Old Man's Dream Run for the Marlow mountains, Where all is sibilance, For I am the wizard of wishes

and Can all your strengths enhance. The forces of the cliff face Are running swift with form Quicker than fingers of silver, Your vigor can be reborn. Hidden are the wakes of submarines And vague the ways of space But I know a trick of the witches Can start again your race. No more the hobble of humbling cane Or the limp of pathetic lose But fleet as the gliders of Mercury, Your stride shall not be crossed By sluggish shedding of the skin Nor fear of the least misstep. You shall conquer even the Marathon With hardly a loss of breath. So make for the Marlow mountainside And see the streams anew. Roll in the grass with the butterflies And drink of the midnight dew. And how can it be that a man take on The strength of his buoyant youth? Just sail in the vortex of soundless seas If you seek for the vault of truth. Carl Estrin

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