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Command quit set key=value

set set -v

Description Use quit or exit to leave the interactive shell. Use this to set value of particular configuration variable. One thing to note here is that if you misspell the variable name, cli will not show an error.
This will print a list of configuration variables that are overridden by user or hive. This will print all hadoop and hive configuration variables.

add FILE [file] [file]* list FILE list FILE [file]*

! [cmd]

Adds a file to the list of resources list all the files added to the distributed cache Check if given resources are already added to distributed cache
Executes a shell command from the hive shell

dfs [dfs cmd]

[query] source FILE

Executes a dfs command from the hive shell

Executes a hive query and prints results to standard out Used to execute a script file inside the CLI. Presentations-February2013HiveUserGroupMeetup UG-Feb13.pdf?version=1&modificationDate=1363113939000