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Strengths: Optimism Altruism Not running after money Calm Weaknesses: No planning Not moving easily with people

people Hobbies: Playing copm games Others: Game programming

Let me start first with the sole reason for which I am here. I am here to present myself as a software engineer who is most suitable for the job. First among my qualities is my willingness to work and learn. I always work hard and work smart and have seldom failed in my duties. I have always submitted my assignments on time. This is an important quality that an employee needs. This quality of mine has also attracted some of my friends. to My ability work in a team is the second quality that I would like to pint out. I have worked on worked on projects both alone and When we work in a there are two posts that we can assume: one is that of the team leader and the other is that of team member. In both cases we have some responsibilities and duties. When I was the team leader of the project Conference Management System, I was able to assign each of my team members a part of the work and we were able to complete the work on time.