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Irregular Masking Tutorial

Irregular Masking Tutorial

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Published by erikaerin
Tutorial on how to create the Irregular Masking technique.
Tutorial on how to create the Irregular Masking technique.

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Published by: erikaerin on Jul 27, 2009
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Irregular Masking Background Technique

By Erika Martin (StampinMama)

Supplies: * Large flower image from “Looks Like Spring” stamp set and “thank you” stamp from “Wonderful Words” stamp set (both from Stampin’ UP) * Cardstock: Perfect Plum, Pale Plum, Glossy White * Ink: Perfect Plum, Pale Plum, Almost Amethyst, Elegant Eggplant Classic Pads; Whisper White Craft pad * 3 Stamping Sponges *Crystal Clear Embossing Powder * Embossing gun * White grosgrain ribbon * 1/16 inch circle punch (not shown in supply picture) * Silver brads (not shown in supply picture) * Scrap of white cardstock Step 1: Cut a piece of Perfect Plum cardstock at 5 ½ x 8 ½ inches. Fold in the middle to make your card base.

Step 2: Cut a piece of Pale Plum cardstock at 5 ¼ x 4 inches. Mount this on the front of the Perfect Plum card base.

Step 3: Tear a piece of scrap cardstock so that it has an irregular and jagged edge. This torn piece of cardstock is your “mask.”

Step 4: Lay the torn edge of the scrap cardstock on the glossy cardstock along the short edge, about a ½ inch down from the top edge of the cardstock. Ink up a sponge with Perfect Plum ink and sponge it onto the glossy cardstock, overlapping it onto the torn scrap piece of cardstock. The more layers of ink you do, the more vibrant the color will be. It’s best to dab the color on, rather than wiping or rubbing it on.

Step 5: Move the scrap torn piece of cardstock down about a ½ inch from the edge of the Perfect Plum ink. To create visual interest, move the torn edge into a different position, or turn it around so that the edges of the ink have an irregular pattern to them. Ink up a stamping sponge with Pale Plum ink and sponge a new section of ink.

Repeat Step 5 using Almost Amethyst ink. Continue Step 5, alternating between ink colors until you get to the end of the cardstock.

Here is the finished sponged cardstock. You’ll notice that some of the Amethyst and Perfect Plum ink overlapped onto the colors next to them while I was sponging. This makes the colors look more blended.

Step 6: Ink up the large flower image with Elegant Eggplant ink and stamp 3 flowers across the bottom of the cardstock.

Here is a picture of the three Eggplant flowers stamped across the bottom of the glossy cardstock.

Step 7: Use your embossing gun to dry the Eggplant ink on the cardstock. Clean off the flower image REALLY well. Ink it up with Whisper White craft ink and stamp over the Eggplant flowers. Stamp the images so that they are overlapping, but not centered.

Step 8: Use the embossing gun to quickly dry the white flower images. Ink up the “thank you” image with Whisper White Craft ink and stamp it above the flower images.

Step 9: Sprinkle Crystal Clear embossing powder over the “thank you” image. Shake off the excess and pour it back into the container. ***MAKE SURE THAT YOUR OTHER IMAGES ARE DRY BEFORE YOU SPRINKLE THE EMBOSSING POWDER ON TO KEEP THE OTHER IMAGES FROM PICKING UP ANY EMBOSSING POWDER.*** Step 10: Emboss the image with the embossing gun. Make sure you only heat the image until the powder changes to a shiny liquid and rises. Let the image cool.

Step 11: Ink up a stamping sponge with Elegant Eggplant ink and sponge it over the “thank you” and across the glossy cardstock. After the ink dries, use a clean part of the sponge to wipe the excess ink off the embossed image to help the color pop through.

Step 12: Punch holes in the center of each flower image (both the white and the eggplant flowers) with the 1/16 inch hole punch.

Step 13: Poke silver mini brads through each of the holes and separate and flatten the tines on the back of the cardstock.

Step 14: Apply adhesive to the back of the glossy cardstock and mount it on top of the Pale Plum (on the card front).

Step 15: Cut a piece of white grosgrain ribbon at 15 inches and wrap it around the front of the card. Tie it with a double knot on the front of the card and trim the edges.

Alternate options: * The glossy cardstock makes for a nice blended look of the ink colors. For a more vibrant look, use regular white or vanilla cardstock instead of the glossy. * Instead of using the Whisper White craft ink to create a muted image over the dark classic ink, emboss the second image with silver, gold or copper embossing powder. * For a completely different look, stamp the first images with a light colored ink and emboss the second image with black embossing powder. * Create your own custom colors on the glossy cardstock while sponging by sponging over one ink with another color.

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