Life Changing Mantras


Tools from the Other Side
Published by Tripura Foundation 2002 All rights reserved.

by Sri Siva

The purpose of this book is to bring about measurable positive results in your life.

It is dedicated to Saraswati, feminine aspect of the Divine, associated with speech, education, and the creative arts, including writing.

Truth cannot be communicated through words. I call books the "blah-blah" of the author. This, in turn, is my "blah-blah."

r Sri Siva s

Table of Contents Section I Siva’s Teachings: A Bird’s Eye View Introduction 7 Sri Siva Speaks 9 Preparing To Work With Sacred Sounds: Karma and Mantras 29 Section II Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Personal Transformation Program Physical Appearance and Personality 49 Finances 62 Risk-Taking 76 Happiness and Material Comforts 95 Personal Connection with God 113 Health. Enemies. Debt and Litigation 120 Relationship 127 Obstacles and Longevity 137 Compassion and Grace 142 Profession 148 Profit 160 Expense and Enlightenment 165 Section III Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Other Tools Nadis 178 Sacred Ash (Vibhuti). Siva-Shakti Malas. Crystal Siva Linga 186 Om Na Ma Si Va Ya 201 205 Tripura—The Philosophy of Sri Siva You Do Not Have To Be Hindu To Use This Material 213 Glossary of Pronunciation Products and Meditation Aids 1 230 234 .

he has also been called Maharishi Brzee. He says that from now on there are no more secrets. In some traditions. Who Is Sri Siva? Sri Siva is a spiritual name of Dr. His task is to bring these teachings to the West where there is true yearning for wisdom. The book touches on several key areas of human life and offers plenty of practical solutions. Sri Guruji and Guruji. 6 7 T . (In past years. usually in very small circles of selected students. Sri Siva extends blessings for new adventures in your current life in the modern age. Everything should be public knowledge and inexpensive. Sri Siva is a fully enlightened teacher. as you read and try out the parts that appeal to you. who have been passing on enlightened teachings for thousands of years. and as your life changes. Sri Siva is quite radical in the presentation of these teachings. Even working with just a few of the techniques will bring great benefit. the Tamil Siddhas. It is a book you can read more than once as you will experience the material in deeper ways with repeated exposure.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section I: Siva’s Teachings: A Bird’s Eye View  Introduction Section I Siva’s Teachings: A Bird’s Eye View his is not just another book. This book will change your destiny.) Sri Siva comes from an illustrious and esoteric lineage of enlightened Indian saints. Baskaran Pillai. It carries secret sounds and other tools used by enlightened beings in ancient times from the esoteric teachings of India.

Until now. Nandi and others. Sri Siva has taught meditation for two decades as well as seminars on successful thinking all over the world. There were times in the past when I was asked to meet with attorneys to sign a contract for book deals. the sacred Nadi palm leaves of Kakabhusunda.srisiva. According to an ancient Oracle tradition. We are concerned in this book with the manifested aspect of our self. but that doesn’t exempt him from being accountable. He had training in neuropsychology which was used in research interpreting traditional yogic and tantric wisdoms about psychobiology. Sri Siva’s book offers information that will bridge the gap between matter and spirit for many people. Bogar.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section I—Siva’s Teachings: A Bird’s Eye View this is understood as a prophet. Some said I was lazy. The purpose of this incarnation is to save the world from self-destruction through intervention from another. Agastiya. It has no shortcomings whatsoever. and allow more people direct experience of Divine Grace. which she returned after six months since I would not cooperate to write the book. and like the phoenix. please visit Sri Siva’s website: http://www. I have never made a serious attempt to publish my writings. Everything arises and 9 W 8 . It is  Sri Siva Speaks elcome to a great adventure in SelfDiscovery. and then there is this relative self. Sri Siva has been active in the computer field with an office in the Silicon Alley section of Manhattan. video. The Nadi leaves of Visvamitra. much higher world. and at one time my editor even took an advance. reemerge instantaneously. and now for the first time. He served as coordinator of Indian Studies within the Asian Studies Program at the University of Pittsburgh and taught several courses on Buddhist meditation and other Buddhist topics. because the unmanifested aspect is incomprehensible. The higher Self is the formless one which has manifested in the formed one. He is also engaged in putting his mystical teachings into various modern formats such as CD. powerful changes for yourself. Others who a were little kinder to me said. and irresponsible. In my world there is nothing that is permanent.” But nothing of what others thought of me mattered. unreliable. Sri Siva is a rare enlightened being. His specialty included research integrating religious phenomena with modern science. My unwillingness to publish was not a self-determined one.” In addition. Manifest Your Destiny. which Wayne Dyer dedicated to Sri Siva as “Guruji. But the manifested part has a lot of imperfections. There is a higher Self. Sri Siva currently lives in the United States with his wife and a daughter who currently attends university. a Messiah. The Secret Sounds and other tools in this book will enable you to create positive. for I was and continue to be in my own ivory tower which often collapses. You may use these to benefit yourself or others. He inspired noted author Wayne Dyer to write his recent best-selling book. Siva Sukshmam and Siva Vakiya have all confirmed the divine avatar mission of Sri Siva. Sri Siva is an incarnation of Lord Siva on this earth-plane. For a longer biography. Many people judged me according to their own perceptions of reality. “No doubt. a book available to the general public. The Self is a complex concept. He also served as an editor for the Encyclopedia of Hinduism.

expresses this idea: “Unfortunately. one day after his walk. Seeing ourselves as connected to all of humanity is an idea whose time will come. In many respects the Tamil Siddhas teachings are similar to the teachings of Einstein. In Einsteinian terms these masters converted their mass m (representing their body) to the speed of light (about 183. In this connection. Sundarar. Manifest Your Destiny. Ramana Maharishi attracted many important people from the West including Paul Brenton. but God’s. as they contain the idea of disappearing into another world. I remember him replying. “I want to disappear. Sri Ramana never had an ashram built for himself.” I knew that he had disappeared before in his previous life times. and others. “Mathematics deals exclusively with the relations of concepts to each other without consideration of their relation to experience. once when a European devotee presented him with a Mercedes Benz. Whatever may be the truth of the statement. I think I can relate to his statement. that 10 Einstein in his previous birth was Bogar.” Ramana Maharishi left home when he was 14 or younger and meditated all his long life. None among the list of ascended masters was a scientist. and a host of Tamil Siddhas all disappeared. Ramana Maharishi told the devotee.” The world still follows Newtonian laws and the Einstenian universe of relativity is considered only theoretically true. I asked Wayne Dyer what he wanted in life. that. the people of the world have yet to apply this hologrammatic understanding to their living. It was Carl Jung who said that Ramana Maharishi was the “whitest spot in the white sky. there are unmistakable parallels. although the Siddhas were practical and Einstein more theoretical. is God’s wish. He said that he wanted to construct an ashram there and that the desire was not his. Wayne Dyer in his best-selling book. Even after his enlightenment. Carl Jung. Manikavacakar. In fact. That is why he speaks about Castaneda’s teachings from Don Juan many times. When they will become true is the day when we begin to live the concepts or when the concepts become experiential realities. Disappearing with the body is realizing E=mc2 in an experiential way. In fact. too. I totally claim no credit for it. All that we need to know is that our physical body is 11 . Somerset Maugham. If I happen to misrepresent anything. Mohammed. a fully enlightened being from Triuvannamali (southern India) who left his body in 1950. Jnanasambanda. I personally believe it to be true because Bogar was also a mathematician. a Tamil Siddha. Sri Ramana Maharishi sat on the ground and would not get up. I remember an anecdote in the life of Sri Ramana Maharishi. This book.fe Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section I—Siva’s Teachings: A Bird’s Eye View Sri Siva Speaks falls. he refused to accept it. The Buddha. I am in one sense rejoicing very much. I have always been a witness to everything that goes on. Einstein was painfully aware of the limitation of his work and the purely theoretical nature of physics and mathematics. not even a simple home. is God’s fault and not mine. and even though there was a coterie of wealthy people who would do anything for him. Jesus. or I heard it somewhere. Appar. I must tell you if this book finally gets written and published it is not my wish. “I don’t know how to take care of this cart [meaning body]. Einstein wrote. but then they had access to a higher science in which energy and matter are experientially interchangeable. someone told me. for I have been able to bring out to the world the most precious teachings of the enlightened Tamil Siddhas. It is the wish of the Divine to make these secrets available to you.” When Wayne Dyer and I met at Ed Marzec’s home in Beverly Hills. and it will not be stopped. and I don’t need another one!” However. too.000 miles per second) which is represented by the c2 in the equation. His example taught me many things as we shall see later.

I remember as a boy I used to go to the temple every single day. Rameswaram is near the southern-most tip of the Indian subcontinent and is only a few miles away from Sri Lanka. She thought that I had insomnia and took me to the doctor who. I want the readers of this book to know that before time in memoriam. I have greater understanding 13 . although with the indifference that goes along with artists in general. pitta (fire) and kapha (water and earth). With wet clothes. The burden of raising five boys naturally fell on my mother who made sure that everyone had the right education and did not become an artist! However. Although my sleeplessness has continued to this day. Space. I never left the island. She loved me because I was the most intelligent of all her kids and stood first in the class. I had learned that below the statue was the tomb of the Siddha Patanjali. transform themselves into vata (space and air). but a beautiful shrine of Siva Nataraj (the dancing form of Lord Siva) which is situated in the outer corridor of the temple. after examining me. Even after I went to college. For instance. The tradition is still followed in the temple. This vision made perfect sense to me because. but she hated me because I kept her up in the night. 12 I needed to breathe and later master the spiritual energy that dissolves terrible karma of people so that I can help them to diffuse their karma. In Rama’s own case he had to get rid of his karma for having killed his rival in battle. the enlightened master who is the author of the Yoga Sutras. I was attracted to this spot over and over again. Pilgrims go to the temple and take a dip in the waters from 20 or more wells that surround the temple. I came back to this shrine. I told my family that on my birthday we needed to do special food offering to the dancing Siva. He was a good one. Kakabhusunda. Some of them walk into a small enclosure and turn into a Siva Linga (a holy object symbolizing Siva). If water can purify sins. it is truer in this temple than anywhere else. killing someone in and of itself has its own consequences. I hope to share more about these Siddha secrets later. until I was 18 years old. a practice that went on for a while.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section I—Siva’s Teachings: A Bird’s Eye View Sri Siva Speaks solidified light. Although Ravana was an evil person and deserved death. concluded that there was nothing wrong physically or mentally. Until recently I had no clear idea of why I reincarnated in Rameswaram. Because of this custom the temple floor is always wet. in a vision revealed to me the purpose of my birth at Rameswaram. the immortal yogi of all times. fire. the demonic Ravana. Rama established a shrine for Lord Siva and ordained that whosoever had done terrible karma could come to this shrine and wash their sins in the temple. The Siddhas do not die. Tamil Siddhas had bridged the gap between physical laws and real life experience—the problem as Einstein saw it. and Rama needed to pay for this karma. although he could not figure out why I could not fall asleep. so I was soaking in the aura of Rameswaram very deeply. In mythical times Lord Rama had ordained this island as the perfect geographical space to remove the most sinful karma. the Siddhas saw the five elements as much in the physical environment as in the body/mind and sense perceptions of life. My greatest attraction in the temple was not the main deity. and I spent all my free time sitting there. and my mother had a hard time finding me out. Birth and Childhood I was born February 1. and that it can be transformed back into light particles again at will. My father was a painter and sculptor. But this time I had a little more understanding. During the night I used to move from one bedroom to another. all elements of nature. I was the most beloved and problematic boy for my mom. water and earth. 1949 on a small island named Rameswaram in southern India. the pilgrims then walk into the sanctum sanctorum. air.

and I did what other college kids did. He was a man of great accomplishment and an internationally renowned academician. One day when I was away my mother pitched out all my Vedic astrology books and notes and when I returned. This is what I did for my mother. I began to look for answers to these questions in Vedic astrology which in India is a science that explains the karma of individuals. by this time I was so deeply involved in the metaphysical areas of life that it was impossible for me to lead a normal life. When Ramana’s mother was dying he put his hand on the chest where the spiritual heart is and disbursed her karma. I hardly cried. When I was twelve. and they gave up on me when I protested against some of the traditional funeral rites and rituals.. My relatives thought I was weird. Meenakshi Sundaram. It was my first serious attempt to look into destiny. I wanted to do my Masters immediately. including getting a job and getting married and begetting a bunch of kids. although during this time I had earned my Masters degree in English Literature. But. though from a long distance. My uncle who was a Vedic astrologer predicted a few things which turned out to be true in spite of my attempts to challenge them. but I was not accepted that year. The woman died. and again. while some idiot became the CEO of a company. She said that she had no desire to come back to the earth-plane and was happy to be liberated from the cycle of birth and death. and I collected about 1. for it is the realm of the Divine. I had Shridi Baba come to me in my meditation. why someone despite being very intelligent could not even get a job. my father died of cancer.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section I—Siva’s Teachings: A Bird’s Eye View Sri Siva Speaks about sleep now. In 1991 my mother died and I was in the U. Even at a very young age. I got out of college with a bachelor’s 14 degree in English Literature. I wanted to give her what Sri Ramana Maharishi gave to his mother. What followed was an intense period of soul-searching experience. and Ramana declared that she would not come back again. Her greatest dissatisfaction was my spending all my time studying Vedic astrology. my emotions were very stable. and someone else did not even have food to eat. I remember lighting a candle in front of a small picture of the Buddha and meditating. karma and astrology. Shridi Baba told me that my mother was going through a lot of pain and that I should give permission for her to make the transition through the death process. Dr. for she had been bedridden for long time. and I hardly cried or was visibly moved. She wanted me to be a normal person and pursue the common pleasures or agony of human life.000 horoscopes of people belonging to various vocations in order to do an empirical study. It was during this time that I met a famous man who had influence in my life. because in India it is believed that you should not mess with one’s future. I even knew in advance that my mother was going to die. A few days before her death. My mother cooperated with me. My mother had been my first meditation student. I now understand that my strange behavior was my protest against death which I now clearly know is life’s slap on our face. My college life was nothing spiritually significant. a fact that I had always been proud of. He introduced me to Transcendental Meditation 15 .S. My mother was getting annoyed about my interest in astrology and metaphysics. When I was 10. I liked the Buddha because he taught nonviolence and compassion. I began to raise questions like why someone was born rich. Shridi Baba was a Siddha who lived in central India in the later part of the nineteenth century and died in the early part of the twentieth century. she threw a tantrum to underline her point. Looking back. but by then my understanding on this point was much more mature. I started to meditate on my own. Vedic astrology became almost an obsession in my life during this time.

I came home. and I fell a victim. for after the training. Swami Brahamanda Saraswati. Vasantha was shy to look at my face. Also. and she came up with a plot of a marriage proposal for me and threatened that she would kill herself if I would not accept the proposal. and I spent two wonderful years in that secluded place. Sri Vidya is the most esoteric practice of meditation that only a few adept teachers have the ability to teach. Living with the Himalayan Masters. the greatest exponent of Sri Vidya was Swami Brahamanada Saraswati. The University provided me with staff quarters near the mountains. they came from Sri Vidya. and after that I would marry the girl. my guru who introduced me to the practice of Sri Vidya. Swami Rama writes in his book. something which I never understood. a brilliant dissertation on the sacred nature of carnality which paved my way to the University of Pittsburgh where I expanded my studies for my Ph. yet was a professor of 17 . I take this opportunity to publicly thank Sri Guru Dev (Maharishi’s guru) and the Maharishi himself for that wonderful learning opportunity. much less could actually live in this lifetime. the master had shown him a Sri Chakra which he worshipped made out of ruby. traditionally set up according to certain conventions. which took about four months full-time to complete. my conspiracy was to please my mom temporarily and get back to the Himalayas. But.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section I—Siva’s Teachings: A Bird’s Eye View Sri Siva Speaks as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. and my mother was my first meditation student. However.D. at the time. Once you are not around for such a long time. visiting my home only a few times. TM teacher training. I wrote what I considered. although I was least worried about her looks. and Vasantha was not still married. again on Ganesha’s birthday. for in my mind. the bride’s people look for another groom. I took a research scholar’s position at the University of Madurai in the Department of English and Comparative Literature. too. I could not wait to become a TM teacher. Swami Rama writes that if he had any spiritual powers at all. I initiated her on Ganesha’s birthday. After teaching TM for a while. In recent times. I came back. The practice involves the worship of the goddess Lalita Tripurasundari with the help of the mandala called Sri Chakra or Sri Yantra. He had no formal education. What was very important during my university time at Madurai was my meeting with Sri Dhandapani Desikar. To me being married mostly meant being stuck at one 16 geographical location. My Practice of Sri Vidya My guru Sri Dhandapanis Desikar was a very remarkable man. I went to Rishikesh in the Himalayas to do the TM-Siddhi training program. The girl is my wife Vasantha whom I only got a glimpse of in one of the arranged marriage interviews. My academic project was to find out the paradox that John Donne (a famous English metaphysical poet) had faced between God and sex. I don’t intend to discuss my academic life too much. as fate would have its way. But I was clever. Again. are nevertheless useless at this point in my life. 1977. Being in the Himalayas widened my interest in spirituality. I did not show up for a year intentionally. was a God-given opportunity. for now I think such endeavors. I married her on September 16. I was never the same person. I told my mom that I needed to go to the Himalayas for three more months. and after that I returned to the Himalayas for many meditation experiences. Mahesh Yogi’s guru. my mother got annoyed over my spiritual inclinations. Indian mothers are such good adepts in blackmailing their children. although not entirely meaningless. that during his days with the Himalayan master. I told the bride’s people that I would come back after three months and marry her.

000 given by a woman who wanted to remain anonymous. but not tangible. My wife heard my cry. I was awakened from a very vivid dream. Since then the goddess has been with me doing many..Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section I—Siva’s Teachings: A Bird’s Eye View Tamilology at the university.D. The image of the goddess began to haunt me. Lord Siva’s wife). Meeting with Sri Desikar was a Divinely inspired event. She never has said anything to anyone about her donation. I saw her constantly in front of me. During this time Sri Desikar taught me many things of which the most important was the worship of the goddess with her special 16 mantras. At 7:00 a. Around midnight. But I was still scared and did not want to do anything with her. Then I had to help him bathe. I have had many such experiences of the goddess and could call her at any time. I was literally his personal attendant helping him with all daily spiritual and religious rituals. Sri Desikar apparently knew exactly what was happening to me and sent for me. In the sacred literature of the goddess. I saw them very seldom and never did anything on time. The most important help I received from the goddess was during the time I was doing my Ph. This is the reason why that my charitable organization. and on my request. it is stated very clearly that the woman and the goddess are the same expression of the Great Archetypal Female. but I needed to take some ghee (clarified butter) for the lamps to the temple of goddess Meenakshi (who is considered a form of Parvati. At 9:00 a. I saw the goddess. I stopped visiting my guru for a couple of days. he changed my vision of the goddess into a pleasant one. Not that I was irresponsible. Since then many women have served the organization selflessly. the Tripura Foundation was started with a donation of $18. He said the goddess was responding to my prayer. In his long life of 85 years. etc. I have also been able to show her to other people who are worthy of the darshan. I sincerely carried out his instruction and went home in the evening. he would start his puja for Lord Siva for about an hour. She carried a trident and seemed as though she wanted to kill me with it. many miracles in my personal life. I screamed and woke up. despite their expectations. it is the most powerful appearance of the goddess. Tripura Foundation. I never kept my appointments with my examiners. My day would start at 4:00 a. I went and saw him and confessed what had happened. chanting mantras as I did the chore. This form is rare. The day Sri Desikar initiated me into the mantras. The other form that the goddess appears is in the form of human females. soaping his body. and other enterprises are run mostly by women. Some Miracles with the Goddess For the worshippers of Sri Vidya. which was actually a hindrance for a student.. We could not resist each other.m.m. In fact. Every university in the state recognized his scholarship. I was initiated in the morning. but then. and she woke up too. though she was not pointing her trident towards me any more. except for a few years when she left me for some reasons that I can’t discuss here at this time. program. and Sri Desikar agreed to teach me Sri Vidya. In Sanskrit this phenomenon is called darshan (sacred seeing) of the goddess. I had a profound experience. but I was responsive to the moment. I went through the regular guru-disciple routine. but she was in her ferocious form. I was trying to find out how the moment existed in 19 .m. I started out late and knew too much about life. Everywhere I went. One form is as a light being visible to the eyes. his wife would serve us a massive lunch which often made me uncomfortable in the beginning. the goddess in general appears in two ways. Sri 18 Desikar said what had taken place was remarkable. Sri Desikar had written about 180 books in all. He told me there was no fee for the service. to be served so much food. I needed to go to the flower garden and pluck the flowers.

The book is a very intense conversation between Dr. During this time the goddess’s help was very practical. Sri Yantra or Sri Chakra is a formation of 43 triangles transposed in a certain geometrical pattern within concentric circles enclosed by squares. after his hair-splitting encounters with intellectuals. I did at least explain this to one examiner who was willing to be my student. Krishnamurti.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section I—Siva’s Teachings: A Bird’s Eye View Sri Siva Speaks time and space. and I am glad that I did. You must begin preparations now. Sacred geometry belongs to the language of the divine. I know every student who reads this would be envious of me and want to develop a relationship with the goddess! But I must tell you that the grace of the goddess is the result of spiritual work done in many life times. She knew that I could not read everything in the many. to harming your enemies. so I do hope many of you will actually practice some of the techniques I give here. came to the goddess for his liberation and happiness. Since then. The Tamil Siddhas are quite adept in this esoteric system. He told me that he understood my problems. David Bohm and J. It is such a powerful tool that the Divine lets only certain individuals who have transcended their ego-self know its secrets. the Einstein of Indian mysticism. or incredible wealth. my mind blanked and experienced no time. Krishnamurti. At some point in my life. and I am deeply indebted here to two great spiritual masters of the last century who I never physically met: Bhagavan Rajneesh (also known as Osho) and J. and in a prestigious conference presided by Nobel Laureate Eugene Wigner. so later I can share more with you. The initiation was so powerful that revelations about the five parts of the brain keep coming to me in an unending way. This book is to begin preparing people. The five faces of Siva (Isana. Krishnamurti’s excellent. Vama and Sadhyojata) are five parts of the human brain. I thought that I had almost lost my sanity and wouldn’t be able to come back to the normal world. Without much further ado. Everything from attracting a woman or a man you want. there was a great shift in my consciousness which got intensified in my attempt to understand time. The initiation was in 1981. mandalas are the DNA codings of a universal energy system. Another major gift that I received from Sri Desikar was initiation into the five important mantras representing the five faces 20 of Lord Siva. just a few. although somewhat advanced book. Aghora. She provided me with the ability to know the questions beforehand so that I prepared answers only for those questions. I want to dwell on some of my enlightenment experiences. I presented the correlation between the five faces of Lord Siva and the human brain. a problem that I may never be able to solve. I came back. I must also tell you that the most powerful way of invoking a divine entity is to use the mandala for that being. or talking to dead people. for I never wanted to be a yogi 21 . With tremendous effort. but insisted that I should be functional in a world of cause and effect. the most powerful tool used in her invocation is the Sri Yantra (also called Sri Chakra). it is my destiny to reveal the secrets of awakening the five faces of Siva. As I was reading this book. Tatpurasha. Within the goddess tradition. I felt that the Divine was giving me a choice to be here in the mind or be totally mindless. Dr. This was the scariest experience that I ever had. can be accomplished through the use of the mandalas. Bohm in that book pushes Krishnamurti to explain thought and time. I have read almost every piece of Sri Rajneesh’s writings and experimented with most of the techniques advocated by him. One day I was reading J. Ending Time. Shankara. In other words. She was very sharp and to the point. many textbooks that I was expected to read. It was during one of the dance meditations called Nataraj that I fell down and was in Samadhi for 12 hours.

through me. who are enlightened beings. discrimination. His guiding hand leads me every minute of my www.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section I—Siva’s Teachings: A Bird’s Eye View Sri Siva Speaks in a coma.tripurafoundation. I have found that Truth is open-ended. and even the Absolute is Relative. I have the following websites. and intelligence. you will find some things here that are useful to you. present. celebration is the only Truth there is. 2002 New York. But for now. There are many types of Visvamitra leaves. And as I stated earlier. Recently during a public gathering. and more are in development: www. and all of them are not of the same quality. One of the most remarkable Nadi leaves came from the enlightened sage Saint Visvamitra. and one should approach them with caution. This will be my mission in the years to come.srisiva. This is the meaning of the marvelous sculpture of the dancing Siva Nataraj which has attracted the attention of the entire world. This is my first book. I have had a very long term relationship with Him in many. I must add also I had an extended trance experience practicing a light technique described in the book. It is fair to 23 . reveal the secrets of the five letters NA MA SI VA YA which is the answer to the mystery of the universe. Siddhas and Divine beings. and I had put them aside until now. The Secrets of the Golden Flower. future—of some souls in order to help them in this lifetime.” but it is the will of the Divine for you to have this information now. recorded on palm leaves the life events—past. Every master comes to the earth-plane with a mission and his own idiosyncratic version of enlightenment. I don’t currently intend to discuss them in this brief sketch of my life. and this is a commentary about the Divine coma stage. There are many types of Nadi astrology. I feel compelled to say something about Nadi astrology. During my long search for enlightenment. Nadi astrology is a special form of astrology practiced by the Siddhas of ancient India. 22 Some of you may find it helpful to use the book in accompaniment with some of my CD’s and videotapes as I cannot put everything into just a book! But hopefully. as time causes I have learned something from every one of them. OM NA MA SI VA YA. The www. many things have occurred. Currently. To me. Some day He will. it is not from “me. During the past five years many. Sometime later if I find it necessary. there will be an outburst of wisdom that will bring heaven on earth. As digital science begins to understand the nuances of light and sound waves. Lord Siva is the eternal dancer who lives both stillness and dance simultaneously. I will do a longer version of my spiritual autobiography. I wish to open up the world of secret sounds (mantras) and other tools.vaaaksounds. During my long path of inquiry through several of my births. many births. It is so beautiful to see so many blossoms from God with such miraculous colors. I have had the grace of several gurus. It does not make sense to me that the truth is one/none/many.astroved. I said that I knew the ugliness of www. This is the secret of the dancing Siva at Chidambaram. and I am grateful to all of them. March. My ultimate encounter with enlightenment was due to the infinite Grace of the Dancing Siva at Chidambaram in India. New York The above pages of my autobiography were written in 1997.

I documented my frustrations in the thousands of hymns that I wrote during that incarnation. Mythology has it that these Divine beings have no physical body. Evidently. although they have a form made up of light. The Bible says that God created man in his own image. All traditions speak about angels and other Divine beings. I decided to include this information. I died on a bed of arrows at the beginning of the Winter solstice when the sun moved into Capricorn. it is matter becoming energy. I was not fully Enlightened either. The human is stuck in the material body and in an ignorant mind. The palm leaves revealed a few of them: Bhishma. ultimately. This means that God has an image. But finally. Even today psychics perceive my image inside the Dancing Siva at Chidambaram. mind. The final revelation was that I was the incarnation of Siva himself. and it looked like the image of a human being. I have had thousands of incarnations. Nevertheless. I remembered many of my past lives as great saints of India. my mind was little at peace. I resented my filthy human body. To make a long story short. I was no longer the Prime Minister. the difference between the human and Divine is a matter of consciousness. Manikavacakar and Swami Ramalingam. These leaves were in the possession of a guy who has been reading regularly for the prime minister and president of India. No doubt Bhishma was semi-Divine. I still had to battle with my human body. Although I was the Prime Minister of the King and enjoyed the royal benefits of that office. he came to see me. It is embarrassing for me to write this. Over the past two years I have had many revelations about the evolution of my soul. Siva absorbed me into his image. through a series of miracles.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section I—Siva’s Teachings: A Bird’s Eye View Sri Siva Speaks say that Saint Visvamitra contacted me through his leaves. Agastiya. The Divine is also infinitely intelligent. Bhrigu. My Bhishma incarnation is the weakest when compared to the rest. My incarnation as Manikavacakar was the most agonizing one. But since I am neither attracted nor repulsed by it. It is because of this reason that Lord Siva once said that Agastiya was his equal. After the initiation I was transformed. I also wrote sometime ago the following lines in response to those predictions. Ancient palm leaves in India that are in possession of some individuals unveiled my previous incarnations on this earth-plane. The leaves opened up a new world for me. As Agastiya. The human is limited. although it was my own personal choice. whereas the Divine has no material existence and has a divine mind. if not more. Man’s destiny is to become. I stayed here for some years and at other times. 24 The transition from a material body to an immaterial body is a fascinating experience. The appearance of Lord Siva in the guise of a human guru to initiate me was a turning point in my life. To use the terminology of physics. Nevertheless. the palm leaves maintain that I visited the earth-plane some 800 times. The Judeo-Christian tradition also has some reference to the relationship between the human and the Divine. The Agastiya incarnation is very interesting. I had miraculous powers to acquire a body and to dissolve it at will. They appear and disappear by their choice and by their power make themselves known to certain human beings. my ignorant mind and the torture of the five senses. In some incarnations out of the 800. I appeared and disappeared staying only for a few hours or few months. The leaves commissioned this guy by saying that he should seek me out and read my future to me. Enlightened—what this means is that the human is becoming the Divine. 25 . The Human Becoming the Divine It is very interesting to dwell upon the process of the human becoming the Divine. but then I had to die at some point. and the senses. at the Chidambaram Temple. Within the Hindu-Buddhist tradition.

From a theoretical standpoint. Lord Siva gave me another birth as Ramalingam. will have a huge impact on the evolution of planet Earth. So. and space turning to their corresponding insubstantial energy forms. They both claimed that after their encounter with Siva. and I was pulled into the Lord’s image. Siva appeared before Ramalingam. This is in accordance with the Saiva philosophy that your soul is part of Siva but not Siva himself. He also developed the Third Eye of Siva. fire. I am myself both fascinated and excited. combined with other human limitations caused by maya. Siva then hugged him. Swami Ramalingam. proclaimed that the God of Light. Siva. My entire life as Ramalingam was spent on giving theoretical and practical proof as to how matter can turn into light. he remembered the initiation and hoped that one day he would permanently get the Light Body. On the one hand. who was sleeping on the floor. but none wanted the Light body. Ramalingam’s body instantaneously became a light body. I am awaiting very eagerly for the transformation of this body into Light. Many of his disciples were in awe. they had become Siva himself. Nevertheless. It is ultimately up to the mercy of Siva that accomplishes it. Accordingly. etc. karma and ego. poor vision. would come to the Earth-plane and stay there for awhile performing numerous miracles and transforming the planet Earth. both felt that although they became Siva. water. air. Ramalingam was upset that his students preferred three meals and full gossip over the Light Body. when that happens. He woke him up. before he took off. I had a deep desire to know the dynamics of the material body turning into light. Both were fully realized beings and identified themselves with Siva himself. Lord Siva turned my body into light. Siva then left and Ramalingam’s body reverted back to its original flesh and blood form. It is interesting that the palm leaves have now revealed that Siva has indeed come to the earth-plane. The second principle is the opening of the Third Eye that results in the removal of seven layers of material and energy consciousness. Â 27 . So. Lord Siva was still different from them. This event. The recollection of my incarnations as Manikavacakar and 26 Ramalingam has done immense good for the evolution of my soul. he disappeared on January 30th of 1874. Ramalingam was quite unhappy. in 1873 Ramalingam’s body turned into Light. He decided to take off and come back at a later time. He is within my body and will reveal himself soon. As a human being I am fully aware that I cannot manipulate this transformation. I was thankful to Siva for ending my karma and uplifting me to his level. It is important to note that these two purificatory processes are fairly difficult to accomplish by human efforts alone. One is the gross five elements of earth. toothache. I experience this human body with gastric troubles. However.. This time. the purpose of the incarnation was to systematically and experientially understand the transformation of the body into light. It is purely the decision of the Divine. I invite students to pray devoutly to Siva to descend into my body for the upliftment of the human beings on planet Earth. It was such a blissful experience. Ramalingam saw the splendor of Siva’s form. two basic principles are very important.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section I—Siva’s Teachings: a Bird’s Eye View Preparing to Work with Sacred Sounds: Karma and Mantras My absorption into the image of Siva is very fascinating. However.

They may not necessarily be from your most immediate past life. Understanding life is about understanding karma. For your quick reference. Karma is what governs life. or they may not end now. I am going to take you on a tour of life with its joys. what you call the present or the future is indeed your past. Everything that you wanted to do in the past. These things may end now. someone else lives as a homeless person in the same country. Why is there this inequality? How come some get everything so easily and others have to work hard and still get nothing and suffer? The answer is: it’s all the individual’s karma. I have put together a short FAQ followed by a longer chapter on karma.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section I—Siva’s Teachings: A Bird’s Eye View  Preparing to Work with Sacred Sounds: Karma and Mantras Before you enter the body of the book it is important for you to understand the concepts of karma and mantra. Simply put. These are now presenting themselves in this life. karma is your past life: the desires and plans that you held in your previous life. Karma is the only theory that can explain the mysteries of life—the mystery of joy and suffering. success and failure. Maybe it will take a few more births to end them. trials and tribulations. you are now doing in the present. long life and premature death and other dichotomies. This is the philosophy of karma: you desire something and create karma and a lifetime (or lifetimes) to experience it. 29 C 28 .  onsider this example: Someone is the president of a country. In fact. They may be from other lives that you had lived long ago. Mantra is what corrects it. health and disease.

you stop moving forward. Can I change the karma of someone else? You could. When you interfere with the karma of others. Not only your acts create karma. Finally. Bad life created by bad karma must be changed. This mantra will reverse your bad karma. there is always a price to be paid. you come into being because there is this cyclical karmic force which creates life to experience desires which you had no time to experience in that lifetime. but at the same time it is decaying! The child is growing towards old age and death. Meditations and Affirmations with a Master.” which is to say philosophy is not practical. but what good is it if I am going to decay?” And. You should be careful about what you think. Growth is a mystery. It is not a good idea to prolong pain and suffering in the name of God or bad karma. what is karma again? Karma is the force which causes you to reincarnate. Do our present acts create karma? Yes. A set of positive affirmations is in the section. but even your thoughts also create karma. “Philosophy never bakes bread. there will be no reincarnation. We came to the earth-plane to undergo karma. you don’t need to change that karma. So. growth itself is a process of decay! A child is growing. bad karma from past lives will create problems. Is it not wrong to change one’s karma? If you have good karma and that good karma is giving you good results. this lifetime will bring a life of luxury. An apple seed grows into an apple tree. He demanded: “What good is this life? I must find out the meaning of this life. There is an expression. and the momentum ends. Karma. if you have done good actions in your past lives. He discovered that the skin shrinks and a once beautiful face becomes ugly. In addition to chanting the mantra. For instance. There are certain types of karma that you can change. Conversely. good health and happiness. The Buddha said. It is the mystery that led the Buddha to explore life.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section I—Siva’s Teachings: a Bird’s Eye View Preparing to Work with Sacred Sounds: Karma and Mantras Karma: Frequently Asked Questions What is karma? Karma is the spiritual law of cause and effect. But I advise against it. he went out and confronted people who were suffering from illnesses. Destiny. Growth In short. and through bad acts you create bad karma. How do I change my karma? 30 The easiest way to change your karma is to use the mantra Thiru Neela Kantam. But. Just as a plant has a destiny so does every human being. For instance. “I am a prince.” I don’t want to sound too philosophical. One should be strong enough to take on the karma of others before attempting this. Some become crippled and disabled. You visualize a blue light in your throat and go on chanting this mantra at your throat. Through good acts you create good karma. What is the relationship between karma and reincarnation? Reincarnation is caused by karma. You start out at a point and then move forward. An orange seed has a destiny to grow into an orange tree. it is impossible to change an orange into an apple or a donkey into a horse. a time comes when you don’t want to come back at all. Destiny is destination. karma is your destiny. Karma is one’s destiny. because you are tired of 31 . If there is no karma in your stockpile. it is certainly possible to change one’s financial or relationship karma. Birth after birth. And for some. in his escapades out of the palace. and some types you can’t change. suffering and poverty in this lifetime. Can one change his or her karma? Yes and no. you need to reprogram your mind with positive affirmations. “Prayer to the Mind” on my CD. Ironically.

It is real. They said all of these things. Story of the Invention of the Bicycle I often talk about an interesting anecdote as some people find it easier to understand things through stories. And the funny thing about the bicycle was that the original bicycle did not have a brake. because there is no way they can make a perfect computer. with this job or another. we are going to realize it is better to psychically communicate. When you are empty. there will be no more movement. you came here to go through poverty and slavery. Psychic Technology We are continuing in the same line of development today. And what will transmit our voice is space. and they thought it was a really stupid way to stop a bicycle. very limited. What exists is your own mind. It’s very.” Then the people who tried this method of course crashed. Then karma ends. Then we don’t need a phone. including a physical 33 . They decided we have to somehow stop the bicycle from moving in an easier way. However. That is the structure of human knowledge. it is going to take time. “What you do to stop the bicycle is dash against a tree and hold onto the tree. people were doing that—using psychic communication. Same thing applies to life. The Disney movie was narrating the history of the invention of the bicycle. there is no possibility for life. And. the aristocrat would ride a bicycle so as to impress the woman he was courting. But in our age. Or. because the model that modern science follows is limited. the people on this planet could make a collective decision to do things in an easier way! In India all these various limitations were challenged many. You experiment with this man or woman.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section Topic Preparing to Work with Sacred Sounds: Karma and Mantras coming back and you want to return to Being. there will be no more desire. Whatever you think becomes a reality in the invisible spacetime complex of your soul. even to the bathroom! We have phones in the airplanes that we can use. And when there is no more desire. and then this manifests in life after an appropriate lapse of time. Why are you not able to make a perfect computer? Every year companies make imperfect computers knowingly. Only aristocrats could afford 32 it. We are going to do it sometime. but who wants poverty? It is a learning process. It was a status symbol. We now have cellular phones that we can take anywhere. One day I was watching a Disney movie for kids. Why Do You Do What You Do? I can understand people coming to live a prosperous life. The movie explained that when the bicycle was first invented in France. You came here to experience success or incredible prosperity. You constantly go on making mistakes. So karma is not just a metaphysical philosophy. The man who invented it did not see the necessity for a brake. So. many thousands of years ago by the yogis. The Buddhists say that you cannot end karma until you become totally empty. You came here to marry someone or to divorce someone else. not very many people could afford it. You came here to become the president of the country or to be a homeless person. when an aristocrat had a date. Everything is created by the mind. including the phenomenal world. For example. are only a fabrication of your mind. at some point. Creations of the Mind If one has no mind. Why not do that right now? In Atlantis. they invented the brake for the bicycle. then nothing will be out there in the world. Every one of you has come here to act out something in life. On the earth-plane you learn everything through trial and error. and then move on to get a new better partner or vocation. and they would only use it on special occasions. He told the aristocrats.

but the mind. through understanding. but instead a placebo was given. 35 percent of the people lost hair anyhow. But. What this high-sounding word means is that your thoughts become your biology. We give some information to people to help prevent certain things from happening. Why? It is because the givens are like water which has become ice cubes—solid matter. In the morning. Everything starts out as energy and becomes matter and when energy has become a material reality. We have to become very. everything comes into existence. The major experiment he conducted was on cancer patients with at least 500 people in each experimental group. but it may produce a countereffect. When you are sleeping. You have certain givens [or conditions] in this life. but day after day they wake up to the same reality. the changes are very. Look at sleep. I have selected certain situations in my life which are very. nothing exists. We have to understand the human mind. An innocent woman who doesn’t know about breast cancer is told to examine her breasts periodically—who knows what is going to happen? Somebody is going to realize that fear in a physical form. So we have to become very. 34 In this experiment the cancer patients were told that they are going to receive chemotherapy. we have to operate with the fact that we are dealing with matter-of-fact. I’m not saying that it is impossible. very responsible in handling our mind. Remember that during sleep. They have not been able to make changes in a significant way. because what we think is going to manifest as reality. These cancer patients were tested for a placebo effect—he wanted to see how powerfully people translate a certain idea into biological realities. the karma which cannot be changed easily. As I said in the beginning. Norman Cousins was an old acquaintance of mine. because whatever we think is going to become a reality. The mind is not there. You have to have a mind which can hold this object as a thought in your brain. If I want to turn it into white skin. I might bleach myself and invite more problems. our life as it is now is a result of our own thoughts in our past lives. I have brown skin. it’s not going to happen. He wanted me to come and work with him in UCLA on a project about psycho-neuroimmunology. when the mind comes back. very careful about what we think. Karma is also created through the mind. So when the mind is not there. Nevertheless. It is very difficult to change solid matter. and the treatment may cause loss of hair. This experiment was repeated both in Europe and in this country. The mind creates psychic impressions that somehow stay in the cosmos. This led Cousins to make very serious objections about preventative [measures]. Changeable vs Unchangeable Karma Now I am going to confine my current discussion to one area of karma. very difficult to make. and then these impressions cause a person to reincarnate. Matter is a fact. you are not dead. So the mind creates. The doctors didn’t administer chemotherapy. Thoughts Become Biology I will give you a practical example. then everything disappears. That’s why people come to me saying that they have wanted to change their life ten years ago. It creates through thoughts. For instance. He had a number of projects in this country and also in Europe to discover how thoughts get translated into biological reality. very difficult to change. This is an area which is resistant to change 35 . Nothing creates. The mind is dead.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section I—Siva’s Teachings: A Bird’s Eye View Preparing to Work with Sacred Sounds: Karma and Mantras object like this. You can change these things.

Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section I—Siva’s Teachings: A Bird’s Eye View Preparing to Work with Sacred Sounds: Karma and Mantras because of its physicality. I want to manifest a good relationship. There have been many self-help books. although they may not acknowledge it! Prarabdha: Difficult Karma So there is a reality that is very difficult to change. challenge karma. change has not happened yet. And he said that while you are doing this exercise. Mentally you can go on making affirmations. prarabdha. So the way to diffuse karma is to become alert and not allow the robot to continue in its unconscious way. I want to change my apartment. very difficult to be alert and be otherwise. No matter what you do to change him. You are causing the karma to manifest. 36 Someone has come with a mindset that he has taken birth to do certain things. but you are not. Karma is the spell. they get frustrated. We love to forget ourselves. That is the karma from a previous birth. but then it is not happening. Every minute you are going to be conscious. We are not conscious at all. You have to become alert to the core. I will change this. you are allowing things to happen. In Sanskrit they call it the most difficult karma to change. writing affirmations. This holds true for everyone. too. “I want to change my life. Because of the robot mind. And these are what we need to diffuse. I won’t repeat this behavior. 37 . I tell them this is only true in a limited sense. Be sincere. The mind thinks. you challenge the cause of karma. making promises that “I won’t repeat this. And we created them. Because the breath and the mind are related processes. Day by day we wake up to the same old reality. We get frustrated. That’s why the Buddha said breathe for an hour. Even people who write books saying that you can do everything. That is why when self-help people tell me that you create your own reality. Ninety percent fail. you are not going to accept things as they are. It is easy to be a robot. You follow the same path. Share this material with others who may be interested. That’s the most important thing that we have to understand. prarabdha. you begin to challenge reality. We don’t know that we are even breathing. he is not going to change. You are under a spell as if you are drugged. You must ponder this very soberly. That is how we live life. The influence of karma forces you to carry on with the misery. The Buddha said that you consider yourself to be in a waking state. At no time are you going to be unconscious. You have to create more energy to diffuse the past life karma.” You want it on a mental level. Why? Because of the spell. We are unconsciously led to the process of staying with a certain mindset because it is very. The diffusion cannot be done by the mind. Prarabdha is that which is going to be experienced by you no matter what you do. How many of you have dramatically changed your lives? What is the percentage of people who have been able to change their lives? One percent? Two percent?…. This is what people have to look at… For most people. I want to change my job. When you become alert. You are incapable of making changes. but how many people have been able to turn their lives around? They have been reading hundreds and hundreds of books on self-help which all say you create your own reality and the sky is the limit. When you challenge karma. you have to be so conscious that you should not miss even one breath. I want to change my car. We are unconscious. These are the givens.” But constantly you make the mistake over and over again. If you are unconscious. Why do we do that? Because of karma. Everyone is under a spell. Everyone of us is under a spell. In Sanskrit they have a word called samskara which means innate qualities or certain proclivities with which you are born. The moment you become alert.

then things cannot get overlooked. Buddhi means Intelligence. For example. You study with awareness. Attention means care. more attention. there was no more karma to emerge. You eat with awareness. When you do that. you can stop things. then you become more alert. what will diffuse karma is attention. he said.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section I—Siva’s Teachings: A Bird’s Eye View Preparing to Work with Sacred Sounds: Karma and Mantras But the reality is you cannot put your mind on the breath even for five minutes. he emptied the karma. He says you have to meditate because you have to avoid the danger that has not yet come. look at a six-year-old girl—she wants all kinds of toys. There is nothing out there and in that emptiness you are full. you see into the limited circumstances that the mind both creates and makes real. you end karma. That is why he said that total reality is emptiness. And what is your attitude toward the girl? Why does she want all these toys? Why does she want chocolate all the time? But for the kid. From that perspective. the enlightened Indian yogi who compiled the Yoga Sutras. you bring more care. The Buddha was able to see that all these are games. It is not intelligence in the Western psychological sense. And. Karma stops because you are waking up to a different dimension of existence where you are able to see the karma coming forth. Attention and care are synonymous. And that. to live without karma. Then. Did you care for your muscles? No. You and I don’t have these. So. So what you need is care. everything seems to be a game—an illusion. Emptiness is not a negative quality. One has to wake up to the reality which is infinite intelligence. Diffusing Karma So. in that way. If you successfully become aware of your breath for an hour. For the grown-ups. Then karma will stop. By meditating you create more awareness. with attention. The toys are different. and he began to 38 relive all the karma that he had to pass through. is the nature of every human being. And how did he care for them? His whole life was the muscles. Patanjali. You can stop things by virtue of your own attention. it is so real and so tempting. You don’t care now. You have to end playing these games at some point in your life. When you become more aware. The same analogy applies to grown-up people also. Why? Did he care for his muscles? He did. This is how you avoid the dangers that are yet to come. The Buddha sat under the bodhi tree before his enlightenment. You have to become aware. You have created enough dangers for several lifetimes. 39 . They are unfolding. If you bring more attention. You sleep with awareness. so you are going to create other lives to enjoy it or suffer it. Intelligence is universal understanding in which you understand everything about yourself and about the cosmos. So what you have to do is just meditate more. these toys are very real. More awareness means more intelligence. speaks about why one needs to meditate. This is the law of nature. You are infinite. Why don’t we have much attention now? We are lazy. The term Buddha means one who has accessed buddhi. and then the attention burns off the karma. What can help you come to this conclusion is more awareness. When you bring more attention. Intelligence is synonymous with awareness. enough alertness to diffuse karma. Emptiness is unlimited life in which you are not defined. This lifetime is not enough to live those events. If you are attentive. that will change your life entirely because by that time you will have created enough energy. Mike Tyson has great muscles. The only thing is that they like different toys.

My own tradition is a tradition that equally emphasizes changing the physical reality. Othello. This is the Buddhist model. and then awareness of the consciousness itself is another project. While sitting here. how he cheated me on this. if you remain in this way. because you can’t allow the robot thought to do its thing. which he does not know whether it is true or not. And. You can become alert and dismiss the thought. Try this right now. more awareness. Desdemona. “I had been happy if the general camp… had tasted her sweet body. He successfully planted this suspicion in Othello’s mind. You have to learn to develop more consciousness within you. It’s a tradition that is not very well known. He continues to analyze and analyze. so I had nothing known. even though this was not actually true. No thought can remain within the system forever.” So what bothers him is not the actual act. “This thought is trying to cheat me and make me unhappy. If you give reality to a thought. The Buddhists believed in this methodology because it agreed with their system in which there is no God and no soul. somebody came and told Othello that his wife. Keep your eyeballs still and just become conscious of your skin all over the body. “This woman is cheating me!” And in the play he puts his hands on his head to see if he has developed horns. I don’t want this thought at all. Become alert. And you live a life as though there is no existence other than thought existence. You are not using your consciousness in the right way. My tradition is called the Tamil Siddha tradition. I dismiss you. Right now.” the thought will fall away. Shakespeare had a great understanding about this. You never lose your awareness no matter what you do.” 40 He wonders what is bothering him: is it Desdemona’s sex act with this guy or the knowledge that he has that she slept with him? And he says. They check in and check out. In order to remain focused. you are diffusing karma. You will be creating an energy field. The moment you become aware and tell yourself. you have to step outside the thought process and for that you need awareness. “I don’t want it. Just sit and then become conscious of yourself. I can create consciousness in you provided I tell you how to do it. There is a bodily awareness that you have to create. And then you can check out what you can do and what you cannot do. you are unconscious. You play with awareness. So. Thoughts are your guests. In his play. that thought will give rise to another thought and another thought and another. was having an affair with another guy. “I am like dust in the wind.” And for that you need more consciousness. The thought process is like a vampire.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section I—Siva’s Teachings: A Bird’s Eye View Preparing to Work with Sacred Sounds: Karma and Mantras You work with awareness. Sometimes it is the knowledge that becomes the problem. “Oh. These enlightened sages believe in changing life both 41 . You are the host. you will grow horns. I don’t want to be unhappy. But I don’t quite totally subscribe to the Buddhist model. you can become conscious.” and then you will begin to analyze all the incidents trying to make up a case to make yourself more miserable. and Othello’s mind began to rage. What exists is your own consciousness. you’ll become more and more conscious. The thought will fall away like a dead leaf from a tree. By becoming more conscious you can stop these processes and when you do that. And he begins to analyze the situation. conscious of your body. you should keep your eyeballs still. The gesture is from a belief in ancient Greece that if your wife cheats on you. You see how it happens? So. It sucks up all of your energy and limits you. What happens now is that your awareness is being eaten by your thought process. but the knowledge that she has slept with this man. Sometimes there will be an obstinate thought. and then he concludes. It’s a simple exercise.

Some people have gotten results in days. (Space energy is one element among five. The bottom line is that you use the mantra until you get the results. use the verbal chanting method. 100 percent spiritual change. Who discovered the mantras? The mantras are part of the space energy. The Vedas talk about the use of mantras to get into nonordinary states of consciousness and for obtaining spiritual as well as material things. They are as old as space and the universe. although they were originally discovered by the yogis of India and have long been part of the Hindu tradition. They may date back to 1500-1000 B. the ancient enlightened yogis discovered the sounds in deep states of trance. carry enormous power? The mantras are called Bijas in Sanskrit which means seeds. Mantra: Magical Sound That Can Change Your Life What is a mantra? A mantra is a magical sound. Those mantras are excluded from this book. You have to challenge even your material reality and change it not for the next life. How do mantras work to get whatever you want to get? Mantras are energy forms of matter. The thinking method will quiet the mind and will give you tranquility. The seed carries the tree within itself.) Meditating on the space energy. and perhaps in the future. I am a very busy person. In this case. There is a specific energy form that controls matter that gives you material comfort. called Samadhi.” You go on using the mantra repeatedly. How can a small sound attract large things like cars/homes? 42 No doubt the mantras are tiny. You implant them in your mind. air. How can I change my karma? The simple answer is: use a mantra. See the “One Minute Mantra” in Part III. I recommend the use of the mantra “Shreem. I compare the mantras to DNA. Mantras are energy DNA’s. even clone the individual. is it not true that the atoms. What is the oldest extant literature on the mantras? The Vedas (Books of Knowledge) written in Sanskrit are the oldest texts on mantras. The practice of a mantra does not convert one to Hinduism or interfere with your spirituality. It is a Divine tool to create whatever you want to create. When the mind is noisy. Should I chant a mantra aloud or think it mentally? Mantras can be chanted as well as used mentally. and some take months. It is magical. water. and then you manifest the energy. With the help of DNA you can identify a person. Is there a mantra that I can practice in a few minutes? There is a one minute meditation which is very powerful. fire. etc. How long does it take to get results from the use of mantras? It varies from person to person.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section I—Siva’s Teachings: A Bird’s Eye View Preparing to Work with Sacred Sounds: Karma and Mantras materially and spiritually. How old are the mantras? The mantras have no beginning nor an end. use the mantra mentally. I don’t have the time to sit and meditate. When your mind is quiet. the others being earth. Will this practice of mantras interfere with my religion? Mantras are areligious. I have only put in benign ones. often with only one or two syllables. Will there be any bad results that may come out of the mantras? There are mantras to create bad effects like hurting others. For instance. tiny as they are. 43 . The mantra will then attract the car/house towards you. you want to buy a house or a car. So their philosophy is 200 percent life: 100 percent material progress.C. I am Christian/Jew/Moslem. Each DNA is a miniature of a particular person. but right now for this life. But.

Similarly. The mantras have also been part of the Biblical tradition as well. While you are meditating on the mantra. the mind would not exist. uses this knowledge. “In the beginning was the Word. If you try to change your consciousness at the mind level.” So the mantras have this ability because they work at a different level. Nadi astrology of the Siddhas also uses the sound techniques to identify souls. At one time when asked to teach a prayer he teaches the prayer that even today is used in some churches. and it will change you. you have understood part of your mind. which according to the Hindu tradition belong to the pure energy complex of the Divine. They don’t want to waste your time giving a big intellectual seminar on creating your own reality or how the mantras function.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter I: Physical Appearance and Personality Mind is Composed of Sounds The mind is a bunch of sounds. If you ask for anything in God’s name. Your mind has a sound pattern. The Word of God is the mantra. “Father. In order to make significant changes in your life. not at the mind level. Jesus told his followers to ask everything in his name. all that you need to do is to rearrange the sound patterns of your own consciousness. Mantras are sounds of the unconscious. The Bible says that. The sounds ya and va representing space and air are part of the Nama Sivaya mantra. the change will be very superficial because it cannot dispel the spell you are under.” God created everything through his Word. The thought sounds become speech sounds. When the yogis talk about sounds. In the prayer Jesus says. At the end. This is the theory of the Siddhas.” What is this name God? God’s name is everything. All that you need to do is to change the sounds of your consciousness at a very deep level. change the sounds in your consciousness. By clinging onto the mantra. Even your soul belongs to some vowel or consonant group. you can go into a deeper level and rearrange the atoms of your own consciousness—the sound atoms of your own consciousness. there is a thought sound (thought also has a sound) called nada and paranada. hallowed be thy name. What do the Siddhas mean by this? Your mind is made up of language. the TV psychic who reads spirits’ messages. what is sound? Sound is just a bunch of vowels and consonants. Consciousness itself is sound. they don’t talk about only the spoken sounds. Then. So. Now. So if you change sounds within the system. It represents pure energy. John Edwards. Similarly. You don’t have to know many things. Spoken sounds emerge from unmanifest levels. Yahweh. the mantra takes you very deep into the layers of the unconscious. The Allah sound encom45 . if you want to change your mind. The evolution of speech is as follows: first. Spoken sounds are only very gross form of sounds. If you pull out language from the mind. what is language? Language is sound—conceptual sound and meaning in some relationship of reference. then you can make lasting changes in your life. Yahweh is formed of the sounds for space (akash) and air (vayu) energy. and I will give you a mantra. So if you understand vowels and consonants. Allah is a mantra as well. What is there in Jesus’ name? Jesus’ name is a mantra. it will happen through the miraculous power of God. the name of the Jewish God. Jesus speaks about the power of mantras on two occasions. Ninety percent of your mind is language. This is what mantras do. Transcendental Meditation (TM) became popular in the United States because they use mantras. Your unconscious has a sound pattern. All they say is: “Come here. That’s why people who use mantras 44 get dramatic results. and the Word was with God. is also a mantra.

I trust your intuition about this. Each of you will pick the parts that are right for you to work with now. and wear clean clothes. you may find it very helpful to do this. incense can greatly help focus the mind for meditation and spiritual practice. There is no time lag. Somehow we have to find a way to get beyond the mind and go to this Siddhi consciousness. The problem is we have manifested a mind. No action is needed to make the thought into a physical reality. and their children just know at certain times Mom is “doing her thing” and is not to be bothered. This is Siddhi. some unconsciously. some consciously. I have known even busy mothers negotiate 46 time for meditation with their families. If you do not have a meditation spot already set up in your home. meditate or do other spiritual practice in a clean spot. Purity is essential for accessing light. you will fill up on some things and not on others. Never forget these basics of purity.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program passes “all things. Spiritual statues or pictures of some deity or enlightened teacher who inspires you can be good to put in your meditation spot. This is a multi-level teaching that I am opening up. humility. then creation takes place instantaneously. Flowers. I am giving you many tools in this book to help you do this. The mind hides the vision of the Siddhi consciousness. I invite you to come back to this book again and again. bringing your hands together and bowing is an ancient way to seal the meditation and to offer gratitude to the Divine. Siddhi Consciousness When one is able to live the Siddhi consciousness completely just as God does. This gesture of bowing brings in humility and prevents you from becoming “proud” of your practice. candles. and take a shower or at least wash your face and hands. and the mind is the barrier. because now is the time for the spiritual seekers to get a break! Use them wisely to benefit yourself and others. I am serving a great brunch of knowledge and like a brunch. I am so happy that this book is in your hands at last! Â 47 . Pick a spot that is quiet and where you will not be interrupted. and gratitude. And this is the ideal of the Siddhas.” The Quran has the 99 names of Allah—all of them are mantras. plus I will help you with this inwardly. To end your meditation or spiritual practice. that everyone should be able to live the Siddhi consciousness. Each of you can find the discipline to mediate daily. Many of you will experience this help in the dream plane. It is a great achievement. as you cannot possibly absorb it all in one reading! Some basic preparation advice: Whenever possible. As soon as a thought is produced within the Siddhi consciousness it gets materialized.

It is an important practice that everyone should do. Very few people have even the practice of looking at themselves in the mirror. it was your I 48 49 . You should go and look in the mirror and see how you look. you have to go in front of the mirror and create the “other. We have to do it through conscious awareness.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter I: Physical Appearance and Personality  Section II Personal Transformation Program Chapter 1 Physical Appearance and Personality Mantra: Satyam Sivam Sundaram (Pronounced: Saht-Yahm She-vam Sun-da-rum) n this chapter. and you will begin to take note of the imperfections that you have created. self-examination is not naturally available to us. not your real self. but at the time you created it. Then you will figure out the imperfections you have created. very few people actually look at themselves. we are just going to look at ourselves. This happens at two levels: at the body level. but seldom themselves. This is because the physical eyes are turned only towards others. Once you have become aware of imperfections then you can correct yourself. You have to look at your own physical form first. You look exactly the way you want to look. not towards oneself! If you want to see yourself. they look at others always.” And only through that mirror can you see yourself. So. Now you may not like to hear that. Sure. and at the mind level. Awareness is the first step. Even in the mirror you are seeing only a reflection of yourself. Very.

Because they are unconscious. What you should be concerned about is: “Yes. Don’t even ask where the money is going to come from because that will stop manifesting the money that is needed to do this surgery. A pleasing personality and appearance will open doors for 51 . you will find a means of rectifying them. The poem continues. Beauty and Spirituality You might ask what does beauty have to do with spirituality? Your body and personality set the tone for every area of your life. Only very few people remain conscious.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter I: Physical Appearance and Personality intention to look how you look now. We become irritated when someone talks about it. then you will be able to bring that thing into your life. This is for manifestations on the level of the body. and then it will manifest. if you want a skin cream. The denial leads to negligence. I do have this imperfection and I need to correct it.” You just close your eyes and put your attention on what you need to do. This leads to neglect.” If you think about something all the time. The moment you begin to reflect on it. Many. you are going to focus attention on the imperfect parts of your body. To overcome Karma. You have to admit you are wrong. Beauty is Truth Beauty. First. You 50 should desire for the best in every area of your life. Ask yourself. you look at the imperfections. The remedial sounds that I will teach you are the crux of the teaching. “What can I do to get myself straight here?” There should be a willingness to look at yourself and change what needs to be changed. How can you correct this? You can correct this through awareness. We keep it under the rug and we don’t want to talk about it. it only requires motivation. This is the truth. Notice how you have created diseases and other abnormal conditions. She told me that she knew exactly what could be done. over a period of time.” John Keats wrote in his poem. is the best asset you have. People get angry because they don’t want to have to look at certain parts of themselves. For example. you only need the commitment that no matter what. “Beauty is Truth. The purpose of this book is to encourage you to become conscious in every area of your life. She had no resources to correct some imperfections on her nose. they are not able to bring about any significant changes in their lives. In order to think about something consistently for a long period of time doesn’t require any money. Now. Karma will not allow any change to happen easily. inner and outer. there are many negative forces that will try to keep you from doing this. “—that is all/ye know on earth. and then on a mental level. But as I said. Truth Beauty. the motivation will be blocked by your karma. make the changes you want and put these ideas out to the universe. eventually.” He was a British poet who was influenced by Plato. all that was needed was plastic surgery on the nose but it was very expensive. you are going to look at your own physical appearance and personality. then you create a change already within you. “Ode on a Grecian Urn. Put Your Attention on What You Want Once a woman came to me. The universe will then help you to manifest your desires. Then you will find miracles happening. I told her to just put the desire out. Put your attention on how these imperfections have affected various parts of your body. many people are unconscious. It will be painful in the beginning because nobody wants to look at their own imperfections. and all ye need to know. You will fall a victim to unconsciousness. Sometimes we deny certain parts of ourselves. go for the best quality. Once you have set these things in motion. In this chapter. but then you cannot keep things hidden forever.

she took control of her weight through discipline and exercise and so forth. You are God. Personality is not just expressed through a physical appearance or manners.] Sit quietly. healing light. So it is important for every woman to think and feel. then they are not going to attract. Visualizing Meditation Now I am going to guide you through a personality change meditation. But then you have. irrespective of her weight. very important.” because once you think that you are attractive then you can attract. Once you think that way about yourself deep down. Physically. and your own well-being. The moment you understand that you are God. I can think of two women at least who became successful national figures who believed they were attractive even though they did not look like magazine models. They say that they are not very attractive deep down. your external appearance—whatever it is—is not important. is the kind of person who thinks that she is very attractive. picture a beam of white light entering into your left 53 . Again. Receive this light completely. She also has a weight problem. but she. Creating an Attractive Personality is the Secret If you want to attract people. one may be attractive/ unattractive/average/tall/short/medium. one may be well-mannered/short-tempered/cold/warm/mean/generous. it is a matter of convincing yourself that you are attractive. through an ego identity. The truth is. you are God. very beautiful. but act as though they have a low self-esteem. women in particular do not have the right attitude about their appearance because of various conditionings. To think that you are attractive is the ultimate thing. Let the light go all the way in. Unfortunately. Later on. “I am attractive. Conversely. because though she was overweight. The other woman I have in mind is Rosie O’Donnell. People love her. of course. Your life may go smoothly or may be full of problems. take note of what you want to change. You have allowed yourself to be defined by your education. Also. So. One is Oprah Winfrey. what about your personality? Your personality is an intrinsic quality with which you are born. behaviorally. created a lot of restrictions. Picture a beam of white light entering into your right eye. Unpleasant expressions and experiences of your personality are due to bad karmic impressions in the body/mind and spirit. completely flooding through every cell with an energizing. That is why she was able to attract a huge national following. your profession or what you currently do for a living or even whether or not you have a job. she was still very popular and she received numerous awards when she was very heavy. yet the weight was not a problem. Next. you have will incredible self-esteem and changes will follow automatically. But my point is. They influence the impact you have in the world. I think she’s great. career. when Oprah Winfrey started out and became successful she was not attractive at all. she was successful because she thought that she was attractive. this is very. You are beyond all that you do. Now. but also through your own psychological concept of who you are.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter I: Physical Appearance and Personality you in areas of relationship. too. for then you are going to attract no matter what. She weighed as much as Mike Tyson. and once they think that they are not attractive. all the way back into the optic nerve. However. [This format should be referred to for visualizations and preparations for meditation. Your vocation is not really what you are. This is not really your personality. It is not just in thinking but rather feeling it in their bones that is important. So. I must also acknowledge that there are a number of women whom I have met who work in restaurants who are very 52 slim and very. it is important for a person to think and feel that they are attractive regardless of what they do or how much money they make. many times.

Receive a beam of white light into your right nostril. Satyam Sivam Sundaram into each part for a few seconds: Right Eye Left Eye Right Ear Left Ear Right Nostril Left Nostril Tip of the Tongue Middle of the Tongue Back of the Tongue/Tonsils Go back into each part again and this time say the sound silently. cleansing each cell. Now move to your right nostril. the most important tool in this area is a mantra that will help change your personality.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter I: Physical Appearance and Personality eye. Keep this sound. Receive it first into the tip of the tongue. on the inner level. The mantra is Sundaram. Now go to your own body. It is the sound of pure energy. and you are just a joyous being. Make note of them one by one. Go to the left nostril. Now move to your right ear. energizing and refreshing each cell. going into each cell of your mouth. The mantra Sundaram is created out of a great sound. Once it is deeply established within your own awareness. going all the way into the left nasal passageway. Receive this light completely. you will find miracles happening. in your consciousness. Receive this light completely. The sound waves of the mantras travel to the inner space where energy and matter collapse into one unit. Receive this light completely.) During the day. going all the way into the inner eardrum. then the middle of the tongue. Sundaram is a concept beyond description. Shanti. Be very positive in your visualization. (“Om Shanti. Receive a beam of white light into your right ear. Chant the mantra. both on the level of the mind and the level of the body. It is going to create joy. Receive this light completely. Receive this light completely. bring your hands together and bow with gratitude. Let the light go all the way in. Shanti” is an ancient chant for peace. Now chant this sound. cleansing each cell. finally the back of the tongue and tonsil area. completely flooding through every cell with an energizing. all the way back into the optic nerve. Receive a beam of white light into your left ear. Satyam Sivam Sundaram. These sound waves will go and impact every cell in your body: Satyam Sivam Sundaram. your body becomes 54 beautiful. Focus attention. Relax. Receive a beam of white light into your left nostril. bringing the sound waves into a subtler level of your cells. Make a serious commitment to work with them. particularly on the imperfections that you have created. Next. Mantra: Satyam Sivam Sundaram (Pronounced: Saht-Yahm She-vam Sun-da-rum) In addition to receiving the white light. Receive a beam of white light into your mouth. You must be gung-ho with the chants. going all the way into the inner eardrum. remember your desired manifestation and 55 . healing light. Shanti. Visualize the changes you want to manifest. Close your session with the chant Om Shanti. going all the way into the right nasal passageway. go to the mouth. energizing and refreshing each cell. You just keep on chanting this sound. Receive this light completely. As you do this meditation regularly. so that the sound goes deep into your consciousness. Discipline yourself to some form of daily practice. Shanti. you will find your mind becomes beautiful. It is going to create a beautiful form. which resonates in your heart. Receive the sound waves. Start from the head and work to the toes.

the problem is that we give too much importance to our thought processes. Matter has very little flexibility. infinitely easy. So we have to get back to the level of energy. Most of the time our thoughts are related to the future. This is a tool for dealing with hateful feelings. you can become lethargic and cynical. What is wrong is being closed to another way of living —living in an effortless way. and water. they are our survival anxiety. The laws of the spirit contain a lot more wisdom. I will amplify your positive efforts. And where do the thoughts come from? Most of the thoughts come from our own personal ego. I emphasize that I have put a powerful blessing through all the mantras and tools in this book. Right now. there is consciousness. but in other forms it becomes steam. CDs and videos have been created which are available at www. life is infinitely flexible. These are all various stages of the same matter. If you give credence to these thoughts. while the mantras have their own power. As I have said before. On that level. you have to end your old ways of being aware. So most of our understanding comes from these thoughts. Consciousness is pervasive. Thinking Without Thoughts So we have to make a shift from material existence to spiritual existence. Waiting is a waste of time. they will become more and more powerful. their deepest power comes from being energized by an enlightened teacher. Time is money. very strict rules or laws of nature. The meditation techniques were developed exclusively for making life easier. an ice cube is solid matter. It is very important to use the correct pronunciation of the mantras. It is not wrong to follow that process. The Purpose of Meditation Please use the mantras and tools with focus and be alert. Awareness is 56 the key word. Matter follows very. That is the purpose of meditation. Use the sounds to change the soul. Dealing with Negative Feelings Sometimes when people are hateful. When the mind is negative. and if you don’t. About Pronunciation of the Mantras Some people may wonder. I want it right Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 2: Finances repeat the sounds. you cannot afford to hate someone else. which will last hundreds of years. whereas energy is infinitely flexible. “How exactly are the mantras in this book pronounced?” For people who are not able to hear me or another teacher say the mantras in person. We do not know anything other than what our thoughts inform us about. snow. Somehow. I want to dispel the idea that meditation is just for relaxing: The purpose of meditation is not just for relaxation. If you love yourself. they will lose their power. The purpose of meditation is to be more aware. it understands how to 57 . In order to become more aware. Your mind is the child of the soul. Write three times: I no longer blame [put in name of person you have harbored hatred toward].vaaaksounds. but when it becomes ice it loses its flexibility. What’s going to happen? This is the nature of thought most of the time. we want to protect ourselves and it sets into motion the thought mechanism. And yet. Tell yourself: I don’t want to be cynical and lethargic. they gain weight. How can we work with energy and get things done? It is very difficult to work with matter. Thought comes mostly out of fear. it exists within even the smallest particle of matter. Matter has the intelligence of remaining fixed in place.

the neighbors came and told the saint that it had been good the horse had been lost. So the goal of these tools is a stage of complete stillness where there is no activity at all. If we are to understand consciousness. but your genes also think. Thought always comes from the ego. 58 Yes. very powerful form of intelligence to support your actions. accompanied by several wild horses. and these thoughts color your consciousness.” This is why the mantra Satyam Sivam Sundaram and the other sounds must be received all the way into your cells and even the spaces between the cells! You are influencing right down to a molecular level when you bring the sound waves into your cells. Not only does your brain think. the non-thought reality. all this is stored within the gene. Within a few days. from fear. A few days later. 59 . If one can think without thoughts. but your ego attaches its thoughts to your consciousness. on the other hand. and again the saint told them not to judge. then you have fulfilled the purpose of life. which means “thinking without thoughts. the neighbors said how terrible this accident was. We do not need all of them. There are so many variables involved in a single action that you cannot begin to control these variables. and the king wanted this white horse. The genes know what pattern they will become. The war was going badly. one discards these thought patterns. The Sufi rejected the king’s offer. Now. and you cannot go wrong. The mechanism is very simple. what one does not need is unintelligent thoughts. However. one needs thoughts to live in this world. the easier it is for one to receive help from one’s higher self. they will wither away. you will find that thoughts are a burden to you. The ego-self cannot accomplish much because it speaks from a level of ignorance. So change must occur within consciousness. and also one’s longings to get certain things. or in Sanskrit. one must go deep within oneself and understand non-thought realities. then one is a good deal closer to acquiring higher consciousness. The quieter one can remain. Millions of thoughts come into one’s mind. exists in a state of consciousness where it can move anywhere. when one goes deep in meditation. With this other. If you do not give any credence to these thoughts. How is it stored? Consciousness! So. The saint’s only son began training the horses. He offered the Sufi any price he might name for the horse. So. we have not understood consciousness. Now. and again. avikalpa. and none of the men that had left were returning home. This type of thought usually comes when you are disturbed. Energy. there was a war. Story of the King and the Saint There is a famous Sufi story. and all the men that were able to fight had to leave their homes to fight the war. If you remain quiet and only have a few thoughts that are very productive and rewarding. The neighbors considered the saint very stupid. As you begin to meditate. In this condition one has to be very.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 2: Finances remain immobile. All that you need to do is just go deep. very careful to remain quiet. Consciousness is pure. but there is pure understanding. When you have acquired that kind of state. thoughts that come because of ignorance. and again the saint told them not to judge. when not even a thought comes into your mind. the neighbors called the saint stupid. There was a Sufi saint who had a white horse. you cannot go wrong because you are supported by this avikulpa. and while training the horses. they are a waste of time. the actions that you do will become spontaneously right. the horse returned. This inner stillness gives you the wisdom. but the saint told them not to judge. You will see the thoughts as obstacles to your consciousness. he became badly injured and lost a leg. After some time had passed. and again the saint told them not to judge. There comes a stage when you are completely quiet. the horse was missing.

and again the saint told them not to judge. and changes from moment to moment. I teach “purposeful meditation. This is possible through the practice of meditation. So. Reality is Not Frozen The mistake we make is that we try to freeze reality at any given moment. particularly something miserable. that attitude became real. And so. Each time you sincerely 60 practice one of the mantras or use one of the tools. there is no adventure. The mind likes least to act upon a desire immediately. we must raise the mind to that level of awareness. Reality is volatile. life goes on in this manner. Yet. I give you my promise.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 2: Finances Now the neighbors came to the saint and said maybe it was good that the saint’s son had lost his leg because now he wouldn’t die in the war. The sounds and tools in this book will help you change consciousness. but more particularly. There was a woman who came and told me that she wanted to buy a house in two years. we want to have something to hold onto. That is an extreme example of how we can freeze our reality. Once she believed it would take two years to buy the house. as it always wants to identify with misery. The Sanskrit word dukka means misery.” Set productive goals for yourself as you work with the sounds and the tools. Life is not like that. The mind is basically miserable. you will understand things on another level. you will be bringing in new positive consciousness at an accelerated rate. right down to predicting our retirement and the flowers we will have at our funeral. she had frozen her reality. Have faith! Â 61 . and I asked her. “Why not buy it now?” She told me it would take her two years to save for the down payment. So. But it points to the problem. In a life that is structured and guaranteed. Each time you read in this book. We should live our life in accordance with the infinite possibilities that the particles that make up our being have afforded us. What prevents us from thinking differently about such things is our preconceptions about time and logic. our own negative attitude.

Get more hours wherever they are available. 6. 4. Your mother has just delivered you. You can’t go to a good school because you can’t afford the tuition. Please understand something—suffering does not remove or dissolve bad financial karma. 2. Why is this situation happening to you and not to Prince William or the sons and daughters of a millionaire? There is only one answer to your question: YOU ARE BORN WITH A BAD MONEY KARMA. which is the richest country in the world. Job is constantly ending and you are continually looking for another. I want to give you some uncommon and spiritual methods for addressing your money karma. Living from paycheck to paycheck. Get two full time jobs to supplement your income. You have no job skills that are marketable. Driving a junky car. Surviving on cash advances from credit cards. Not that I disbelieve them. In a negative parental environment such as this one. 8. you can do very little to get up and running. Poor Dad indicates. people who have hearts. if not everyone. Why do you hurt for money? There are many reasons why you don’t have money. he or she would say one or more of the following: 1. 63 M .Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 2: Finances  Chapter 2 Finances Mantra: Brzee (Pronounced: BREE-zee) ost people in the world have bad money karma which means they are hurting for money. know about them. Go back to school and acquire some education. You need a technique to remove bad financial karma. But. Living with your parents. No paycheck at all. one’s birth circumstances with money constraints have serious consequences. you are not going to have an easy life unless your parents do something to improve their finances. Right now. it is in the wrong hands. but they are commonplace knowledge and many people. Borrowing money from others. a Divine technique. Taking a bus to work because you don’t have a car. Your consciousness is clouded and you have no energy. 3. I am doing a lot of meditation to help put money into the hands of spiritual people. Nevertheless. unfortunately. 2. I am going to give you techniques to dissolve bad financial karma. “How do I change my money karma?” I have come to this earth-plane primarily to help people change their karma. Let me begin from the beginning of your life. In this chapter. 3. Within the soul are vibrations which support wealth or poverty. 7. Rich Dad. Most people experience one or more of the following: 1. But as the book. I am not going to emphasize any of the aspects mentioned 62 above. you were not born with a silver spoon in your mouth. How to Change Bad Money Karma You may ask. This problem is true even in the United States. 4. As a child growing into adulthood. most of our dads (including mine) had no clue as to how to make money. 5. If you go to a financial counselor.

Hold them in your right hand as you do the ritual. You must cultivate that consciousness. genuine and healthy. Remember. something more fruitful. Flowers come from a very pure dimension. your human ego and doubt will get out of your way. throat. we can create a society of conscious individuals. say “Shut up!” and put something interesting in the mind instead. Let the negative thoughts about money in the head pass into the flower. it is important that you take a few flower petals (or even a whole flower) and roll them on your head (around the brain area and forehead). And flowers have the occult (hidden) power to help you access Akashic Records. Chant the mantra. You will begin to desire in a more authentic way. shoulders and chest (heart area). What supports a prosperous mind are desires that are authentic. Get rid of your philosophy. Both the mantra and the light should stay in the throat. a prosperous mind falls apart. When you wake up in the morning.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 2: Finances In order for you to have maximum results. pass your negative financial karma to the flower petals. your philosophy will sneak in. Let the negative financial karma stored in the throat pass into the flower. Put the mantra. Imagine that the flower petals have absorbed all your past-life karma and present-life karma and 64 then crush them. It is difficult to change deep-seated karma through behavioral techniques. They carry space energy. Flower Ritual Later on when you shower. So I repeat this truth to you. When the mind begins to blah-blah. It has not helped you. do the mantra again as outlined. you will find tremendous benefit from this secret ritual. neck. even if it is just playing in the background while you are doing the dishes or driving your car to work. even without your knowledge. Divine law deals with spirit. and many. Let any heartache and sorrow about money and finances in your heart pass into the flower. Mantra: Thiru Neela Kantam [pronounced: TEE-ru NEE-la KAN-tum] Start my two-fold program to improve your bad money karma. saying the mantra. Get rid of your own philosophy about money. Let the financial burdens carried in the right shoulder and left shoulder pass into the flower. As you do this. you should follow my advice meticulously. I must dissolve it and create some other karma. Without desires. do the karmabusting. Tell yourself firmly. the realm of space energy. Do not smell the flower petals. Make a prayer to me to empower the mantra for you to remove your bad money karma. Those of you who have my Thiru Neela Kantam CD should listen to it everyday. Thiru Neela Kantam meditation at least for three minutes while still in bed. If more and more people will live this teaching. Thiru Neela Kantam.” If you do this flower ritual every day. Thiru Neela Kantam in the throat visualizing a blue light. Period. outlined below: First. Then throw these scapegoat flower petals away and wash your hands. if you work with the flower petals and the mantra. the energy of akash (space). So the fire of alert consciousness and desire must be burning all the time. not human law. The flower ritual comes from Divine law. This spiritual technology is like directly updating a database! I promise you. what supports prosperity is desire. this technique will help you get rid of your past life karma that is disallowing you to make money. understand that your money karma is carried by 65 . Your karmic records are said to be stored in the Akashic Records. many people in the world will now benefit from it. Thiru Neela Kantam into each area. This technique is part of Divine Knowledge. Literally let the burden lift off your shoulders. After the shower. Planets and Money Karma Second. “I do not want to go through this karmic life. Repeat this flower ritual every day.

For a moment he was confused and angry. the magical. wish-fulfilling cow. But Lord Siva intervened and turned the arrows into flower garlands that fell harmlessly at the feet of Vasistha. 66 Visvamitra. It took 1500 years of meditation for Visvamitra to come up with this mantra for wealth. it began to dawn on him that all his martial arts training and kingly powers were useless in comparison to Vasistha’s miraculous power attained through spiritual means. Vasistha again politely declined. The story of Visvamitra’s encounter with Vasistha illustrates the idea that mind power is better than muscle power. but said that he wouldn’t be able to part with the cow. One day. After many years of disciplining his mind Visvamitra also attained miraculous powers. Begin 67 . Chant the sound Brzee into the sensory organs. the king engaged Vasistha in combat. Visvamitra decided to take the cow by force. The mantra that Visvamitra gave to me is BRZEE. “If we are doing Thiru Neela Kantam. would not take no for an answer. invoking his royal power as a king. The humbled Visvamitra was resolved. and he ordered his army to capture the wish-fulfilling cow. He explained to Vasistha that he would put the cow to good use and that there was no better financial instrument than Kamadhenu. killing several soldiers. Visvamitra wanted the sage to sell the cow to him. But suddenly. continually allowing the mantra to become more and more subtle. You may ask. I received a very powerful sound which was not known to the world before. Stay for one minute in each of these areas. Let’s begin. but he needs to send you to an eye doctor or an orthopedic doctor as the need arises. while hunting he encountered Kamadhenu. Visvamitra was originally a great king who lived in India in a different time period. He now demanded the cow from Vasistha. Visvamitra was distressed by this suffering. In the meantime. He was born to a warrior class family of kings. He shot deadly arrows at Vasistha. mentally repeat at the same spots.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 2: Finances planets in your chart. because it was a Divine gift. and there was not enough food for the people. First chant Brzee out loud into the sensory organs and then. However. Vasistha agreed that the cow had tremendous power. and he distinguished himself in all kinds of martial arts and methods of warfare. He renounced his temporal power as king and decided to whole-heartedly pursue spiritual austerities. Visvamitra did not know what to do. Kamadhenu resisted the arrest and kicked the solders with all of her four legs! She magically flew into the air and descended upon the army. why bother with planets?” The answer to this question is: Thiru Neela Kantam is like your general physician. I recommend that you find out which planets are directly involved in creating financial hardships for you and do some remedies to change those bad influences. being the king of the land. Sit comfortably. This mantra was given to me by Visvamitra as a gift to be used in this age. Vasistha made it clear that the magical cow was not something one could buy and sell like other commodities. This cow was a gift that the enlightened Sage Vasistha received from Lord Siva after years and years of penance and meditation. Brzee Meditation In this meditation. The country passed through a very severe economic depression. Visvamitra thought that the cow would be useful to him to feed his people who were suffering from the drought. Visvamitra was a king who became a great enlightened saint. Story of Visvamitra and the Sage Vasistha When I was in India. we will place this sound in various parts of the body. Now. No one could capture Kamadhenu. He knows everything about your body. I will tell you a story about him. and he wanted to find out means for rectifying it.

until it is a feeling. And then on top of the crescent moon. This sound Brzee consolidates material energy. They let the king go. Visualize another beam of white light entering the right eardrum. the king had the minister seized and put into the prison. And when you begin to vibrate with that energy. ‘that’s good!’ That’s not right! I’m throwing you into the prison. write this mantra nine times. and he cut one of his fingers. The fiends took him to a temple where human sacrifices were done. then entering your left eye. That evening the king went on a hunt. The king came back home and released the minister from prison. On top of the letter BR.” So. it is a good idea to review the meditation first before participating. that prey was not eligible for sacrifice. First into the right eye: BRZEE. He lost his way in the forest and fell into the hands of some evil bandits. And receive this sound in the right eye: Om Brzee Swaha.” The king got mad. you have to write it in a certain way. Focus attention on your right eye. tonsils and throat third eye (pituitary) Now. Let the sound go into the right eardrum. Now come back to the right eye again. Receive the sound Brzee in your left eye. The king’s minister who was nearby saw the king bleeding and said. flying.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 2: Finances by chanting aloud. and yet. Om Brzee Swaha…Brzee… Brzee… Brzee… 69 . then entering the left nostril. you will attract matter. A king was cutting a mango fruit. Allow the sound Brzee to go deeper and deeper into your right eye. “That’s good. and he became separated from his hunting party. Om Brzee Swaha. B-R-Z-E-E. Go to the right eardrum. put two birds. Brzee… Brzee… Brzee… Go to the left eye. [As with all the meditations and visualizations in this book. Visualize another beam of white light entering the mouth. and you say. The story expresses the idea that good things happen to us. “I cut my finger. then entering the left eardrum. draw a crescent moon. In India there is a story which illustrates the lack of perception and appreciation for Divine guidance. Visualizing Brzee Meditation Now I am going to take you on a guided meditation with Brzee. The knife slipped. Story of the King and the Robbers The Divine is watching over us all the time. They began preparing the king. we do not know it. So the robbers examined the king. Brzee… Brzee… Brzee… Go to the left eardrum. Visualize another beam of white light entering the right nostril. Brzee… Brzee… Brzee… Let the sound go into every cell of the left eye.] Close your eyes. Often we are unable to appreciate it. It is a spiritual technology. BRZEE… BRZEE. then mentally. Om Brzee Swaha. and then they found his finger was cut. Visualize a beam of white light entering your right eye. And when you write it. left eye right ear left ear right nostril left nostril tip of the tongue middle of the tongue back of the tongue. But then there was the rule that if the sacri68 ficial prey had any deformity.

there is no energy. It is unfortunate that many cultures have put God on one side and money on the other. Lethargy. you eat hot dogs and generic bread and sleep in smelly motels. Look up into the brain and internalize the sound: Om… Om Brzee… Om Brzee… Om Brzee… Om… Keep your eyes closed. ears and the nostrils are all filled with the sound Brzee… Now go to the tip of the tongue and receive the sound there. The left eardrum. they do not eat or live well. Right now. internalize the sound very subtly. The tonsils and the throat. Inside the right nostril. When you have money you can boldly say. Put your hands together and bow 70 with gratitude. Internalize the sound Brzee in the right eye very subtly. Relax. In order to make money. “No” to your boss and speak the truth. Om Brzee Swaha…Brzee… Now come back to your right eye. Om Shanti. Put Brzee very subtly into all the organs again. When infused with Alakshmi’s energy. and credit card debts continue to rise each year. Money gives you independence. I’m going to 71 . Om Brzee Swaha…Brzee… Let your two brains vibrate with the sound. Money and Energy Money and energy are synonyms. slowly come back to yourself. Brzee… Brzee… Brzee… Go to the left nostril. We come to the earth-plane to learn about money. Om Brzee Swaha… Brzee… Now move to your tonsils and the throat. Becoming Money-Minded The energy of poverty is anti-life. When you have money. Alakshmi’s energy is dim and leads you to denial and sloppy behavior. Shanti. Lakshmi and Alakshmi. Go to the left eye. The left nostril. When you have no money. The right eardrum. you become unconscious. My finding is that when people have no money. Lakshmi’s energy is royal 1and has a strong sense of direction and purpose. Energy and lethargy are represented by two archetypal figures. Without getting too much into philosophy. Feel the sound inside the right nostril. Om Brzee Swaha… Brzee… From the tonsils look up into the two brains. Most people know this concept intuitively. Receive the sound in the left nostril. The middle of the tongue. only people with money can really run for political office. Om Brzee Swaha. Om Brzee Swaha. Brzee… Brzee… Brzee… Now your two eyes. Shanti. When there is no money. power and energy. Even in the affluent United States. The tip of the tongue. Those who don’t have money end up working for those who have it. Those who have the money get to rule the world. Slowly. you no longer need to do jobs that you don’t like. in Indian mythology. Om Brzee Swaha. Om Brzee Swaha… Brzee… Now move to the middle of the tongue. Brzee… Brzee… Brzee… Brzee… Now go to the right nostril. there are far too many people living a life from paycheck to paycheck.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 3: Risk-Taking Now the two eyes and the two ears are filled with the sound Brzee. This split between God and money is a serious theological and metaphysical mistake which has led to dismal experiences. cynicism and unconscious thinking are indications of low energy. you have to be money-minded. Even Jesus was betrayed for a few pieces of silver. unfocused and you lack goals and direction.

Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side

Section II—Personal Transformation Program
Chapter 3: Risk-Taking

focus on how you can best improve your finances: Just think about your finances all the time. All the time think about money. Just have a figure in your mind, some numbers. Say to yourself, “This is the amount that I want to make.” Keep on thinking about it. This is very, very important. The reason why we don’t have money is because we forget to remain moneyconscious. We are unconscious. It is a tragedy that human beings seem incapable of remembering just one thought. If you can hold onto a thought, whatever the nature of the thought, you are going to realize that thought. Finance involves goals and visions. Most people don’t have visions; they just get by. Visions have to be supported by practical data. Ask yourself some tough questions. “Am I too idealistic?” “Am I unconscious?” The moment you put your attention on looking at finances, ideas will come. Now of course, we cannot earn money through activities like stealing or selling drugs. We want to earn money through noble means. We must ask the Divine to help us and to inspire us with fruitful ideas. Techniques of Attraction I’m going to teach you two important techniques of attraction. It is very important that your eyes should be focused on the things you want to manifest. The eyes are very important organs in the thinking process. There is a saying in English, “Out of sight, out of mind.” So in order to have something in mind, you have to have it in sight. So do this: write on a little piece of paper whatever you want to manifest, and it should be very, very legible and put it up it all over the house. Go to the workplace, and then put it on your desk. You happen to see the figure, the numbers that you want to manifest. It will have tremendous impact on your consciousness. That’s one thing.

Picture Abundance Another thing that you must want to do is put up pictures representing financial abundance. Put up a picture of a money tree. The money tree goes back to the archetypal imagination of the human race. There ARE money trees in heaven. They are not just money trees, but these are trees which are capable of manifesting the things you want. These are called wishingfulfilling trees. In Sanskrit there is a name for such a tree. It is called, Kalpa Vriksha, the trees which manifest your desires. So, it’s important to visualize because the money tree belongs to the unconscious and the archetypal imagination. Emotional “Investment” Embrace the desired wealth with all positive emotions. If you do not have such strong emotions, you cannot manifest. Logic will not help you manifest; it’s only the emotions of the heart that will help you with the manifestation. The head is judgmental, whereas the heart doesn’t judge. Fantasize and Think Positive Have a wealth fantasy. Feel as though you are already living this manifestation, as if you have already manifested all of these things. Feel happy and satisfied with your manifestation. Go on doing the practice, using the mantra with visualization. Do not be discouraged if the mind gives negative signals. The mind may be saying, “Well, it has never worked. And it is not going to work.” Whenever the mind gives you a negative signal like that, you just say, “Shut up” to the mind. Some people ask me, “Is it okay to manifest what I want? Aren’t I supposed to surrender to God’s will?” I tell you, God wants for you what you want for yourself. His will for you is unending joy. God is not a kill-joy! Now, I’m going to lead you through a small meditative process, and first it is just a contemplation, and then you will add some chanting which will help you to manifest during this session.

Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side

Section II—Personal Transformation Program
Chapter 3: Risk-Taking

Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Now think about your own financial situation. Think about the past. Have you ever thought about how much money you want to make? Just ask yourself. The answer will come. Now ask this question. Do you have a game plan to manifest that money? What are your responses from your own mind for this question? If you don’t have a game plan, can you think of one? Just think of one that can give you the amount of wealth that you desire. Manifesting Time Now another factor is time. How much time is needed to manifest this amount of money? If you think it is going to be too much time, think of another avenue that involves a shorter time to get to the goal. These are questions which you have never asked. If you had asked, probably they were superficial. You never sat down and asked yourself these questions with closed eyes.

Visualization of Lakshmi I’m going to give you another dimension, a spiritual dimension, to help you manifest wealth. Now stop thinking about the questions and just be with me. And I’m going to ask you to imagine certain symbols. Visualize the ocean. But this is not an ocean full of water, but an ocean full of milk. It’s a milky ocean. It is endless, with waves of milk dashing against the shore. It is so brilliant. It’s all white. And now you see a moon, a full moon, coming out of this milky ocean and shooting into the sky. The moon moves up and up and up into the sky. And now you find a white elephant, an enormous white elephant coming out of this milky ocean. And it walks on the milky ocean. And it comes toward you. And this white elephant goes into your third eye and becomes part of you. Now you see a magical white horse. This horse has wings. The white horse is coming toward you. It also gets into your third eye and then merges with you. And now, you see a money

tree coming out of this milky ocean. It has no money on the leaves, but actual gold. The tree with gold comes toward you, gets into the third eye and merges with you. And now you see the goddess Lakshmi, who is the goddess of wealth, coming out of this milky ocean. She is golden and carries two golden pots. And the pots are filled with gold coins. And she is coming toward you. She is emptying the pots of gold coins into your head. And then she gets into you. She merges with you. Chant the mantra: OM SHREEM LAKSHMIYAI SWAHA Visualize gold everywhere. Gold is the purest emotion of creation. Gold is the emotion of God. That’s why in every culture people have accepted gold as money. OM SHREEM LAKSHMIYAI SWAHA Just visualize abundant wealth, all that you want in your life. Just visualize with great emotion and joy, as if you have already manifested. It’s not that you’re going to manifest, visualize that you have already manifested. Whatever you wanted to manifest has already been manifested: the house, car, relationship, health, whatever you just want to manifest, they have already been manifested… Embrace this manifestation. Live through this manifestation. Chant: Om Brzee, Brzee, Brzee.



Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side

Section II—Personal Transformation Program
Chapter 3: Risk-Taking


Chapter 3 Risk-Taking
Mantra: Trishulam (Pronounced: Tre-shu-lam)
f you don’t take risks, there will be no dramatic improvement in your life. Risk-taking ability comes out of your adventurous nature. Risk-takers are pioneers in their field and deal with the extraordinary. In order to develop a risk-taking consciousness, you need to develop a non-ordinary consciousness and courage. You change your consciousness by changing your thought patterns. You must embrace courage and risk-taking. What is important is outrageous thinking, thinking that is not of the normal nature. It is important to learn this. Courage and risk-taking go together. Don’t follow the normal path, the path of mediocrity. Seek the adventure of life. Take the express elevator. Think about your goal. It is very important to realize that you are different. Unless you conceive yourself to be different from other human beings, there is no way that you will become extraordinary. It is not just having a fantasy of success. Those who make it in life are not just those who have a fantasy, but those who act on a fantasy. Action is very important on this earth-plane. You have to act. You should not remain in a job you don’t like, or wait until you have enough money. Risk-taking means living the moment. Every moment is new. Time is of the past and of the future. Those who live in the present live in the NOW, which is eternal freedom, a field of all

possibilities. So it is important for you to examine yourself. Examine your path. How much risk have you taken? However, you should not close your eyes and get involved in some risky action. You must first find out, “What is out there for me if I take this risk?” It is always important to find out what the outcome is going to be. Depending on that answer, you take the risk or stay away from it. Now is Divine The NOW is the Divine moment. The mind has nothing to do with the NOW. The mind, in fact, is the anti-NOW. The mind can never exist in the NOW. If NOW has to manifest, then the mind has to demanifest. This is because the mind creates time—past, present and future. All these fall into the arena of the mind. But the NOW has nothing to do with the mind. The NOW exists in a timeless, spaceless continuum. It is, as I said earlier, the Divine moment which transcends time and space. One has to invoke this NOW within one’s self. It is a challenging task because we are not used to living in the NOW. We are used to living in logic. That is why we find it difficult to live in the NOW. But to live in the NOW is the only way to live the Divine. The Divine wants everything in the NOW. The Divine is capable of manifesting everything in the NOW. It doesn’t posit a future. It doesn’t have any sense of the past, any sense of the present. It is a blissful experience wherein you are able to manifest things instantaneously. And all of you know within the deeper part of your soul that it is true. Because you have lived it. Because this is your heritage. But somehow, the whole of humanity has fallen into time, and time is what makes things to appear in a linear sequence. We are creating a drama. In that drama, we want things not in the NOW, but in the future so that the drama can be continued. This drama is the drama of ignorance. It is not the drama of enlightenment. An enlightened person would not


and the impact of it will also be with ease. you begin to question whether what you’re doing it right or not. If I have to cancel a program. I integrate eventualities with ease. Now is Elusive This is an important part of daily practice to accelerate transformation. How do you live in the NOW? You just disorient yourself from all that is around you and then live in the NOW. When you get into the NOW. All these engagements were created by me. What happens is that when you are going to act out the future. And then there will be an integration of these two without conflict. That is why I created an email newsletter program for you to get out of your mundane awareness. I began to question the necessity for me to go to Chicago. But I fully take responsibility for having created it. We are fearful. The reason why the mind always feels comfortable visualizing things happening in the dim future is that the mind is conditioned by time. and I will be in Chicago for three days. Suddenly. I have to fulfill my obligations. Until you make this transition. I am not telling you to disregard your appointments or your logical reality. Logically it may not make sense to you. So tomorrow morning I may cancel my program in Chicago and in North Carolina. because the NOW always eludes us. One morning I was reflecting on the NOW. Those of you who have been close to me know that I cancel programs very often. So when you live in the NOW. But remember that everything that is around you is your creation. because to conceive of the future would be an insult to his own consciousness. you will understand that you have only to gain by moving past logic. I go to North Carolina and spend five days there. And I have my own reasons for keeping it or not keeping it. and nobody creates it but you. I have to be in Chicago. It is good. The choice is to live in the NOW and then make important decisions. because you have not learned to fully live in the NOW. you live in a different dimension. there is a possibility that I will begin a process of self-examination. you move into a sphere that is beyond logic. you have a choice. and then I have to be in North Carolina. The mind has the tendency to delay things for no reason. We are afraid because it is so terrifying. So it is important every day that you have to live the NOW for some time. including myself. Let’s say that tomorrow morning I have to go to Chicago. And you have NOW learned to understand that I do 78 it for my own reasons. And then from there. Everyone creates a future. and that is how I came to do this material for you. But once you get into the territory of the NOW. And the moment I began to question that. NOW. You want things to happen in the distant future. but when you live in the NOW reality.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 3: Risk-Taking want anything in the future. Everything has to happen now and it is just a stupid game to prolong things. and then begin to live in the NOW. I begin to question if these events were required. Choosing Now NOW. because I act out from the NOW. you will do what you have to do. So far we know a way of life based on logic. You can live like a god or goddess. there are infinite possibilities. And then for a time. I’ll give you a concrete example. The advantage of being in the NOW is that it can speed up your progress. And for one minute as you read the email. You have to do that. you will be in a state of awareness in which you will see the two worlds. You should always evaluate whether you are living in the NOW. the world of logic and the world that is beyond logic. everything is possible. 79 . at this point. at every point. there will be no conflict. It doesn’t want anything right NOW or even tomorrow or even after a month. We do not want to enter into the sphere which is beyond logic. Remember.

Be Divine Today When you wake up in the morning. You embrace limitation. Reality is a realized fantasy. that transcends the conceptual constraints of the human mind. While you are still engaged in doing things which you have created. The day that your fantasies gain enough strength to become reality within your own consciousness. First. This happened in the life of 81 . Just float. And within the NOW. and the seed takes time to sprout. If you learn to float. Those who get paid on a monthly basis must wait 30 days before they get paid. Don’t complain about others. you are not stuck outside. You love to identify yourself with the human-ness. You are not afraid of a society which identifies itself with human limitations. Because you are not living in the NOW. God not only lives in you. And I want you to do this within the structure of the NOW. you become God. I want to be Divine today. because it’s the obligations you have set out for yourself during the day that cause you to act and follow a certain schedule. just float in the NOW. society is against that person. there are a lot of possibilities for you in this lifetime. not reality. The NOW has the energy to accelerate the materialization of your fantasy. things go wrong. Suppress the mind and then get into the NOW. Sometimes once in a day or many times within a few hours.” Then you will feel bliss. The mind says that NOW is fantasy. “God. And then it takes time for the sprout to grow into a tree. Then you will feel that every moment is NOW. Similarly. then there is no distinction between fantasy and reality. But the most important thing that the mind has to understand is that fantasy and reality are not very different. Fantasy is phenomenon not yet realized.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 3: Risk-Taking Accelerate the Materialization of Your Fantasy Everything on this earth-plane takes time. Most people get paid either weekly or every other week. If you have to complain about someone. we are able to get into the NOW. It is the Divine right for every human being to be able to live spontaneously in the NOW. just get into the NOW: 80 “I am in the NOW. Don’t complain about destiny. This is also true with the money situation. But you refuse to accept that. that transcends logic. and I can live afresh. That’s the bottom line. the growth of a baby into an adult takes time. It is your own action. And it doesn’t cost you any money to live in the NOW. I don’t want to be human anymore.” Be without obligations just for a few moments. Don’t complain about anything. complain about yourself. Give me an opportunity so that all things can be changed. within the Divine moment. It is your own mind that you need to control. but what I want you to do as you wake is to say to yourself. Introducing a concept like NOW is alien to the mind. Only when you feel that you are stuck. Do not carry anything very deep within you which creates time. Many years elapse between the time that you sow the seed and when it becomes the tree. So it is terribly important that we live in the NOW. If you are not stuck inside. it makes the mind uncomfortable. we will challenge everything that we have created for the day. So you always have to get into the NOW in order to accelerate the process. Just float. then you create the outside. others get paid on a monthly basis. You sow a seed. God lives in you. So you have to make every fantasy of yours become real. Then you will not feel that you are a victim. You are going to follow a certain schedule. Then the fantasy gets realized soon. You are afraid of de-limitation. And you will begin to celebrate life. you feel that you are inside within your mind. And if someone calls himself a God. Make use of the Divine moment to conceive of the fantasy. It has a Divine energy that transcends time. And when you live in the NOW.

God switches back and forth between thought and object with utmost ease. then the disease which was created in the past disappears. So. This is one of the many calls that I receive: ‘Sri Siva. Continue to play the game. We need to create an action and wait until it is complete to manifest things. It is not only the brain that thinks. What do you say? Can you get into a Divine sphere and tell me whether this person is out there for me? When am I going to marry him?’ And I tell say. You can cause the body to live in the NOW as well. they lose interest in the old concept. This is called manifestation in the NOW. But. However. The cells are also bound by the concept of time. One morning I received a call. Be Like God God manifests things as soon as the thought comes into His mind. you can effect a lot of changes in your life. Now You Can Make Changes Yet the Bible says that God created man in His own image. being conditioned by the body-mind. We can learn 83 . and it has caught hold of an idea in the past.’ Your consciousness is full. It is completely full.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 3: Risk-Taking Jesus when Jesus started calling himself God. For human beings. Remember. Your ego is responsible for the separation between you and God. You can diffuse your diseases because a disease is something of the past that hangs on to the body because the body is in the past. The moment you bring in the energy of NOW. It is beyond happiness or unhappiness. that once you get close you may not even want the experience. The cells also think. the requirement of an action to manifest material reality appears to be redundant. So play games. God? Where does He live? How can we learn this technique? God lives within you as the non-ego consciousness without any identity whatsoever. The cells must think: NOW… NOW… NOW… NOW… NOW. Ultimate happiness is the realization of the soul’s true nature. it is your decision. The body has to live the NOW. It is bliss. But without playing games there is no life. manifestation of desired objects is a complex process which does not happen in the NOW. and they will begin to live in the Divine energy. If you want to marry him. or we have to borrow from someone. When the cells pick up the NOW. it clings onto the idea and lives that idea of sickness for a certain time. However. you are seeking some experience. Once the body begins to live the NOW. The same thing can be applied to relationships. Every experience is a game that you are playing. The body cannot move. but no experience is going to give you ultimate happiness. am I going to marry this person? My heart is drawn to him. But you can educate the body to diffuse that idea by diffusing the concept of time. It is a simple and joyful process. All that you need to do is get rid of your ego. Because of the material nature of the body. if we need money we first need to create a job or business to generate income. It is not his deci82 sion. For instance. but play intelligently. you should not make your life’s happiness dependent on anything other than your own consciousness. How the cells of the body can be trained to remain in the NOW. Go and have that experience. Who is this guy. then marry him and have that experience. People stoned him because it was blasphemous to equate oneself with God. In God’s consciousness the thought and its object exist in blissful union. Everything is a game. ‘Look. one thing you must understand. So you have everything within you. but play it well. and not a very uncommon call at that. people have to be systematically taught how the body can live the NOW. It doesn’t need any experience whatsoever to make it happy or unhappy.

The Truth about Time. present and future which are spread out in a line on the earth-plane in a time-space continuum. “Sa. you can’t move them. Morning Technique Practice Chaotic Breathing for two minutes. Bring the two lines together to find the point of infinity. help you look at yourself more closely. You might want to go over and over the checklist to identify your problem. “Why am I not manifesting NOW?” Keep a 84 journal and review it on a weekly basis. So.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 3: Risk-Taking God’s consciousness if we can get rid of our ego-self. Keep the eyes closed and raise the eyeballs up as high as you can. 85 . The whole world now knows this sound through the efforts of Dr. Lack the resources. 3. 7. Imagine that there are two parallel lines emanating from the eyes. Nandi kind of stole this “Ah” technique from Kailash (Siva’s heaven) because of his compassion for the suffering of humanity.” Then inhale with both nostrils and mentally say. Close your eyes… Keep your hands still. you don’t want to manifest NOW because you are afraid and unsure of many things. We love the drama of life which consists of love and longing. “Ham. and success and failure. It’s a pretension. This checklist will help you to identify the problems: 1. which is also the Eternal Now. Just as the Greeks have a story of Prometheus who stole fire from heaven. however. Exhale continually with vigor and visualize all the impurities leaving the body. however. Wayne Dyer. Satisfied with the current state of affairs and do not want to venture into something new. 2. 5. This is because human consciousness believes and lives in linear reality—a past. In the Hindu world. The sound “Ah” I received directly from the Siddha Nandi. 6. Pretend that you are watching the top of the sky. Exhale with both nostrils and mentally say.” Praying like that is like putting your request into a microwave to get it resolved faster. This checklist will. It’s a pretension. You don’t need to wait for the future to manifest things—you can manifest right NOW. Maybe none of these categories describe your situation very well. whom I authorized a few years ago to teach the technique in his seminars. Don’t move your hands. Nevertheless. Ask yourself the question every hour or two during the day. 4. Just pretend that you have lost the ability to move the hands. Afraid of hurting others. we are very grateful to him for this “Ah” meditation. Lazy and lack motivation. Practice the “Ah” meditation for 10 minutes. manifestation becomes easy. Lack the qualifications. Nandi is depicted in the form of an enlightened bull. Sincerely pray to have these problems dissolved “in Sri Siva’s name. And although you may want to move the hands. Now feel the connection between the point of infinity and the third eye between the two eyebrows. Human beings are unable to conceive of the NOW of God. Write down what you think are the problems that delay manifestation for you. Afraid of success because of its newness and unfamiliarity. Skeptical of success. We need innocence and purity at the Heart—we need to be utterly simple and honest. Now feel the channel that runs from the third eye and then down the spine to the base of the spine. Follow the two lines up as high as you can. With that.” Practice the “Looking Up” meditation for five minutes. is that everything is in the NOW. and these go straight up into the sky. We are going to play a trick with our own mind. Practice the Ham Sa breathing technique for three minutes.

The “Ah” starts at the sex center and goes into the third eye and then from the third eye it returns to the sex center. The sound “Ah” creates a lot of material force which exhibits both on the level of your mind and on the level of your body. Previously. Feel the energy. 87 . Repeat one time.” you will be able to find a channel within you opening up which is now available for your experience. The “Ah” has to be used in a certain way for then it opens a pathway between the third eye and your sex center. Ah…Siddhi Consciousness When the mind disappears. you set the creative energy to action. Give yourself these directions: You can’t move your hands.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 3: Risk-Taking Exercise This is an exercise to make you understand how powerful your consciousness is. The conception of a baby or the conception of an idea. You can’t move your hands. but don’t move your hands. It is through the Siddhi consciousness that one can manifest quickly. We use it unconsciously whenever we say. “Ah. The hands are not moving. In both cases when you do this sound “Ah.” Joy is associated with “Ah. When you recite it in your meditation. the mind will disappear. then you have access to different forms of consciousness. Yet this only sets the stage for going beyond the mind. I have special permission to release this into the West. Now slowly. Previously. but you release it from different centers of the body. Repeat one time. When you do this exercise with “Ah. the Siddhi consciousness has its own language.” What happens is the sound opens up the channel between the sex enter and the third eye. Now.” When the “Ah” is used 86 in a particular way. certain key words that characterize the Siddhi consciousness. you’ll have to raise the sound from your sex center and be sure to do it with a joyous feeling. slowly open your eyes. Now feel the energy that is coursing through your hands. We will consider some of the key words or key sounids in the Siddhi consciousness. There is a secret here. When it is released through the third eye it is realized as recreation meaning that any thought that comes into the third eye by that time is realized. and I hope you take full advantage of it to create a better life for yourself and others. meaning to conceive both an idea as well as a physical conception. but a technique that requires authentic emotion and true desires. it results in procreation. The principle is that procreation is not very different from creation of material object or things you desire. you may not have used it consciously. The Siddhas maintain that the sound “Ah” has the ability to conceive. When the energy is released through the sex center. both are done by the sound “Ah.” it creates a sense of joy and expansion within you when you recite it.” When you leave the mind and experience even a sexual ecstasy… “Ah. You are very fortunate that this teaching is made available to the general public. Siddhi is one out of the several forms of superconsciousness. You can’t move your hands. Now give back the consciousness to the hands and move them. This is not intellectual knowledge. even within the tradition of the Siddhas. This exercise will convince you that the mind is a very powerful mechanism. when every part of the body remains still. not cerebrally. The same energy is used. Repeat one time. The hands feel like rocks. this has been kept secret. When you remain completely still.

” embracing your manifestation with all desire and emotion. For the next five minutes. 2. 3. either out loud or inwardly.” Now whisper it “Ah. everything around is vibrating to the sound “Ooh” as you recite “Ooh. “Ah. ❖ Practice the following contemplation upon waking up: “What unlimited possibilities could happen today?” Visualize some outrageous possibilities filling with beautiful opportunities. but it should not be done in an overly pronounced way. Now in the third eye the sound. the building. Do this visualization very subtly as a passionate feeling to create the things you want to manifest within the consciousness.” also bring in the thought you want to manifest into physical reality.” So. taste it.” we are entering into the second stage in materializing pure energy.” Continue to do “Ooh. Ooh. 89 .” close your eyes.” Now. Keep a confident attitude toward the manifestation. “Ooh. “Thiru Neela Kantam” and picture three arrows of light piercing the brain and penetrating through to the heart. For the next few minutes.” Now while you are reciting “Ooh. Before every meal. Upon waking up. when we recite “Ooh. Subtly bring into your consciousness the things you want to manifest. ❖ Meditate using the Yogic Sleep CD. For the last few minutes. Close your eyes. Just listen how I recite “Ah.” the trees. Before bed.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 3: Risk-Taking The “Ah.” “Ooh” is the next stage in the material formation of the world.” Now make the whole world vibrate with the sound “Ooh. Evening Meditation Begin with ten minutes of the Thiru Neela Kantam meditation.” Morning Meditation So. mentally say. as a daily morning meditation.” Let’s do it together “Ah. “Ooh.” Let’s do another recitation. smell it. feel it. 1.” When you do the “Ah.” Now go to “Ooh. Let’s do it again: “Ooh. ❖ Practice the following contemplation before bed: ‘What have I been thinking about today? Do I want these thoughts to be my reality?’ ❖ Practice the following during awareness times: Bring Trishulam into your awareness consistently during these awareness times. chant “Ooh” at the third eye and fill out the manifestation—see it. Mm” Meditation Let’s practice “Ah. chant “Ma” and know that the manifestation has taken material form. introduce the thought you want to manifest into your third eye and continue to chant “Ah.” subtly think about the things you want to manifest. mentally say. Stay positive about this. For the first five minutes.” Now whisper “Ah” three times. go back to “Ah. first chant “Ah” and feel 88 the energy rising from your sex center up to your third eye.” Now imagine the sound going into the third eye in between the eyebrows as you recite “Ah.” You have to do it with emotion. While you are reciting “Ooh. “Ooh. Say it at least five times.” and then it becomes “Ooh. touch it. First it starts with “Ah. “Thiru Neela Kantam” and focus on your throat. visualizing a blue color. Imagine your karma escaping through your throat. it is already here.” Let your whole body vibrate to the sound “Ooh. Then.

I will send you incredible opportunities in life. I have found this ancient esoteric science to be surprisingly helpful for many people. do not pursue that idea. This is such a great tool to help you stay alert and conscious. individual change. This statement is the most important part of this book. and every suggestion in this book with a tremendous spiritual power. words are not needed. I am empowering every sound. It is important to understand what market is there for your ideas. I have written earlier of my studies of Vedic astrology. “What is out there for me?” This is very important to know. I am fully available to you. You will come within my vision and there is transformation. You will be surprised to know that your heart’s desire and what you learn from the astrologer are going to be the same. because you will become as you think. Do not follow the normal pace. Vedic astrology is just a reflection of your own destiny. Set the watch to beep once an hour. Your soul’s desire is for you to become fully conscious. or opportunity that is reasonably attainable in the near future and would create the biggest impact in your life. I encourage people to get a beeping watch so they can check themselves every hour. just being in my presence will give you 91 . you find that results are inevitable. I have repeatedly told people. When you focus on an enlightened teacher. silently. Having kept me in your consciousness. Just look to me. there is no way you will fall into mediocrity. They will come together. You have not lived up to the expectation of your soul.” Make up your mind. Find out what is going to be out there for you. Once the right idea comes into your mind and you begin to act on it. You should be very. Visualize your manifestation at the third eye with great emotion. every technique.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 3: Risk-Taking What Is Out There For Me? Select one object. and I will look to you. You are with me as long as you turn to me with open hands. If you do not take care of your destiny. Use the beep to remind you to repeat the mantra(s) you are working with. I encourage you to do your part. you have to remain gungho. You cannot afford to waste time. that is a crime. Most important. Do not allow time to pass by. If there is no market. Find out where your strengths are. and you will not progress. the trap of karma. Ignorance comes and envelops you. you take an honest look at how you have spent the hour which just passed. “Waiting is a waste of time. Everyone is different. I have immense compassion for you because I know how hard it is on the earth-plane just to get by. event. The Right Idea Everything boils down to having the right idea. that light comes into you. Time will pass by. If you have spent a day that is like every other day. then destiny will take care of you! Make up your mind right NOW. I will provide you with all the spiritual help that is needed to enable you to progress with these tools. Have a picture of me and look in my eyes. Ask yourself. When the watch chimes. It is very easy to change your life if you commit yourself to the risk-taking aspect sound. Do not fall into the trap of unconsciousness. Some of you may want to go a Vedic astrologer and find out what area in your life would most benefit from you taking a risk. I came here to help humanity—global change. Others may have an intuitive sense of where they need to apply their courage. Don’t Waste Time Do not waste time. You will have an instantaneous transformation—because I do not represent any part of the normal life on this earth-plane. Once you have made a decision. very conscious. even if it is just 90 silently. Do the affirmations which will bring you back into the timeless reality. That is what I can offer you.

It is a condition of low energy. She was left with a four-year new car loan and no car. Courage Comes from the Divine It is very important to break away from mediocrity. she did not buy theft insurance. This is the practical side. Courage will flow through you. You will not learn this the hard way if you use the techniques I have given you. Courageous people become exemplary. Mediocrity equals lethargy and an unwillingness to experiment. gives you courage. To meditate on this form as a mandala or yantra brings courage. It encourages you by saying. We see the trident in many places as a symbol of great confidence: King Neptune has a trident.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 3: Risk-Taking incredible courage to embrace the risk. and confident. In order to make significant changes you must take risks. You must bring up your courage. No one who subscribes to consensus reality ever made a difference in his or her life. this is foolishness. It is the greatest Intelligence. What makes you avoid risk are your old concepts of safety and security. So Trishulam invokes an archetypal symbol representing courage and ending mediocrity. I deny mediocrity. This weapon will give you courage. Before you risk. “Come on. Do not take blind risk. A good 93 . Put this sound into your… Right Eye Left Eye Right ear Left ear Right nostril 92 Visualization Visualize the trident. in order to help you. I don’t want an uneventful day. Use this mantra with a specific goal in mind. Trishulam is the mantra for courage and for ending mediocrity. Some of you may want to get pictures of Lord Siva sitting with a trident. Trishulam will open courage for you to live a new life.S. first you need courage that comes from the Divine Source. you must have an attitude that is victorious. There is the case of a woman who went out and bought a car on a loan that she could not really afford. For the positive energies of meditation to flow properly. Everyone needs courage to explore new things. “Tri” in this mantra invokes the trident which is carried by Lord Siva. Look at my picture and carry this with you all the time. Left nostril Tip of the tongue Middle of the tongue Back of the tongue. To compound the situation. Mantra: Trishulam (Pronounced: Tre-shu-lam) The mantra to increase your ability to perform right risktaking is Trishulam. and let the power of this symbol sink in deeply. Love belongs to the heart. She thought this risk was the kind of risk being spoken about. And Intelligence belongs to the Divine. a three-pronged weapon. do this. The Divine. Put pictures of a trident around. tonsils and throat Third eye. Do not use this encouragement to take risks that forego common sense. and the car was stolen. Navy SEALS use the trident on their pin. The intellect can give reasoning. This is not risk-taking. not the intellect. Use the following prayer every day upon awakening: I don’t want an unceremonious life. On the spiritual side. but love is Intelligence.” The heart knows better than the head. get your “yang” up to fully engage in successful risk-taking. the U. Be prepared to undertake this journey of exploring and being adventurous through risk-taking. see the pros and cons. triumphant.

Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 4: Happiness and Material Comforts risk is a “calculated risk” which optimizes the opportunity for success. Shanti. and so forth. Money can give comforts—a nice car. A primary requirement that everyone has is comfortable roof over your head. Om Shanti. Happiness comes out of doing what one likes.” The joyous. “I could only believe in a God that would know how to dance. Happiness is an expression of one’s own heart. I know that different people want different life styles. an idea of a comfortable house. I want you to look at issues concerning your practical needs on this earth-plane. H 94 95 . and this body needs to be fulfilled. Â Â Chapter 4 Happiness and Material Comforts Mantra: Shreem Shreeng Siriyum Siriyung (Pronounced: Shreem Shreung Sir-i-ym Sir-i-yung) appiness and comfort are two different categories. In general. relaxing vacations. but not necessarily happiness. a beautiful home. I want to make your life easier. celebratory energies of song. at least conceptually. To start with. Because of past life bad karma. Shanti. This chapter presents some spiritual tools for you to have both happiness and material comforts in abundance. The key input is that opening the heart chakra is important for a free flow of emotions that lead to happiness. but everyone must have. One’s soul remembers how it lived in a past life and wants to create the same situation now. that’s why Nietzche said. dance and music are sources of happiness. we all require that the body be kept healthy. As embodied beings.

you can go and build a new reality. The general thinking in New York City is that if you live in New York City. You have to really open up your mind. This is accomplished through the science of spirituality. It doesn’t want to go to the end result right at the beginning. Spirit is unlimited. We have to bring spirituality back into our lives. you freeze reality. Time is an illusion. Being spiritual means being positive. a nice car. You have to have the consciousness established of having a beautiful house and a car you genuinely would enjoy to drive. You must conceive of outrageous outcomes. “I have no money. The man who video taped me was able to buy a house within six months. All his life he had lived in New York City. being unlimited. Previously. When he removed his misconceptions. the first step that you have to do is to remove your limited thinking. Don’t Limit Your Imagination I am going to give you some real life examples.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 4: Happiness and Material Comforts there is suffering in this life. This is the beginning step for everyone who desires to move into his or her ideal home. Unfortunately. this story is a real life example. As I told you. you have to do the homework to allow this to happen. etc. This is a much nicer reality 96 than a cramped studio apartment. You have to break this concept before you make any kind of changes. Once you have settled for living in a small studio apartment. studio apartment. you can have a room for your studies.” or other negative statements. The moment you focus on comfort. When you say. and the comforts of life. Make provision for things to happen in the Now. he was not able to buy a house because he lived in this limited thinking that since he lived in New York City he should be satisfied to live in a cramped. You can have a room for your meditation. Once you pay for it. Consciously dismiss these misconceptions about housing. you don’t need a house. With spirit everything is possible. Some time ago. So the first thing you have to do is remove these misconceptions about not needing a larger space. The truth is a larger space gives you more freedom. small rented space. you attract a nice home. Don’t put a cap or limitation on your imagination. being joyous forever and 97 . This negativity you may have picked up through your parents/grandparents/religious conditioning or other sources. and in that particular taping session. First. then there is usually no possibility for your making any change to live in a bigger space. Once you have broken the limitations on your imagination. you can get back to the original place: joy. you can have a room for meeting people. whether it is in New York City or Virginia Beach. You have to be committed to authentic desires for these tools to work. he gave the Divine forces an opportunity to work. You can have everything in the NOW provided you make a commitment to a different kind of thinking. Any cap you have on your imagination is arbitrary and comes from your own negativity. So many people live in New York City with this concept that the best you can hope for in a New York City housing situation is to be cramped within a little tiny. It is very important to do this. You block the blessings through your own perceptions. Don’t stop the blessings. I want to give manifestation tools to everyone who will make a commitment that they are going to square things away in two areas: house and car. the mind wants to go in logical sequences. It is only matter that is limited. So. The first important thing is to get out of limited thinking in which you have concluded that you are living in Manhattan and that you are not eligible for a larger living space. I focused on the issue of owning a house. This is an important point: give the Divine forces an opportunity to work. I was being video taped. After the tape session was over. the gentleman who was video taping me began to understand the misconceptions he had about his own housing situation. They are already available in the NOW.

Somewhere something has gone deeply wrong within us if we cannot even wish good things for ourselves. a junky apartment in your consciousness. You can just walk out and say.” Money is not needed. then you will find that it leads to your settling many of the issues that are related to matter. Change your life through your own spirituality. “Why do you want to buy it next year?” She said. Consciousness is everything. by next year. You are never a victim. This is the bottom line. “Goodbye. You can create a good drama or a bad drama. to unending happiness. you will never be able to buy a house. The classical Greeks knew sacred 98 geometry. There is nobody to blame. “Forget it.” Then you realize it is in your life. This is all wrong thinking.” She explained she had just gotten a job and needed to save up money for a down payment. Why not? Because the logic kicks in. don’t blame your lack of education. There is never a period in your life that you are a victim. realize that you are not a victim. There is an expression in English. This will be part of our consciousness as we move into the next millennium. “I have to square this. There are spiritual techniques that change the very core of your consciousness so that you will be able to alter your negativity. Practical Spirituality Most people have been taught that life is suffering. Your house and your car are a reflection of your consciousness expressed in physical reality. What is needed is just the pure desire to have a house. wrong teaching. Once you have the consciousness. unending joy. the geometrical figure of the square. Currently. “Sri Siva. because you are being negative. I can’t take this misery any more. How can you get that desire into your consciousness? That is the key issue. “to square away. To blame someone is a cop-out. she would have money saved up to be able to buy a 99 . Sacred geometry exists but we have lost touch with it. but you have to take responsibility for whatever you create. many people have become specialists in impossibilities. blame yourself. In her mind. I want to buy a house next year.” I said. You are the creator of all these dramas. then you can change anything. If you have to blame someone. Once the desire is there. there is no money. You are going to square away these things. the sages of India were specialists in it. We have to get back to our own original unlimited Self. these will manifest for you. don’t blame your destiny. If you put a junky car in your consciousness. Don’t blame anyone or anything. They have known the use of sacred geometry from very ancient times. “It is because of practical concerns. Rather than complain to others about being a victim to this situation. There was a woman I met in Pasadena. then you need a car. Use spirituality principles to enhance your practical life on this earth-plane. She came to me and said.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 4: Happiness and Material Comforts ever. which is pure. When you look at a square. How do you think I can buy a house?” The moment you have said this to yourself. I can’t afford it right now. Squaring Things Away The number four represents the square. no. We cannot wish that we could have a beach house. If you have an understanding of the square in your consciousness. Whatever you put in your consciousness will manifest. then you can manifest it. It is very important to understand how powerful you are. Squaring here is used as a metaphor for clarifying something. I will give you another example.” This is an important expression. Once you have a house. Don’t blame God. I can’t even afford a two-bedroom apartment. I have just committed myself to happiness. “No. If you take one line out of the square it is incomplete.” means: I’m going to make it completed. it is the most perfect geometric form. Housing is the most fundamental of these issues. California many years ago.

She could decide to buy a house even before one year was up.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 4: Happiness and Material Comforts house. original. It is because logic kicks in: “No. We are going to square things away! If you have an understanding of the square in your consciousness. When you decide not to buy a house sooner. wherever you can. provided you make a commitment to a different kind of thinking. you will find that it leads to your having to settle many issues that are related to matter. Unfortunately. It is only matter that is limited. I am going to teach you some spiritual techniques that will change your soul. Everything I do in this book has a deeper purpose. never ending joy that will be part of our consciousness as we move into a new era. Spirit is unlimited. but I am not going to do it because it is not necessary. in your bathroom. the mind wants to proceed in logical sequences. Think about this. not through the modern sciences you now know. You should plan. I have come here to tell you how you can have everything in an hour. Cut out squares and put them everywhere—on the refrigerator. unlimited self. She was not giving opportunity to other forces. You may lose your job within a year. It is all wrong thinking. Being joyous forever. which is just joy. The secret of manifestation is having an open heart. I am not saying that you should not plan. I just want you to be conscious of one thing: the number four. and ever. beyond her control. It does not want to go to the end result right at the beginning. Housing is the most fundamental. Housing is one.” as in “Forget it. I have come here to this earth-plane in order to promote outrageous thinking. It represents the geometrical figure. I can’t even afford a two bedroom apartment so how can you think that I can have a house?” The moment you think these thoughts you will not buy a house because you are negative. 100 By incorporating this ancient wisdom into our lives. Then you may not be able to buy the house at all. no there is no money to do all these things”. you are not allowing things to happen. We cannot even conceive that we can be joyous forever because we have been taught that life is suffering. With spirit. Everyone should plan. on your books. Applied Spiritual Science I am going to help you change your life mostly through spiritual technology. How can you get that desire into your consciousness? This is the key issue. so 101 . Being spiritual means being positive. All that I want you to do is just follow some of these things that I ask you to do in this book. But you should also make provision for things to happen momentarily because time is an illusion. Manifestation based on spiritual principles involves developing a doubt-free faith. we are going to learn new sciences. The very core of your consciousness will change so that you will innately be able to alter your negativity. We have become specialists in “impossibilities. I have come here to give you thinking outside of time. Being unlimited. That is the bottom line. I cannot afford it right now. It is the science of spirituality. the square. That is why we have to bring spirituality back into our lives. and ever. Being Spiritual Means Being Positive All this I am going to do. You are stopping the timeless blessings. What is needed is a pure desire to own a house and once that desire is there you can manifest it. I can go on and on explaining to you how I structured this. we can change things that we now think are impossible. Let me tell you again: Money is not needed to buy a house. which are in fact old sciences from the Wisdom Traditions. to work in her favor. wrong teaching. We have to get back to our own. but through a science that challenges your understanding. In the new millenium. everything is possible.

It is very important to realize how powerful you are. don’t blame your lack of education. But you have to take responsibility for whatever you create. in the second week. don’t blame destiny. I met an engineer. He came to pick me up in his old pick-up truck. maybe a year later. Visualizing What You Need Once you have the house. Just by looking at squares. You are the creator of all these dramas. That happened because they were able to get that desire into their consciousness. you need a car. Whatever you put in your consciousness will manifest. Do not blame anyone. and my luggage got wet. “That’s it. at least three other people in the program bought Mercedes-Benzes. I have a very strange reputation of giving new cars to my students. I cannot handle this misery anymore. Make a decision that you are going to square away these things. it will happen. So. one woman. It all happened when I first started a program a few years ago because people needed to change their consciousness about cars. I had to make him aware of the mistakes he was making with regard to his car consciousness. I remember one lady who was following my teachings got so upset because she was driving a car worth about $400. “I am going to have a beautiful house and a beautiful car. so many things can get corrected. I want you to focus on the sacred geometry of the square. and the four sides will help you to square things away. But some of you may want to establish a new consciousness permitting these. Say to yourself. When I first went to California. Within two months of working with the techniques. The four sides of a square represent the number four. her mother called and said. don’t blame God. if you put a junky car or a junky apartment in your consciousness. Once you have talked your mind into it. Most people don’t have good houses or nice cars. Do you know what happened? The following day. If you have to blame someone. and I do not want you!” She was literally kicking her car. blame yourself. If not now. You can just walk out. This chapter gives techniques where you change your car consciousness. By looking at the square. He had such a bad consciousness. Don’t say you are a victim of circumstances. I have just committed myself to happiness. 102 There is no one else to blame. To blame someone else is a cop out. You can just say. he bought a Mercedes. She said to her car. bought a Mercedes. Both the geometric shape of 103 . Before the program ended.” The woman from my class was amazed how well the technique worked for her! Focus on the Square To help you make changes about material comfort. It can correct certain misconceptions that you have had which resulted in your lack of comfort. He told me that the truck had been with him for twelve years. That is why I want every one of you to make a commitment in this chapter that you will square away things. you can square away many things in your life. I am going to give you my old Cadillac for free because I do not need it. One is never a victim. Consciousness is everything.” Then you will realize it in your life. I saw her walking out of the seminar room and kicking her car. it can change everything. When I first started one of my year-long Personal Transformation Programs. It was a miserable experience for me because he had to put my luggage in the back. “You represent my consciousness. Once you have the right consciousness.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 4: Happiness and Material Comforts that you can look at the square often. Sacred geometry can change the very structure of your consciousness. “I had a huge check come in from someone who I thought would not pay back the money [owed]. You can create a good drama or a bad drama. The first thing I want to do is to get rid of my old Cadillac and buy a new Cadillac car. and there was rain while we were driving to his house.

Thoughts will come and go. committed to using the sounds. on your table-—wherever it will enable you to look at it frequently. Supposing you are going to Cleveland. then something has gone wrong. You can either lie down or sit comfortably. Meditation on Lakshmi (Pronounced: Laksh-mi) Now I am going to take you step-by-step into a meditation that involves using many deep archetypal symbols. Lakshmi. It is very important to work with the unconscious. if you don’t have a good body.” Just get this idea into your consciousness. We will continue to use certain symbols which belong to our archetypal consciousness that will aid you in creating prosperity consciousness. Squares or rectangles give a solid foundation for material life. Visualization Meditation Now. If you do not have direction you will not go anywhere. but one of the primary meanings is that it gives direction. We are not going to just sit and say. The whole meditation is a proactive mental therapy. you will not have difficulty in manifesting things in your life. By looking at the square. What has gone wrong is that you have an amorphous consciousness. This is another meditation involving the goddess of wealth. Actually draw a square. which are the causes for your current discomforts. “I want it now. “Waiting is a waste of time. So. you are going to square many things in your life. we are going to create a form here for you to focus on because form is clarity. Carry a square and put it on the refrigerator. Put this square in your consciousness. The moment you make a decision. Ignore all your thoughts. Following this science. Close your eyes. To work with the unconscious is to work in the 104 realm of miracles or outrageous thinking. They are just aberrations. you have to have an authentic desire. Just by looking at squares. The images are strong symbols that will directly involve your unconscious. We want it right now. Ohio. These things are going to take time. It is important to have direction. You must establish this square consciousness within yourself. I am considering developing computer programs to introduce sacred geometry and how it can change the very structure of your being and how it can correct certain misconceptions that you have had.” you will begin creating what you ask for. Your consciousness is not supporting any form. This is to your advantage. first. If you don’t have a house. So. Ohio and you don’t have directions to Cleveland. if you don’t have a good car. So. We need to change reality right now. “Let me wait for a year to get my down payment. on your books. let’s do this meditation. The word Lakshmi in Sanskrit has many meanings. Lakshmi is going to give you the directions you need. All that I request is that you be committed to the instructions. You will get clarity just by looking at a square which is a very structured form.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 4: Happiness and Material Comforts the square and the number four contain energies which complete material formation. Understand this: clarity and form are synonymous. This is a very. This is what sacred geometry is going to do for you. She will give you directions for squaring things away. very ancient science. Why? You will go somewhere else because you do not have the directions. I am also going to give you a meditation. We don’t want to wait. Draw a square. so many things will correct themselves. so then you will end up going somewhere else. 105 . Lakshmi herself is an energy giving you direction.” Those of you who have been around me and are working with my CD of affirmations know I have said repeatedly.

Don’t move. for she is wearing a golden crown. Achala. Now the wings are cut off. She is sitting on this lotus flower. but see an ocean of white milk.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 4: Happiness and Material Comforts You are not going to identify yourself with any of the thoughts. She is opening her eyes. she is very radiant. Keep your body still. Perfect non-movement. Achala. You see some bubbles. endless. Mountain. and you can see the radiance from out of the milky ocean as she is coming out. and you look at her crown. You are going to go and talk to the gold leaves. on her right side. The leaves are golden. mountain: achala. Now make a prayer to the leaves in the money tree. Don’t move. As she looks at you. She looks at you. Now. Visualize a milky ocean. Think of a mountain. A little farther away you see a money tree come out of this ocean. She has four arms. Picture an ocean not of salty water. by the side of Lakshmi. You see. You go close to this money tree. The mountain does not move. right in the middle. her eyes are closed as she fully emerges out of this milky ocean. Look at her face. an elephant. I am going to cut off the wings of the mountain so that the mountain cannot fly. Achala. 107 . Square away your consciousness. It is a white. The waves are white. Imagine the mountain has two broad wings. mountain. This money tree has a special ability to grant your wishes. The mountain represents the highest consciousness as it is quite still. 106 She has a light body. achala. Her body is pure gold. Imagine yourself as a mountain. Don’t move. That is why gods are said to live in the mountains. an ocean full of milk. You are now in communion with the goddess Lakshmi! Receive her energy. Now. milky ocean. her body is gold in color. In Sanskrit. two rays of light emerge out of her eyes and fall into your eyes. In the middle of this milky ocean. You see another white elephant on her other side. I am going to give you an experience of movement. mountain is achala (pronounced: ack-ALA). From out of this ocean of milk you see the goddess Lakshmi coming out from the depth of the ocean. achala. These sounds are very important for the unconscious. Don’t move your body. She is very beautiful. She is sitting on a sweet-smelling lotus flower. You are transformed. the wings are spread. milky white. Then there are other happenings right on this milky ocean. which never moves. Let them check in and check out. You just go and hug the tree. Now. you see some movement. This elephant is a magical white elephant.

the box is a cube. The rays of light from Lakshmi’s eyes are beaming into your eyes. healthy. positive house consciousness. This process will “square away” the manifestation. I could go on and on and explain to you for many pages how these specific symbols work. Draw in the right side of the square. Ooooouuuuummmmm. It goes up right into the sky. If you go to a doctor. SIRIYUNG. SIRIYUM. It looks so beautiful. I have people come up to me after I given these sounds for material comforts and say. twice a day. Make your visualization very specific. Continue chanting. Shanti. Now you see another phenomenon taking place. Let the mantra penetrate the visualization. although you could use red because red is the color of attraction. The moon is rising. Draw in the left side of the square. Build a strong visual image of the manifestation inside the square. ˙ Now say these sounds repeatedly: SHREEM. You are going to draw a square on the paper and visualize inside a square the desired manifestation. Your square consciousness is getting completed as you chant these four sounds. Keep your eyes closed. The horse has wings like a Pegasus. Slowly. follow the sounds. Now you see something else taking place right on this milky ocean. Visualize a square and at the bottom of the square on the left side of the square ~ SHREEM ~ the top of square ~ SHREENG ~ the right side of the square. and I’m confused. material abundance. You see a magical white horse. You pray to the tree to give you abundance. Others ask me. However. Keep chanting continuously as you draw the square.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 4: Happiness and Material Comforts You want the tree in your own house. Shanti. Some people ask. such as a car or a house. Receive the Light from Lakshmi’s eyes. 108 . “Should I use a box to represent the square?” No. he may give you medicine for an ailment you may have. SHREENG. “What color should the square be?” It doesn’t matter. You are working with the sacred geometry of squares. and this is a moon coming out of this milky ocean. a different geometric form. You have all these images of Lakshmi looking at you. the left side of the square. and positive car consciousness throughout your daily life. All he does is to tell you to take this pill. It is the same with this meditation. for you need abundant money. Just Do It Now that I have given you the techniques. How can it be okay to want things 109 Drawing a Square Technique Another technique is to use a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. and follow the images. SIRIYUNG. abundance in terms of money. body consciousness. he doesn’t necessarily explain everything to you about how the medicine is going to work. Draw in the top of the square. Just follow this meditation. come back to yourself. It is a full moon. Relax. SIRIYUM. The most important thing is to carry positive. Chant the mantra as you to build the square: Draw in the bottom of the square. The square is four-sided. “I’ve been on a spiritual path for a long time. But it is not important. slowly. Shanti.

and 1 a.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 4: Happiness and Material Comforts like a Mercedes and a luxurious home and still be spiritual?” Be assured ALL of the techniques for manifestation in this book are based on enhancing your spirituality and cultivating your relationship with the Divine. There are many beautiful esoteric secrets regarding flowers. 111 . you square things away. someplace where people will not walk on them. Shanti. Peace to the mind. and they will just recycle 110 into the earth. know that chanting to Lakshmi on Friday evenings is very powerful. Shanti. Continue to work with the tools that appeal to you. The energy of Lakshmi gives you direction.m. collect their used flower offerings into a paper or plastic bag and scatter them in a park or field when they take a walk in open nature. Working with the unconscious opens up the realm of miracles. There is not a hard and fast way to do this. Meditate on Lakshmi. the Goddess of Wealth. You can usually get 108 petals out of four to five plump carnations. Peace. This will increase the flow of her blessings for material comforts. Some people who live in city apartments with no yard. I explain more about mala beads in Chapter 15. This is a gesture some people like to do to honor the sacred use of these flowers. Song. We need to change our realities. and I suggest some of these will open up for you if you work faithfully with this technique. you go nowhere. you may want to put some pictures of Lakshmi around. dance. Peace. for example. Shanti. This will also open your enjoyment of material comforts. Be sensible about what works for you! Handling the flower petals brings you in contact with a very pure vibration. This will aid you in creating prosperity consciousness. Peace. using the principles of sacred geometry to create new form and clarity in your life. (People can also use mala beads to help them count the flower petals/mantra repetitions. These images directly affect the unconscious mind.m. using the various symbols from the milky ocean which belong to our archetypal consciousness. Place 108 pink flower petals before her picture or statue as you chant Om Shreem Swaha with each petal. With direction. When the flower petals have dried up. Things to Remember Meditating on Lakshmi is mytho therapy. do not discard them in the trash. The moment you make a decision that you want it now. JUST BE COMMITTED. For those who are comfortable focusing on the feminine aspect of the Divine. Without direction. especially between 10 p. we want it now.) Some people pluck the petals and place them in a bowl beforehand and then take then out one at a time for the offering. Flowers that have been used in spiritual offerings can be scattered onto the earth. you can pluck them off the flower for each repetition. the realm of outrageous thinking. This is a very ancient science. Follow the spiritual science and you will not have difficulty manifesting what you want in your life. It all starts with an inner decision. Peace to the soul. Peace to the body. you create the situation. You don’t need to remove the petals ahead of time. If you focus on Lakshmi during that time and light a candle and offer the candle to her picture or statue. Om. We don’t want to wait. Sing! Dance! Listen to beautiful music. and I have already explained in Chapter 3 something about the connection between flowers and other dimensions. Then do the meditation for programming your square. and music are the greatest sources of happiness. For those wanting a deeper connection with Lakshmi’s energy.

  Chapter 5 Personal Connection with God Mantra: Arut Perum Jyoti (Pronounced: Ar-rut Pey-rum Jo-tee) hat we consider luck or fortune is a gift from God. lack of trust. Many do not have enough faith. The problem with humanity is lack of faith. Why there so much poverty in India?” The problem in India is that people do not understand spirituality in the right sense. We go to the temple/church/mosque/synagogue. It is an unconscious robot activity. What can we do about our fortune? Fortune is a result of our past lives. But although people go to the temples. Peace. This is not just a product of the imagination or a hallucination. Mind is Negative. These people do not toil. It is true that the country is flooded with temples and temple attendance is high. they don’t believe in God. Their belief in God is only marginal. Faith is Positive We need a commited faith to connect with God. There is no trust at all. Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Many people have asked me. Some people hardly make it. Peace. but most people have to make their way by the sweat of their brow.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 5: Personal Connection with God Peace to the environment. Peace. and our trust is not there. “Why is such is there so much poverty and suffering in India? There are temples everywhere. God does appear to people. W 112 113 . and there a rich spiritual tradition.

Science is based upon mistrust. Drop off your ego. yet another is skeptical. When I say God. The Divine can do things more easily than your ego-self can. then you can get into the field of grace. it is not a Christian. Mind is logical. Our bodies suddenly have lost all energy. I repeat. In order to access the grace of God. Depending upon that. We have been trained to believe in our self. It has made us more miserable. Now science. So that life can be peaceful and joyous once again. You have to make a tremendous effort to believe in God. faith is doubt-free. You can then turn to these Divine figures for help and protection. Each human being has certain innate qualities. Already our ego is not letting us have faith in God. Jewish. Jah-Nana) Let us recognize that there are various types of individuals. You can definitely access this Energy through any form presented by the different religions. luck. The path of the intellect is not only discursive reasoning. You will benefit more by dedicating your life to the Divine. One may be very intellectual. It is beyond that. We are desperate. Mind is fact-oriented. while someone else is very emotional. Enlightenment exists. God exists. or Hindu God. The path of the intellect may start with inquiry. and faith is positive. “Who is the perceiver?” “How do I perceive things around me?” “Am I perceiving through the linguistic tools?” “What are my prejudices?” “What is the phenomenon of sound?” “What is the 115 . We have hit the rock bottom. Strictly speaking there is no way out from your current mess. It is because of 114 your ego that you stop the flow of grace. Mind is negative. Your connection may not be the same as your neighbor’s. in our own ego. We are absolutely pushed into a corner. luck is a gift from God. So you begin to understand the structure of Intelligence. so you must pick the right tools that suit you. It is important to understand this point. one can get into a practice which will be useful for finding God and God’s grace. each individual must look inside and find what type of individual he or she is. To do that. You will never come to grace through your mind. but it eventually leads to enlightenment. God watches over you although you are not able to see Him. the mind constantly moves from one idea to another. the Path of Knowledge. You begin to question. But unfortunately. Grace is beyond mind. with faith. What do we do? This is the time for providence. Grace exists. Mind is duality. reinforces our innate tendency to disbelieve and doubt. and faith is unity. you must do some self-assessment. Humanity has come to a realization that our dedication to science has not given us peace of mind. Path of Knowledge: Jnana (pro. This is called the path of jnana. It is the Supreme Energy that supports life. more people are looking at older ways of living—bringing faith back into our lives. Those who are intellectually oriented follow the path of the intellect. We have been trained not to believe in God. It is hard to keep attention on anything for a prolonged period of time.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 5: Personal Connection with God Unfortunately. in our own mind. Mind is rational while faith is irrational. Our minds don’t work. God is Intelligence. which is based on the model of doubt. They will certainly respond to you if you pray to them sincerely. Providence works through miracles. Making a Connection with God I want to give you some tools to access a personal connection with God. Mind is doubtful. Ego devises many devious ways in order to get things done. faith deals with truth. According to this path. Also faith seems not quite natural to the modern mind. faith is illogical. beyond ego. It is because of science. many have lost their emotion of faith. Where do these miracles come from? God. Every individual is different.

etc. The light comes down. They are going to send special envoys to help you. then you can access grace. You can achieve whatever you want to achieve through total devotion to the deity. Once you do that. you have accomplished the goal of your own existence. As you begin to pour your heart into the deities. Once you receive the grace of an enlightened Siddha.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 5: Personal Connection with God phenomenon of light?” “How do I know?” These kinds of queries can eventually lead you to enlightenment. The Buddha followed this path which led him to the idea that reality is empty. visualize grace as a vast light pouring down from heaven. The devotion should be unconditional. God becomes the lover. It is very human. sincerity. and Krishna the God. When you annihilate your mind. and your whole life is dedicated to the master. The mantras put you in intimate contact with the deities so that you can use the Divine help. you are in the field of grace. In that condition. You trust only the master. You absolutely surrender to the teacher. ❖ Meditate on God’s qualities. It should be total surrender. You can this with Jesus/Buddha/Mary/Allah/Yaweh/Quan Yin. Deities are always watching you and are ready to help you. Make sure you can resonate with that feeling. ❖ Reflect on all that has occurred in your own life as a result of grace. I recommend a more lively and enjoyable approach. if you could love that deity unconditionally with great emotion. Mantra: Arut Perum Jyoti (Pronounced: Ar-rut Pey-rum Jo-tee) Chant this mantra: Arut perum jyoti… While chanting. You can enter into a very personal relationship with a God of your choice. such as nobility and mercy. you achieve things much faster than through jnana. It is the approach of bhakti (devotion). faith and love. as in the case of Krishna and Radha. Radha is the greatest exponent of romantic love. It is good to develop a personal relationship with the deities. Then the deity comes alive. This is the easiest way. Imagine Him/Her to be in every part of you. ❖ Allow yourself to adore God. ❖ Practice reverence. the guru-apprentice/disciple relationship. Radha is the human soul. This is the way most commonly followed. then there is emptiness. And in Fullness you realize that you are infinite. pour out your heart to that deity. Always think only about the deity. It comes in through the top of your head. He can be your Friend. Make sure you can get into the emotions. If you have a natural pull toward a particular deity. You don’t just trust your intellect. If you devote yourself totally to a God or to a Guru of your choice. The structure of devotion is fascinating. your whole self is filled with great intelligence. She totally dedicates herself to the love of Krishna. it never goes to waste. In another modality. Through your own emotions. Worship the deity. You can get into a very intimate relationship with the deity. Within the Tamil tradition. the deities will come alive. the deity becomes real 116 to you. Then grace will come to you. BAK-ti) However. Path of Devotion: Bhakti (pro. you don’t trust your ego or your mind. He can also be conceived of as your Master. Visualize the vast grace light getting into every cell of the 117 . That intelligence is responsible for creating your life. you find this structure fully explained in the lives of many saints. Grace Grace is never ineffective. It is the easiest way. You can worship any deity from any tradition. In this path you follow mostly a monastic life and practice intellectual reasoning and meditative exercises. That emptiness is Fullness. Once you access grace. a friend who can get you anything.

the dancing form of Lord Siva. and then they ask why things are still not working. or about the world. Tell Him/Her what you want. Arut means Intelligence. This allows for higher intelligence to guide your life. and my name can do everything for you. “Isn’t surrender becoming powerless?” To be honest. if you are a devout Christian. “I have prayed in Jesus’ name many times. Talk to God like a friend. gave it to me when I was Swami Ramalingam in my previous incarnation. Try this for 20 minutes. but they are only following themselves. I am so happy to share it with you. The mind merges with grace. Things to Remember I encourage you to develop a personal relationship with God. you may not be able to call on Allah/Buddha/Siva. You may say to yourself that you believe in God. Yet.” In fact. I recommend that you keep a picture or statue of whatever deity you resonate with. burn incense. Then there are others who claim that they are following me.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 5: Personal Connection with God body. Grace fills your mind and purifies it. “Love me. How many people really 118 believe in the name of Jesus and its ability to accomplish things for you? You may say. As you do the mantra. purchase my CD’s and try mantras. Jesus said frequently. Arut perum jyoti—this mantra has come directly from the Divine. make a connection with the deity that you most resonate with.” Pray for grace to enter into all aspects of your life. The answer is. But you must believe whole heartedly and be emotionally able to relate to the divine name that you call on for help. and do the following: Light a candle. The Importance of Belief There are people who attend my lectures. For instance. Â 119 . Arut perum jyoti. true spiritual surrender is a powerful state. Intelligence is the grace of God. Surrender this area to the deity. What you surrender is your limited ego to the Higher Self or God.” Let us be honest. I have been able to perform miracles in the lives of individuals who trusted me totally. “No. you are giving away something that doesn’t really belong to you. but nothing has happened. Infinite Divine Intelligence starts to fill you. Keep seeing the grace light to go deeper and deeper into your cells. But the truth is. “Believe in me. you believe only in your ego and in the world. Pray for grace.” All that I can tell you is that there is nothing greater than God’s name. this is a question that all spiritual aspirants ask at some point. It is very important to connect with the deity in an intimate personal relationship.” but how many people really do love Jesus? Another question many people ask me is. You either think about yourself. Say with deep feeling. visualize white light entering you. That’s why there is so much suffering and agony. This chant and visualization reprogram the cells. “I give this problem to you. God is not the priority in this dark age. Feel the grace of God in every part of you. As you continue the chant and visualization. which is your ego-self. When you give away your ego. and merges with God. Why is God not responding to you? It’s because you don’t believe in God. Siva Nataraj. I ask for your grace to solve my problem. Jesus said. Grace fills your ego and purifies it. Pick an area of your life that needs Divine grace to enter into it.

etc. Debt and Litigation Mantra: Saravanabavaya (Pronounced: Sah Rah Vah Nah Bhah Vah Yah) ealth is the most important gift that one can have in life. enemies. which is a plane of duality. you lose everything. In the earth-plane. Basically. It is a reflection of our consciousness. For instance. Remember that your future is already in your consciousness. If everything happens effortlessly. Part of the problem is the human collective consciousness itself. or accumulate debt. ill health. Unless you address that problem. Debt and Litigation  Chapter 6 Health. Anyone who suffers from a chronic illness has. Life implies both good and bad. etc. the planets have a strong effect on you. It 121 H . If we can get into the invisible sphere where we have created the disease and release that attitude then we have made a solid foundation to heal ourselves. Disease is caused by a certain negative attitude. The Challenge of Finding the True Causes of Disease First. ill health. We fill our minds with much negative feedback. No one talks about psychosomatic wellness. No one needs these experiences. ligitations. accidents. we can take steps to avoid these happenings. Enemies. everyone should go deep into one’s own consciousness and understand the process of reversing a chain of events that has finally manifested as a disease. health is a matter of our own attitude. we do not know how we can relate unless there are polar opposites. Everything starts in an invisible way and becomes visible. It challenges the natural equilibrium of life. What is ill health? It is dis-ease. enemies. debts. as a counterpart to the outward disease. a deep emotional problem. That is how consciousness is. To do that requires an investigation into your past life as well as an investigation into your current life and the forces that affect you. If you lose health. If one can disperse the negative attitude. then disease will disappear. we should not abuse the mind with negative thoughts. we will focus on one of the serious problems caused by the number six: ill health. In our psyche we already know what we are 120 going to do in the year 3000. Human collective unconscious is full of negativity. Enemies. there will be nothing to do in life. In order to get healthy. but that is how life has been structured. everything that contradicts progress. we should not abuse the body with wrong food. Six represents energies dealing with debt. If we know we could have an accident.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 6: Health. I will discuss the spiritual laws underlying debt. ill health. and court cases. To maintain mental health. Without a battle we don’t go anywhere. In this chapater. We talk about psychosomatic illness. Life becomes miserable. Doctors have been saying that we only treat symptoms and not causes. Seldom are the true causes of illness really known. The literature from many religious traditions indicate that the number six is negative. prison. It is important that you delve deep into your own consciousness and find the answers. to maintain physical health. avoiding problems is sometimes better than facing all of them. However. It is amazing. Six has become necessary so there is a battle. Negativity is the direct cause for disharmony—crime. A healthy body and mind make life enjoyable. you will not find a permanent solution no matter what medicine you take.

All that we need to do is just go back to the other side. but just as a surfer tries to catch the best waves to ride. His mantra helps raise the vibration of the body by making the body more conscious. court cases. Misadventures and Accidents Number six is also associated with accidents. It is very important that we learn to grow out of this consciousness. What drives you to make poor decisions is low self-esteem. In the near future. Once we do that. but a better game. Why does it happen? It happens due to their consciousness being obsessed about accidents. Debt and abundance are two sides of the same coin. The chart will show an afflicted Mars. Number six and the planet Mars are associated with each other. We decided to be on the wrong side. You have to dissolve the idea that you are going to be in debt. Debt is an ugly reality. you have moved to the other side of the coin. I hope this book will emphasize the fact of how important it is for us to become positive. not only will we solve our problems. but the problems of the planet as well. We created it due to a wrong concept. But we have been used to it for such a long time. We have not collectively committed to positivity. They also have a say in what we think. You have to change this consciousness. when possible. That is how you keep away from problems. I will reveal more information 123 . It is very simple. the side of abundance. not a miserable one like being in debt. It is also reflected in their astrology chart. Some people create accidents once every year. like by the mirror in the bathroom or on the refrigerator in the kitchen. You have to take these things out of your own consciousness. You are responsible for whatever you decide to do. Our focus has been on negativity. Debt and Litigation works on the same principle. Remember that abundance is also a game. You might put this on an index card and put somewhere you see everyday. that you are never going to be self-sufficient.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 6: Health. These people are prone to accidents. We have inherited poverty genes from our parents and grandparents. You are responsible for your own consciousness. an error in consciousness that says that you can’t do better. If you have a choice. Enemies. you have to avoid starting things on the day of Mars which is Tuesday. Prison. Debt vs Abundance: Two Sides of the Same Coin Number six is also associated with debt. 122 Whenever possible. You can chant this mantra into specific body parts to raise their vibration. Mantra: Saravanabavaya (Pronounced: Sah Rah Vah Nah Bhah Vah Yah) Lord Muruga is the aspect of the Divine which helps people to pay off debts. Poverty is just a negative dream. Once you do that. tonsils and throat Third eye. We have collectively committed ourselves to this process. ride the energies that are beneficial for projects and avoid the ones that have more “undertow” in them. How do you do this? By raising your own consciousness. etc. Do not be superstitious about this. The mantra for invoking his energy and busting debt is :Sa Ra Va Na Bha Va Ya Put this sound into your… Right Eye Left Eye Right ear Left ear Right nostril Left nostril Tip of the tongue Middle of the tongue Back of the tongue. and litigation of all kinds also belong to the number six. don’t travel on a Tuesday. Muruga is usually depicted as having a youthful appearance and tremendous physical vitality.

Each of you is capable of doing more than you think to help others. The lance represents Parvati herself. Clean up any credit card debts with regular payments or even double payments and then do not overcharge again. including: ❖ Hold in your awareness an area of the body or health issue you wish to heal and put the mantra into it. Have smoke alarms and good ventilation and so forth. I encourage you to use this mantra to get relief from all debts. and in Hindu mythology it is said he became smart and became a mentor for his own father. Some people with pets or children will not be able to do this safely. Or if you have a pool or live near a lake or the ocean. there won’t be any disease. You must use common sense if you try this. Summary of the Tools for Avoiding Mistakes I have given you a powerful tool in this chapter. So the mantra Sa Ra Va Na Bha Va Ya has a tremendous power for cutting through and defeating the negative. 125 Water Cleansing Technique People strongly interested in purifying themselves may wish to experiment with the ancient practice of taking three showers per day. Some of them can be quick rinses. Even one candle burning at night is purifying. Debt and Litigation about mantras. If you do service with a pure heart. Watching Your Thoughts Everyone can work on the practice of becoming more vigilant to think thoughts that do no harm. If you detect that the mind is indulging in hatred. Enemies. Do what you can. But again. Muruga’s mantra is a good place to start with toning up health and improving strength. He is usually depicted with a vel. There are several things you can do with it. If you cannot do five. Muruga is the second son of Siva. and this generates positive energy. and he brings the energy of strength and the skill of martial arts. change the thought. unhealthy energy of debts. so do not attempt it. a quick dip in the water. The positive quality to focus on to break up problematic energies is service to others.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 6: Health. Some people have found candles that can burn all night safely. who goes right into battle with him. session. a kind of lance or spear. Use an hourly beeping watch to check your thought process. We need a lot of good people on this planet who are strong in every way to support bringing in higher consciousness onto the planet. Sa Ra Va Na Bha Va Ya. Keep consciousness around food and eat foods that do not harm you. The Siddhas taught that water is a great purifier and does wonderful things to clean our aura. Please use Muruga’s mantra. The showers do not have to be long showers. effectively. and only use candles that have lead-free wicks and are safe. The emphasis in the book is getting your life together in every area and improving it. Candle Technique Another ancient practice for immortality and purification is to keep five candles burning when you go to sleep. in his hand. The Siddhas taught if there is enough light. Muruga is a warrior. which represents creation in all its glory. that is ok. especially through overspending. He is always shown with a peacock. it comes back to you multiplied a thousand-fold. losses. This practice dramatically increases the vibration of the physical body. the kind some churches use in their sanctuaries. This mantra prevents mistakes. he is the army general for the heavenly forces. the feminine aspect of the Divine. only do this if you can do it safely. Always you should shower or at least wash your face and heads before any meditation 124 . Whenever there is a war that requires the intervention of the gods. Each person’s body is different.

This is the reason for the attraction between the two genders. “Yes. Key Problems in Relationships So. I am always the one to make compromises.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side ❖ Hold in your awareness an area of debt you wish want to clear and put the mantra into that. but we constantly fight. You like the guy. yes. Since that time the separated part is seeking to unite with the other. but the most important part is the remedy that I will suggest. the Hindu and Buddhist spiritual science of sex. ❖ Hold in your mind a person you want to forgive and again. affirms Plato’s notion that sexual attraction is a spiritual phenomenon. We approve of the sacred nature of sex. put the mantra into that situation. We like each other. First. but how do you solve the innumerable relationship problems?” I have several answers for your question. P 126 127 . Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 7: Relationship   Chapter 7 Relationship Mantra: Kleem Shreem Hreem (Pronounced: Kleem Shreem H’reem) lato’s Symposium discusses why are men and women are attracted to each other. so that what was one being became two. 3. the following are some key problems in relationships: 1. Zeus sliced the being in two. I might hear from a couple. but he doesn’t like you or vice versa. 2. It is because in primordial time man and woman were just one androgyne—a being consisting of both a male and female part. I am tired of it. Tantra.

You work out your karma through your planets—through the nature of the house of the chart.e. you will not have a lasting solution. Right and Ms. Fear/economics is the reason why we are together. it’s good advice. Right simply don’t exist. 2002. unless you take care of the planet that causes the problem. Yes. Is there a solution? The pain resulting from loss/separation/divorce/death is really intense. Relationshp: Some Questions &Answers There are several questions I am frequently asked about relationships: Are relationships important for everyone? The need for relationship varies from person to person. if you prepare for separation. First Change Yourself On Valentine’s Day. You want to change your partner/brother/father/boss/co-worker. But have you had any success? You go to a counselor who says with revelatory authority that you can change only yourself and not others. 5. The pain is unbearable. This simple act will help prevent a lot of agony. I just broke up with my boyfriend/girlfriend. Generally speaking relationship is karmic. the nature of the planet that rules the house. You must change yourself. It will give you peace of 128 mind and heal your heart. I am afraid that my spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend is going to leave me. Recently I was looking at a married couple who hated each other. A certain amount of grieving is indispensable. physical illness and a host of other problems. As regards attraction. Otherwise.. I don’t know why we are together. animal kingdom and among humans. How can I get rid of an obsessive relationship? Every relationship. to a degree. Once the karma is done. (*Note: Eastern and Wastern systems of astrology differ 129 . that is fine. is obsessive. too. but the physical part is good or vice versa. You have to find out what you can live with or put up with. He advises you to change yourself. and the planet that occupies the house—all cumulatively contribute to a good/bad relationship. psychotherapy. Go to a Snake temple dedicated to Rahu and do a ritual for your birth star. The gender attraction is the collective karma of life itself. You see it in the plant kingdom.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 7: Relationship 4. the Moon’s North Node*). 6. you will manifest it. Accordingly there was constant bickering and poisonous exchanges between them. the snake planet (i. How can I attract the right person? Mr. Kleem is the mantra for attracting relationship. I felt the pain of hundreds of thousands of people battling with relationship problems. it is simple. You will continue to play games in your relationship. You can use mantras and chants. you should check with an astrologer who will compare your natural charts for compatibility. I found out that Rahu. the obsession is gone. metaphysically there is only one reason: Your relationship karma is screwed up. Whatever may be the outward reason for your relationship problems. Nevertheless. What can I do? Get rid of this idea from your mind. There is a simple remedy for the problem. Everyone is a combination of good and bad. There is no love behavior. Relationship Karma: Compatibility Check In a matrimonial relationship. Practice the One Minute Meditation. Then you will celebrate your aloneness as much you do being with another. Astrologically speaking. The obsessive part is due to karma that brings two people together. It is hell. was in the seventh house of relationships in the girl’s chart. Human beings dramatize relationship.

To give you a few examples. I 130 insist that you shape up not for the guy/girl. The solution to the problem is to find out what you want in life. Sigmund Freud discussed this issue in his writing. and in my opinion. it is God’s gift to humanity to help us. One has to realize that you can’t live your life in insecurity nor can you control anyone. Control 3. Ego Insecurity is based on the fear that the partner is going to leave you at some point. Right I have already explained there is no Mr. and it is terribly. you are going to manifest it outside: “The guy is going to leave me if I don’t lose weight or do a face-lift or re-shape my nose. If there is one principle that I want to emphasize for success in your life. The bottom line is that no one wants to be controlled. How important is that in your life? Can you live with/without relationship? These are questions that each individual has to answer for himself/herself. I have advised a lot of insecure guys who go on buying gifts because they fear that the girl is going to leave and that is not right behavior either.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 7: Relationship on the meaning of the Moon’s Nodes. in the fourth house. You are a social being. but this work refers to the Eastern School. Cultural laws are based on control. The guys have comparatively fewer fantasies than women do. Right/Ms. in the 9th house he will create problems with the father. in the 10th house with the employer. This fear leads to the next stage— control. You don’t agree with the other person or the other person does not agree with you. Astrology is not superstition. terribly important that you develop interpersonal relationship skills. There are some general principles that I want to lay out.” People growing up in the West have fantasies that they developed during their pre-school and kindergarten times. But then.) Finding a “Perfect Relationship” Remember. Interpersonal Relationships and Success in Life Vedic astrology is deep into relationship compatibility which you can check before you get involved. there is nothing called a “perfect relationship. The idea of the prince showing up in a chivalrous fashion and marrying the girl and living happily “ever after” is ingrained in the consciousness of many women. but for yourself. Right is based on the following issues: 1. There are suspicions.” I am not saying that you shouldn’t shape up. Control is an organizing principle that gives stability and security. No Mr. Rahu will challenge the relationship with the mother./Ms. skin or rear end. and there are some things that you always 131 . Right. I am not saying that control is not needed. Civilization and its Discontent (see “The Case of Dora” and other essays). Right or Ms. there are jealousies. Control doesn’t work at anytime. or business life. there is a natural control and an imposed control. because the guy may leave you for a fat woman with less money and less education than you have. Relationships are not easy because they are full of challenges. that is the importance of having very good interpersonal relationships. The control mechanism that comes out naturally is based on love. If you feel insecure deep down. Insecurity 2. The whole idea of Mr. The control that comes out of social/cultural/legal obligation doesn’t hold for long. Rahu the snake planet can do the same thing in the houses. But you shouldn’t do it for the guy. although everyone wants to control the other person.

you don’t understand what is happening now. You say to yourself. Every moment can open to a new reality. Or. Every moment is new. To use religious language. Every human being has gone through millions of lifetimes and several millions of relationships. And then you will find that things do change. The bottom line in learning to create a good relationship is that you should not carry on your judgments about the other person. You want to make sure that you don’t even see your spouse’s/father’s/mother’s/children’s face(s). One or many of these categories may be contributing to the relationship failure. you may be involved in an abusive relationship where you hurt each other on an hourly basis. Or. You cannot change the other person. And even if that person is a scoundrel. Then you not only pretend but you believe that it is true. As far as you are concerned. He/she has to come to avenge you. Before your mind responds. relationship is karmic. You can only change yourself. You exchange dirty looks. you are going to be friendly. And then you go on with your life. Everyone is psychic and knows what the other person thinks. I want to change this nightmare into a sweet dream. Working with the planets is more productive because the planets are at the root of your symptoms. something will shift. but at the causal level. Check if you are by nature negative. This is an important idea to absorb. 133 . which is invisible. I want this to be over. But it so happens that you end up seeing them. Secondly. everything was rosy. He/she may get married to you and give you constant problems. but now you completely hate it. if possible. you pretend as if there are no problems between you. It is important that you analyze these factors. But most importantly.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 7: Relationship have to keep private. even if you judge. establishing psychic routines. You are irritated and annoyed. Let’s say you got into a relationship. Sometimes you cry out: “God. You may have murdered your wife/husband in a previous lifetime. There are so many other issues. Getting to the Root I want to emphasize that behavioral problems need to be dealt with not at the symptom level. Do a self-analysis of your own behavior. the fault may be largely the other person’s. you don’t want to leave and start another nightmare. They speak the truth. and you are not going to be judging. Always follow your gut feelings. You want to avoid them. you got married and kept the marriage partly or fully. Here is a possible scenario dealing with a typical relationship behavioral symptom: You get up in the morning. Relationship is Karmic Relationship is irrational. Since you don’t remember past lives. Behavior is the manifestation of a cause. So. You may ask me. your body and “heart” respond. You may think that if there is a change in the finances/career/social situations/new people in your life. However. For a few years. although outwardly you pretend to be acceptable and kind… Your body is more authentic than your formal behavior. look at the planets that govern your relationship with your mother/ father/siblings/spouse. “What if my gut feelings always say negative things?” 132 There are two answers for this question. and you should be willing to look at that person in a different way. that will disappear in the next moment and then you are open. Every moment is new. In each lifetime. again you do it in another lifetime. this is what you are going to do. I want to talk about a specific situation. let the other person do whatever he wants to do. You are going to be open. How do I do it? You may go into analyzing what caused the change in the relationship. And. You often marry the man or women you have married at least five times in previous lives.

hatred or anger.) not just celestial objects. But do you have a remedy for my tooth-ache?” (meaning your pain in your current relationship situation). watch month seven of my Personal Transformation Program video set. (But. Use the mantra KLEEM. If you do not give your request to the waitress she cannot serve you. but I say it is important to ASK for what you want. Relationship problems are caused. but you put off doing anything serious. When remedies are being suggested. abuse. a goddess who can assist you with relationships. He can make you extremely sexual or dry up your desire and juices. It has a very powerful meditation for relationship problems. He says: “No relationship is perfect. You may reply back to God: “God. by two planets: Mars and Venus. These same people have no problem to go into a restaurant and tell the waitress what food they want for dinner that night. It is fair to say that almost sixty percent of breakups. that will be the last date. 2001. and the celestial body is only an outer manifestation of the planetary being. All these problems are created by Mars. You love everyone unconditionally and not because both of you scratch each other’s back. Mars Mars is the pre-eminent problem for fights between partners. then there will be no animosity. you go home separately. me or you?” “I make more money. In Vedic astrology.m.” Your True Relationship is with God God will eventually make you understand that you are God. God does come down to give you guidelines. God says: “Yes. and so on). insecurities. It’s funny that I am writing this section today (December 2. If you are an astrologer. At the end of the day. which are also ego based: “Who is bigger. don’t go on a date on Tuesdays—perhaps. Not that you don’t love each other. I do.” “You don’t deserve me. you can do a chart for this time and see where Mars 135 Mantra: Kleem Shreem Hreem (Pronounced: Kleem Shreem Hreem) This mantra brings in a host of Divine blessings that are very potent seed syllables that combine effectively to bless relationships. Relationship is past memory. separation. Mars is funny. Mars is also related to menstrual fluid. Don’t take it seriously and kill yourself. Even a small disagreement will trigger a serious break up. fingerpointing. Mars represents ego and quarrels. The planetary being. several of these factors are taken into consideration. Unless you are a Mars person (don’t ask me what that means—you may want to talk with a Vedic astrologer!). although that may appear to be kind of nice. there are trust issues or fear issues or something else. way above you. He will manipulate their menstrual cycle and play hardball with their emotions. The only true relationship is with God. in turn. You will be just love. It will silently remedy your relationship problems. You may be dating a guy/girl.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 7: Relationship Can you help me?” When a person gets to this level. Each planet is a celestial being. but then. time: 2:50 p. primarily. He can make a woman mean and a man a philanderer. My suggestion to you is get a set of Rudraksha mala beads and chant KLEEM 108 times on a daily basis.” Mars also will create delays (because of fears. (Also. that’s all fine. When you become God. and divorce are caused by Mars. Some people say it is selfish to pray for a relationship. the planets are 134 . Particularly with women. remember that may not be so bad!) A Mars person is more inclined to pull out from a relationship. Mars can play lots of games.” “I am way.” Kleem is a seed syllable for Parvati who is a feminine aspect of the Divine. is governed by a god. I would like you to understand some concepts concerning the planets in Vedic astrology.

Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side

Section II—Personal Transformation Program
Chapter 8: Obstacles and Longevity

is). As I write this, Mars is appearing before me with his planetary god, Muruga, and feels happy. Those of you in conflict with each other might want to propitiate Mars and his planetary god, Muruga. To do this, you light a candle (a small tea-candle is fine) in front of their pictures and chant their mantras.


Chapter 8 Obstacles and Longevity
Mantra: Om Gum Ganeshaya Namaha (Pronounced: Ohm Gum Guh-nuh-es-shi-ya) Mantra: Mrtyunjayaya (Pronounced: Mer-Tuh-Jah-ya-yah)

mantra: Om Mangalaya Namaha (pronounced: Ohm Man-ga-li-ya Na-ma-ha) The mantra for the planetary god of Mars, Muruga, is Om Saravana Bavaya Namaha (pronounced: Ohm Sa Ra Va Na BA Va Ya Na Ma Ha).
Venus Venus is another planet that is directly related to relationships. Venus particularly creates romance more than sex. Between Mars and Venus, Mars is associated with sex, and Venus with romance. Venus energy is very active on Friday. This is the reason why lots of people go crazy on Friday evenings. The romantic energy of Venus causes you to blindly fall in love, without scruples. It is only later that you understand your mistakes. Most of teenage love is caused by Venus. Venus energy leads to lots of partying, movies, wine and beer. Passionate love feeling or passionate separation are caused by Venus. The planetary goddess for Venus is Lakshmi. You can propitiate Venus and Lakshmi through the following mantras.

Mantra: Om Shukraya Namaha (pronounced: Ohm Shuk-Rah-ya Na-ma-ha) The mantra for the planetary goddess of Venus, Lakshmi, is Om Shreem Namaha (pronounced: Om Shreem Na Ma Ha). Light a candle before a picture of each deity and chant each mantra 108 times.


principles. Once I visited a student of mine at her house. Her son was swimming in the pool. Looking at him I thought there was something seriously wrong with the boy. I asked her to do two things. One, to get a Nadi reading for him. Two, take him to the doctor for a physical. The Nadi reading came back and said that the boy will have some life threatening periods. One would be at the age of six and another at the age of 18. A few remedies were suggested. I personally got involved and saved the boy’s life. I am not too much interested in the medical part of his life. So I won’t discuss it here. Apart from mantras, numbers do play a great role in influencing life. I have briefly talked about number four and six and their positive and negative values. The number eight is tied to


ome people live long and some die prematurely. Some people have repetitive car accidents and experience losses. It is important to know about the subtle laws of life principles and anti-life

Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side

Section II—Personal Transformation Program
Chapter 8: Obstacles and Longevity

life energy. Here on the East Coast while I am writing this, the weather is as lousy as can be: freezing rain, bitter cold, piles of snow on the road. Think about the power of eight! The number eight represents difficulty in general. It also obstructs the life process. With the number eight, life itself is in danger. Saturn and the Number Eight In Vedic astrology, Saturn is represented by the number eight. He both promotes and destroys life. Saturn and eight could some good for some people. But for most people, the number eight represents difficulty and obstruction of the life energy. I recommend you avoid the number eight when possible. This applies to travel plans as well. When planets travel through the Eighth House, there are problems. For example, don’t make appointments at 8:00 o’clock; make them at 8:05. If the Eighth House is damaged (or afflicted) in a person’s astrology chart, the life of the person may be short. The Eighth House will also indicate a person’s losses, difficulties and problems. When a planet goes into the Eighth House it becomes weak. When a free flow of life energy is obstructed it creates the following: 1. Depression 2. Diseases 3. Low Income 4. Loneliness 5. Abandonment All these negative qualities can be diffused by one mantra: Mrtyunjayaya namaha. Mrtyunjayaya namaha literally means “I bow to the conqueror of death.”

Obstacles and the Obstructions of Life Energy What is an obstacle? An obstacle is something that was hidden initially and shows up later. To illustrate this point: you start some action, you have some plan, and then following your plan you start that action. But as you are progressing in action you find obstacles. These obstacles are unforeseen things that arose after you started a project. Why did you not foresee it? Because of the inability of the human mind to foresee everything. You can, of course, foresee certain obstacles, but not all of them. The whole of human life has been spent in trying to discover obstacles which lie in the future, and then trying to figure out what to do to remove the obstacles. The whole life or many lives have been spent in trying to discover obstacles and overcoming them so that the future generations are able to benefit from it. In other words, the whole human life revolves around finding obstacles and removing them, and this is what life is mostly about. Ganesha, Eldest Son of Siva: Remover of Obstacles Ganesha, in Hindu mythology, is the eldest son of Siva. He represents an intelligence far beyond the reach of human intelligence. He is called the Lord of Obstacles or the Master of Obstacles. The study and understanding of Ganesha gives a different perspective on the whole concept of obstacles. Being the Lord of Obstacles, being one who has mastered the consciousness which gives an understanding about obstacles, Ganesha knows right at the beginning where the obstacle is. In fact, Ganesha’s intelligence has the ability to foresee all obstacles whatsoever. That’s why when you want to start a project, just go to Ganesha or invoke the energy of Ganesha. His energy tells you where the obstacles are. It tells both the conscious mind and the unconscious mind so that you do not waste your time in going through the obstacles. It is intelligent to avoid obstacles right in

Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side

Section II—Personal Transformation Program
Chapter 9: Compassion and Grace

the beginning. How does Ganesha do that? Because his intelligence can foresee what is out there in the future. This is the whole secret of invoking Ganesha’s consciousness at the beginning of a project. Symbols of Ganesha Ganesha has a certain mythological form; he has an elephant head and a pot belly. He rides on a mouse, and he has four hands and a third eye. His form may appear to be amusing to you by human standards; however, the form has a deep symbolic meaning which you cannot figure out through human intelligence. His form has a Divine power to remove obstacles. Just contemplating Ganesha’s form will accomplish this. Some people may want to put statues or pictures of Ganesha around their house or in their meditation area. Ganesha’s form was designed exclusively by the Divine to remove obstacles. This archetypal symbol addresses the unconscious energy in your being and works at a very deep level. There is a beautiful book, Loving Ganesha, by Satguru Sivaya Subramaniyaswami for children and the young at heart. For those curious to learn more about the mythology of Ganesha, there is another book, The Broken Tusk by Uma Krishnaswami. Gum is the seed syllable that vibrates with the energy of Ganesha. As you begin to have this sound in your consciousness, the unconscious mind recognizes the sound that is the intelligence of Ganesha. That is how you access the understanding of removing obstacles and finding shortcuts. Ganesha is the god who removes obstacles, so to recite his mantra will invoke this obstacle-removing aspect of the Divine in a powerful way. Many people like to use this mantra for a bit at the beginning of a meditation session or at the beginning of a project. This recitation is for removing obstacles (physical, emotional, mental, financial, spiritual).

Mantra: Om Gum Ganeshaya Namaha (Pronounced: Ohm Gum Guh-nuh-es-shi-ya) (Please refer to the earlier meditation techniques.) While chanting Ganesha’s mantra, specifically ask him to remove obstacles. Meditation on the actual form of a deity is very important. When you focus on the form of a deity, you imbibe the powers of the deity. Look at a picture or statue of Ganesha or visualize his form in your own mind. This has a tremendous amount of power. Meditate on Ganesha’s form with a feeling of reverence while repeating the mantra.
How to Talk with God We live in a world where science alone is “the truth.” We have lost touch with nature and with God, so it has become very difficult for human consciousness in this age to access the energy of God as easily as our forefathers did. This is a sad state of affairs—that we have lost our emotional self, our self of faith. Ganesha’s picture or statue can bring him right here—it is not superstition. It is tremendously powerful. Yogananda has a small, but delightful book which you can buy very inexpensively. The title of the book is, How to Talk With God. This book begins with the affirmation by Yogananda that talking with God is a definite fact. He goes on to say that God is not just abstract; He has a form as well. The Bible says, “God created man in his own image.” Therefore, if God had a form, it was like a human form. So for successful meditations, it is important to visualize a form.



” there are significant resemblances and differences meaningful only for yogis. Grace. 143 G . since they follow human laws which are time bound. and present. Light depending on its intensity has lesser or more intelligence. Arul means Divine 142 Intelligence as opposed to human rationalistic intelligence which is called “marul. He is omnipotent in the sense that he is capable of performing anything and everything including the impossible. And “seeing” is knowing. I think of two ways of explaining light. More light means more intelligence. Darkness puts out the fire of knowledge. Personally. No light is darkness. That is why in a dark room. However. You to understand that light is consciousness. His brightness is equivalent to trillions of stars. When we align ourselves with the light of God we get things done in the speed of light. Light and Miracle are synonyns.” Miracle is an extraordinary happening that baffles our understanding. He is omnipresent in the sense that he is present everywhere in time and space in the past. the Light of God excels that of the sun or any other star. [*Note: The Godhead can be thought of as both male and female. Light Up the Mind Now I want to define the term light. He* is omniscient with knowledge of everything: past. present and future. you do experience the light of God very directly. it is brightness and electricity. If you look at the terms “Arul” and “Marul.” Marul includes our science and technology as well. That term is Arul. Grace doesn’t mean mercy simply. It is blinding to the naked eye. Somebody is cured of AIDS/cancer or someone receives huge wealth out of the blue.” you invite in the mercy and intelligence of God. both inside the mind and outside in space. It moves at a tremendous speed. I am going to give you a working definition for each concept. What is a Miracle? Let me now define “miracle. To help you understand these concepts more deeply. Truly.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 9: Compassion and Grace  Chapter 9 Compassion and Grace Mantra: Arul Karunai Daya (Pronounced: A-ruhl Kar-u-nayee Dah-ya) od. No light means no intelligence and no knowledge. What is light? Is it brightness? Is it high electricity? Is it simply a visual quality? The concept of light is very complex. During enlightenment. I suggest you use the term “Arul” instead of “Grace” because the moment you say “Arul. In Tamil there is a word for it which is almost impossible to translate into English. You have heard that in many religions God is light. Arul itself is a mantra that defies any discursive reasoning used to define it. you cannot see. Yes. What is “God”? GOD means a Divine being who is luminous in complexion with no materiality except a form visible only to certain human beings with ESP. future.] A Defining Grace GRACE is the quality of God. This light of God carries the Divine Intelligence called ‘Arul’. You can accomplish all that you need to accomplish if you take a leap of faith. It is mercy combined with intelligence of the supreme kind.

Tani PEYRum Kar-u-nayee) Now I am going to give you a technique that wraps up all the concepts discussed above. This light is the expression of the vast kindness of God. This mantra will awaken your third eye. Say. It is a chant that I received from Lord Siva in meditation during my last incarnation as Swami Ramalingam. Allow the sound Daya to get into your third eye. Don’t judge things. mother. which is the mercy of God. You will function at the speed of light. “Mom. Chant: Arut Perum Jyoti. Keep chanting the words. “What part of past life events have 145 . We need miracles. Daya means compassion. Forget if you had a terrible 144 Dismemberment Meditation This is an ancient technique that gives us access to the condition of being when we had no body. This builds on the mantra given in Chapter 5. it is then necessary that you should be in God’s energy all the time. Miracles will be an everyday happening in your life. By trusting in the realm of the Divine. You have to be totally empty. We have to allow them. Taniperum Karunai (Pronounced: Ar-rut Pey-Rum Jo-tee. Mantra: Daya (Pronounced: Dah-ya) Another mantra to open up compassion is Daya. This will give you protection.” Miracle is one of the qualities of God. If we don’t experience miracles it is because we don’t let them happen.” If your mother is dead. Every day. Grace) Perum Jyoti (vast light) Tani (exclusive) Perum Karunai (vast kindness) The chant literally means Arul. the good disappears. in the form of vast light. forget all about that. Put everything in the hands of God. The bodily parts are lying in front of you… Now ask the question. pray to her. Pray to the Mother and seek the Mother’s blessings. What is the benefit of bringing in this energy? You will have Divine Intelligence to know everything.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 9: Compassion and Grace These are some examples of a “miracle. This is unconditional supreme love. The chant is: Arut perum Jyoti . It invokes the mercy and compassion aspects of grace. you stay outside the body. Now all parts of the body are lying in front of you. How? By believing. Let miracles happen. Then everything will be there. taking off the arms… the legs… the head… the torso. If your hands are full. Remember what Jesus said: “…with my Father everything is possible. This mantra awakens grace. have compassion. Pray. The realm of humans is hard work. Skepticism is negative. God can give you nothing. “Who am I?” Consider asking the question: “What are the dramas I have played in my previous lifetimes?” “What are the dramas I am playing in this lifetime?” Now ask yourself. particularly the compassion of the Mother. Remove judgment from your consciousness. The moment you judge things. you are just consciousness. tell me that you bless me. Allow yourself a Miracle The Divine appears in dreams.” If you need miracles in your life. Arut perum Jyoti Tani perum Karuni Arut perum Jyoti Arut (Divine Intillegence. You may want to contemplate the word meaning to satisfy your intellect. imagine that you dismember yourself… just as you would dismember a toy. We can then gain the knowledge as to our past life merits and demerits. It is stupid to disbelieve in miracles. ASK for grace. With eyes closed.

The ego shoots up and keeps you in an ugly reality. Let Arul and Daya surround me. Become aware of what previous karma you are working out in each of these four areas. ❖ Light a candle. Â Techniques ❖ Now seek the help of the Divine. Father. ❖ Make a prayer. I want to remove all of them right now in this moment. one at a time. Expect Infinite Intelligence to be dawn to you and lead you to a greater reality. Father… Help me to accomplish my goals. Father. Health).” Now come back into your body. Finances. ❖ Constantly check how much ego consciousness you have and how much Divine grace you are living. Relationship. say this affirmation: “Father. On four separate pieces of paper. “I do not want anything unpleasant. ❖ Chant these two mantras for grace: Arut Perum Jyoti and Daya.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 9: Compassion and Grace continued in this lifetime?” Say to yourself. lead me… Father. Father. Health. ❖ Focus on the Third Eye and say: Let there be grace. Place each paper and make a request to God before the candle. Relationship. Father. Then pick one specific karma you want to dissolve in each area. Within your mind. write down the specific area you want Divine grace to help you with (Job. 146 147 . dissolve my ego and lead me…” You may want to do the “dismemberment meditation” for each of these four areas: Job. ❖ Keep the concept of grace in your awareness. Let me be surrounded by grace light. Finances.

he came every day—morning and evening—and spent about eight hours trying to catch a fish. Believe it or not. but she fished at a place where there were fish. he hadn’t caught even a single fish in the past six months. This man performed the same thing over and over again without any success. Realize that what you do for a living is karmically determined. He was about 60 year old and belonged to the fishing community. Karma literally means action. What you do is karma because karma is performing an action. Each day he showed up and tried to fish. You are doing exactly what you wanted to do. You are doing exactly what you wanted to do. that’s what you wanted to be. If you are a carpenter. He would come and attempt to fish there. In fact. job. During one summer. he returned each day and threw his net at the same spot. The hotel was alongside an isolated beach. that’s what you wanted to be. But still. taking numerous walks along the beach. I had wanted to be alone and to walk on the beach for a long distance and not be bothered by others. I became friends with a man who lived in a nearby village. While I was walking.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 10: Profession  ❖ How can I enhance my professional fortune? ❖ How do I create a job that I like? Fish Where The Fish Are I’m going to talk about your karma—your action. I stayed at this secluded hotel for a long while. I was in India staying in a beach hotel. She was also into fishing. Here’s a graphic example. If you are not doing anything. If you are a sailor. I found out more about this man. in Sanskrit what you do—whether it is a business or a job—is called karma. throwing his hook into the ocean while standing on the shore. that’s what you wanted to be. This is what I call heavy duty fishing karma! He was unconscious. Most people will have a job while very few people become independent entrepreneurs. If you are a cardiologist. status. He said his wife. and sometimes also at midnight. and each day he went home with nothing. I will probably still 149 Chapter 10 Profession Mantra: Sada Shivom (Pronounced: Sahda She-vohm) Mantra: Om Kala Samhara Murtne Namaha (Pronounced: Ohm Kahla Sam-hara Mert-ne Na-ma-ha) he tenth house in Vedic astrology denotes profession. I inquired about who took care of him. If I go back to India. You wanted to do nothing. So this beach hotel was perfect for me. doing various mystical practices. his wife was smart. She sold them and also brought some fish home for dinner. he had no success fishing at this spot. Through talking to him. This chapter addresses these questions: ❖ What can we do to remove bad karma that has led to a bad job/profession/business? 148 T . For six months. not really looking at what he was doing. morning and evening. knowing that it was very unlikely he would catch a fish there. that means that’s what you wanted to do. Nevertheless. business.

Unless you become conscious. very strong. This is what the consensus has been in our civilization. Put this sound into all your sense organs: one minute in the right eye 151 . he decided that he would be a fisherman. So I am happy when people honestly consider these questions. creating a job or creating money is a karmic happening. Why? Because of karma. But what can I do? I have no training in other areas. Mantra: Sada Shivom (Pronounced: Sahda She-vohm) The sound. He will come back again and perhaps fish again until his fishing karma is done. Karma forced you to become a businessman.” you say to yourself. or an engineering degree to make a lot of money. and they became atrophied.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 10: Profession find him doing the same thing… Why couldn’t he change his job? What kept him from moving to another place and doing something else? He wouldn’t change. and if the fish have moved on. All you need is to identify an area which has the potential of generating money. because this is the plane of karma. an MBA. very important thing for everyone to ask. your business. “I have been doing this job because this is where my training is. They are like the fisherman who goes on fishing at the wrong spot and doesn’t evaluate his action. I focus on these things in the tenth chapter because the tenth house denotes your karma. once you ask this question. The lesson here is it is very important: fish where the fish are. Karma forced you to become a programmer.” So. This illusion seems very real to you. Normally people don’t ask this question. Do you want to break away from your karma? This is the first question you need to ask. you become atrophied. you may find yourself likely to answer. The moment you ask this question. you cannot break away from your karma. There are many millionaires who are high school dropouts or college dropouts. “Well. I do not recommend this at all! The same thing happens if you don’t act. Ask yourself these questions: Are you happy doing this thing? Are you making enough money? Is it worthwhile to continue this? This is a very. you can’t move. so should you! Are You Conscious of What You Do? I have seen people coming into the earth-plane doing the same thing birth after birth. Sada Shivom. and he would do fishing whether it was lucrative or not.” At least if you begin to ask this question it opens a way 150 to lead you to something else. The charm of karma is a very. I have seen some Himalayan yogis who did not move their bodily parts. Am I in the right job? Karma forced you to become an attorney. I know one day he will die. this is the first misconception that you have to pull out of your mind. Now. And this is a question that everyone should consider. magical illusion. I am not happy. Pull Misconceptions About Money Out of Your Mind I want to remove certain misconceptions about making money. To me. There is a general perception that you should have a higher education or vocational training in order to make money. you don’t really need a “higher education. I know that there is not enough money for me to pursue this because I work long hours and get paid very little money. can help with tenth house matters. In order to do business. That’s fine. your profession. But make it intelligent action. you will begin to generate certain impulses within your karmic consciousness. Don’t be like the fisherman who fished where there were no fish! He was under the charm of karma. For this lifetime. I say you don’t need a PhD. and it is very difficult for people to get out of that. you have to act. Karma forced you to become a professor. you become an invalid. If you don’t act. your job. So.

on the eleventh year you might end up doing something which would bring you more money. One is the karma that is associated with time and secondly. We all know that time and money are related. Go here. Recite this mantra over and over. Because the moment you begin to contemplate what you are doing.” You will have guidance from the inside. “I want to make $2. karmically. say.000?” I urge everyone to keep a calendar. So it’s important for you to ask this question. karma associated with space. And why did you realize it at the eleventh year and not during the ten years that passed by? It is because of karma. I spent ten years doing these stupid things. That’s why I recommend that people should contemplate and think about what they are 152 doing. “Oh my God—I have been so stupid. You never sat down and analyzed it. as much as possible.” you will start looking at possibilities to make that money. There are usually four weeks in a month. a daily goal. And once you have a weekly goal. In the eleventh year. “What can I do to make this $2. I want to talk about two areas or aspects of karma. Say that. this is not good. subsequently. weekly goals.” And. you have been involved in a job for ten years and that during that time you were very focused on what you are doing. and money is time. They wanted to make their goals within a certain time frame. Om Kala Samhara Murtne Namaha 153 . They are together. slow time. for instance. People who have mastered material wealth had one thing in their mind: their concept of time. then you will challenge that karma. Let’s suppose that on the eleventh year you suddenly say to yourself. Then come to the Third Eye. even physicists say that space and time unfold together.000 a week. It is going to pop ideas into your mind. it is going to be there for ten years. Nowdays. It is a matter of intelligence. The Divine is going to help you. monthly goals. Two Aspects of Karma Now. Mantra: Om Kala Samhara Murtne Namaha (Pronounced: Om KAH-la Sam-Har-a Mert-ne Nah-ma-ha) This is the mantra that will remove time karma. But if you just continue unconsciously with that of karma. “Hey. The Higher Self is listening to you. Write out weekly goals. These sounds will help harmonize you with the right profession. These sounds will destroy bad time. “Am I going to be doing this for another ten years of my life?” Time and Money Here we’re going to talk about the concept of time and money. Time is money. I want you to get some deeper insight into this. Meditate on how to make the most of your time.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 10: Profession one minute in the left eye the right ear the left ear the right nostril left nostril the tip of the tongue the middle of the tongue then the tonsils. perhaps you would make in one deal all the money you made in the past ten years. which is your pituitary. It is very important that we put this concept very deep in our consciousness. What options do I have? What can I do? Even asking these questions are worthwhile. go there. You may want to ask yourself. Time Karma Let’s first talk about time and karma.

Destroying Karma. When you do these things together (the meditation. Now I come to Pittsburgh only occasionally. This inner connection can greatly assist you. The Ara Kara sound was discovered by the enlightened sage Thirumular and is presented in his work. The English words chronology and calendar seem to be drawn from these words. Your gratitude for each mantra or tool creates an inner connection between you and the world of enlightened beings who have received and passed on these deep wisdoms. It’s only when I started giving lectures in New York and the West Coast that I began to have people coming to me. 155 . I feel the karma—the space karma—being challenged. Until I moved out of Pittsburgh. And when I move from country to country. I can give my own example. Most of the drivers who work for this company know me. I’m everywhere. you have to really be focused on it. They hang on to a place and die in the same place. to accelerate time for you. What does this have to do with you? If you have lived in a particular city for a long time and if you’ve not had any success. I have met at least 30 or 40 of their drivers. But then. very important. Most of them say yes. This is true of people living in New York or Florida. Chant with sincerity and deep emotion. In Sanskrit. and then consciousness focused on weekly goals) you will find miracles happening in your life. Tirumantivam as a tool for manifesting your desires. Be grateful to him for sharing this wisdom which he received through his own meditations. the god of time is called Kala. Thiru Neela Kantam produces sounds that diffuse your karma. all over the world. Many people have found tremendous things happening in their lives with these two chants. as far as getting my teaching to the world.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 10: Profession I pray to the God of Time. you will create totally new karmic impulses. I am so happy to make these sounds available to you as they are so powerful. In the Greek tradition the god of time is called Kronos. I lived in Pittsburgh for a long time. You are asking the Divine to condense time for you. there will be tremendous happenings in your life. ❖ Ara Kara creates the karma that you want to manifest and 154 removes the idea that anything is impossible. The Tamil Siddhas call it the “karma-busting” mantra. This is very. You can also use Ara Kara. to give me understanding about time. nothing really happened. because Ara Kara is new karma. I will talk a little bit about space—or place—karma. And they don’t want to move out of Pittsburgh. If you move to another city or another country. Make a decision. That’s very important. then you might want to move. Creating Karma In addition to working with this sound. Often in my conversation I will ask my driver a question (a question I ask other people as well): I inquire whether he was born and raised in Pittsburgh. It’s a fairly large company. Everyone has space karma. become conscious of how you spend your time. Always be grateful for receiving spiritual knowledge. Space Karma Now. If you change your space karma. Relate your concept of time to money. you may want to listen to the Karma-Busting CD which has the chant Thiru Neela Kantam as often as you can. I travel a lot and use limousines to travel from my home to the airport. Since you are dealing with karma. So to repeat: v Thiru Neela Kantam destroys karma that you want to get rid of. you should not get distracted. It’s not going to be easy because karma is very powerful and won’t easily permit you to move.

Science and Time One thing that science has given us is a knowledge of how to better handle time: we want everything fast! Jesus had to walk. It took 400 years. The outer is dependent on the inner. Give the experience of timelessness. But we have learned to use time in a different way. Now we have airplanes. “What’s my destiny?” When you do so. my ears. Meditation: Om Kala Samhara Murtne Namaha (Pronounced: Ohm Kahla Sam-hara Mert-ne Na-ma-ha) Pray to Lord Siva (Infinite Intelligence) to kill time: Om Kala Samhara Murtne Namaha Close your eyes: Om Kala Samhara Murtne Namaha! Kala means time Samhara means destruction Murti is the aspect of the Divine that destroys time. They move very slowly. You will create new time. “How can I improve things?” This contemplation itself is a meditation. As regards space karma. What happens is that when you put something out to the 156 universe. The same thing happened with the teachings of Buddha. You have a destiny and that destiny was decided a long time ago. Kala Samhara Murtne Namaha Kala Samhara Murtne Namaha Kala Samhara Murtne Namaha Kala Samhara Murtne Namaha Pray to God to allow you to experience the death of time. “Make me timeless. focus on your destiny. cars… We have microwaves that cook faster than conventional ovens or firewood. their karma that is so frozen suddenly begins to become liquid. In many spiritual traditions. my blood. Things are very slow and dense. you can then your change karma. Mantra: Om Kala Samhara Murtne Namaha Put this mantra in your: eyes. it can take a lifetime for the manifestation to occur. hour by hour. I just want to add one more thing. I bow to Him. It took 300 years after the death of Christ for Christianity to take root and become a major force. so did the Buddha. Focus on Your Destiny by Going Inside One day I was reading the Koran and Muhammad was praying to Allah.” Kala Samhara Murtne Namaha! 157 . Time for Jesus. Turn them into light! Turn the environment into light!” This is the true teaching of Muhammad. minute by minute into material reality. You can close your eyes whenever you are alone and meditate on. The prayer is as follows: “Allah! You are light! Turn every cell in my body into light. my eyes. but we should know how to do things even faster. you will alter your destiny because you are going inside. We don’t want to live in old time. nostrils and other sense organs. people go on pilgrimages. Just ask yourself.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 10: Profession You will come into contact with different forces. We all need new time. When it is liquid. That’s why I take people to India to certain power spots. Then you will begin to ask: “Why I am doing it? What am I doing? What else can I do?” It is important to see how the inner and the outer selves are connected. When you are quiet. We know how to do things fast. Once they go to the power spots. It is going to unfold day by day. and the very act of going inside will create new impulses. trains. my nerves. Pilgrimages are trips to sites with a great amount of power. ears. time for Buddha was very slow time because there was less knowledge of material science. Old time is karmic time.

Meditate on these sounds and pray: Kala Samhara Murti: I want to live your time. there is a different association of time with different gods. Saturday is Saturn’s Day. Peace! Â 159 . This mantra brings in the very fastest energy. What we humans experience as one year is just one day for the angels. It is important to understand the relationship between planetary movement and time. a lunar calendar. Movement is time! This mantra profoundly accelerates and dissolves the influence of time. everything about the world is a joke and He wants to help you out of this world.e. For Him. Kala Samhara Murtne Swaha!! Om Shanti. not my time! Then He will give the ability to experience His time. Vishnu does better than Brahma: one year for Vishnu is 15 minutes. The power of these sounds puts a hold on them just for your sake so that you can experience non-movement.) These energies and their influences can all be stopped through the Grace of the Divine. Time and the Planets It is the planets that create time through their revolutions. One year is one hour. you will get paid that much per hour. God Time or the Death of Time Why does Siva want to kill time? The reason is because time slows everything down.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter Kala Samhara Murtne Namaha! Time is destroyed within me!!!” Behind this mantra is a story. In the Hindu mythology.000 per year. and even the names for the days of the weeks have their origin in the names of planets (i. and so on. Peace. For Siva. The gods are better processors of time. One year of work that we do can be done by angels in one day. for Brahma. one year is 1 millionth of a second. Shanti. if you are a God. 158 Non-movement is timelessness. So if someone is getting paid $100. He moves very fast. We have a solar calendar. We want to be timeless. 30 minutes. Sunday is Sun’s Day. Shanti! Peace.

which may not be directly related to your job or business. It is very important to make a distinction between the tenth house and the eleventh house. At any point in time you should be willing to change careers or businesses. but that money is not going to bark. The 161 . nothing positive will happen. Profit and Profession I want to make a distinction here between profit and profession. but allocate your time or have a time plan. they simply do not allow themselves to focus on profit. What that means is you have to do the math all the time. I am a dentist. not just focused on one thing. It may be something that you do with others in which the other person plays a primary role and you play a lesser role. just promise yourself that you will do this down the road. You must have a very clear vision of it. you have to find out what the profit is going to be. “The existing condition is so miserable.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 11: Profit  Chapter 1 1 Profit Mantra: Swarna Rajadas Srajam (Pronounced: Swar-na Rah-ja-das Srajam) t doesn’t matter whether you’re just doing a job or running a business. The tenth chapter of this book focused on profession or career. I want to change the “unprofitable” attitudes towards profit. who worries about profit…if I can just pay my bills. It could be an investment in which you are not directly involved. otherwise. If you are not doing this now. And the first prerequisite is having a positive attitude toward profit. that’s fine. That is very important. Let me be totally unconscious about it because it is too depressing to look at. You can have several of these kinds of investments. If you have karma to be a dentist. “I am a dentist. Branch out and look for opportunities. Many people are deluded. then you will think. One attitude is. “There is so much time available for this and so much time for that. That’s fine. I don’t even want to look at my finances. Branch Out into the Light You should not be tied down to doing just one thing. “Well. laziness. It is important that you earn a profit. you have to get rid of victim/loser consciousness. There is a saying in Tamil: “The money that you make by selling dogs will not bark. a windfall or inheritance.” Do you understand? You can sell dogs and make money. because sometimes you may do something for business or job that may not be the source of profit. because it came out of selling puppies (a beginning stage. Profit is not necessarily directly related to what you are doing in your career. So you have to break the old identification pattern.” Most of the time your karma will not let you go into other areas. 160 I Two Pros. For profit. How do we enhance our profit-making consciousness? I want you to learn moral and ethical laws of profit-making. not yet manifesting full-grown potentials). To successfully turn a profit. or negative forces. you should be open to different areas. then you have to give up the dentist identity. I would like you to be profit-conscious all the time. Profit can come through many ways. You have to take a really hard look at what you are doing and ask yourself if it is worthwhile continuing to do it. This chapter is about profit. Profit is a very elusive thing to the normal human mind.” Another attitude is.” Profitable Outlook So.” If you want to become a movie producer or a stockbroker.

“garlands of gold and silver. Even when he was a highschool boy. Kubera. placing more focus on profit awareness. the God who is the banker in heaven. I was reading some of Einstein’s original papers where he was defining matter. So what you present to your logical mind also helps to change your thinking.” This is a attitude common among many people. To have the right attitude toward profit. It is a kind of programming. If you arrest the flow of energy. For example. So use this mantra wisely. I’m getting by. Mantra: Swarna Rajadas Srajam (pronounced: Swar-na Rah-ja-das Sr-jam) In Sanskrit. Most come with an orientation to lose. Put another way. We have to develop a very strong material consciousness. This mantra comes from a longer chant for Lakshmi in the ancient sacred scriptures called Vedas.” The Goddess Lakshmi is visualized as wearing garlands of gold and silver. Consciously. although matter is a very “stuck” condition.” or “Somehow. He read this all the time. Once. He started asking himself these questions. material insight. this kind of thinking must be changed.000. I read something once about Bill Gates. The “bottom line” is that these sounds will give you a desire to acquire gold which is an indicator of wealth. When you stop light energy. Thoughts become lethargic. you have to do something about it. engage your logical mind in profit thinking. When you are not alert. “Why don’t I do something to get the $100 million for myself. Asking the Right Questions I met a man in Canada. it turns into matter. What is matter? He says that matter is light energy stopped. For the conscious levels. the precious metal. but only some. but for now I want you to understand that Swarna Rajadas Srajam is a mantra specifically for profit.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 11: Profit mantra I’m giving you in this area will help you to become alert. Some souls come here with profit-orientation. who told me that he brings $100 million dollars to his company and the company gives him $100. used this mantra to get his position! Archetypically. it becomes matter. That’s why there are so many losers everywhere. This is for the unconscious layer of your mind. it just flows away. he had a passion for reading Fortune magazine. Delete the Loser Mentality Each soul has its own qualities. we still need matter because we are material beings. what happens is that you simply pass the time without analyzing it.” So. Swarna Rajadas Srajam means. We can change light into matter—and matter into light. Constantly evaluate whether or not what you are doing is the right thing to do. You can do this by having an Eleventh House reading done. Swarna Rajadas Srajam has lots of other meanings. A very strong material consciousness is related to profit consciousness. but gold. material light. profit=matter in Einstein’s famous energy equation: Light (energy)=matter (profit) x (speed of light ) squared. my contacts. In Hindu mythology. I want you to delete loser consciousness and to install profit consciousness. picture the images for Lakshmi that were introduced earlier in 163 .) Again. it’s important to engage in practical thinking about profit in addition to working with the sounds. rather than making this $100 million dollars for someone else? After all. at least I’m paying my bills now. (Not dollars or pounds or euros. too. So profit consciousness is gaining more material consciousness. And if it doesn’t become matter. my intelligence. Vedic Astrology can also be very helpful in discovering your most profitable areas. So we need matter. Fortune magazine deals with corpora162 tions that make big bucks and he put that awareness into his head. I bring this money from my division. “Well.

Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 2. So. I’m not saying that expenses can’t happen unexpectedly. let’s look at expenses. But you can control your expenses if you become more aware. Expense is Thoughtlessness First. the moon. they often end up in unnecessary expenses. To me. the way to control your expenses is to become more conscious about cash flow. Necessary vs Unnecessary Expense Of course. if you anticipate. the money tree. They do happen. we just let things go on in an erratic way. thoughtlessness and expense go together. But the astrological scheme that I have followed throughout the book accommodates these two themes. we do not have enough consciousness. And when we don’t have enough consciousness. In some sense. See all those images: Lakshmi with a golden body. It puts together two totally unrelated areas: expense and enlightenment. with elephants on both sides. you should spend for good causes because whatever you spend for good causes comes back to you. this chapter is odd. Most of the time we overspend or spend unnecessarily because we have not thought things through. and when things go in an erratic way. the horse… Â Â Chapter 12 Expense and Enlightenment Mantra: Gayatri (Pronounced: Guy-ya-tri ) e are at the last leg of a 12-step program to change your life. I am talking W 164 165 . But unfortunately.

then you will find that it has its own limitations. you get married. and have stopped working. A man came to me and said. of consciousness. your vacation. You do not want to experience the marketplace anymore. but save money. But. you conserve energy and use it to reflect on. Necessary expenses pertain to your education. get a job and then you spend all your time trying to make money. and so on. and your comfort. We disallow any other experience to come through us. health.” He was then sixty-five. It is the unnecessary expenses you must learn to avoid. You just want to focus your attention on consciousness. Is there Lasting Happiness? One thing that I must tell you is that nothing of this earthplane is going to give you lasting happiness. as in earlier chapters. We will do that when we come to the meditation at the end. You leave the world. travel. This is a very good model because by that time you no longer have the energy you had when you were young. whether we want to come back to this earth-plane or end reincarnation and the cycle of birth and death. So. you must retire because you shouldn’t be working forever. “what is life?” The important thing about spirituality is that it gives you awareness or puts you in touch with who you are. once you have money. And what you do after that? In India. I want to talk about your spiritual life. And after that. “Sri Siva. In India they have a life model: Everyone has to go through certain stages in life. “What is the nature of life?” How are we going to deal with our own consciousness? This is very. “You are already sixty-five. Who you really are is the Being whose task it is to understand the infinite levels of awareness. and how what you see—the appearance of things—are only illusions that come through a limited awareness. However. When you are young. who you are related to. we will learn sound vibrations which will spontaneously help you to make some decisions which will cut down on unnecessary expenses while promoting legitimate expenses that are going to be helpful to you. you go to school and get a degree. Your spiritual life becomes very important at that point in time. not only make money. it is very important at this point in time that our responsibility to the world is over so we have more time to reflect on. And I told him. Consider those things which constitute expenses at two levels: unnecessary and necessary. seventy. And we have not yet considered a way of mastering our limitations—at the level of the mind and at the level of the body. Spiritual Life Begins at 50 Now. and you want to work for five more years. That’s the 167 . housing. Again. All that we process is just a linear ego experience. And then at fifty or fifty-five. we love this painful body. Now. very important because it is going to give us an insight into what we are going to be doing in the future. still. diseases and so forth. We block much of our total potential awareness in order to have an ego experience. pains. what happens to the rest of the brain? This information is blocked by the mind. 166 You have to see what the ego structure is and how thoughts come to your mind. Even scientists agree that we only use five to ten percent of our mental potential. It means going into a jungle. I would encourage people to retire when they are fifty or fifty-five at the most. I will come back to you when I am say. like an aging body. Money is a motivating factor for many of you as long as you don’t have money. So. There are other things that you still need to deal with.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 12: Expense and Enlightenment about unnecessary expenses.” But he thinks that he should come to me only when he can no longer make any more money. Who you are is not what you have been doing on this earth-plane. aches. they call it Vanaprasta. even though there is no need for you to work anymore because you already have all the money in the world.

” Either we “blah blah” to ourselves or to another person. including one’s body. True bliss comes when the breath goes into the susumna. He said the sun needs to be understood at different levels. Obstruction of the sun’s energy on any level creates unhappiness. Some people get depressed in the winter because of the non-availability of positive rays. which are joys of nature from the sun. Savitur—they all refer to different principles of consciousness and different light principles. who is the life giver. which is invisible. the prayer to the sun. In the spring when you see the sun and the sunlight is available more frequently. The sounds that you’ll be learning later on during the Meditation portion will deliver you from bondage—the bondage of the human mind and body.) Om Bhur Bhuvah Swaha Tat Savitur Varenyam Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi Dhiyoyona Prachodayat (Pronounced: (Ohm Bur Boo-Vah Swah-ha Taht Sah-Vee-Toor Vahr-Ehn-Yum Bhahr-go Deh-Vahs-Yah Dee-Mah-Hee Dee-Yoh Yohn-Ah Prah-Choh-dah-Yaht) The sounds Om. These people are normally asked to expose themselves to bright light in order to treat their depression. This is realling going to give us a new life. mind and soul. We are going to understand more about spiritual laws. This is an ancient Sanskrit chant. the central nadi or energy channel. (Pronounciation follows the chant. True Bliss True bliss comes when the mind dies. Bhur. Even ordinary people don’t feel happy during wintertime when there is less sunlight. You may have heard about winter depression. It will also help you cut down on expenses caused by lack of consciousness or awareness. but a Being whom ancient people called the Sun God. mind and soul. They are light waves indeed. Sun and Seeds of life I want you to learn how you can strengthen the life energy within you. Mantra: Gayatri (pronounced: Guy-ya-tri) Now I am going to teach you a prayer to the Sun. who gave us the Ara Kara meditation. Then there is the local sun that reflects the soul. These sounds have their own light equivalence. It is important for everyone to shut up and meditate for a while everyday. Om bhur bhuvah swaha Tat savitur varenyam 169 . The purpose of this chant is to enhance the potency of the life principles. Technically speaking. bright light is used to treat winter depression. In the galaxy. I am happy to give this to you. Without the sun. Visualize the sun’s rays streaming forth into your body. the mind. there would be no life on the earth-plane. Swaha. there is the central sun known as the macrocosmic sun. So. During this millenium. you feel so much happiness! 168 Saint Thirimular. talked about the sun at length. what promotes life is the energy of the sun.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 12: Expense and Enlightenment time that he thinks he can spend time on God or self-analysis. Remember that the Sun is not only just a star. The sun represents the reflection of the soul. and at an eternal level. our spiritual nature is going to be revived. but the rays of the sun are indeed seeds of life itself. Now let us go to the mantras that can open your spiritual awareness. Light and consciousness are one and the same. The rays from the sun not only support life. We don’t usually access it because we spend most of our time “blah blah-ing. It is called the Gayatri mantra. Bhuvah.

Negative Enlightenment and Ignorant Gurus The following section is for those on a spiritual path. The bottom line is that everything is changing every moment. ears. Time.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 12: Expense and Enlightenment Bhargo devasya dhimahi Dhiyoyona prachodayat Here are some of the meanings embedded in this mantra: bhur (earth) bhuvah (atmosphere) swaha (heavens) tat (that) savitur (of the source) varenyam (to be held sacred) bhargo (light) devasya (of the effulgent) dhimahi (we meditate on) Some people like to use the Gayatri mantra on Sunday. These terms may be considered oxymorons. as we know them today. there are institutions that have resisted change: Our religious institutions and our fanatical attachments to particular faiths. reveals many hidden secrets about knowledge and the material universe. What was once unknown is known now. I said the Buddha lived in a primitive society without electricity. It is due to a lack of savings consciousness. They slept on hard floors. Travel to different foreign countries can alter your fortune. literally the Sun’s Day. but they exist. Evaluate Spiritual Teachings along with the Teacher Many years ago when I gave a New Year’s Eve lecture in Los Angeles. Everything is changing constantly. I totally agree with this. We say God is beyond reason and logic. What is unknown now will be known someday in the future. Third Eye. Buddha was not only conditioned by lack of scientific or technological knowledge. It is important to develop a savings habit. and so on as I’ve instructed with other mantras. tongue. drank dirty water and died of epidemics or clogged arteries. But. It gives you some checks and balances to help you on your way. I talked about the ignorance of the Buddha. 170 . air conditioning or antibiotics. as it progresses. so the Buddha suffered along with his contemporaries. But I want to warn those on a spiritual path about ignorant gurus and negative enlightenment. It is important that you breathe different life energies from different lands. walked in the hot sun. Although enlightened. Evolution is brought about by time. We call this evolution. for money in the bank gives safety and security. did not exist then. Savings Consciousness: A Moving Target Some people end up spending more than they earn. It is a matter of the heart and inner knowingness. Science and technology. nonetheless was a victim of Hindu asceticism and celibacy imposed by the Upanishadic tradition of pre-Buddhist 171 Prayer for Immortality This is the prayer for immortality. but by a crippling monastic and ascetic culture. though he called himself a rebel and was known for his polemics against Hinduism. The Buddha. Tryambakam Yajamhe Suganhim Pustivardhanam Urvarukamiva Bandhanat Mrtyor muksyia ma’mrtat (Pronounced: Try-Um-Bah-Kum Ya-Jahm-Mah-Hay Soo-Gahn-Dim Poosh-Tee Vahr-Dah-Nahm Oor-Vahr-Oo-Kumee-Vah Vahn-Dahn-Ahn Mrit-Your Mook-Shee-Yah Mahm-Ree-Taht) Put these sounds into the eyes.

2. This is what made the Buddha leave his kingdom. an hour.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 12: Expense and Enlightenment and post-Vedic India. e. would say yes to this question. 3. Anniliation of the ego. 5. 8. Work is divine and better than inaction and unemployment. Nurtures positive ego. Lead a life of poverty with minimum resources. 6. Negative Enlightenment Teachings 1. I want you to ponder the question: Do we have to renounce life in order to reach enlightenment? Most religions. Work is distraction from enlightenment. wife. 8. Did he follow one? Apparently not. but be mindful all day. 7. and son in search of enlightenment. Senses are nourishing. Sit in meditation all the time. He took to begging and didn’t allow women in his monasteries for a long time. temples. Yet. He lived like a superman. Senses are evil. 4. The following comparisons will help you decide the key factors about the four categories that I have described for yourself. if not all. father. Sit in meditation for a period of time. That is how the split between the layman and the clergy—the profane and the sacred—was created. The ideal was renunciation and asceticism. However. which leads to self-esteem. Positive Enlightenment Teachings 1. People are less able to relate to their religion easily except through some form of fundamentalism. I know that this will create a lot of turmoil and confusion among congregations emotionally tied to their particular religions and beliefs. So far I have dwelt on the negative qualities of the Buddha and his way of life. Emotions and fantasies give meaning to life. but keep them under control. Live in the moment but secure your present and future needs. 6. Live a comfortable life with moderate luxury. Desire was seen as the root cause of misery: Seek nirvana through meditation and end the cycle of birth and death. 3. 173 . which is not a desirable option for those desiring Enlightenment. I am not professing a rationalistic theology. along with the teachings within their respective traditions. We need to contemporize our religion. Desire is the cause for misery and the senses cause bondage to the world. 9. Sex is divine. 4.g. It is time for all religionists to join together and to develop a hard-nosed look at their holy men and women. Life to him was worth renouncing for the sake of Enlightenment. faith and spiritual practices. The Buddha is understood to have followed the so-called “middle path” which avoids extreme life styles. Sex is evil. Religion and spirituality are beyond reason. The Buddha knew about the unknowable. 9. 5. therefore don’t work. Live in the moment and don’t plan for the future. Life should be full of positive desires. 7. 172 Particularly we need to discriminate between positive and negative enlightenment. Emotions and fantasies are evil. Practice renunciation. He was a great scientist of superconsciousness and nirvana. He acquired tremendous amounts of superhuman and supernatural powers. In order to do this we have to use discernment. but one should remain detached from both joy and suffering. mosques and monasteries have suffered. ignorant gurus and enlightened gurus. 2. I urge you to look at the neglect and lack of interest that churches. which in his opinion was better than being a prince or king. Is there anything positive about him? Yes there is a lot.

He wanted to have his picture taken with my students and me. “I am God or the only one who holds the truth. Follows institutional bureaucracy and hierarchy in order 174 to keep political power. 8. Robes and beard are more important than their inner development. he asked me to write something. 3.” Respects others’ teachings and recommends their books and teachings. He would not speak and it was said that he lived on one meal a day. The day he initiated me. fundamentalist. constantly moving forward and progressive. I met a guy in a deep saffron robe and long matted hair. Many years ago when I was young. Totally free from concepts. 2. Most universities recognized him and awarded him honorary doctorate degrees. Does not socialize with students in order to keep the students in awe and wonder. 175 . 6. 3. Wealth is bad and you should give up your belongings (perhaps to him for safe custody). I complied. We went to a sacred mountain in search of the Siddhas (perfected Beings). I studied with a guru who has been a university professor for 30 years of his life. He introduced me to Sri Vidya. He was a highschool dropout. Not attached to institutions and hierarchy. “I am on the path still evolving. He raised one hand if the donation was poor and two hands if it was generous. Donation to the guru or his institution will wash away your sins. 4. Wealth is freedom. but selected one or two people whom he would teach individually. and blames them on to the karma of the students and the world. Least political. Checklist for Discerning an Enlightened Guru 1.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section II—Personal Transformation Program Chapter 12: Expense and Enlightenment Finding an Authentic Guru is Hard During the month of February 2000. an ancient Tantric tradition. 11. Outwardly condemns sex although it is contradictory to his conviction and practice. All that he needed to do was fake a mystical look and raise his hands in blessings. However. When I was leaving.” 5. Everyone else is either false or mistaken. though feeling uncomfortable. 6. He would never teach for money. 10. Manipulates students to stay with them through fear. Claims that his personal suffering is due to taking on the karma of the people of the world. I gave him some money. Affirms sexuality and its divinity. 2. Robes are not as important as inner development. Fanatical. guilt and eternal oaths. but lies to the world that he is in samadhi and without thoughts. You should save money for your rainy days. 4. Doesn’t talk about his struggles with thoughts and desires. I wrote to him that he should give up his pretensions about silence and fasting and try to get a job. Later on. It is very difficult to find an authentic guru. Full of diseases in the body. I took a group of my American students on a pilgrimage to India. This is an example of a real teacher. Many teachings are available free of cost from gurus in India who act like the guru I mentioned formerly. 5. this does not mean that anybody who doesn’t collect money is a master teacher. Checklist for Discerning an Ignorant Guru 1. but his knowledge was greater than most PhDs. 7. the temple priest told me that the so-called saint became silent because he didn’t know the answers to the questions of his people. the Goddess appeared to me in a dream. Always asks his students to feel free to quit without fear or guilt. 9.

Donations may help. 8. 11. 9. Claims that his personal suffering is due to his lack of knowledge to handle karma successfully. Talks freely about his mistakes and shortcomings. Mingles with his students and is easily accessible. 10. Section III Other Tools  176 177 .Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section III—Other Tools Chapter 13: Nadis 7. Talks about battle with the body and tries to be healthy. but has to be on the basis of true inner transformation.

and they always keep their word. The promised help they will receive will come from Nadi Astrology. i. For many people. This is called Nadi Astrology.e. sort of 178 T “Post-It’s” from the Divine. giving explanations and directions for this lifetime. rapid transformation as it explains past errors which have resulted in the current state of affairs in one’s life and particular remedies to perform in order to alleviate difficulties and open up a new. Lord Siva. what they did in a past life that has caused what they are dealing with now… So consider. have you ever wished for answers about why some things in your life look the way they do and what you could do to remedy some of your difficulties? In India. as not everyone even hears about them. I have mentioned them several times earlier in this book. By the Nadi law. but there are some people for whom this information will be a God-send. let alone is curious about 179 . at that time they agreed to help you during a crisis in a future lifetime. The Nadis truly come from “the other side. there is a secret esoteric tradition that has kept records detailing the past. The very fact you are reading this far into the description of the Nadis is an interesting omen. by M. Nadi astrology is a key tool for positive. Literally.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section III—Other Tools Chapter 13: Nadis  Chapter 13 Nadis his chapter may not appeal to everyone. Many traditions have predicted that this new millennium will be the setting for tremendous material and spiritual evolution for many people. they promised to help you in a future life. these enlightened Siddhas may have known you in a past life when you lived in India. The Siddhas etched their priceless knowledge on ancient palm leaves called Nadis. that “future” lifetime is actually the one they are in now. has been written about in Yogananda’s book. long ago. Autobiography of a Yogi. These records were written by various enlightened masters who are collectively called the Siddhas. I am very excited to make knowledge of this most precious tool available in the West. the wisdom and secrets of the Siddhas are being passed into the West more openly for the first time. although one of them. If so. present and future for many people. Babaji. In this millennium. bestowed upon them some exclusive powers.” Siddhas and the Sacred Leaves Many of the Siddhas are not yet well-known in the West. more positive karmic track in this lifetime. He gave them incredible clairvoyance to know the past. now. Babaji and the 18 Siddha Kriya Yoga Tradition. and I have special permission to share things which have never before been released publicly. Associated with you in your Poorva Janma (previous birth). you will be involuntarily attracted to the leaves by destiny only. There are some people who are seeking a deeper explanation about their karma. Another book describing the yogic abilities of these masters is. pleased with their devotion. The enlightened Siddha masters founded Nadi astrology truly a long. there is a strong chance that you have a connection with these Siddhas and there are records waiting for you. Govindan. Many people in the West will benefit enormously from these. If you have been drawn to this book and have been finding it helpful. If you are drawn to investigate Nadi Astrology in this lifetime. present and future.

The British acquired possession of these leaves during their rule and later sold them to some families. many lifetimes. 181 . which still own them and respectfully keep them. the mother tongue for all ancient Indian arts and sciences. I have people who are interested in seeking their Nadi leaf start the search with Siva Nadi. It is important for individuals to perform the remedies in order to change the problems in their lives. This is a yogic art. The Nadi leaves have been held quietly for centuries. He also had them translated into Tamil (a language used in southern India). Various people have held the Nadis in secret once the Siddhas wrote them. I have spent over twenty years of painstaking research in this life to unearth a combination of Nadis renowned for being genuine. It is not enough to know your destiny. not everyone on the planet has a leaf available with Siva Nadi. Nadi readings will accelerate the process of burning your karma and can completely alter the course of your destiny. Finding Your Leaf. One ruler. waiting their time of rendezvous with their intended recipients. your thumbprint is used as part of the “look-up” process. whether it is good or bad. you will leave the temples with divine blessings which will literally open up a new life for you. As suggested by Lord Siva in your leaves. For esample. the Siddha who is helping them left other leaves. accurate and reliable. The time has come to release many of the Siddha secrets into the West in a broad way. An important step in creating a new life is the ability to change and reconstruct it as you wish it to be. Most importantly for you. and remedial suggestions about how to remove negative karma. transmuting difficult karma created in past lives which may be affecting this one. He stored these palm leaves safely in his palace library knowing their importance.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section III—Other Tools Chapter 13: Nadis them. Mahasiva Sukshmam Nadi. was a true patron of art and sciences. Changing Your Life You will feel a shift even just entering your remedy temples 180 while making the pilgrimage visit. To find out if you have a leaf. there are Nadis from other illustrious saints such as Visvamitra. I have mentioned at the beginning of this book that the Siddhas considered water a great purifier. to benefit many. Everyone’s thumbprint is unique. contains minute details about every aspect of human life. the greatest Siva Nadi. Whereas other Nadis usually give predictions for every five years or so. For some people. Some of the Nadi remedies may suggest that you visit a specific temple. By offering prayers in the particular temples recommended for you. Time to Release Secrets I have been an enlightened Siddha master in many. it is important to perform remedial rituals at specific temples which hold ancient divine energies. The Nadi leaves are inscribed in Sanskrit. this Nadi will give predictions on a yearly basis or even every six months. which is a dialogue between Lord Siva and his consort Parvati—both considered true adepts of enlightened yogic arts. the Maharajah Serfoji II of Tanjore in southern India. I am energetically involved in the remedial process of Nadi astrology which gives a very strong boost to the removal of negative karma and accelerates positive transformations. However. These temples have been built in a sacred place with beneficial space. the individuals whose destinies they describe. Space itself also has therapeutic properities when it is the right space. The time has come for this knowledge to go out in the masses. the supreme Nadi. Bogar and Pulipani. Nadi astrologers search through the palm leaves based on the pattern of the thumbprint to find out if you have a Nadi leaf containing your destiny. many people.

He found a house and walked towards it to sit out out the rain as the house was covered. and the Siddha happened to access them. You may fill out a questionnaire and return it to Vaaak Sounds along with your thumbprint. Some people start the process by opting for Nadi remedies through mail-order and then later come to India to repeat the remedies through the Nadi trip service. This is why remedies and prayers performed in them are so effective. The Siddha examined wherefrom this negative idea came to him. and this has great efficacy. you must be faithful to this for the remedy to work. To visit a sacred space and to breathe the vibes there is truly therapeutic. I have to be honest and say it is most beneficial to come to India and personally perform the remedies that the Nadi author prescribes for you. Caution! There is so much out there in the name of Nadi Astrology—not every Nadi is comprehensive or legitimate. The Nadi readers I work with are from this fertile Nadi Astrology soil. You may be given a yantra to use at home. Surrounded by other temples of great significance. there are also good ones. my staff in India will arrange for remedies to be performed in your Nadi temples in your name. Story of the House of Thieves Once a Siddha was caught in rain in the woods. This can be clearly understood by a comparision of a “good” neighborhood and a “bad” neighborhood. or through use of an efficient mail-order service. You are the best one to clean up your own mess! However. and he looked around for a shelter. The Siddha had a terrible thought suddenly flashing through his mind. The places where good thoughts are floating are called sacred spaces. if you cannot travel to India at this point in time. That was to kill the husband and take the woman and her jewels. There are fake Nadi leaves! It is important to be cautious about the source. The Siddhas tell a story to explain the vibes in different geographical spaces. It was dark at night. Two Ways To Find Your Nadi Leaf For those who are interested in exploring this sacred tool. Good Thoughts and Sacred Spaces So the temples recommended by the Nadis are dripping with space energy from the Siddhas. Those that are given as your “remedy” temples are keyed to energies suitable for diffusing your old karma and recharging you with a new life. I personally guarantee the authenticity of the Nadi’s used in my organization. and their thought waves were still floating in the sky. He discovered that the house belonged to some robbers. you can find your Nadi leaf through two means: by coming to India in person (either on one of Vaaak Sounds special group trips or on an individually designed trip for those of you with tight and unpredictable schedules). A temple called Vaitheeswaran Koil in a village in Southern 182 India is the nerve center of the Nadi tradition. My staff in India has been taking excellent 183 .Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section III—Other Tools Chapter 13: Nadis Good Vibes According to the Siddhas. Each temple is devoted to an aspect of the Divine. and in that case. Usually these are within specially built temples where in ancient times a great being cured the king of a disease or healed the poor. There is Infinite Intelligence and Compassion present in the Divine radiations of these temples. you can receive your Nadi reading through the postal service or through email. However. each space has its own vibes. To repeat. I guarantee the authenticity and integrity of the readers and Nadis used by Vaaak Sounds. In the case of using the mail-order service. Just as there are negative thought patterns floating in the atmosphere. the entire village reverberates with this ancient heritage of wisdom. and so forth. He also found a newly wedded couple taking shelter.

com. that time is NOW. It is time for the Age of Truth to take hold. Suite #201 Oakmont. family. hotels. Subsequently. number of siblings.” We live in an age when new temples will be built in new lands.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section III—Other Tools Chapter 13: Nadis care of people doing their Nadi remedies for several years now. business. profession. This is a profoundly deep yogic science. for now. Nadi Reading Process But. many more leaves waiting for their rightful recipient. and they really devote themselves to making this a deeply meaningful pilgrimage for you with the details of meals. Some people ask. you can request additional chapter readings on specific areas of life that you wish to learn about such as jobs. First. and when the Divine energies will charge new places as well. your parents and spouse by name. Nadi readers will locate your leaf and any accompanying “chapters” of information. And I say. and you cannot come to your Nadi before the time of the intended rendezvous. marriage. religion. Then. PA 15139 . can some day temples with special space energy be built in places other than India. please get more information about how to fill out a questionnaire and submit your thumbprint from my website www. They will then locate your two remedial chapters that prescribe the exact rituals to be performed. I have seen this to be a life transforming experience for some many people. For some of you reading this book. USA Phone: (888) 241-7337 Fax: (412) 828-0911 or email to nadi@vaaaksounds. etc.srisiva. which will erase the balance of your past-life sins. relationships. and I know there are many. transportation all attended to. The time has come for enlightened energy to become available throughout the world. back to the Nadis. If you are drawn to investigate this further. allow you to end the current suffering and achieve your highest potential in the  185 . But I insist that the most efficient way to start is with the remedial chapters: You have so much to gain by cleaning up the old karma! 184 There are many. You are accompanied by a Nadi guide who is familiar with the energies of the temples and who will ensure your remedies are properly performed. or you contact my office directly at Vaaak Sounds 432 Allegheny River Blvd. health/medical issues and so on. the readers will locate your first chapter for a general reading: This information identifies you. many leaves waiting for souls that were meant to find them. “Yes. It will include general predictions for the future.

and pinkie finger of the right hand to create a three stripe effect on the forehead or even liberally apply vibhuti completely across the forehead as a protective blessing. The sacred ash has properties for both erasing karma and helping you with authentic desire. These tools have been used for centuries by the Tamil Siddhas who believe that the harmony of spirit. mind and body results in total perfection. Sacred ash has been used in India for other purposes as well.” To attain this level of Siddha success. It’s ok to wash your face off before leaving the house to go to work or school. Siva Linga  Chapter 14 Sacred Ash (Vibhuti). to that perfection. Now I want to answer the question. I wrote some lyrics under the title “Sacred War. He wrote. namely Sacred Ash (Vibhuti). It usually comes in small packets and is grey in color. and ultimately. All of the tools I discuss in this chapter are tools to assist your meditative practice. Sometimes spiritual seekers are not able to attract things because they lack authentic desire. Some people apply it using the right hand.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section III—Other Tools Chapter 14: Sacred Ash. Siva-Shakti Malas.” The lyrics say everyone should engage in a sacred war against the army of Maya (illusion). Some people put the contents of the packets into a small enclosed glass box or other suitable container and keep the vibhuti near their meditation spot or alter. typically using the ring finger and dotting the third eye area on the forehead. I have suggested to people that they put some vibhuti on their throat and shoulders. The term Siddha means “a perfected. I have encouraged some people to use the middle. There was a great Siddha called Tiruvalluvar. the drum is Nada (sacred sounds) and the armor you will have is sacred ash. completed being who lives a life of unending joy. the start of Lent is called Ash Wednesday. Siva-Shakti Malas (a kind of rosary) and Crystal Siva Lingas. or 187 n this chapter I share some tools that were divinely given. the use of the index finger in applying vibhuti is reserved for one’s teacher. chanting Om Nama Sivaya during the application. I recommend using sacred ash after showering. Meditation is the only vehicle leading to higher consciousness. What do you conquer? Heaven—for God and peace are synonymous. For example. Uses of Sacred Ash (Vibhuti) In meditation practice. All pathways to enlightenment involve meditation. I offer these tools to you to use as protective shields in these volatile times to help you with attaining peace. Holy ash is used in several traditions. and so. “Where is peace?” It is with God. (Traditionally. Become identified with God. Siva-Shakti Malas. throat. one must master the ability to inhibit nonproductive and destructive thoughts and generate creative thoughts which will lead to perfection. ring. before beginning a meditation session. Crystal Siva Linga you use in the war is wisdom. “No one gets rid of worries until he reaches the feet of God. sacred ash (Vibhuti) is used on one’s forehead. Vibhuti is a tool that comes from the Divine to assist spiritual seekers in opening the third eye and absorbing spiritual realization at an accelerated pace. the Catholics have a tradition of going to church at the start of Lent and having a priest put some ash on their forehead. The weapon that 186 I . you will have peace. shoulders and other parts of one’s body.” When I was Manikavacakar.) In addition to the forehead.

The use of Vibuthi. kshatriyas. air. both his forearms. allowing for supra-mental illumination.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section III—Other Tools Chapter 14: Sacred Ash. is universally used by Lord Brahma. Some people put a very light amount on all over their body before going to sleep at night. ❖ is the most favored item of Lord Siva. that person will assuredly acquire eight different forms of wealth and eight different forms of successes. fire. chest. neck. ❖ adorning. Siva Linga other public places. Vibuthi has the potential to cure several hideous diseases like leprosy. spiritual wisdom. Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma. The very sight of Vibuthi is adequate to drive away all the evils and all the demons. Sage Sudhama’s Narration Once the Saints of Sownagadhi collectively appealed to the Sage Sudhama to reveal to them what Lord Muruga taught to Agasthiyar. Siva-Shakti Malas. chanting the name of Lord Siva. ❖ if applied on his physical body. In as much as one cannot totally comprehend the supreme and absolute aspects of Lord Siva. combats aging and enhances virility. aspirations and dreams will get fulfilled. ❖ embodies in itself and symbolizes the varied forms of 188 truth. Vibhuthi Legends and Stories I can share some of the older stories from India to illustrate the significance of using Vibhuti.] ❖ has the magical power of instantaneously washing away one’s sins if applied on the physical body. vaishiyas. Sage Sudhama began to narrate… Lord Muruga expatiated on the multifarious ways in which one could worship Lord Siva and particularly highlighted the significance of Vibuthi. will help one achieve successes in one’s life and all his or her cherished hopes. on his head. earth and sky. forehead. brahmins. all the angels. ❖ anyone who mixes Vibuthi with water and applies it as three horizontal stripes. will embody in himself the Trinity of Lord Siva. either as three horizontal stripes or as one single short line impells one on the path of spiritual progress. The consumption of this Kalpam in prescribed doses extends one’s life span on the earth. Vibuthi… ❖ is Kalpam [Kalpam is a concoction of rare herbs made by the siddhars—persons who have acquired the eight great mystic powers—in their superior wisdom. water. All sages of yore who are well versed in Vedic knowledge proclaim that Vibuthi dispels all darkness and ignorance. Vibuthi can be applied as three horizontal stripes or as one single small line (as mentioned earlier). either as three long stripes or as one short line. central parts of both his arms. All the ardent worshippers of Lord Siva whose aspiration it is to attain salvation must constantly apply Vibuthi. sudras (the four sects in the caste hierarchy of Hinduism) and women. 189 . two wrists. either side of his stomach. prepared strictly in the manner proscribed. The mere smelling of Vibuthi is enough to fetch one many good fortunes. so also one cannot understand the infinite potency of Vibuthi. on his back and behind his neck. Lord Vishnu. seers and sages. ❖ anybody who disrespects or scoffs at Vibuthi will come to grief.

a Brahmin of exceptional qualities and erudition. King Bujabalan offered a lot of gifts to Brahmins. who would. Instantly. Suseelan.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section III—Other Tools Chapter 14: Sacred Ash. Story of the Brahmin’s Salvation Likewise. Lord Siva then gave Lord Vishnu a pinch of this Vibuthi. a dog with its body smeared accidentally with Vibuthicame to devour the corpse. He steadfastly loved his subjects and was constantly found in the company of well-meaning advisors. Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma Once upon a time. 190 suddenly died in his village. mind and matter. to further impress on them the significance of Vibuthi… Bujabalan was a great king ruling Bengal with fair play and justice. create all life. suddenly attained salvation because he physically came into contact with Saint Vamadeva whose body was smeared with Vibuthi. Amongst them was Suseelan. That Lord Brahma subsequently lost one head and became four-faced is a different story. A multitude of Brahmins invaded Bengal to avail themselves of the king’s generous gesture. as Suseelan was well-versed in the vedas. When Lord Siva appeared there. He appealed to Lord Vishnu to transform His sex and become His consort in order to create this progeny—as Lord Vishnu embodies in Himself all the supreme powers of Lord Siva. who was a rank deceiver and rapist. Siva-Shakti Malas. and an ardent devotee of Lord Siva. All the assembled Brahmins petitioned the king that he should accord priority to Suseelan and offer him the most gifts. Thereupon. who had perpetrated countless acts of sin. Lord Vishnu turned into an extraordinarily beautiful and seductive woman and had sexual intercourse with Lord Siva. all his sins were forgiven and he attained immediate salvation. On an auspicious occasion. either as three horizontal stripes or as one small single line. the five-headed Lord Brahma appeared through the holy navel of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu was flabbergasted to see this phenomenon and enquired who the visitor was. and amidst the torrential floods. Driven by feelings of utter hatred and revulsion. The King readily complied. a Brahmin. At this point of time. He was known for upholding the high moral and ethical standards. a great disciplinarian. The King became furious and told Suseelan that acts of charity have their own rewards and it was certainly not required that he should apply Vibuthi. When the Vibuthifell on the arms and chest of the dead Brahmin. the village folks tied the hands and feet of this Brahmin and dragged the corpse beyond the boundaries of their village and cast it away. Siva Linga Meeting of Lord Siva. Lord Vishnu was lying on a small Banyan leaf. Lord Siva told Lord Vishnu that He had come with a mission to beget Lord Brahma. there was a deluge that engulfed the whole universe. once again pleaded with the King not to disrespect 191 . The Story Of King Bujabalan Who Lost Vibuthi Sage Sudhama then narrated the tale of Bujabalan to the Saints of Sownagadhi. in turn. Eliminating Sin Yovanarajan. the colossal expanse of water appeared suddenly like a small pool of water under His feet. Lord Vishnu was able to realize that the visitor was none other than Lord Siva Himself. Resurrecting Angels The mighty and all-powerful Virabadhran used Vibuthi to resurrect the angels who were killed by demons. which Lord Vishnu applied on His forehead and also consumed. The messengers of Lord Yama (the Lord of Death) also swiftly appeared to take away his spirit to the Hell. Suseelan pointed out to the King that all his acts of charity will become purposeless and futile unless he applied Vibuthi on his person.

They suffered from severe physical ailments. [Anybody who condemns the use of Vibuthi will instantly lose all their wealth. which boon Suseelan was too glad to grant. All your physical ailments will vanish. Suseelan politely declined the gifts and departed abruptly. Bujabalan led the life of a beggar in a place called Kundinam in Vidharba. King Bujabalan became physically diseased and confined to bed. Bujabalan resorted to robbery. Once again. He regained his lost legs and arms. was killed and devoured by a tiger in the forest. and he was driven out of his kingdom by alien invaders. they could not recognize each other and forgot their earlier matrimonial bond. Since everybody refused him alms. The King of Vidharba. The tribesman. Bhujabalan was suffering from amnesia and did not recognize Suseelan. become physically sick and every part of his anatomy will decay. Bhujabalan and his wife once again met Suseelan and sought his blessings and help in retrieving for them their original kingdom of Bengal. Bhujabalan and his wife and restoring to them all that they had lost both physically and materially. Suseelan gave her a small quantity of Vibuthi. should any such calamity befall him. He profusely thanked Suseelan for saving his nephew. Bhujabalan told Suseelan that he was the former ruler of Bengal. 193 . and his progeny could not be destroyed. and he was caught by the police. Vichitraratham met Suseelan and fell at his feet.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section III—Other Tools Chapter 14: Sacred Ash. Siva Linga and belittle Vibuthi. Bujabalan’s wife wandered around as a mendicant and was caught by the police while attempting to steal. Bhujabalan’s wife also narrated her tale of woe and sought Suseelan’s forgiveness. The King further told Suseelan that he would approach him for Vibuthi. His army was completely liquidated.] To this. One day. You will enjoy longevity and all the comforts. King Bujabalan took refuge in a forest where his wife eloped with a tribesman. as the repercussions would be far reaching. with blood and puss began oozing out. He prostrated at the feet of Suseelan in an act of sheer repentance. You will conquer the invaders of your erstwhile kingdom. horses. He further blessed Bhujabalan saying. the King derisively remarked that his wealth was inexhaustible. Suseelan gave the Vibuthi and exhorted Bhujabalan to apply it all over his body. Your wife who abandoned you will come back seeking reunion with you. they chanced to come to the doorsteps of Suseelan’s house with begging bowls. His legs and arms were amputated and he was cast away on the outskirts of the town. All his progeny will meet with destruction and he will be cast away into the Hell. ‘You will soon recover all the eight forms of the wealth which you lost. she also came to the same Kundinam where Bhujabalan was loitering. He begged for forgiveness and implored Suseelan to offer him Vibuthi. who eloped with Bujabalan’s wife. Vichitraratham then escorted Bhujabalan and his wife to his kingdom. Bhujabalan began to slowly recollect the way he had contemptuously discarded Vibuthi. feasted them and gave them enormous riches. Siva-Shakti Malas. their bodies turned ulcerous. Although they met. and all his ailments suddenly disappeared. which she applied all over her body and she was also instantly restored to her original self. Plagued by hunger and thirst. King Bujabalan wandered around in the forests nomadically. As time passed. Suseelan reminded the erstwhile King of the earlier incidents and told him the reasons for his deprivation and grief. Her nose was cut off and by a quirk of fate. Suseelan enquired what 192 circumstances drove them to their sorry plight.’ Bhujabalan applied the Vibuthi on his physical body with great care and devotion. battalions and other valuable gifts. his physical frame incapable of decay. Since the King was unrelenting.

the King. he meekly surrendered and shed his hideous demonic appearance and became a kindly-looking angel. and the Goddess gives material possessions. I was harassed and occupying the mid-oceans. and crystal beads are symbolic of the Goddess. The crystal has been used since Atlantean times to boost meditiative practice. The Demon King Tells A Story Once upon a time I was Varunass and at that time. Repeating a mantra this many times brings it through many energy channels in your system and the mind lets go and lets the sounds penetrate into a deeper level. In the palace of the famous King of Kashmir. Vajradehi. Agastya and Narada visited Indra’s palace and Indra accorded both of them a tumultuous welcome. He organized the coronation of Bhuabalan on a grand scale. 194 was also immensely pleased with developments. Siva-Shakti Malas. Sudharman became arrogant. turned angel. showering lavish gifts on all the Brahmins who attended it. The rudraksha is said to be the compassionate tear of Siva for the suffering of the world. Siva Linga Bhujabalan enthusiastically marched towards his kingdom to engage in battle the demon king who was conducting his tyrannical rule in Bengal during his absence. But. revealed to Bhujabalan his identity.) 108 is a sacred number for mantra repetition. (Twice around a set of 54 beads equals a count of 108. Thereafter Narada spoke to Indra thus… I have just returned from the human world where I witnessed some strange occurrences. made them occupy it and showered on them bountiful riches. Lord Brahma shed his disguise and appeared before Sudharman in his original four-faced form. Lord Siva gives spiritual volution. Lord Vishnu appeared before him and imparted to him all the sacared knowledge. forever. The best mala beads are composed of both rudraksha beads and crystal beads. Vajradehi. The demon king escorted Bhujabalan and his wife to the throne. the moment the demon king accosted Bhujabalan wearing the triple stripes of Vibuthi on his forehead. the demon king. I sought refuge and stayed at Lord Indra’s palace. you are strengthening 195 . there was an ignorant priest Sudharman who knew nothing about the various rites and rituals. disguised as an aged Brahmin. Typically they come in a necklace form with either 108 or 54 beads. A visibly stunned Bhujabalan enquired who the demon king was. An indignant Sudharman condemned Lord Brahma (in disguise) and proclaimed Him to be as ignorant as the rest of the Brahmins. When you use mala beads of this type. In the ensuing seminar. The King asked this priest why he remained ignorant of all the spiritual knowledge which he was expected to possess. He cautioned Sudharman to exercise restraint and warned him that any learning unaccompanied by poise and patience could spell disaster. Sudharman vanquished all the learned Brahmins with his superior knowledge and debating skills. Thereafter. The priest pleaded with the King that he was unable to comprehend the scriptures despite his best efforts and that he is fervently praying to Lord Vishnu to help him become knowledgeable. Lord Brahma cursed that Sudharman’s tongue would no longer be able to wag and it will. he ridiculed and humiliated all the erudite Brahmins. Lord Brahma appeared on the scene. Rudraksha beads are symbolic of Lord Siva. Suddenly. Siva-Shakti Mala Beads Mala beads are a special rosary used for counting recitations of mantras. As a fitting punishment for Sudharman’s insolence and vanity. remain motionless. Thereupon.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section III—Other Tools Chapter 14: Sacred Ash. Alas. organized a function. Pleased with this priest’s steadfast devotion and his incessant prayers.

I encourage everyone to do OM NAMA SIVAYA 108 times a day for the highest material and spiritual fulfillment. and Kaustubhamani (a wish-fulfilling jewel). They both used Mount Meru as the churning stick and a snake named Vasuki served as the rope. This simple practice strongly focuses and energizes your prayers and brings the Divine energies into your daily life. Story of Pradosham The story of Pradosham is a legendary tale about an ancient cosmic event in Hindu mythology called the churning of the Milky Ocean (Sagar Manthan). reciting the chant Om Nama Sivaya a few times. along with other magical creations including Kalpa Vriksha (the wish-fulfilling tree).” 196 This ancient tool was given with Divine blessings. The linga is a symbolic icon representing the male and female generative organs. and I am pleased to share these blessings with the world through Crystal Siva Lingas. there are certain times and days when it is especially powerful. When finished. You can put the Crystal Siva Linga in a small cup. Kamadhenu. During the churning. Crystal Siva Linga A Siva Linga is a powerful ritual and meditation tool. These are called Pradosham times and days. Crystal is a material that amplifies subtle vibrations.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section III—Other Tools Chapter 14: Sacred Ash. the elixir of immortality. Siva Linga the balance between spirituality and materiality in your life. If you want to drink the liquid you poured over it when it was in the small cup. The 197 . Airavata (a magical white elephant). I have custom-designed mala beads. it is used in meditative arts for positive purposes only. Siva-Shakti Malas. The object of churning the ocean was to get AMRITA. Thiru Neela Kantam in an earlier chapter. While this mantra is effective at anytime as both a chant and as a meditation. which will use both these materials to give you the very best results in chanting mantras. the wish-fulfilling cow came out of this Milky Ocean. This is a potent form of Lord Siva containing both masculine and feminine Divine energies—the sum of Divine Intelligence and Compassion. These are times when it is easier to get connected to Lord Siva as a window is more open on the inner planes. This is an ancient sacred. The benefits of chanting and meditating with Thiru Neela Kantam on Pradosham days are very heightened when combined with pouring some milk on a Crystal Siva Linga I have written about the karma-busting mantra. Some people place a flower or offer incense or candlelight when they return the Crystal Siva Linga to their meditation table or alter. I suggest doing a daily practice of pouring a small amount of liquid over a Crystal Siva Linga each day. Performing rituals and meditations with a Crystal Siva Linga accelerates the results of your meditation practice. tantric symbol for the creative and powerful energies of the Divine. The Angels held the tail side and the demons the head. which both parties wanted. called Siva-Shakti mala beads. pour a small amount of milk or water or juice over the Siva Linga. rinse the Crystal Siva Linga and dry it off. the Milky Ocean was churned by the Devas (Angels) and the Asuras (Demons). As a protective shield. Some people keep a Crystal Siva Linga on their meditation table or alter. perhaps in the morning. In this story. Uses of the Crystal Siva Linga The Crystal Siva Linga can also be used with the mantra Thiru Neela Kantam during Pradosham times as one pours some milk on the Crystal Siva Linga. that is fine. it then acts as a kind of “communion. the Ucchaisrava (a magical white horse). there came out of the Milky Ocean many beautiful beings and other objects.

This is a quiet time inside and outside. the time of dissolution of the cosmos.m. It is the best time to remove our karma and negativity as it is easier to get connected to Siva during these times. when Siva dissolves everything and dances. you can’t see the dance of Siva.” and the 4:30 p. Pradosam time prepares you for the night.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section III—Other Tools Chapter 14: Sacred Ash. The Sun goes away. Those who chant or meditate with Thiru Neela Kantam mantra during Pradosam time on Pradosham Days will have their karma-bursting efforts naturally magnified by the power of this special time. between his two horns.m. and everyone is ready to go home and rest. The snake Vasuki was unable to bear the pain caused by being used as a rope and being pulled in opposite directions. No one wanted to go near the poison. Siva’s wife. ❖ Monthly Pradosam is the 13th moon called Triodasi Titi during both the waxing and the waning cycles. ❖ Pralaya Pradosam is the Doom’s Day or Ending of Time. A daily Pradosham time starts with the sunset. including your breathing. The on-set of night is the daily Pradosham. Siva drank the poison. During every day. this is a great time to play it! More about Pradosham Times ❖ Paksa Pradosam is the 4th moon called Caturti Tiki during the waxing moon fortnight. Â 199 . Siva Linga Moon came out of this Milky Ocean as did the Goddess Lakshmi (goddess of purity and prosperity) The last to come out was Dhanvantari (the divine physician) who held a pot of the elixir Amrita in his healing hands. and 198 therefore sunset is an ideal time for meditation. In the story. In addition. If you have access to the Karma-Busting CD. counting the 13th night after the full-moon and the new moon. both Nature and the human mind sense the inner worlds open up for a moment. Despite the wonder of all this happy magic. to 6:00 p. The poison solidified into a blue spot within Siva’s throat giving him the name Sri Nilakanta in Sanskrit (“blue throat”).m. Parvarti. Peace reigns both in and out. something dangerous also developed. ❖ Maha Pradosam is when the number two above falls on a Saturday. In an act of compassion. Siva then danced on the head of the Nandi Bull. nevertheless. This story is a way to describe the power of the karma-busting sounds in the mantra “Thiru Neela Kantam. Siva performs a beautiful dance during this occasion. Everyone panicked and prayed to Siva for help. a ritual conducted by emperors anouncing their supreme power. Until all your thoughts and processes slow down. During every Pradosham time Siva does this for us.m. ❖ People who worship Siva during Pradosam time reap the merit of the Asvamedha fire-ritual. Pradosam time is typically between 4:30 p. time during those days is especially charged. each month there are days which area called “Pradosham Days. to 6:00 p. Siva-Shakti Malas. held Siva’s throat to stop the poison flowing down further into Siva’s body. Siva’s drinking of the poison is a cosmic event that symbolizes the dissolution of karma and negative thoughts within us and the world. She vomited poison which fell on the elixir.” a power that cannot really be put into words. The cosmic dissolution event that is performed every epoch takes place at a miniature level on a daily basis. Where the sun sets outside. which has Siva’s grace and is a doorway to Infinite Intelligence. It is the time of Pradsham. Sunset is like a mini-renactment of this as the day dissolves.

Sri Siva recommends you work with two mantras: (Pronounced: Ohm Na-ma She-va-ya) Om and Om Nama Sivaya Both of these are explained in more detailed in the following chapter.S. Om will manifest as Divine Light just in front of you and will envelope you. and Ma. The Om Light is Allah. Eliot the American poet said in Four Quartets. “In my end is my beginning. Om is Arul. the Divine Intelligence.” Meditatation on Om (Pronounced: Ohm) Om is formed of three sounds: Ah. Siva. Oo. Ma. Yaweh. At the ordinary level of human existence. This Light of Om will dissolve your ignorance. etc. The domain of Om is incomprehensible to the human mind. the sleep state. and I will return to it near the close. When you have enough Grace.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section III—Other Tools   Chapter 15 Om Nama Sivaya Even if you don’t have time to try out all the mantras in the Personal Transformation Section. the dream state. ❖ Meditate on Ah for 3 minutes at the root chakra. Om is the realm of all possibilities. Om is Grace Light. Different Enlightened Beings belonging to different religions have encountered the Om Light prior to their Enlightenment. As T. T he first mantra in this book is OM. Om is Life. God is Om. This will attract all worldly things towards you. Practice Om in the following way. Oo. Om is consciousness. Nirvana. 200 201 . the Tao. Om is God. Ah creates the waking state of human consciousness. Keep repeating this sound mentally. Om is the primordial sound from which everything emanated.

Si Va Ya has to be chanted at the heart. purify me with Nama. space energy. karma and maya do not allow me to remember you. water energy. It harmonizes you with all the elemental energies. attachment and suffering. Section III—Other Tools Chapter 15: Om Nama Sivaya Va – throat and nostrils. If enough people work with this. one day when you do this meditation or when you are praying. Some of you may want to experiment with chanting Om Nama Sivaya in groups on a weekly basis. Om is the primordial sound. You will be elevated to a new reality. I am caught up in this limited body-mind and the world of samsara. Om will flood your entire body. More than any other time in human history. Nama awakens the lower realities necessary for earthly existence. Om is the equivalent of Amen. wind/air energy. Infinite Intelligence Oh Lord Siva. I will be able to teach more. but this is a starting point. cleans up the consciousness. Ma. Nama represents lower worldly realities like earth and water. white light. The chanting of Om Nama Sivaya does the following. karmic and egocentric life. It represents higher life. We only sleep a third of our lives. red light 202 Prayer to Lord Siva. Sivaya gives the awareness of the Divine existence which is the right of every human soul. green light Ma – navel center. Liberate me from ignorance. third eye. Om. so you do not become too sleepy! ❖ Go to the Third Eye and chant Om for 3 minutes. Nama Sivaya has two units. From that time onwards. blue light Si (pronounced like the English word “She”) – heart center. This sound is: Om Nama Sivaya. two brains. let me handle the other world 203 . so that is why Ma is for a shorter duration. One should chant Om Nama Sivaya with this understanding. I need your grace to chant your name all of the time: Om Nama Sivaya with Om. I have done an entire video tape on a mantra beloved by many of the Tami Siddhas. It will create earthly consciousness and provide rest to the system.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side ❖ Meditate on Oo at the heart center for 3 minutes. Na – root center. it is possible to get rid of all ignorant principles. Saying Om Nama Sivaya 108 times a day will help you attain the highest material and spiritual life. will create awareness of maya (illusion). This will give you Divine Intelligence and influence your dreaming. Sivaya is the second unit. let me handle this world with Sivaya. Please use these tools and share them with others. throat and two eyes respectively. We are living at a favorable time for evolution. Mantra: Om Nama Sivaya (Pronounced: Om Na-Ma She Va Ya) The purpose of Om Nama Sivaya is very meaningful. when practiced in the above manner. Na Ma is to be chanted at the root chakra and the navel chakra respectively. the Age of Truth will dawn. ❖ Meditate on Ma at the throat chakra for 1 minute. yellow light Ya – two eyes. you will know that Om can get into you and totally change your human consciousness. It will help you to be in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. This new century will be a very powerful time. The whole universe—both animate and inanimate—is contained in Om. Sivaya helps you to be grounded in awareness of the divine. fire energy. There is much more I can teach about Om Nama Sivaya. earth energy. My ego. Remember the following over and over and over and over again.

Maya has an 204 205 T . and causal dimensions. as it is a delusionary power. who you think you are 2) Maya . Pura=cities). these cities are supposed to have been occupied by demon kings who were destroyed by Lord Siva with his powerful arrow of fire. Yet another meaning of “Tripura” in Sanskrit is called triputi (the triad).Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section III—Other Tools Om Nama Sivaya Om Nama Sivaya Om Nama Sivaya  Chapter 16 Tripura—The Philosophy of Sri Siva  he word Tripura (pronounced: TRI poo rah) means several things within Indian philosophical contexts. It is not a real principle. the Known. astral. In one legend. The three constituents of life are: 1) Anava. and the process of Knowing. which refers to three psychological activities involved in perception: the Knower. “Tripura” literally translates as “three cities” (Tri=three. However. Tripura also refers to three bodies—physical. biological and elemental components. There are several other possible meanings of Tripura . cosmic illusion The relative world appears because of maya. “I” consciousness or ego consciousness. Maya creates everything. I use Tripura usually in reference to three states of consciousness which constitute human life and living. The mythological story of Lord Siva triumphing over the evil forces carries several cosmological.

This is the ultimate of human life. We are forced into a limited experience of existence. 207 . In fact. Maya makes this world so appealing. and unworthy. All three of these are ignorant principles. You are somebody now—you are “Joseph. Karma is what you desired to do in the past. Destruction of Limited Consciousness Primarily one has to step out of one’s own “I” consciousness or ego consciousness. Both the Vedantans and the Buddhists leave the world and their responsibilities in favor of the “other world. Remember. It aids the process of the individual “I” consciousness. This is evolution. Pure. Many years later when he was called back to the kingdom to become the prince. What I emphasize through the destruction of ego is in fact the destruction of limitations created by ego. unlimited life of bliss exists outside the territory of the three factors outlined above. Destruction of the ego is the first step to evolve to the next stage. From the perspective of absolute bliss. this has been the interpretation in practice among most mainstream Indian traditions such as Vedanta and Buddhism. you will live as a pure being of unlimited awareness and there is nothing you cannot do. Then comes karma. janitor… It’s because of ego and “I” consciousness that you limit yourself in this way.” “Mary. Lord Siva destroys the “three cities” of limitation. The three principles together create human existence. These principles are a misconception of your Self. I have placed my charity projects under the name Tripura Foundation to celebrate the way Lord Siva destroyed the three principles which hold human beings in bondage. period. we are under the grip of karma and maya. If they are removed. what you desire to do now. the Guru says. Your potential is unlimited. This is the meaning of Tripura. joyous. My explanation of ego-death is the destruction of a false and low identity and the affirmation of divine identity. As long as we are ignorant. Unfortunately. this perception has created extreme poverty consciousness in India.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section III—Other Tools Chapter 16: Tripura—The Phlosophy of Sri Siva incredible power to charm. All three vibrations are within our own consciousness. In fact we are gods and goddesses.” True. nor are you an identity you think you are: physician. Within the Tamil Siva tradition. he had to switch his consciousness from that of being a hunter’s son to that of the prince. Destruction of the ego does not mean losing the purpose of one’s life and becoming a monk or recluse. You are not the name that you 206 are known by. both the king’s consciousness and the janitor’s consciousness are strictly limitations in existence. The realization of our true identity will not come until the notions of the limited ego are destroyed. Story of the Prince and the Hunter The Guru narrates the story of a prince growing up in the household of a hunter… A prince was allowed to grow up anonymously in the hunter’s house for political reasons. Everyone.” etc. the law of causality that combines cause and effect. they kill their ego—but only through denial of a phenomenal existence. nor are you the body. We are pretending that we are poor. so you are entrenched. is in a situation of the prince. You lose the concept of “I. weak. administrator. You are God. 3) Karma. and what you desire to do in the future. there is a beautiful story which illustrates ego identity in its extremities. It’s not a desirable model. They limit you and pollute your consciousness.” maya and karma. which gives a very strong feeling to experience certain things. The Tripura Foundation So.” “Peter.

and karma. Almost every religion in the world speaks of the ending of the world and the appearance of their God on the face of the earth. God has to do His thing. For more understanding about ego consciousness. light and intelligence. Divine Action and Charity Taking action to help feed the hunger is a powerful way to destroy the three demons of ego. There is no doubt:This event caused me to increase my communication with the larger world. I was asked by many people to share my thoughts with the world. money or whatever you can give. which is life energy. see www. or the experience of sensory activities like touch. you can read selected writings of Ramana Maharishi. raised questions about the mystery of evil. Again. please avoid the trap of getting lost in the self-inquiry quest. maya. during his national prayer meeting held at that time. 2001. I believe everyone is intrigued by the question.tripurafoundation. an enlightened teacher who spent his entire life in the quest of finding ego awareness. We are haunted by the reality of death. 208 After September 11. food. Lord Siva revealed to me what really moves His heart is a kind act of charity extended to the poor. Humanity is at a point that God alone can save us because nobody is listening to anybody and everybody thinks that he is right. Are they all going to come at the same time? Or. Tripura Foundation charity projects are a pragmatic way to benefit both the suffering as well as those seeking higher consciousness. Give the poor people. While I was Swami Ramalingam in my previous incarnation. is not life. A great secret I want to share with you is to see God in the smile of the poor. Life is ineffable. “Why does God allow evil?” I totally agree with his conclusion that there is no satisfactory answer. pain. “Who am I?” could be useful in order to gain the non-ego-self. tasting? None of these individual activities can be called life. no one has seen God in historic time. smelling. His meditation on. which coordinates thinking and sensory activities. the Hindus. avatar of Vishnu. Native American Indians talk about the white Buffalo. as people wondered if the World Trade Center collapse was a sign of the Apocalypse. and it is not because there is not enough food on the planet. and suffering on a massive scale. of falling into the pitfall of inaction. the Kalki. For more information about Tripura Foundation’s projects. Mystery of Evil Billy Graham. I want each of you to reflect on the fact that fifty percent of the world goes to bed hungry at night. and it is not pleasing to the Divine. is it just a belief that is highly improbable in the physical world? Every religion agrees that there will be some form of catastrophic destruction before the advent of the new epoch of God. The prophets 209 . Buddhists look for Maitreya. and that is what is happening. thinking. However. Even the ego. beautifully described the ego experience of life. there is confusion aboaut the manifestation of these different Gods. God likes people who share their wealth with the poor. It is a sin for these people to be hungry. weapons that we developed so proudly. He has allowed evil to proliferate so that we can get a wake up call. seeing. What is life? Is it breathing. Christians are looking for the second coming of Jesus. hearing.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section III—Other Tools Chapter 16: Tripura—The Phlosophy of Sri Siva The Upanishads. You can only kneel down and pray and have faith in the mercy of God. We must create the global will to change this right now. Shite Muslims. sacred writings from the Vedantic tradition. the the 13th Imam. continuous bliss. We live at a time of spiritual crisis— having come to a point where we can destroy all life on the planet in a matter of minutes through our weapons of mass destruction. is not life. Even prana. Now.

using both right and wrong methods. “God. then. Sri Siva’s Teaching on Death My teaching about death does not fall in line with these great teachers. 211 . 210 Mourning of Leela the Queen In the book. Krishna. Accordingly. 2) After all. Meaning of Life and Death The extensive loss of lives at the World Trade Center collapse was an eye opener. get rid of your desires and you will not come back here. The condition. The Buddha sends the woman away to get some mustard seeds. there is an important teaching about death. Buddha and the Mother A woman goes to the Buddha asking him to revive her dead son. And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying. The general sense of Eastern teaching is that birth and death are diseases of the soul impelled by desires to incarnate over and over again. So. don’t think that you are the doer. and they shall be his people. 3) Even if you kill someone. It is said that while on the Cross. God is coming to the earth-plane to evolve the human race. She prays to the goddess of learning.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section III—Other Tools Chapter 16: Tripura—The Phlosophy of Sri Siva and messiahs have only seen God’s apparitions and heard His voice. those who do not want anything except enlightenment will get a light body similar to Babaji’s. those who are near and dear to him. Saraswati gives her some extra power of consciousness to see the reality of the matter. The Buddha says that he could resurrect the son very easily and that he needed some mustard seeds. killing the body does not amount to killing the soul because the soul is immortal. Immediately. and be their God. very useful teachings from great spiritual teachers about death and dying. why you have abandoned me?” So. Particularly. Saraswati. gives out three important teachings: 1) It is important to kill the bad guys. Death is a horrible reality. what is the solution? I pin my faith in the teachings of Revelations. is that the seeds should be taken as alms from a household where no death has occurred. people want to know about the phenomenon of death. Jesus is reported to have said. God is the only doer and you are only an instrument of God. death is still a painful reality. The Book of Revelations describes the new world of God: And I saw a new heaven and new earth. mourns the death of her husband. She participates in the dream through consent. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes and there shall be no more death. and there was no more sea. and God himself shall be with them. neither sorrow nor crying. First of all it hurts the person who dies. Having said all these great things. Leela is able to perceive that the birth of her husband is only his dream and so is his death. Life and death are no more then dream experiences. even if they were your relatives. The woman comes back with the understanding that death is common and her son is no exception. neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away. Behold the tabernacle of God is with men and he will dwell with them. In the Bhagavad-Gita. to help her cope with the situation. There is no need to rejoice or grieve. translated by Swami Venkatesananda. There are however. Vasistha’s Yoga. however. the queen. for the first heaven and first earth passed away. Leela. while urging Arjuna to kill his kiths and kin in the war. It is an exciting time to be on the earth-plane to confront God face to face.

Whenever you feel depressed. The demons—negative forces—will not let your mind stay in a happy state nor allow you to think about an outrageous life of abundant health. 3. My desire is to give these sounds to anyone who seeks Light and higher consciousness. say the mantra. wealth. money or housing. saying the affirmation. regardless of any particular religion. Thiru Neela Kantam. Francine. and anyone who meditates deeply has the potential to encounter them independently of any exposure to Hindu material. put a red flower in front of my picture and watch the magical changes in the flower and your life. it doesn’t hurt. Share them with others. “I am ending mediocrity. present and the future with such accuracy that it “blows the minds” of people everywhere. “No!” These sounds are genuinely sacred sounds that exist.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section III—Other Tools That’s the end of your pain and suffering. Om Nama Sivaya  Chapter 17 You Do Not Have To Be Hindu To Use This Material Please use what makes sense to you from this book in your own spiritual tradition. and peace. Sylvia helps police to investigate criminals with great accuracy. Sylvia also uses her own altered levels of consciousness to predict the past and the future. Happy. When you don’t have a flesh body. who aides her in psychically seeing the past.” The 213 M  212 . During the course of your day. you may fluctuate between moods. happiness. The rest of humanity will have some interim relief. and my response is emphatically. Sylvia Brown and Lakshmi’s Mantra Sylvia Browne is one of America’s most celebrated psychic and spiritual teachers today. She uses her psychic abilities to help people heal from serious diseases. She channels a spiritual guide. I want to make them available to everyone. 2. She puts people in touch with their deceased loved ones and helps people to unravel their psychological problems through past-life regressions. Flat. Sylvia is able to visit what she calls as “the other side. This is total liberation.” Every day. or in the routine work mode. Keep a flower pot on your desk and pluck a flower every three to four hours and infuse it with the mantra Thiru Neela Kantam. You won’t need food or sex. Ending Mediocrity Most people experience one or more of the following: You wake up in the morning and have one of the following moods: 1. any times people ask me if the sounds are only for Hindus. Lousy and frustrated. but will have to come back to work their way.

As a matter of fact. to which our spirits will eternally resonate. the deity is expected to appear before the practitioner. The mantra is often a two to three syllable sound that carries the energy of a god or goddess. the goddess of wealth. Each god and goddess has his or her own mantra. it becomes evident that mantras belong to all souls in general. Often an argument is put forth 215 . p.) Apparently and sadly their divine resonance gets drowned out all too often by the noise of our conscious minds here on earth. the body of the divine. Sylvia has unraveled a wealth of material about the other side. For instance Sylvia says that the mantra is the sound of “affirmation and ascent. Every mantra starts with Om. either quietly or out loud. Similarly. but conflicts among religions destroy not only those cultural monuments but also the human race itself. it is interesting to follow Sylvia’s thoughts about the Hall of Tones. which is Sylvia Browne’s own mantra.’ (I didn’t light up with instant recognition at the sound 214 of my mantra. so to speak. is also Sanskrit mantra for Lakshmi. “Do mantras belong to Hinduism or are they a universal. herself. however. It gives peace to the soul. the ferocious goddess who kills demons. Almost every religion. you can accomplish a lot of your material goals through the use of mantras. transcendental phenomenon?” From reading Sylvia Browne’s writings. For instance. a mantra carries the deity’s presence and qualities within its structure. The mantra practice is based on the theory that if one continually chants the mantra. The following is her description of the Hall of Tones: The Hall of Tones “When each of our souls was first created. except a few Eastern ones. Religion’s power comes from its total irrationality and a blind concept of loyalty. I am sure that from what I know of the writings of Sylvia Browne. She says that mantras will put you in touch with your genetic lineage. It is simultaneously both positive and negative. As a spirit.”—Life on the Other Side by Sylvia Browne. which is a word of affirmation and ascent. the mantra is known as a seed (bija). Mine is ‘Shreem. In Sanskrit. Sylvia Browne’s channeled information is very useful. that she. Just as a seed carries the whole tree within itself.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section III—Other Tools Chapter 17: You Do Not Have to be Hindu to Use This Material other side is the domain to which a spirit retires after death or temporarily visits during sleep… It is a realm that appears to have no physicality of its own although its form is perceptible to spiritual sight. In fact. If you can’t find your own mantra.” Very few people will understand the depth of that statement. the mantra is the very essence. we were given our own individual Mantra. Sylvia’s experiences provide validity to some of the teachings of Hinduism. herself. has given a guided meditation to find out anyone’s mantra. The important question to ask is.111. Religion is responsible for great civilizations and awesome architecture. you can use specific mantras for a specific result. In her book. However. and this is not the place to discuss it. Need for Universal Religion Religion is a mysterious force. followed by a tone that is typically made up of two syllables. everyone familiar with mantras knows this much — to get help from a particular deity. a specific word or series of syllables. you have to chant the deity’s mantra. is not aware of the Hindu background of the mantras. However. Shreem. the mantra Kiri is the sound for Kali. but at the same time it also destroys peace. claim that each has The Truth and every other religion or faith is misguided. Sylvia. Some of the explanations of the mantras that come from Sylvia are quite profound and esoteric. The theories about mantras are indeed very complex. The success of Transcendental Meditation worldwide is due to the use of mantras. Sylvia talks about her visits to the Hall of Tones on the other side. the practice of mantras is a very important tool in connecting to the divine within Hindu worship.

I pray that the Formless and Nameless Almighty will do some miracles to make this separation happen all over the world. and ever so many other gadgets that have. One’s faith is ingrained in the blood and even penetrates one’s bone marrow. The attendance in church/synagogue/temple/mosque is relatively small when compared with the population who are indifferent to religion. 216 I am glad that in the some countries. People live longer. made our lives easier. air-conditioners. If we objectively look at the fundamentalist movements in religion. modern science has failed in one major respect and that is “looking inside the mind machine. but unfortunately he himself was elevated to Image worship along with a host of other Buddhist Gods and Deities. This is what I attempted to do in my last life as Swami Ramalingam. the common man cares less for God or religion. science and technology have revolutionized human growth. 217 . For them it is a gray area and belongs to philosophers. you and I are tied to a particular faith because of past life memories. It is emotionally impossible for a Jew to accept Jesus. However. there are deep problems in putting this concept into practice. particularly the fundamentalists. Such a separation is indeed the beginning of a New World Order. When I was in graduate school. I would be delighted if the United Nations would consider promoting this World Religion of Love and Light. As I pointed out earlier.” they say. religion is irrational.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section III—Other Tools Chapter 17: You Do Not Have to be Hindu to Use This Material that there can’t be more than one Truth. again preaching the same message: Arut perum jyoti arut perum Jyoti Taniperum karunai Arut perum Jyoti. Sects within Hinduism think either Vishnu or Siva is the supreme God. In our contemporary civilization. and to this day they don’t think that Jesus Christ was a messiah from Yahweh. a professor of anthropology gave a definition of religion as it is understood in the contemporary world. automobiles. the Ideal would be to define the Almighty as Light and Love. “There is one Truth and there are several other misrepresentations of Truth. The danger for society comes from the believers. It is very important that during the new millennium that we pay attention to the mind machine. “Religion is what I practice and ‘cult’ is what my enemy practices. fundamentalists are obsessed about their respective Gods and spend their entire lives ridiculing other faiths and trying to convert non-believers Although most religions speak of tolerance and acceptance of other faiths.” More often than not.” Scientists have stayed away from asking questions about consciousness. or a Moslem to accept Krishna. New Mind for the New Millennium During the past three hundred years or so.) I think the above definition of God would help to lay the foundation for a Universal Religion. This Light is also compassion. I had tremendous resistance from the Hindus who thought I was crazy to deny the Hindu gods.” The Jews thought that the non-Jews (whom they called Gentiles) worshipped a false God. a political system evolved separating the church from the state. They have very little tolerance towards other faiths and live in the belief that they alone have “got it right. although Christianity became a major world religion. Here I am. it will be apparent they are the troublemakers. In the final analysis. The Buddha said that there was no God. He said. The discoveries and inventions in the field of medicine have lead to pain reduction. The mantra is saying: All knowingness (God) is an illumined Light. The Moslems think that there is no God but Allah. no doubt. We are still in the process of finding out more things.

I have tested the value of the sounds in this book over a period of two decades in this lifetime and know first hand that they work. At a very deep level of the language (prethought level). I have put them into CDs and videotapes. he or she has prosperity sounds in the brain/mind complex whether from this lifetime or an earlier one. his brain/mind is ingrained with poverty sounds. meaning merges in with the sound in an emotional-ideational complex. If you pull out language from our mind. I have a new view of the brain/mind domain. if a person is poor. And of course. “What is mind?” Language is a combination of sound and meaning. happiness and enlightenment. This tradition goes back to Lemurian 219 . Changing the mind then involves changing the sounds within the mind. Right now it is only theoretical and mathematical probability. I want to be very practical and will give hands-on technologies. The destiny of Science and Technology in the new millennium will be in this direction. it is a higher science and a higher technology that will find a practical application of Einstein’s theory of relativity. the CDs. In fact. and I will be with you through this book. not just wealth. I define stupid thoughts as: Unproductive bio-energy that creates unrewarding. between spirit and matter. Conversely. the bottom line contention is that if a person is rich. as I cannot travel to every city and speak personally to all the people I would like to help. This higher intelligence is not carved in logic. But you can do homestudy with enlightened tools. I am hopeful that many of you reading this book will use the tools and experience incontestable. We will know the clue of how we can make this conversion. unproductive. This is a rule of thumb which applies to every area of life. The brain/mind of these people are producing stupid thoughts nearly in the range of eighty to ninety percent. we may buy sound software to enhance our mathematical skills or athletic abilities. For now. and I have modernized it for our contemporary use. the videotapes. We do not know the methodology by which we can convert energy into matter or matter into energy without a lot of destruction. I can get into a very complex and complicated discussion about it. and any other products I devise in the future. Once we know how. Right now the brain/mind domain for most people is at the lowest level. but also health. Currently the brain/mind domain is full of Bio-energy fields with dominant signals of poverty and pessimism. I want to maximize the ability of the brain/mind domain. This is the easiest way to share them with large numbers of people. I visit people on the dream plane and am always available for instant contact inwardly to sincere seekers. What is going to give the world happiness is a new technology. the foundation for this new science and technology will be based on practical wisdom that has come to us through the Siddhas of southern India. positive results. there will be very little or no mind at all. commerce and politics. my theory is very old. This book is based on this Theory of Mind: Ninety percent of our mind is composed of language. As I have said before. we will have infinite freedom. I will play my role in giving to this new technology to the world and this new science that will make our lives easier. This theory could have great impact on education. and destructive thoughts. This new technology will use a higher intelligence. Our next question is. So. 218 The New Technology Will be Based on Spiritualizing Matter and Vice Versa At some time in the future. But that is not my intention here. This new technology will give us the missing link between energy and matter. We have to stop the brain/mind from producing stupid thoughts.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section III—Other Tools Chapter 17: You Do Not Have to be Hindu to Use This Material Why do we have to pay attention to our mind? It is through our mind and intellect that we have evolved from ignorant conditions to intelligent life.

” The historians wonder if they are all really by Agastiya or interpolations of other texts. Back to the Future You won’t have to sweat so much. “if Jean Dickson could do it. and yet the Tamil of each is “contemporary. We all know that our modern science and technology is only a few hundred years old. You can make connections with the crystal. All other sciences. The message for the millennium is that we need to go to the past not to the future! Not the dim past wherein our consciousness was polluted by logic. it gives you a sense of false happiness. everything is relative. The historians get confused about the works of Agastiya. Even with our laser surgery. Seldom do we understand the freedom that can happen if you follow other principles. I don’t rule it out. The life of the spirit is virtually non-existent in their lives. We will have to drop off a lot of our mental constructs. we have not eliminated suffering. they are timeless. and then you can use the crystal to see the future and other extraordinary things. is much more intelli221 . We have come so far to disbelieve anything that is not strictly limited to a material description and finite experience. For me. they look at the numerous volumes and volume attributed to Agastiya. The question for us is to ask. Within these few hundred years what we have done is to understand the laws of nature and to develop a science and technology that would appear to benefit our lives. so that their text will carry some weight. It makes tremendously sense to us on a theoretical level that energy or spirit is much more desirable. However. We are finding it difficult to deal with the process of aging the pain created by matter. Jean Dickson had a crystal ball that she looked into. It may have happened in some cases. The ball showed her the future. and every time you fall prey to this false sense of happiness. I was reading Jean Dickson. and it is important that we have to stop here and analyze if our attitude to life and our approaches to science and technology have given us happiness or suffering. material principles. there is a price we pay—we are sucked more and more into material laws. still we have to go through surgery. more profound understanding. It may or may not work. the missing link. all other technologies will be open to revision as we incorporate a new. in order to understand this higher Science. and during each time period he revealed a knowledge. They are all written at different time periods. but then it is also true that Agastiya himself reincarnated several times. We have not created anything perfect. He records the predictions made by her. negative vibrations that create doubt and so on. The crystal is an energy vortex—it can carry and be a medium of great electromagnetic power. Matter has dual consciousness: one is tremendous power to allure. The Siddhas have existed forever. It is not convincing for the scientifically-oriented to naturally believe in God or Spirit. We have to revive that science because it is truly going to give us infinite freedom.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section III—Other Tools Chapter 17: You Do Not Have to be Hindu to Use This Material times. and he used the contemporary Tamil of that time in order to communicate to people. the principles of the spirit. They wonder if other people wrote something and then later said this was written by Agastiya. Now I am referring to this because what is going to be created is similar to the crystal ball. that is between matter and energy. metaphysical principles. but a more ancient past of very ancient wisdoms. 220 Crystal science is a science that belonged to the older civilizations. These literatures contain the clue. Agastiya whose incarnation I am in this lifetime has incarnated seventeen times. seventeen times or more. why not others?” Is there anything special within the brain of Jean Dickson? Apparently she had the ability to connect with the crystal ball. and a guy who wrote the book on Jean Dickson had been a newspaper columnist. our physical laws.

Einstein. the Tamil Siddha. The new technology that I am proposing will give us an understanding about the domain wherein mind and matter meet. You put a dot. bondage to a frozen concept of time which uses the experience of the past. and when it unmanifests it becomes energy. and the future. Material existence is defined by a low level of intelligence—bondage to certain fleeting sensory experience. very close to my heart. My disciples in that lifetime did not like it. In a previous lifetime when I was Swami Ramalingam. It means you create something. The Science of Sacred Geometry. He speaks like a mystic and knows where discursive reasoning can take you to and he often says that “I don’t want to go further. Now they are two separate worlds connected only very. belongs to the old world. This is very. These are all hindrances to understanding the divine intelligence. I want to repeat this: the new technology pertains to the domain where mind and matter meet. again. but matter is stuck in one place. when he describes light and matter. I have characterized the nature of the higher intelligence. we can evolve matter or spiritualize matter so that matter rises up to the level of the spirit of the level of the mind or the level of energy where they can be together at a manifest and an unmanifest level. they thought that I was deep into my ego. We have not understood the meeting ground of the two because matter is so gross and slow and the spirit or higher energy is so fine and swift that it cannot be localized.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section III—Other Tools Chapter 17: You Do Not Have to be Hindu to Use This Material gent than matter. it cannot be analyzed any farther. My evolution was such that even the divine beings were afraid of my evolution. I have characterized them. Plato described many solids and liquids through geometrical figures. had great mathematical understanding and was a scientist. I was able to demonstrate to myself. When it manifests it becomes matter. In the Siddha literature they describe Bogar’s attempt to build a ship propelled by steam. Remember. and before then. but we haven’t done anything to understand energy or to understand spirit. to my spirit and to the world at large that I could transform the various layers of my body into light molecules and then ascend into the sky. I am teaching you do not need to be Hindu to use the tools to 223 . I was reading Einstein’s original writings. Now Einstein. It is a tremendous statement. for instance. very superficially. we have to stop it here. It is form being formed out of non-form or chaos. present. Yet. There is a lot of literature available about him. I even challenged the Hindu gods during my lifetime as Swami Ramalingam because what I was teaching people was to focus just on Light. says that when light is stopped it begins to coagulate into matter. 222 Geometrical Origins Geometry explains the origin of things. The understanding of geometry will provide us tremendous clues about understanding the relationship between matter and spirit. And here again.” Now light coagulates into matter and during the coagulation process what happens is that light becomes dim to an extent that it looses all its radiant energy and becomes a gross manifestation. somebody told me. The Siddhas went one step further and came up with many geometrical shapes that link matter and spirit. so it seems plausible to me that Bogar could have been Einstein. there was nothing. this is from a very ancient literary source. Some of these geometrical shapes have come down to us as yantras/ Divine Intelligence What really excites me is to be living at this time when we can provide new spiritual technology to this world and raise it from its bondage to material existence. nevertheless they were afraid of me because of the body that I had gained which was just a luminous body with no substance in it. This makes sense to me because Bogar. It is everywhere. was the Tamil Siddha Bogar in a previous lifetime.

DC is a power spot on this earth-plane which affects the destinies of many countries. and I am excited that we have computers and that the sciences have also evolved. but what is there instead is a well inside the pool. He explained actually that there is no pool there now because people have forgotten the tradition. Arut Perum Jyoti. the government people. I managed to get some water from this well and pour it on my head. And if you are religious. I am thankful that so many more people seem receptive and this understanding and are more developed. and a technology of a new nature that is going to revolutionize the entire world should appropriately start out of the United States. I went into a room and said that I would be in divine communion with the light. And so it happened. I will do my part. I said I would get the light into the bodies of everybody because my intention was to give my evolution to everyone so that they could participate in the Intelligence that has the clue between matter and energy. I have come back now. I am wishing you well in your Self-Discovery. I am making this openly available to sincere spiritual seekers everywhere. Washington. During a Nadi reading in this lifetime. but in this life. Some of them may have lived in Asian countries in past lives and studied yogic arts. I put as much light as I could into people as they were receptive to receive at that time. and he was very cordial. Arut Perum Jyoti. Photographers tried to photograph me when I was Swami Ramalingam after I transformed into the Light Body. and the Siddhas will come to the same table in order to create the new technology for this new millennium. It did not take place immediately. The Unites States is a very blessed country. Manikavacakar and Swami Ramalingam. a priest was waiting for me. While I was Swami Ramalingam in 1874. I began to relive my past lifetime. This city is on a power spot sacred to SI-VA. but he knew exactly about this pool which was far away from this temple. The people of the United States have really balanced these two energies of matter and spirit more than any other country. DC. Someday I will tell the story of how I learned this. the whole earth-plane is controlled out of Washington. The Nadi predicted that I would remember all my previous births after having sprinkled this water. that is how I came to know about my previous births as the enlightened teachers Agastiya. and I had to reconnect myself with those energies and integrate them into this life. It will continue to be an important power center. Many of the people who live here are blessed with a good karma. but nothing came through in their photos when they were developed except the clothes that I was wearing on my body. The sound “V” at some points in history switched in some places over to “W.” So Washington starts with the sounds WA-SI or VA-SI. I was asked at one point to go to a particular temple and there I was told that I would go to a particular place and there would be a pool and I have to take some water from the pool and put it over my head and this is a very ancient temple now almost abandoned. the 224 thirtieth of January under the star Pushya. But then. they have come to the West. I went there. Material progress and enlightenment is not about religion. and as it was predicted in the Nadi. information about my old lives came to me. but over a period of a few months. I was asked to go to various places connected with me in my past life and these places were charged with energy. He was an old man. As I went to them. Scientists. that is fine. I gave the message that I would disappear and so I did. In fact. regardless of their religious tradition. Arut Perum Jyoti 225 . and it was very important for me to do that.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section III—Other Tools Chapter 17: You Do Not Have to be Hindu to Use This Material manifest your goals or to develop a Light Body. Tani Perum Karunai. So. and is best place to release these teachings. We are doubly blessed.

Thirumular says that Siva (Infinite Intelligence) is beyond this. then we will have a different idea about matter and different idea about energy. and then there is the knowledge about the unknown. It will be so beautiful to have this experience which will give us incredible freedom and joy. for this is what the Siddhas talk about as non-referential knowledge. matter and the fifth element. and he makes a reference to two kinds of intelligence: one concerns those things which are generally known. there is the known knowledge. is someone I have tremendous respect for 226 because I have not known a Siddha who is more knowledgeable. Then the question is. nothing can exist. Without consciousness which is intelligence per se. Arut Perum Joyti. space. the second pair is time and space and along with these two pairs is consciousness. and this change that we do within our mind. Arut Perum Jyoti. consciousness. With this Intelligence. the known and the unknown.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section III—Other Tools Chapter 17: You Do Not Have to be Hindu to Use This Material Arut Perum Jyoti. They are subject to our own perception and our own perception is limited by our own intelligence. What I am saying here is that we are going to make some important changes within our intelligence structure that is embedded in our consciousness. and the other refers to those which are unknown. will change our concepts of matter and energy. So. but whatever you do not know the meaning of— the unknown—is limitless. If we bring in more intelligence. we can have everything instantaneously. his knowledge is encyclopedic. within our brain. that is the known. Siva is beyond the known. That is true evolution. When I was reading Einstein this made tremendous sense to me. for the unknown is open-ended. Arut Perum Jyoti. Â 227 . Thirumualar. It may appear to be a puzzle to you because the mind cannot conceive anything that is not logically sensible. and space is dependent on the point of reference that we bring in. We are going to have tremendous understanding about time. of time and space. whatever you can or do know is limited. beyond the unknown. There are two pairs the first pair is energy and matter. that which is not the unknown and that which is present eternity. the unknown. Thirumular talks about the intelligence of Siva. the same with time. Then we will have heaven on earth. We will then think that space is no longer as we thought it to be. For instance. There are five factors that we are going to study at length which will give us this new science. the first Siddha. The unknown is also a category that is under some conceptual limitation. when talking about reality. Einstein. The understanding that will happen will result in the study of consciousness more because consciousness is going to give what I have been talking about as the missing link between matter and spirit or matter and energy. I can give a clue of what is going to be involved in the creation of this new science and technology. more intelligent than Thirmular. time and space are not independent concepts. says our concept of the reality of the world including time. Matter and energy. that which is not the known. energy. The known intelligence or known knowledge is limited. “What is this intelligence of Siva?” It is the intelligence that is everywhere. The intelligence that I want to develop for everyone during the coming millennium is Nonreferential Intelligence.

Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Section III—Other Tools 228 229 .

Chapters 1-12 1) Satyam Sivam Sundaram p49 (Saht-Yahm She-vam Sun-da-rum) (Ohm Bur Boo-Vah Swah-ha Taht Sah-Vee-Toor Vahr-Ehn-Yum Bhahr-go Deh-Vahs-Yah Dee-Mah-Hee Dee-Yoh Yohn-Ah Prah-Choh-dah-Yaht) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) Brzee (Bree-zee) p62 Trishulam (Tre-shu-lam) p76 Shreem Shreeng Siriyum Siriyung p95 (Shreem Shreung Sir-i-ym Sir-i-yung) c) Triyambakam Yajamhe p170 Suganhim Pustivardhanam Urvarukamiva Bandhanat Mrtyor muksyia ma’mrtat (Try-Um-Bah-Kum Ya-Jahm-Mah-Hay Soo-Gahn-Dim Poosh-Tee Vahr-Dah-Nahm Oor-Vahr-Oo-Kumee-Vah Vahn-Dahn-Ahn Mrit-Your Mook-Shee-Yah Mahm-Ree-Taht) Arut Perum Jyoti (Ar-rut Pey-rum Jo-tee) p113 Saravanabavaya (Sah-Rah-Vah-Nah-Bhah-Vah-Yah) p120 Kleem Shreem Hreem (Kleem Shreem Hreem) p127 b) Mrtyunjayaya (Mer-Tuh-Jah-ya-yah) p138 A) B) C) D) E) 8 a) Om Gum Ganeshaya (Ohm Gum Guh-nuh-es-shi-ya) p137 9) Arul Karunai Daya (A-ruhl Kar-u-nayee Dah-ya) p142 p148 b) Om Kala Samhara Murtne Namaha p153 (Ohm Kahla Sam-hara Mert-ne Na-ma-ha) 11) Swarna Rajadas Srajam p160 (Swar-na Rah-ja-das Srajam) 12 a) Gayatri (Guy-ya-tri) p165 b) Om Bhur Bhuvah Swaha p169 Tat Savitur Varenyam Ghargo Devasya Dhimahi Dhiyoyona Prachodayat 230 Other Terms Om Shanti (Ohm Shahn-Tee) Thiru Neela Kantam (Tee-ru Nee-la Kan-tam) Jnana (Jana) Bhakti (Bahk-ti) Om Mangalaya Namaha (Ohm Man-ga-la-ya Na-ma-ha) 10 a) Sada Shivom (Sahda She-vohm)  231 .Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side  Glossary of Pronunciation Mantras featured in Section II.

Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Products and Meditation Aids 232 233 .

00 Sharaba CD (Destroying Negativity) For the first time. Sacred Ash (Vibhuti): Sacred ash (vibhuti) is used in meditation practice on one’s forehead and optionally.00 Meditations and Affirmations with a Master CD.Life Changing Mantras: Tools from the Other Side Products and Meditation Aids Karma-Busting CD: The sounds Thiru Neela Kantam have the ability to dissolve karma. Set of 54 beads/$25. Sri Siva is making the Sharaba CD available to the general public.00 Crystal Siva Linga: A Siva Linga is a powerful ritual/meditation tool. Yogic Sleep. and the Goddess gives material possessions. Crystal is a material which amplifies subtle vibrations. Previously this CD version of the mantra invoking the demondestroying aspect of Lord Siva has only been sold to small numbers of students. $15. $15.00 Sounds for Manifesting CD: The sounds Ara Kara have the ability to attract everything to you. $15. The sounds Ara Kara can transform a psychological reality into a material reality. It is used in meditative arts only for positive purposes. “Ham Sa” Breathing. sacred ash has properties for both erasing karma and for helping you with authentic desire. $10/set of 4 pkts Siva-Shakti Mala Beads: Mala beads are a special rosary used for counting recitations of mantras. is a symbolic icon representing the male and female generative organs—the creative and powerful energies of the Divine: Divine Intelligence and Compassion. Evening Meditation.00 Above 3 CDs for $40 when purchased as a set. Sri Siva has custom-designed these mala beads to give you the very best results in chanting mantras. other parts of one’s body. Chaotic Breathing. “Ah” Meditation. created under careful preparation according to Sri Siva’s standards. Myths are the language of the divine. A mythological story describes the event of demons and the gods churning the ocean of milk to extract the elixir of immortality.00 234 235 . Daily Affirmations. and convey eternal truths. Morning Meditation. This vibhuti comes from India. $15. Looking Up. In addition. Lord Siva gives spiritual evolution. Rudraksha beads are symbolic of Lord Siva. $15. and crystal beads are symbolic of the Goddess.

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