Doctor Luis Videgaray Caso Hon’ble Minister of Finance Government of Mexico Mexico City Mexico

Zurich, 14 October 2013

Swiss business concerns regarding proposed tax reform
Your Excellency, The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is the voice of the enterprises from all sectors in every part of the world. Its principal goal lies in promoting free trade and facilitating international investment. In the field of international taxation, ICC promotes an international tax system that eliminates tax obstacles to cross-border business transactions. ICC Switzerland, a body of ICC, is run by economiesuisse. Members include international trading companies, international specialised law firm, chambers of commerce as well as the major economic associations. We share the concerns expressed by ICC Headquarters that the current tax reform proposals would adversely affect Mexico’s economic prospects and in particular domestic and multinational companies with major investment in Mexico. We are worried that in addition to their negative impact on Mexico’s economic climate, these proposed measures will send a negative signal to other countries with respect to tax policy options and their impact of business. We understand that some specific provisions are intended to protect against erosion to the Mexican tax base. However, we understand that the OECD is undertaking work in this area including a review from a global perspective of domestic measures to prevent abuse and double taxation and promote competitiveness. In the light of this ongoing work, we would like to suggest that some of these measures could be postponed to allow for solutions that take better account of the needs of domestic and international investors. We join our colleagues from the global network in the endeavour to find solutions that maintain Mexico’s attractive investment climate, for the benefit of the Mexican and global economies. Thank you in advance for your kind attention. Yours sincerely,

Thomas Pletscher Secretary General
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