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Donald Bartlett Madison Council

Donald Bartlett Madison Council

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Donald Bartlett Madison Council
Donald Bartlett Madison Council

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Published by: The News-Herald on Oct 18, 2013
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The News-Herald

Election Questionnaire

Date questionnaire completed: September 13, 2013 Office sought: Madison Village Council Political party: Republican

Name: Donald Bartlett Age: 66 Date of birth: October 12, 1946 Place of birth: Clarksburg, W.VA Home address: 173 Square Drive, Madison, Ohio Length of residence in that community: 21 years, Madison Village and 19 Years, Madison Township Home phone: 440-428-6058 Cell phone: 440-417-3905 Facebook: N/A Campaign Web site: N/A Occupation: Retired Facilitator & Auditor, Lubrizol Corp, Wickliffe 1971-2009 Occupation: Part Time Funeral Assistant, Behm Family Funeral Home 2010 - present Business address: N/A Phone: N/A Elected office experience: 7 years - Madison Village Council – Unanimously Appointed by Council - Term 2006 - 2009 - Madison Village Council – Elected - Term 2010 - 2013 Non-elected office experience (boards, etc.): - MV Council President - Council elected 2012 - 2013 - MV Council Vice President – Council Elected 2010 - 2011 - Madison Joint Fire District Trustee – Council Elected 2007 - 2013 o Member New Fire Station Building Committee 2011 - 2013 o Representative to East Lake County Council of Government (COG) 2011 - 2013 - MV Utility Advisory Group 2010 - 2013 - Madison Community Improvement Corporation (MCIC) 2011 - 2013 - MV Website Panel 2009 - 2013 - MV Budget Committee 2006 - 2012 - MV Economic Development Advisory Group 2007 - 2011 - MV Design Review Board 2009 - 2011 - MV CRA Housing Council 2009 - 2011 - MV Ohio Schools Facilities Community Committee, alternate 2007 - 2009 - MV Audit Committee 2007 - 2009 - Madison Village Planning Commission – member and chairman 1996 - 2006 Education (list degrees if applicable): - Graduate - Perry High School 1965 - Miami University 1965 - 1968 - US Army, Sgt. E5, Top Secret Communications, Vietnam Veteran 1968 - 1971 - Associate Arts degree from Lakeland Community College 1980 Marital status: Married 43 years Name of spouse: Judy Name and age of any children: 3 children and 8 grandchildren Organizations: - Member, Deacon, Elder, Trustee, Board Chair - Perry Christian Church 1970 - present - Madison Public Library 2006 - present - Madison Historical Society 2006 - present - Lake Shore Lodge 307 2007 - present - United Way of Lake County, Health Services Panel Leader 2009 - present - Arcola Creek Watershed Planning Group 2010 - present - American Legion Post 112 2011 - present
Don Bartlett



American Society of Testing Material (ASTM) - International Madison Old Fashioned Day Committee British Soccer Tour ’92 - President Madison Booster Club Officer: - Treasurer - Publicity Director Madison Recreation Board Umpire - United States Slow Pitch Softball Association Madison Soccer League – Coach, referee, OASL District Representative Madison Softball Association Board - Treasurer - Junior Boys Commissioner

1996 - 2009 1994 - 2002 1991 - 1993 1990 - 1995 1988 - 1991 1988 - 1991 1987 - 1998 1985 - 1990 1986 - 1988 1982 – 1985

Should you be elected, what are three specific areas you’d like to change, address, improve or further research, and how specifically would you go about it?: 1) State Route 528 Southerly Water Line Project: At the end of 2012, a water line failure (major leak under I-90, water line 60-80 years old) forced the Utilities Advisory Group (UAG) to develop recommendations to Council for legislation to fast track a ‘two phase’ plan. Sewer and water capability existed but old 6 and 8 inch water lines would not meet future demands and repairing the old water line under the freeway was not an option. Economic development for Village properties in the business districts north and south of the I-90 along the S.R. 528 corridor is a key objective. Providing a new 12 inch water line delivery system and a second source to receive water from Lake County for Village businesses and customers was deemed critical by Council for our Village future growth. In 2012 and 2013 the Village saw:  A new main gas line along S.R. 528 and under I-90 was installed by Orwell Gas to help meet future development needs.  Several new Business District economic development incentives were adopted by council.  A new Madison Fire District fire station # 3 facility (4-bays, dorms, conference room, offices) will open south of I-90 and Warner Road in early fall of 2013.  The State Route 528 Southerly Water Line Project legislation was approved by council and we completed the bid process and awarded a ‘two-phase’ contract to Trax Construction Company: o First Phase: Designed to address the water leak and upgrade to a 12 inch water line delivery going from I-90/River St. water tower south (under I-90) to Warner Road for customers in that current service district and a new fire station. The goals and advantages were: 1) to stop the major water leak and excess expenses; 2) to provide quality water service to our current water customers south of I-90; 3) meet adequate flows for water fire suppression for new commercial construction (sprinklers); and 4) have a positive impact to reduce the area ISO insurance ratings. As of the beginning of September, I can report that we: 1) completed the installation of the 12 inch water line and current customers have improved and quality water service south of I-90; 2) the River Street and I-90 water tower (80 plus years old) is decommissioned and the water leak is stopped; 3) we are in the process of addressing the remaining I-90 pump station upgrade and the Dayton Road water tower maintenance needs to be able to meet future demand for businesses and Village residential customers. o Second Phase: - Designed to address the Village service area south of Warner Road and a desired goal of connection to the River Road Lake County water supply connection providing the Village a key 2nd water supply delivery connection. This phase will benefit all of our Village
Don Bartlett

customers. At present, the UAG is working with the Lake County Utilities Department to address identifiable and outcomes that will be beneficial for everyone. This is a work in progress and council tabled the second phase until there is acceptable resolution addressing all remaining opportunities, goals and objectives. Funding for these two specific phases will come from a small increase in the customer’s monthly Capitol Improvement Fee (CIF) and OWDA and OPWC grants and low/no interest loans. 2) Village Police Department: After failing our police levy in the spring of 2013 and recently losing 2 full time patrolmen, the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) and Council are challenged to address our future policing goals, needs and revenue funding streams. As of this writing, the SAG and Council are exploring several options to address funding and service definition. The police department is currently part of our general fund. Maintaining the Police Department as is, exploration of a combined police department or a Madison Police District (similar to Joint Madison Fire District), or options with the Lake County Sherriff Department are a few of our current discussion topics. In my opinion, having one department for the good of all of Madison is intriguing as we can then work together instead of separately. 3) Other Madison Village Budget Opportunities and Challenges: The majority of our Village revenue sources come from the 1 % Village income tax. The current ‘inside mil rate’ is at 2.00 mils with 0.95 mils going to the Township for police dispatching. Currently there are no other ‘outside mil rate’ collections in force. Like all communities, local government funding has been cut by the state considerably these past 3-5 years (especially the last 2 and decreasing into the future). Dealing with revenue streams to fund the 2014 and beyond budget is a major challenge for Council. I honestly believe that this Council team and Administration has been performing ‘due diligence’ in ‘seeking to understand’ and have been frugal in addressing critical budget expenses the last 3 years. Village Council and Administration have identified and taken initial steps to address these and other key areas of the budget:  Storm Water: We joined the Lake County Storm Water district in late 2012. The dollars collected from Village residents through the county property tax assessment represent accrued dollars specifically set aside for funding our Village identified storm water projects. Also, Council wisely set aside $ 50,000 from the 2013 budget into a separate account to start addressing the URS Storm Water Master Plan that we commissioned and adopted in early 2012. This plan is on our website. Two of the 12 items identified in this plan have been implemented (with direct measureable success) and a 3rd identified item is planned to be addressed. These three deal with retention ponds in the west developments south of Rt. 84. In the spring of 2013, under my leadership and as a member of the Arcola Creek Water Shed group Council adopted and supported applying for a 60/40 match 319 grant to address stream restoration and improvements to reduce and/or contain flows starting at our Village cemetery moving north. We should learn if we qualify for the 319 grant sometime the end of 2013. Continued funding of the remaining projects identified in this plan is the budget challenge and a ‘must do’ in some priority order with available funding dollars.  Sanitary Sewer Inflow and Infiltration (Sanitary I&I): Our village currently has 2 enterprise funds, Water and Sewer. Mid 2012, with URS Engineering direction, UAG recommendations and approval by Council, we adopted a specific 45-60 month Sanitary Sewer Long Term Maintenance Plan. This plan identifies a timetable and section order for sewer televising, possible cleaning, repairs and a time frame for completion that was accepted by the Ohio EPA that we must meet.  Administration and Staff Responsibility and Expectations: We are currently without an administrator and have a plan to fill that position over the next couple of months. Mayor Britton has expressed to Council his desire for the realignment of roles and responsibilities of our staff to
Don Bartlett

meet goals and expectations to ever changing Village service needs. A new organizational chart is close to finalization. Whether for past accomplishments of future goals, why should voters elect you?: Experience is what counts and I have that with 7 years as a Village Councilman. I am your honest, experienced, independent voice on Council who has shown the desire to standardize processes, identify and challenge the status quo, and work as a team member to address the budget challenges with fiscal responsibility. If re-elected I promise to work to: 1. Continue last year’s success with attempts to balance the Village budget and work to run our Village like a business to identify and control Village expenses. 2. Focus and bring resolution on the identified BIG key issues with the 2014 budget process and beyond. Key examples are: o State Route 528 Southerly Water Line Project, Phases 1 & 2 o Village Police Department Direction based on needs and revenue o Implementation of Council identified Storm Water improvements o Implementation of Council identified and required Sanitary Sewer Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) agreements between Village and Ohio EPA o Address administration and staff responsibility and expectations plan 3) My 6 years of service as a Trustee on the Madison Fire District Board has seen our District make major strides moving forward with our decisions to: 1) commission and adopt the 2009 master plan; 2) collaborative effort and support with Lake Health to build a Madison Emergency Department; and 3) build a brand new Fire Station # 3. As the new station comes on line the last quarter of 2013 we will be challenged with other priorities and improvements to provide improved safety related services. Businesses and residents, especially residents South of I-90 will receive improved and timely service. 4) My experiences and efforts will help me to continue to proactively work with Council, service providers, other government entities, businesses and residents to continue to identify and address the identified projects, where ever and however the discovery phase leads us. 5) Openness and transparency of government are important to me. We must ensure that we plan, communicate and position our Village to meet future opportunities for successful development & growth going forward. 6) My experiences and work product helped me to understand that our current Council and administration is a working team with varied experiences and skills. As shown by our split voting records for legislations, we individually have and speak our minds, have differing views and will challenge and work together with each other. My professional ‘business experience’ has trained me to stay on point, stay focused, don’t lose momentum, and finish the objective in a timely manner. My decision to seek reelection as Village Councilman was one I did not enter into lightly. I enthusiastically look forward and am prepared to continue giving back to the community, positively face our challenges, and ask the electorate to consider me as one of their choices to continue to represent them. I most appreciate and humbly thank the village residents and businesses for the support and encouragement you have given and shown to me these past seven years.

Don Bartlett

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