Professor Wensley's "Mechanical Man" Is Now So Well Perfected, the Obedient Robot Will Say Anything You Want

Him To, Will Answer Questions to Suit You and Put His Arms 'Round Your Neck

111- Country nf tlic S c i e n t i f i c A m e r i c a n .

In a Recent Gefman Film a Scientist Is Shown Drawing the Life Impulses From a Helpless Living Woman in a Glass Case and Transferring Them to the Steel Figure of an Artificial Person, and Thus Creating a Merciless "Manufactured" Woman. \ROF. TC. G. WI'JNSLKY recently demonstrated the talents of his improved mechanical man which {or who), at his master's commands, unveiled a pir.ture of George Y'ashington, raised a /lag, heated coffee, turned on and olT an electric fan, ran a vacuum sweeper and stopped when told to. This obedient Ben-ant, however, has no intelligence. But the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has invented one called the "Product Tnlegraph," which is all intelligence and much smarter in some things t h a n its creators for it solves mathematical problems too complicated lor the human mind. Mr. D. M. Radcliffc has invented still another which -acts as a clecpless, d a y - a n d - n i g h t watchman at the DalocaHia Reservoir, answering the telephone nnd i n f o r m i n g the engineers how deep the water is. Mechanical helmsmen A Mechanical Woman, Who Lathhave steered ocean liners across the Afcers and Shaves a Customer and lantic straighter than any human sailor Does Other Useful Things. can hold them on their course. Those,and no end of other talents and 1,000 feet of nhonofilm, revealing his virtues can all he placed in one "man," hopeless passion for the old including phonograph records or reels of mnid, telling her how b e a u t i f u l she is and nhonofilm, causing him to say anything all the other sweet things that somebody -his master wants him to sayought to have said but no mortal had It took scionce, slow-moving in those bothered to. day?, a couple of generations to make When she tired of hearing this over Jules Verne's dreams of the siihinarinc and over, a word of encouragement would aril flying machine cpme true. Rut most be the cue to slide into placn in his manly of the developments of the mr.chnnicnl chest, another reel and at the same lime man have been brought about in a year he could sit beside her on the couch or or two, since tlie production, of the play, take her on his knees, em"F!. U. !(.," which dealt with "robots," bracing her with a tireless mechanical mechanical human beings with everything «Vm. The introduction of this k i n d of but a soul. " At the same rate, of progress it should automaton would throw out of work a not require morn than a decade or so small army of "gigolos," young men before a person can go to a store and who, in Europe, pay attention to ; old and pick out from> the 'show case most any unattractive Indies of wealth, for a conkind of nulomnlir. man or woman ho or "i she might fancy—an ideal servant or sideration, Dr. Wcnsloy's automatic m a n , called workman who would ask no fooil or wages but a little c u r r e n t and an pc- the "telcvox," offers none of these ro'casional rlrop of oil; or even a nattering mantic features,.but Mr. Televox is manufactured by the Westingbousc Co., a coradmirer could be purchased who would whisper in a neglected wife's ear, all the poration directed by solemn scientists, nice things t h a t a busy husband forgets , who cannot be expected to supply aesthetic wants u n t i l ladies make a deto say. mand for them, just as the surgeons did In this happy, future, no old maid need look under the hed for a m a n , in vain. not think of face-lifting u n t i l women inJle would always be there and such a sisted on it. However, Prof. Wcnslcy sees no limit nice m a n , a perfect imitation of her favorite matinee idol or film star, with to the practical uses of the tclevox. He blond or d n r k hair, moustache or clean says: "I can envision the day when possibly shaven, anything her Jieart desired. These would he stock models, turned out in a race of 500,000 of these men will bo quantity production and quite reasonable at the beck and call of hunianity. There in price. This year probably a "T.indy" are 18,000,000 telephones in this country. model would have been n big seller. Or, Does it seem too fantastic to anticipate if the customer is willing to pay a little ' the time when half of these telephones more and have one mane to order, the will be equipped with these servants? At present we can conceive of a market for m a n u f a c t u r e r might send" artists and photographers to some notorious loungc- about 11,000 to 10,000 of them, bnt who li/ard and deliver a perfect counterfeit knows, with the arrival of superpower of him. She could order the late Rudolf and the development of electrical devices Valentino's face and John liarrymore's for the home, to what uses these robots may be put? voirc or most any other combination. "We have already got one order from The present crude automatons can be marie to start on most any combination a gentleman who has n counti-y estate. of tones, therefore the man under the He wants n robot, Leaving his club, he bed 'might be set to react at the words: will telephone to it and say: Turn on the lights.' It will obey instantly and "Sir! What aro you doing there?" 'At that rue he would crawl out nnd when he arrives he will find the driveon bended knees, pour out words frqm ways brilliantly lighted. We can pos-

The Love-Staved Woman Will Soon Be Able to Buy a Mechanical Man of Powerful Muscles, Resounding Voice and Any Color of Hair or Complexion She Desires—And f i e Will Bestow Caresses With Tireless Fidelity and Repeat Over and Over Again Any Tr.ndcr Phrases His Owner Desires to Have Poured Into Her Enraptured Ears.
planes and lly them by compass and radio bearon and return if ( h e y can. If Ihcy are wiped out, the loss is only a m a t t e r of dollars instead of lives. Roijots slionlii he a b l e lo u'ork effectively unPhotograph of Mr. Wensley's First and Crude Model of the ocean. at His "Mechanical Man," Mr. Televox. The Photograph depths f a t a l l o h u m a n Shows the Machine L i f t i n g the Telephone Off the Hoolc divers and they could With His Loft Hand and Operating a Vacuum be nuuto immune to Cleaner With His Rirjhl Hand. llcal-, cold and bad a i r . Prof. J. Pop.iic, -, sibly predict the day when windows will set to shnl windows at U u l f h inveiilor, bai be opened and shut, electrically. How t h e first t h u n d e r clap. convenient it would be for the housewife, conlrived a versatile "Or," pays Dr. 'Wen;" when a slomi comes up, just to telephone Jey, "the housewife, e l e c t r i c a u t o m a t o n , in her robot anu say: 'Shut the windows.' could telephone Hie rot h e i m n ~ c of Ihc Not only would her robot do that but he bot and s a y : 'Turn on S p ii i n x, w h i c h li c w'ould reply: 'Madame, your c o m m a n d claims, will shave a (he kitchen stove al a has been obeyed, the windows arc all c e r t a i n temperature.' m a n , h:,ke a cake a n d jni 11 a tool 11. shut.' She could then go about her af- Arriving she would find l,e.:l anyone think, fairs with peace of mind." her roast nicely browned As a matter of fact, she needn't bothcr in the oven. The pos£.= they did of .lilies to call h i m . The question of window sibilities of these robots Verne's submarine, an^ closing can be belter left to his own judg- arc literally astonishflying machine, chat all liicnt because there might he a local this is sheet (onjecing." thunderstorm that she woujd not know hire, not l i k c l \ to bcThe robot should about. The f a i t h f u l nnd competent robot make an ideal soldier Mr. Whitman's Mechanical rcalizc'l for a long silting by the telephone but near Ihe winwith feet that will not Man, "Occullus," Who Can time, if ever, it should dow will take note of the gathcrinq; clouds feel cold in the muddy Do Almost Anything a Hu- In- noted liinA :i *2.S,and attcnil to the windows without re- Ircnchcs and a nickelcorporation man Being Can Do, Except 000,000 minder. .Somewhere on his person, perha.- j u ~ l been f o r m e n plated skin thai Get DriinU. haps behind his eyes, will be a cell of to m a n u f a c t u r e robot selenium, a substance whose resistance to wouldn't mind "cooties" electric current varies according to the and he will always he perfectly willing to salesmen. I''or two monlh? a larking amount of light that falls on it. The die for his country. give; a u t o m a t i o n thnt gives the customers darkening sky's effect on bis selenium Robot street cleaners could work in their purchase, their change and says eyes will cause Televox lo get busy shut- the trick of traffic and if run over and "thank you," has been working experiting, and later, when the sun comes out, "killed" there would be no grief of hard menially at a drug store on the corner opening the windows again. feelings except the pain of paying the o[ Uroadway and T h i r t y - t h i r d street. The mechanical salesA time clock within his person can be city for a. new one. Itobol traffic police- Now York. made to disconnect the selenium at four men could be operated by radio from person made, good anil the result i? the o'clock or whenever the shadows begin traffic, towers and also he a useful re- Consolidated .Merchandising Corporation to lengthen. After that he would no serve, directed in the same wny, against to rnaVe higher nntl better ones. The new company combines most ol longer "see" the approaching storm, hut mobs. They would not only swing a mean with a thermometer or a thermostat, he club, but could be made to give off tear the makers of vending machines, ;o that all their patents may he united in the could "feel" the fall of temperature that, gas and be armored against bullets. heralds it or with a hygroseope, "feel" All the first class powers are said to .new robot who will be a high-pressure its dampness. As even now he is made he. working on what amounts to aviator , salesman. His, patient voice svill not only £o respond to sounds, Televox could be robots — machines that will sit in bombing thank you, but tell you why his chewing
Q 1923, 17 Aajfrlcin TCftklF. In-. G t f l l E / l t i l n JUahlJ l

pum if the besl in (lie world. II you press an inquiring finger on a button over a certain k i n d of cigarette, he will inform you thai A n i l a l.onse Ankles smokes Ihem and ask if you w<inl cork-tip or plain. The first of these improved clerks is not going to speak unless spoken to, but it won't be long before passengers on empty subway platforms will he startled ny ,1 pcr.-uasivp voice saying: "Candy,, Chewing G u m ? " Thf: cnlivr. ^lot of one of the German UFA films. "Metropolis," centre? around 3 I c m a l c robot. -She is n merciless manulai-iurcd >voman who draws bar spark o! life irom the. innocent heroine of th& pict u r e , but having no soul, the lady robot, runs .umirk, wreck? the -real central po<vei pl.inl ol this city of the f u t u r e and annosl Jrown?. the h u m a n machine tenders jn tbc lower part ol the city. Nol only tiiis liul 'R. U. R.". Mrs. Shelley's 'Frankenstein" and most other fiction lhal has lorecast the coming oi the mechanical man which now seems so close ai h a n d , prophesied a tragic ending. The • H, U. I!.' robots, after they Had become not only Ihe, doers of all the. «01 id's work but also of its fighting, revolted n^'ainsl their creators and exIcvnunivleci Lht human rare. When "Frankenstein' niaiiulaclured Ins j n ' i e c l m a n , except thai it lacked a ioul, lhc creature soon demanded a mate. Hut- Ihe inventor, already repenting what he had done, realized that this would mean a whole race of these mighty supermen who would soon drive puny man himself off the Earth or enslave him. I n f u r y at his master's refusal, the artificial creature murdered "Frankenstein's" hridr" on their wedding night. But the robots will be manufactured just the same because similar gloomy warnings wero uttered about railroads and automobiles. Nobody ever scared man out of trying anything that promised to let him bo ft little lazier than his forefathers.

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