy needs even more. The severity of the snow fall also meant that the animals were walking blind, and could easily fall in to gullies, walk into a stock dam or creek, or gather into a fence corner and face crushing and trampling. With all the factors above combining effects, exhaustion and the inability to maintain their own body temperature finally caused cattle to simply stop and succumb to hypothermia. It’s important to note that the factors above were beyond the control of ranchers, owners, or anyone else. Cattle that survived the storm most likely have used up all or most of their energy reserves. This means they may need more supplemental feed than is normal for this time of year, particularly if there is added stress from rain and colder temperatures. ~ iGrow.org

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573 .............$189.75 460 .............$205.75 541 .............$187.00 572 .............$189.25 432 .............$213.00 545 .............$185.00 553 .............$171.00 513 .............$187.00

23 ......................blk & bldy heifers J & Y Wock 32.............................Angus steers 24............................Angus heifers Les Lensegrav 18.............................Angus steers 18............................Angus heifers Shawn Seymour 35 ...................blk & red steers SS 30 ................blk & bldy heifers SS Clint Holmes 18.............................Angus steers 18............................Angus heifers Duane Wood 30.............................Angus steers McTighe Bros 73 .........................Hereford steers 44 .........................Hereford steers

483 .............$178.50 486 .............$201.00 454 .............$184.00 500 .............$191.50 480 .............$180.75 539 .............$181.00 521 .............$170.00 575 .............$176.50 513 .............$179.50 566 .............$180.50 637 .............$169.00 771 .............$164.00

Expecting 5500-6000 calves Sale Time: 11 AM

NEXT SALE: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22ND Weigh Up and Sheep Sale
Sale Time: 11 AM Expecting 3000-3500 calves

Sale Time: 11 AM Expecting 3000-3500 calves
Monday, October 28: Special calf sale (featuring Angus calves) ***Tuesday, October 29: Weigh-up cow and sheep sale*** Monday, November 4: Special spring calf sale Friday, November 8: Special bred cow and heifer sale ***NOTE THE CHANGE IN DATES***

We appreciate your business. Give us a call at 605-967-2200 or www.faithlivestock.com if you have livestock to sell. We would be glad to visit with you. Gary Vance – (605) 967-2162 OR Scott Vance – CELL: 484-7127 OR Max Loughlin – 1-605-645-2583 (cell) OR Glen King 1-605-390-3264 (cell)

Oct. 8th Oct. 9th Oct. 10th Oct. 11th Oct. 12th Oct. 13th Oct. 14th 56 57 62 54 54 55 51

39 39 37 42 37 40 35

0 0 .38 .27 0 0 .68

LEGALS Legal Newspaper for the City of Faith • Faith School District 46-2 • Meade County, ORDINANCE NO. 306 2014 APPROPRIATION ORDINANCE

October 16, 2013 • The Faith Independent • Page


Section I: That thereby and hereby is appropriated by the Common Council of the City of Faith, Meade County, South Dakota, for the year commencing the first day of January, 2014, the following sum of money for the following purpose which are deemed necessary to defray expenses and liabilities for the City of Faith, to-wit: General Special Revenue Dept Service Capital Project Funds Fund Fund Fund Revenue: 310 Taxes: 313 General Sales and Use Taxes 212,000.00 314 Gross Receipts Business Taxes 600.00 315 Amusement Taxes 100.00 Total Taxes 212,700.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 320 Licenses and Permits $2,100.00 330 Intergovernmental Revenue: 331 Federal Grants 0.00 334 State Grants 0.00 335.02 Port of Entry 1,000.00 335.03 Liquor Tax Reversion 2,800.00 335.08 Local Government Hwy & Bridge Fund 7,000.00 338.01 County Road Tax (25%) 500.00 338.02 County HBR Tax (25%) 0.00 338.03 County Motor Vehicle 7,500.00 338.09 Satellite Office 3,200.00 Total Intergovernmental Revenue 22,000.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 340 Charges for Goods and Services: 341 General Government 0.00 342 Public Safety 1,750.00 343 Highways and Streets 0.00 346 Culture and Recreation 2,800.00 347 Ambulance 115,000.00 348 Cemetery 0.00 349 Airport 88,000.00 Total Charges for Goods and Services 207,550.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 360 Miscellaneous Revenue: 361 Interest Earned 3,000.00 362 Rentals 38,667.00 363 Special Assessments 367 Contributions and Donations from Private Sources 5,000.00 Exhibit Donations 369 Other Misc 10,000.00 Total Miscellaneous Revenue 56,667.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 390 Other Sources: 391 Other Grants 391 Other Long-Term Debt Proceeds Total Other Sources: 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 Total Revenue 501,017.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 Expenditures: 410 General Government: 411 Legislative 3,000.00 411.5 Contingency 25,000.00 412 Executive 20,995.00 413 Elections 1,350.00 414 Financial Administration 176,455.00 419 Other 266,399.00 Total General Government 493,199.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 420 Public Safety: 421 Police 113,853.00 422 Fire 25,000.00 Total Public Safety 138,853.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 430 Public Works: 431 Highways and Streets 106,721.00 435 Airport 112,292.00 437 Cemeteries 6,000.00 Total Public Works 225,013.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 440 Health and Welfare: 441 Health 2,000.00 446 Ambulance 159,607.00 Total Health and Welfare 161,607.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 450 Culture-Recreation: 451 Recreation 5,341.00 452 Parks 20,267.00 454 Swimming Pool 29,575.00 455 Libraries 25,390.00 Total Culture-Recreation 80,573.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 460 Conservation and Development: 465 Economic Development and Assistance 14,355.00 466 Economic Opportunity 1,000.00 467 Ecomonic - Exhibit Area 5,598.00 Total Conservation and Development 20,953.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 470 Debt Service 106,440.00 0.00 0.00 Total Expenditures 1,226,638.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 Other Financing Sources (Uses): 391.1 Operating Transfers In 462,000.00 0.00 511 Operating Transfers Out 10,500.00 0.00 Total Other Financing Sources (Uses) 451,500.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 Excess of Revenue and Other Sources Over (Under) Expenditures and (274,121.00) 0.00 0.00 0.00 Other Uses 1076 Savings Reserve Account for GGB 11,500.00 1072 Savings Reserve Account for Community Devel. 17,000.00 1040 Savings Reserve Account for Sales Tax 247,640.00 1040 Savings Reserve Account for Capital Outlay 0.00 Continued on next page

Generated by Lisa G Schieffer on Thursday, October 10, 2013 Members present: Robert Heidgerken, Linda Rausch, Bob Bertolotto, and Galen Niederwerder. Absent Alan Aker. Meeting called to order at 8:00 AM 1. Call to Order at 8:00 AM 2. Items from Commission Action, Discussion: A. Livestock Carcass Removal Motion to (1) Employ the Civil Air Patrol to do an inventory on all of Meade County to locate dead livestock and record its location; (2) Under an Emergency bid procedure we proceed to get bids for clearance of carcasses from Meade County rights-of-way with proper procedure of disposal and identification to be followed; (3) To get bids to hire a contractor to dig holes on private land and prepare a sign off sheet for the private land owners in terms of liability along with a clear invitation process, and also provide for provisions of possible disposal of public right-of-way carcasses. Not to exceed 100,000.00 out of the Emergency fund, which all are in priority order, without further approval. Motion by Rausch, second by Bertolotto. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Action, Discussion: B. Debris Removal The matter of the deferred motion from the October 8, 2013 meeting authorizing the spending of $35,000 out of Emergency Fund for debris removal was brought back before the table. A substitute motion was offered by Commissioner Bertolotto that the Commission authorizes the spending of $35,000.00 out of the Emergency Fund for assistance to homeowners for debris removal, under an application process devised by the Human Resource/Commissioner Assistant Department and to use the Firewise staff for such assistance in debris removal. Motion by Bertolotto, second by Rausch. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Motion to authorize the sites that were recommended by the Planning and Zoning Department, and to also include the bark plant site for debris placement and authorize the offices of Human Resources/Commissioners Assistant and Emergency Management to coordinate monitoring of each of the sites, establish hours the sites are open and to bring in other resources as they deem necessary to manage this program. Motion by Niederwerder, second by Rausch. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Action, Discussion: C. Emergency Funding Authorization Motion to authorize that our Auditor/Treasurer set up a fund at Pioneer Bank and Trust for donations for public or county use, to be used towards assistance in areas of cleanup. Motion died for lack of a second. Motion by Bertolotto, second none. Motion Fails. Motion that Meade County authorizes $5,000 from the Commissioner Contingency Fund to go to the Ranchers Relief Fund. Motion died for lack of a second. Motion by Niederwerder, second none. Final Resolution: Motion Fails. Action, Discussion: D. Declaration of Existing Public Health and Safety Threat Continued on next page

Special Meade County Commission Meeting (Thursday, October 10, 2013)

Page 12 • The Faith Independent • October 16, 2013
Continued from previous page Carry Over from Prior Years TOTAL 601 Liquor Fund Operating Revenue: 380 Charges for Goods and Services 380.5 Lottery Sales 369 Miscellaneous 391 Other Rural Dev. Loan Grant Total Operating Revenue Operating Expenses 410 Personal Services 420 Other Current Expense 426.2 Materials (Cost of Goods Sold) Total Operating Expenses Operating Income (Loss) Nonoperating Income (Expense) 330 Operating Grants 361 Earnings on Deposits and Investments 470 Interest Expense and Fiscal Charges Total Nonoperating Income (Expense) Income (Loss) Before Operating Transfers Operating Transfers In Operating Transfers Out Net Income (Loss) Expense Relating to Noncapitalized Fixed Assets: Fixed Asset Additions Beginning Retained Earnings Carry Over from Capitol Outlay Carry Over from Unrestricted Cash Total 389,000.00 18,000.00 1,500.00 408,500.00 64,574.00 35,275.00 279,050.00 378,899.00 29,601.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 29,601.00 0.00 29,000.00 601.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 601.00

LEGALS Legal Newspaper for the City of Faith • Faith School District 46-2 • Meade County,
0.00 276,140.00 2,019.00 602 Water Fund 105,000.00 200.00 105,200.00 8,728.00 15,550.00 86,000.00 110,278.00 (5,078.00) 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 (5,078.00) 5,100.00 22.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 22.00 0.00 0.00 603 Electric Fund 610,000.00 8,150.00 618,150.00 35,622.00 31,750.00 305,000.00 372,372.00 245,778.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 245,778.00 0.00 245,000.00 778.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 778.00 0.00 0.00 604 Sewer Fund 29,000.00 50.00 29,050.00 1,076.00 18,550.00 19,626.00 9,424.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 9,424.00 0.00 9,000.00 424.00 0.00 0.00 424.00 0.00 0.00 611 Telephone Fund 389,200.00 30,300.00 419,500.00 44,415.00 195,800.00 240,215.00 179,285.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 179,285.00 0.00 179,000.00 285.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 285.00 612 Solid Waste Fund 56,300.00 300.00 56,600.00 6,435.00 55,550.00 61,985.00 (5,385.00) 0.00 0.00 0.00 (5,385.00) 5,400.00 0.00 15.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 15.00

Total 1,578,500.00 18,000.00 40,500.00 0.00 0.00 1,637,000.00 160,850.00 156,675.00 865,850.00 1,183,375.00 453,625.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 453,625.00 10,500.00 462,000.00 2,125.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 2,125.00

Section II That no property tax levy be extended against the property of the City of Faith for the foregoing appropriations. Section III. That all miscellaneous revenue to be from various sources as shown in Section I of this Ordinance shall be credited to the separate funds as received and that funds credited as received in the Enterprise Funds shall be transferred to other funds as needed on a monthly basis. Section IV. This Ordinance is declared to be for the support of Municipal Government and its existing public institutions and it shall be in full force and effect after its passage and publication. _______________________ Glen Haines, Mayor Attest _______________________ Debbie Brown, fiance Officer Published October 16, 2013 for a total approximate cost of $581.62 Continued from previous page Existing Public Health and Safety Threat Motion to authorize the Declaration of Existing Public Health and Safety Threat to be drafted by the Human Resource/Commissioner Assistant Jerry Derr, subject to the Commission’s signature. Motion by Niederwerder, second by Bertolotto. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Action, Discussion: E. Commission Letter to Governor Motion that the Board authorizes Jerry Derr to set up a meeting with the Governor, Meade County Officials, West River Officials along with himself, Commissioner Alan Aker, Commissioner Niederwerder and to send an invitation to Senator Larry Rhoden and Legislators Dean Wink and Gary Cammack, with a letter to follow up on the same. Motion by Niederwerder, second by Bertolotto. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Not Present at Vote: Rausch Action, Discussion: F. County Land Lease Motion to extend lease on 640 acres of County property to the current lease holder on a month-to- month basis, prorated, with 30 days’ notice of termination. Motion by Bertolotto, second by Niederwerder. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Not Present at Vote: Rausch 3. Adjourn Action, Procedural: A. Adjourn the Meeting Motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion by Niederwerder, second by Bertolotto. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Not Present at Vote: Rausch. APPROVAL: _______________________________ Robert Heidgerken, Chairman ATTEST: _______________________________ Lisa Schieffer, Auditor Published October 16, 2013 at the total approximate cost of $48.73. that were discussed and changed with City Attorney, Eric Bogue present, all yes votes. Motion carried. Utility Connections: Berndt made a motion, seconded by Hellekson to allow the following utility connections with using the changes in the ordinance: James Inghram – water, Lexy Hostetter – water and electric, and Karen Inghram – water. Four – yes votes. Inghram abstained. Motion carried. Health Insurance: Sandi Larson, SD, Health Pool of South Dakota was on the phone for questions on the health insurance quote from the Muncipal League. Karen Butler stated that the Wellmark insurance that the City currently has under the grandfathered plan has went up 10.96%, but there was a similar plan that is not grandfathered with an increase of 6.95%. After some discussion regarding Obama Care, etc., Berndt made a motion, seconded by Inghram to approve to stay with the current plan with Wellmark until January 1st and revisit the health insurance plans. All yes votes. Motion carried. Berndt made a motion, seconded by Hellekson to approve the current plan for vision with Avesis. All yes votes. Motion carried. Digger Derrick Bids: Berndt made a motion, seconded by Hellekson to reject all bids and re bid upon advice from City Attorney. All yes votes. Motion carried. Quotes on Ice House Restoration: Three people were asked for quotes and Reed Henschel, Tower Stools was the only quotes received. Reed Henschel, Tower Stools Quote - $8,800.00 for labor only which includes scaffold and insurance. This would be scraping, caulking, tin over large holes and old vents, nail where necessary, apply a coat of tinted primer over the entire exterior and apply a coat of exterior finish over entire exterior. Will proceed as weather permits. Lightfield made a motion, seconded by Inghram to approve the quote from Reed Henschel, Tower Stools. All yes votes. Motion carried. Executive Session – Personnel: Riley made a motion, seconded by Lightfield to retire into executive session to discuss personnel at 8:40 P.M. Motion carried.

Mayor Haines declared the Council out of executive session at 8:51 P.M. Lightfield made a motion, seconded by Berndt to adjourn. Motion carried. _______________________________ Glen Haines, Mayor ______________________________ Debbie Brown, Finance Officer

Published October 16, 2013 for a total approximate cost of $34.75

Proceedings of the Common Council City of Faith, SD
The Common Council for the City of Faith, South Dakota met in special session on October 9, 2013 at 7:00 P.M. in the Community Room of the Community Center. Mayor Haines called the meeting to order, Brown called roll call, and Mayor Haines led the Pledge of Allegiance. Council members present: Riley, Inghram, Berndt, Lightfield, and Hellekson. Council members absent: Spencer. Others in attendance were: Lexy Hostetter, Sandy Rasmussen, Loretta Passolt, Reed Henschel, Karen Butler, Debbie Brown and Eric Bogue. (By phone – Sandi Larson) Inghram made a motion, seconded by Hellekson, to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried. RESOLUTIONS & ORDINANCES: Ordinance No. 308 (An Ordinance Amending Title 8 – Utilities of Faith) (First Reading) Lightfield made a motion, seconded by Berndt to approve the first reading of Ordinance No. 308. After many changes

LEGALS Legal Newspaper for the City of Faith • Faith School District 46-2 • Meade County Meade County Commission Meeting (Tuesday, October 1, 2013)
Final Resolution: Motion Fails. Yea: Aker, Niederwerder. Nay: Heidgerken, Rausch, Bertolotto. Motion that the Meade County Commission appoint Commissioners Niederwerder and Bertolotto to form a committee composed of a Special Event Promoter, Kirk Chaffee, Jerry Derr and another Meade County taxpayer to take public comments, draft an ordinance for special events and report back to this Commission at the December 2013 meeting. Motion by Aker, second by Niederwerder. Motion to amend the original motion to add the cost of the Rally analysis in the report. Motion by Rausch, second by Aker. Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. The vote was then taken on the amended/original motion: Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Action, Discussion: C. County Policy Handbook & Committee Appointments The Chairman deferred the action. The action was brought back before the Board on Wednesday. Motion for Human Resource/Commissioner Assistant Jerry Derr to draft an Appointed Official’s, Board and/or Election’s abbreviated handbook. Motion by Aker, second by Rausch. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Action, Discussion: D. Ordinance 11 - Fee Structure The Chairman deferred the matter. The action was brought back before the Board on Wednesday. Motion to appoint Commissioner Niederwerder, Commissioner Bertolotto, Kirk Chaffee, anyone designated by the Mayor of Sturgis, and a Meade County resident recruited by Bertolotto to make recommendations on County Rally vending fees. Motion by Aker, second by Bertolotto. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto. Abstain: Niederwerder. Action, Discussion: E. Executive Session per SDCL 1-25-2 (1) *Said item took place later in the afternoon. Motion to go into executive session for personnel matters. Motion by Rausch, second by Niederwerder. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Niederwerder. Not Present at Vote: Aker, Bertolotto. Motion to go out of executive session and return to regular session. Motion by Rausch, second by Niederwerder. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Niederwerder. Not Present at Vote: Aker, Bertolotto. 5. Dinner Break @ Noon Minutes: A. Recess for Dinner Break 6. Scheduled Item Action, Discussion: A. Mr. Bachand Open Meeting Law 7. Items from Director of Equalization Action, Discussion: A. 2nd Reading on Nuisance Ordinance #39 The Chairman deferred the matter until the November meeting. Motion by Bertolotto, second by Niederwerder. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Not Present at Vote: Aker. Action: B. Margaret Ruth Laffey is requesting a variance to have a private well on 5 acres in the W2NWSESW of 52-6

October 16, 2013 • The Faith Independent •
to the Annual Budget. ANNUAL BUDGET FOR MEADE COUNTY, SD FOR THE YEAR JANUARY 1, 2014 TO DECEMBER 31, 2014 TAX LEVY IN, COUNTY TAX LEVIES, DOLLARS, $’S/1,000, WITHIN LIMITED LEVY: *General County Purposes, (10-129), 9,082,262, 5.177 County Snow Removal, 150,557, 0.086 Highway & Bridge Reserve, 271,696, 0.155 Limited Levy (10-12-21) –, Sub Total 9,504,515, 5.418 OUTSIDE LIMITED LEVY: County Snow Removal Fund, 34-5-2) *Highway and Bridge Reserve, (1012-13) UNLIMITED LEVY- SUB TOTAL, LIMITED AND UNLIMITED, LEVY SUB TOTAL, 9,264,756, 5.611 Secondary Road (Unorg. PT-76), (3112-27), 230,415, .274 Public Library, 25,491, .020 TOTAL TAXES LEVIED BY COUNTY, 9,760,421 , 5.712 As of September 3, 2013 these levies are (are not) approved by the Department of Revenue RESOLUTION ADOPTION OF ANNUAL BUDGET FOR MEADE COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA. Whereas, (7-21-5 thru 13), SDCL provides that the Board of County Commissioners shall each year prepare a Provisional Budget of all contemplated expenditures and revenues of the County and all its institutions and agencies for such fiscal year and, Whereas, the Board of County Commissioners did prepare a Provisional Budget and cause same to be published by law, and Whereas, due and legal notice has been given to the meeting of the Board of County Commissioners for the consideration of such Provisional Budget and all changes, elimination’s and additions have been made thereto. NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, That such provisional budget and all its purposes, schedules, appropriations, amounts, estimates and all matters therein set forth, SHALL BE APPROVED AND ADOPTED AS THE ANNUAL BUDGET OF THE APPROPRIATION AND EXPENDITURES FOR Meade County, South Dakota, and all its institutions and agencies for calendar year beginning January 1, 2014, and ending December 31, 2014 and the same is hereby approved and adopted by the Board of County Commissioners of Meade County, South Dakota, this 3rd day of September, 2013. The Annual Budget so adopted is available for public inspection during normal business hours at the office of the county auditor Meade County, South Dakota. The accompanying taxes are levied by Meade County for the year January 1, 2014, through December 31, 2014. BOARD OF MEADE COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF MEADE COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA Robert Heidgerken, Chairman Linda Rausch, Commissioner Alan Aker, Commissioner Robert Bertolotto, Commissioner Galen Niederwerder, Commissioner ATTEST: Lisa Schieffer Meade County Auditor Fund, Preliminary, Final TRANSFERS OUT, 2,764,900.00, 3,039,749.00 AUDITOR, 217,514.00, 219,076.00 TREASURER, 426,157.00, 428,687.00 STATE'S ATTORNEY, 558,900.00, 528,461.00 GOVERNMENT BLDG., 1,629,042.00, 1,633,219.00 DIRECTOR OF EQUALIZATION, 922,695.00, 899,923.00

Page 13

Generated by Lisa G Schieffer on Thursday, October 3, 2013 Members present: Robert Heidgerken, Linda Rausch, Alan Aker, Bob Bertolotto, and Galen Niederwerder. Meeting called to order at 8:30 AM 1. Call to Order at 8:30 AM Procedural: A. Prayer Procedural: B. Pledge of Allegiance 2. Meade County Veteran of the Month Information, Presentation: A. Mr. Leick Mr. Leick served in the United States Navy from 1958 until 1973. His titles have included Hospital Corpsman, Medical Assistant, Medical Technician, and Combat Medic. He enlisted in California and was stationed at San Diego where he was a Hospital Corpsman. Next, he was stationed in Yokosuka, Japan, and also Long Beach, California, on the USS Haven where he encountered a male that had been hit with a butcher knife in the face by his sister after a disagreement over a record. Mr. Leick was the individual responsible for taking care of this patient that night by cleaning up his face and stitching him up. After that, he decided he wanted to become a surgeon. Soon thereafter, Mr. Leick was in a tragic car accident where the local police pronounced him dead. After arriving at the hospital, they worked on him and brought him back to life. He was then crippled and confined to the hospital for two years. The military tried to medically discharge him, but Mr. Leick fought his way back to walking again as well as staying in the military. By 1963, he was running races on the track. He determined he wanted his dream to be fulfilled in the medical field. He was accepted into the Fleet Marine Force. He then completed the Marines boot camp and field combat medical school. Mr. Leick was stationed at Cherry Point, North Carolina, where he worked in the Emergency Room. During the Vietnam War, Mr. Leick served on the USS San Diego. In 1967, he was sent to Vietnam for one year as a combat medic with the 1st Battalion 12th Marines. During that time, he was struck by lightning. The USS Denver was his next duty station where he worked the flying Helo missions for Vietnam for another six months. Mr. Leick served a total of one and half years during Vietnam. Mr. Leick has been awarded the following: National Defense Service Medal x 2 Vietnam Service Medal Presidential Unit Citation Good Conduct Medal x 2 Vietnamese Cross-of Gallantry Vietnam Service Medal with FMF Combat Insignia Vietnam Campaign Service Medal with two bronze stars After separating from the Navy, Mr. Leick worked and finally decided to retire here in Sturgis. 3. Routine Business Discussion: A. Items from Department Heads Discussion, Information: B. Opportunity for Public Comment 4. Items from Commission Action, Discussion: A. Communiques' to Commission Action, Discussion: B. Special Events Permits Motion to appointment a committee to take public comment and discuss drafting a special event permit ordinance. Motion by Aker, second by Niederwerder.

Motion to defer the matter. Motion by Bertolotto, second by Rausch. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Action, Discussion, Information: C. Discuss payment options for a building permit and other fees due for Thomas & Bonnie Jones Motion to defer until later in the day or the next meeting. Motion by Niederwerder, second by Rausch. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Commissioner Bertolotto left the meeting @ 2:00 p.m. Commissioner Aker left the meeting @ 2:40 p.m. Action, Discussion, Presentation: D. Ag Land - Classification of Acreage The Chairman deferred the matter until a full Board could be present. The action was brought back before the Board on Wednesday. Motion to lower AG acreage requirement to 20 acres. Motion by Aker, second by Rausch. Final Resolution: Motion Fails. Yea: Rausch, Aker Nay: Bertolotto, Niederwerder, Heidgerken. 8. Reconvene October 2 @ 10 AM 9. Public Hearings Action, Discussion: A. Bid Opening on Vehicle Bids Two bids were received. The Chairman deferred the action until the specs were looked over by the Department Head. Motion was made to accept the lowest bid of Scott Peterson Motors at $27,853.00 for a 4-door 2014 Explorer. Motion by Bertolotto, second by Niederwerder. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. 10. Items From Facilities Director Action, Discussion: A. 2014 Courthouse Project Motion to employ Williams & Associates to design the ADA bathroom and elevator in the scope as we defined, not to exceed $68,500.00 with a June 1st deadline, said per hour amounts are as follows: Principal Architect $95.00 per hour Senior Project Manager $75.00 per hour Intern Architect $60.00 per hour Project Coordinator $40.00 per hour Draftsperson $35.00 per hour Administrative $28.00 per hour Motion by Rausch, second by Aker. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. 11. Items from Sheriff Action, Discussion: A. JDC Contract Motion to enter into a contract for services with WSDJSC as presented in rough draft form. Motion by Niederwerder, second by Aker. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Motion to direct the State's Attorney’s Office to send a letter to JSC, requesting accounting of personal property and Meade County's share of the same. Motion by Aker, second by Bertolotto. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. 12. Dinner Break Procedural: A. Recess for Dinner 13. Scheduled Items Discussion: A. Community Health Report 14. Items from Auditor Action: A. Resolution/Levies Motion to approve the Resolution for the 2014 Annual Budget with the following changes from the Preliminary Budget

REGISTER OF DEEDS, 263,606.00, 264,340.00 VETERAN SERVICE, 33,503.00, 33,991.00 HUMAN RESOURCE, 159,624.00, 161,260.00 SHERIFF, 1,966,486.00, 1,981,682.00 JAIL, 1,471,726.00, 1,485,777.00 FIRE FIGHTING, 32,000.00, 20,000.00 EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT, 150,433.00, 150,921.00 FIREWISE. 177,207.00, 178,512.00 COMMUNICATIONS, 538,961.00, 531,380.00 HIGHWAY, 4,634,152.00, 4,639,991.00 DEBT SERVICE /PRINCIPAL**, 204,532.00, 204,532.00 DEBT SERVICE /INTEREST**, 71,571.00, 71,571.00 ** MOVED FROM (101) TO (201) Motion by Aker, second by Rausch. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. 15. Items from Commission Assistant Action, Discussion: A. Disposition of Surplus County Motor Graders The Chairman deferred action until later in the day. Motion to go into executive session due to negotiations. Motion by Aker, second by Niederwerder. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Niederwerder. Abstain: Bertolotto. Motion to come out of executive session and return to regular session. Motion by Aker, second by Rausch. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Niederwerder. Abstain: Bertolotto. Motion to use Big Iron on-line auction service to market our surplus motorgraders at the rate of 6% commission up to $700,000 and 4% over $700,000 with a guaranteed minimum price of what was offered by RDO Equipment and to authorize the Chairman to sign the contract with the terms as proposed. Motion by Rausch, second by Niederwerder. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Niederwerder. Abstain: Bertolotto Action, Discussion: B. MOU Between Commission and Weed and Pest Board Motion to go into executive session for personnel and negotiation matters. Present were Weed Board members Jim Schroeder and Terry Hotchkiss, along with Human Resource/Commissioner Assistant Jerry Derr. Motion by Aker, second by Niederwerder. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Niederwerder. Nay: Bertolotto. Motion to go out of executive session and return to regular session. Motion by Aker, second by Niederwerder. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Action, Discussion: C. Weed and Pest Supervisor Job Description Motion to approve the Weed and Pest Supervisor job description with noted amendments. Motion by Aker, second by Niederwerder. The Chairman then deferred the vote until the November Board meeting. Action, Discussion: D. Weed and Pest Board Method of Payment - Payroll Motion that Weed Board Members per diem is ran through payroll. Motion by Aker, second by Bertolotto. Continued on next page

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Continued from previous page Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Action, Discussion: E. Mountain Pine Beetle Contract Motion to approve awarding the Mountain Pine Beetle Contract to R. C. Lehman Brothers Forestry and Aker Woods Company at a rate of $15.50 per tree. Motion by Bertolotto, second by Niederwerder. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Abstain: Aker. Action, Discussion: F. County Employee Flu Shots Motion to approve the County paying for the employee flu shots. Motion by Rausch, second by Niederwerder. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Nay: Aker. Action, Discussion: G. Set End of Year Meeting Date Motion to set the year end meeting for December 16th, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. Motion by Rausch, second by Bertolotto. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. 16. Scheduled Item @ 6PM Action, Discussion: A. SDDOT Proposal Motion to go into executive session for negotiations. Present were representatives from the South Dakota Department of Transportation and District 29 Legislators Dean Wink and Gary Cammack. Motion by Aker, second by Niederwerder. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Motion to come out of executive session and return to regular session. Motion by Aker, second by Rausch. Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Motion to adopt none of the Department of Transportation’s proposals. Motion by Aker, second by Rausch. A substitute motion was offered to accept the original motion of $706,011.00 to be paid half cash/ half STIP Funds, and accept jurisdiction of that road to the Piedmont city limits. Motion by Rausch, second by Niederwerder. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Niederwerder. Nay: Bertolotto. 17. Consent Calendar Action (Consent), Discussion: A. Consent Calendar Motion to remove Item 17. C. September meeting minutes. Motion by Aker, second by Niederwerder. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Motion to approve all other items on the Consent Calendar. Motion by Aker, second by Niederwerder. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Action (Consent): B. Personnel Actions PERSONNEL ACTIONS Employee, Action, Effective Asheim, E., Raise to $18.79/hour, 08/26/13 Averill, C., Raise to $21.45/hour, 08/26/13 Bratland, L., Raise to $19.04/hour, 08/26/13 Bueno, M., Raise to $14.82/hour, 08/26/13 Eixenberger, G., Raise to $17.27/hour, 08/26/13 Fish, D., Raise/Longevity to $17.69/hour, 08/26/13 Forrester, K., Raise to $6,294.42/month, 08/26/13 Hoven, B., Raise to $14.82/hour, 08/26/13 Kinslow, L., Raise to $14.82/hour, 08/26/13 Kuper, S., Raise to $15.97/hour, 08/26/13 Nasser, R., Raise to $19.40/hour, 08/26/13 Pickett, M., Raise/Longevity to $17.02/hour, 08/26/13 Swenby, C., Raise/Longevity to $15.97/hour, 08/26/13 Thomas, A., Fire Mitigation Specialist @ $14.12/hour, 08/26/13 Tifft, K., Raise to $14.82/hour, 08/26/13 Action (Consent), Minutes: C. Minutes Motion to insert the name Jerry Derr as authorized person. Under item 14G Contract Award – Mountain Pine Beetle in the September 3, 2013 regular Commission minutes. Motion by Rausch, second by Niederwerder. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Motion to approve the September 3, 2013 regular Commission minutes with amended change. Motion by Aker, second by Rausch. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Action (Consent), Minutes: D. Minutes July 30, 2013 regular Commission minutes. Action (Consent): E. Bills for Payment SALARIES: Commissioners – $6955.00, Auditor – $12468.33, Treasurer – $25131.23, States Attorney – $30917.22, General Gov Building – $26275.73, Director of Equalization – $43876.43, Register of Deeds – $13578.42, Vet Svc/Em Mgmt – $3995.83, Human Resources – $8373.84, Sheriff – $95896.83, Jail – $69598.77, Fire Protection – $10424.08, County Nurse – $4730.07, Weed and Pest – $7834.43, Highway – $83621.28, Communications – $27131.42 EXPENSES BY DEPARTMENT: COMMISSIONERS: R Heidgerken – $149.85, G Niederwerder – $81.40, BH RC&D – $2000.00, A Aker – $78.00, Faith Ind. – $1082.89, BHWG – $454.63, Nyacor – $36.99 JUDICIAL SYSTEM: R Henning – $50.00, J Murphy – $56.66, P Chambers – $68.50, B Higbee – $64.80, L McNenny – $50.00, D Mulvehill – $60.36, B Cross – $57.40, R Heikes – $50.74, J Bahneman – $66.28, L Den Otter – $129.60, G Biegler – $225.00, R VanDervoort – $24.80, D Janz – $425.00, Language Line Svcs – $96.40, Pizza Ranch – $125.30, J Howell – $122.40, M Brunson – $51.48, A Chaffee – $50.00, A Chipowsky – $55.18, T Erdos – $72.20, S Good – $56.66, H Harmon – $60.36, N Weston – $69.24, R Halbmaier – $79.20, D Allen – $24.80, R Chowen – $107.40, K Cooper – $11.48, J Curtis – $24.80, C Dirk – $11.48, G Emery – $137.00, C Ferguson – $10.74, L Fischer – $101.48, D Flage – $105.92, D Hall – $50.70, M Holter – $135.52, K Iverson – $10.74, T Keffeler – $16.66, T Konold – $10.74, D Leipold – $26.28, A Loken – $21.84, J Madden – $12.22, W Moelter – $101.48, L Neiger – $135.52, W Ollila – $125.16, C Pulaski – $17.40, C Rausch – $24.80, D Schuster – $122.20, P Sour – $24.80, C Waddell – $129.60, D White – $122.20, R Hymans – $1094.77, R Knutson – $68.50, T McPherson – $32.20, W Moss –

LEGALS Legal Newspaper for the City of Faith • Faith School District 46-2 • Meade County
$780.00, L Lippert – $17.40, D Ertz – $1170.00, T McCaskell – $137.00, T Hanson – $32.20, B Merscheim – $25.54, Penn Co. Sheriff – $980.00 AUDITOR: Xerox – $236.46, First Interstate – $94.21, Knology – $5.15, Sand Creek Printing – $490.00 TREASURER: McLeod’s – $773.40, Knology – $15.59, Rushmore Office – $854.67, City of Faith – 425.82 COMPUTER: Verizon – $200.39, Knology – $229.99 STATE’S ATTORNEY: Lincoln Co. Combined Ct – $63.75, Pueblo Combined Ct – $46.50, Verizon – $53.46, US Postal Service – $1300.00, J Carlson – $215.00, City of RC – $8470.00, First Interstate Bank – $342.73, L Havemeier – $34.00, L Nohr – $100.00, K Kirschenmann – $100.00, C Harkins – $328.60, Redwood Toxicology – $60.00, Knology – $16.59, Meade Co. Treas – $50.00 ABUSED & NEGLECTED CHILD: R Haivala – $398.15 LAW LIBRARY: Lexis-Nexis – $336.00 COURT APPOINTED ATTORNEY: K Thompson – $3710.50, Christensen Law – $4522.02, J Hilpert – $2687.64, J Ellingson – $1164.80, Oswald Law – $1161.90, R Haivala – $704.70, R Hymans – $2924.84 GENERAL GOVERNMENT BLDG: BHP&L – $9797.83, MDU – $128.29, Sturgis Water – $2618.10, BH Chemical – $200.99, BHP&L – $3528.43, Campbell Supply – $23.29, Chris Supply – $144.94, Crum Electric – $76.77, First Interstate – $163.45, Ecolab – $316.00, CBH – $206.18, Johnston Hardware – $10.98, Knology – $1327.98, Menards – $167.21, NW Pipe – $432.19, Sturgis Water – $2924.06 DIRECTOR OF EQUALIZATION/ P&Z: A&B Business Equip – $318.97, L Quam – $16.28, First Interstate – $749.28, A&B Business – $318.97, T Wieczorek – $22.20, Emerald Data – $9000.00, CBH – $482.19, W McCarty – $17.02, Knology – $9.82, Nyacor – $54.98, Ramkota Inn – $1155.00, Meade Co. Treas – $484.00 REGISTER OF DEEDS: Dell – $59.98, Xerox – $823.84, Executive Mgmt. – $80.00, Knology – $4.03, Meade Co. Treas – $37.74 VETERAN SERVICE: First Interstate – $187.02, Knology – $10.90 PREDATORY ANIMAL: State Treas – $5174.88 HUMAN RESOURCES: Verizon – $40.01, First Interstate – $53.00, Dakota Business Center – $157.71, Wellmark Flex – $542.80, Knology – $3.75, Rushmore Office – $29.90 SHERIFF: Verizon – $888.42, Pitney Bowes – $102.48, Fedex – $19.56, LexisNexis – $488.00, Pitney Bowes – $500.00, Knology – $84.02, Heds – $7.00, Quill – $72.93, CenturyLink – $85.28, Xerox – $301.57, Jacobs Auto – $47.53, J Quinn – $400.00, L Cermak – $1200.00, First Interstate Bank – $1795.52, CBH – $9473.92, C Gehringer – $350.00, SD Drug Control – $120.00, SD Retirement System – $5270.29, Knology – $106.05, WABR – $259.43, Nyacor – $316.66, Neve’s – $185.80, Owens – $21.92, Peterson Auto – $97.50, Rushmore Office – $37.50, State Treas – $35.00, Western Comm – $195.00, Meade Co. Treas – $350.36 DRUG ABUSE PREV/REHAB: Creative Prod – $579.60 JAIL: BHFamily Practice – $648.00, Sturgis Regional Hospital – $214.80, Heds – $28.00, Sam’s – $67.40, American Medical Technologists – $50.00, A&J Supply – $32.20, Twilight First – $49.95, BH Chemical – $586.61, Bob Barker – $191.83, First Interstate Bank – $114.23, BH Family Practice – $68.00, US Foodservice – $4146.74, Shopko Pharmacy – $627.21, Sturgis Regional Hospital – $2478.60, Dell – $1610.00, Earthgrains – $626.66, Cash-Wa – $2502.24, Scott Peterson – $70.04, Sysco – $2355.81, Johnston Hardware – $13.99, Knology – $6.91, Lynn’s – $89.24, Neve’s – $39.75, Owens – $79.92, Penn Co. Sheriff – $1491.90, Meade Co. Treas – $511.68 CORONER: Clinical Lab – $3944.00, Regional Health – $406.00 JDC: WSDJDC – $11910.00 FIREFIGHTING: Campbell Supply – $11.99, First Interstate – $229.95, CBH – $370.39, Chain Saw Center – $186.87, Box Elder Volunteer Fire – $2000.00, Nyacor – $41.49 SUPPORT OF THE POOR: Key City Manor – $186.00, Blue Bell Trlr – $625.00, BHP&L – $234.00 MENTAL ILLNESS: State Treas. (Yankton) – $2660.02 MENTAL ILLNESS BOARD: K Thompson – $966.00, RC Regional Hospital – $1862.88, Audra Malcomb Consultation – $683.43, RC Regional Hospital – $1241.92, Regional Behavioral – $220.01, Shepherd Reporting – $30.00, Lewis & Clark – $160.00, Penn Co. Sts. Atty. – $645.00, Penn County – $335.00, Yankton Co. Sheriff – $25.00 EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT: BHP&L – $52.27, Verizon – $53.46, West River Electric – $60.51, BHP&L – $110.29, First Interstate Bank – $324.14, KRCS – $40.00, US Geological Survey – $1750.00, Meade Co. Treas – $69.63 DOMESTIC ABUSE: Crisis Intervention – $2835.00 24/7: 24/7 Sobriety Program – $482.00 HIGHWAY: BHP&L – $49.86, Kieffer Sanitation – $53.21, Verizon – $53.46, Dakota Business Center – $59.10, CBH Coop – $13225.29, Grand Electric – $64.38, Hagg Dev. – $2000.00, Knology – $131.34, Sturgis Water – $121.51, A&B Welding – $20.90, Twilight First – $99.70, 3-D Spec. – $5005.94, Sturgis Napa – $1186.27, BH Chemical – $163.47, BHP&L – $567.88, Butler Machinery – $85.95, Harper Ind. – $210.15, Hill’s Prod. – $1173.31, Campbell Supply – $31.07, Sioux City Foundry – $1007.50, Dakota Fluid Power – $22.71, Dakota Battery – $60.21, First Interstate Bank – $157.50, Dakota Business – $67.00, John Deere – $3948.41, J Julson – $95.39, CBH – $22581.55, Fastenal – $76.92, K Snyder – $12730.80, Site Work Spec. – $81195.79, Godfrey Brake – $264.56, Wagner Land – $47.67, Hills Materials – $501746.15, Inland Truck – $133.21, Foothills Seed – $250.96, Safety Benefits – $130.00, Sharpening Shop – $35.00, Jenner Equip. – $33.49, Lab Corp of Amer. – $45.00, Lynn’s – $24.93, O’Reilly Auto – $7.99, Pacific Steel – $1439.76, Black Hawk Water – $56.00, Team Lab Chem – $848.00, D Meyer – $100.00, Owens – $127.15, Power House – $6.60, Adams – $1168.93, Rapid Delivery – $28.80, Servall – $237.12, Sheehan Mack – $1342.34, SDDOT – $16148.73, West River Electric – $95.99, Wheeler Lumber – $487.50, Warne Chemical – $1.61 COMMUNICATIONS: Butte Electric – $117.38, Golden West – $583.17, Heds – $35.00, CenturyLink – $1577.65, Xerox – $403.52, Butte Electric – $131.73, First Interstate Bank – $30.00, Hewlett Packard – $1893.73, Microsoft Corp. – $732.00, Knology – $.49, International Academies – $120.00, Owens – $519.98, Western Comm. – $375.00, Meade Co. Treas – $198.00 COUNTY EXTENSION OFFICE: Dakota Business Center – $33.45, Faith Ind. – $34.00, T Langemeier – $113.25, First Interstate – $284.20, CBH – $121.70, Best Western – $294.00, Knology – $2.63, Rushmore Office – $72.28 WEED & PEST: Verizon – $53.46, Knology – $43.62, BHP&L – $96.52, Crop Prod – $5762.20, CBH – $2953.38, J&L Services – $205.00, Owens – $17.99, Servall – $76.12 VARIOUS FUNDS: Norwest Bank, matching Social Security – $33,808.92, SD Retirement System, matching retirement – $28,934.83, county share of health and life insurance – $80,227.84. Action (Consent): F. Auditor Report AUDITOR'S ACCOUNT WITH COUNTY TREASURER To the Honorable Board of County Commissioners Meade County: I hereby submit the following report of my examination of the cash and cash items in the hands of the County Treasurer of this County as of October 1, 2013. Total amount of deposits in banks – 7,454.37 Total amount of actual cash – 2,538.59 Total amount of checks and drafts in Treasurer's possession not exceeding three (3) days – 116,666.86 ITEMIZED LIST OF ALL ITEMS, CHECKS, and DRAFTS WHICH HAVE BEEN IN THE TREASURER'S POSSESSION OVER THREE (3) DAYS: Postage – 1,701.41 CD/Savings – 805,042.93 Pioneer Bank – $805,042.93 First Interstate Bank Special Checking – 357,922.28 Farmers State Bank – 31,044.54 First Trust – 0.00 First Interstate Bank Savings – 0.00 Flex Account – 29,446.97 PBGen 2 – 11,151.92 PBWarrant 2 – 2,070,079.64 cc pending – 2,742.57 Insuff. Funds – 18.83 TOTAL – 3,435,810.91 Action (Consent): G. Register of Deeds Report Report for September 2013 in the amount of $29,301.50. Action: H. Linda Davis has a final plat of Lots 2A, 2B, & 2C of Beug Subdivision in the N2NW of 6-4-6 Action: I. Sherroll Scow has a final plat of Lot 1 of Snyder Ranch Subdivision in the SWNW of 6-4-6 Action (Consent): J. Tana Soltesz has a preliminary/final plat of Lots 1,2,3 of Nielsen Subdivision in the N2N2NE of 10-3-6 Action (Consent): K. Walter Haley has a preliminary/final plat of Tract 1 Revised of Annex Ranch Subdivision in the NWNW of 21-6-10 18. Adjourn Action, Procedural: A. Adjourn the Meeting Motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion by Aker, second by Niederwerder. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. APPROVED: ______________________________ Chairman, Robert Heidgerken ATTEST: ______________________________ Lisa Schieffer, Auditor Published October 16, 2013 at the total approximate cost of $307.67

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LEGALS Legal Newspaper for the City of Faith • Faith School District 46-2 • Meade County, Special Meade County Commission Meeting (Tuesday, October 8, 2013)
moval, debris removal, and anticipates exhausting resources on potential flooding as a result of this disaster. WHEREAS, Meade County recognizes that rural electric cooperatives have taken all possible actions within the jurisdictional boundaries to combat and to alleviate the emergency/disaster. WHEREAS, Meade County recognizes that ranchers and farmers suffered catastrophic livestock deaths and have taken all possible actions to combat and to alleviate the emergency/disaster. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Meade County Board of County Commissioners for, and on behalf of the citizens of Meade County, request the Governor of the State of South Dakota to petition the President of the United States to declare Meade County, South Dakota an emergency/disaster area. DATE: October 8, 2013 /s/Robert Heidgerken____________ Robert Heidgerken, Chairman Meade County Board of Commissioners ATTEST: DATE: October 8, 2013 /s/Lisa Schieffer _______________ Lisa Schieffer, Meade County Auditor Motion by Aker, second by Niederwerder. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Motion to postpone the County land auction with a new date to be set in January 2014 and also to authorize paying the bills from receipts, along with the survey, to the contracted auction service. Motion by Niederwerder, second by Aker. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Niederwerder. Abstain: Bertolotto. Action, Discussion: B. County Resources - Assistance Motion to authorize Kirk Chaffee and his office along with Chairman Heidgerken to negotiate, with the SD Department of Transportation and landowners, for sites near Sturgis, Black Hawk and Piedmont for burning/disposal of brush. Said funding will come out of the emergency fund. Motion by Aker, second by Niederwerder. The Chairman deferred the vote on the motion until Thursday, October 10, 2013. Motion to provide $100,000.00 from the emergency fund for the disposal of animal carcasses and to provide assistance for means of said disposal. Said application could be made through Angela in the Emergency Management Office, and for the County to also make application to the State Emergency Management in Pierre, DENR, and Public Health Office. Motion by Niederwerder, second by Aker. The Chairman deferred the vote on the motion until Thursday, October 10, 2013. Motion that the Commission authorizes spending of $35,000.00 out of the emergency fund for assistance to homeowners for debris removal, under an application process devised by the Human Resource/Commissioner Assistant Department. Motion by Aker, second by Bertolotto. The Chairman deferred the vote on the motion until Thursday, October 10, 2013. Action, Discussion: C. Commission Letter to Governor 3. Adjourn Action, Procedural: A. Adjourn the Meeting Chairman declared the meeting adjourned. APPROVED: _____________________________

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Robert Heidgerken, Chairman ATTEST: ___________________________ Lisa Schieffer, Auditor Published October 16, 2013 at the total approximate cost of $42.23

Generated by Lisa G Schieffer on Tuesday, October 8, 2013 Members present:Robert Heidgerken, Linda Rausch, Alan Aker, Bob Bertolotto, and Galen Niederwerder. Meeting called to order at 8:00 AM 1. Call to Order at 8:00 AM 2. Items from Commission Action, Discussion: A. Disaster Declaration Motion to adopt, with amended language, the Resolution for Declaration of Emergency/Disaster due to the damage from the blizzard of October 4 & 5, 2013. Motion by Aker, second by Rausch. Final Resolution: Motion Carries. Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto, Niederwerder. Motion to put the resolution in the minutes as follows: RESOLUTION FOR DECLARATION OF EMERGENCY/DISASTER WHEREAS, Meade County, South Dakota, has suffered extreme damage, brought on by a severe blizzard storm that occurred on the dates of October 4, through October 5, 2013 and continuing on this day, and WHEREAS, Meade County has committed available resources and taken all possible actions within the jurisdictional boundaries to combat and to alleviate the emergency/disaster and local resources are not adequate to cope with the situation. WHEREAS, Meade County has been briefed by government entities of severe structural damage to public and private facilities. WHEREAS, Meade County has expended resources not limited to snow re-

Proceedings of the Common Council, City of Faith, SD
The Common Council for the City of Faith, South Dakota met in special session on October 8, 2013 at 9:00 A.M. in the Community Room of the Community Center for an emergency meeting. Mayor Haines called the meeting to order, Brown called roll call, and Mayor Haines led the Pledge of Allegiance. Council members present: Riley, Inghram, Berndt, Lightfield, and Hellekson. Council members absent: Spencer. Others in attendance were: Debbie Brown. Lightfield made a motion, seconded by Hellekson, to approve the agenda as

presented. Motion carried. Tree Situation: Council members have been approached as to what to do with the tree branches from the snow storm. The dump road is still very sloppy at this time. Council agreed that the City crew will not pick up branches. It is up to the property owner to take care of their branches that are broken due to the storm. The City will open the landfill on designated days and post it at the mall and put on the Faith Area News when it is open. Landfill will only be taking trees at this time as the area in front of the dumpsters is very muddy. Council would like to state that they are very proud of the City crew during the outage as they were out in the dangerous elements. Berndt made a motion, seconded by Lightfield to adjourn. Motion carried. _______________________________ Glen Haines, Mayor ________________________________ Debbie Brown, Finance Officer Published October 16, 2013 for a total approximate cost of $14.94

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Ravellette Publ. Inc. Ravellette Publ. Inc. We offer a complete commercial We offer a complete commercial printing service ... printing service ... • Business Cards • Letterheads • Business Cards • Letterheads • Envelopes • Brochures • Envelopes • Brochures • Office Forms • And More! • Office Forms • And More! The Faith Independent The Faith Independent PH: (605) 967-2161 OR PH: (605) 967-2161 OR FAX: 967-2160 FAX: 967-2160 e-mail: faithind@faithsd.com e-mail: faithind@faithsd.com

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Pink Rose Special
In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

APARTMENTS AVAILABLE: Countryside Apartments in Faith. 1 bedroom, carpeted throughout. Laundry facilities available. Handicap accessible. Rent based on income. For information contact: MetroPlains management, LLC 1-800-244-2826 or 1-605-3473077 Equal Opportunity Housing F5-tfc PASTURE WATER LINES with trencher and backhoe, Livestock Water Systems. 10 1/2 miles south of Maurine, 605-748-2473 Merle Vig. F2-tfc BROKEN TREE CLEANUP for hire. Will remove and trim broken branches and trees due to storm damage. Call 967-2290 or cell 605515-1957. F6-2tc Thank you to Lynn’s Dakotamart for the bag of groceries we won. Really appreciated it. Jim & Iverne Holloway Thank you to the Faith Ambulance crew for the quick response and care and to my neighbors for the calls last week. Duane Peters


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