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Index for The Patterns of English Spelling Volume 7

Index for The Patterns of English Spelling Volume 7


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The Patterns of English Spelling with their Word Families Put in Sentence Context

Volume 7

The Ending -Y Families -- Including The -IER, -IEST, & -INESS Relatives Such as: happy happier happiest happiness naughty naughtier naughtiest naughtiness -cy -ify -ity -ary -ology privacy simplify sincerity library biology

and the -y suffixes as in:

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MATRIX INDEX of Double Consonants + Y from cabby to fuzzy A bby ddy ffy ggy lly mmy nny ppy rry ssy tty zzy
cabby daddy daffy baggy Sally Sammy Danny happy carry sassy Patty jazzy

Debby Eddy Peggy belly Emmy Denny peppy Terry Bessy Betty

Libby giddy spiffy piggy silly Jimmy tinny nippy firry missy Kitty dizzy

hobby shoddy toffy doggy golly Tommy Donny sloppy sorry bossy Dotty Ozzy

hubby buddy puffy muggy gully tummy runny puppy furry fussy putty fuzzy


701 701 702 702 703 704 704 705 706 707 708 708

MATRIX INDEX of Vowel Consonant + y from baby to doozy A by cy cy dy dy dy fy fy gy gy ly ly my my ny ny py py py ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry sy sy ty ty ty vy xy zy
baby racy privacy lady malady stagy scaly Amy infamy zany company grapy therapy library dairy salary cemetery discovery story memory daisy fantasy Katy navy waxy lazy easy heresy treaty society heavy sexy breezy cosy leprosy fury bury busy duty savoury noisy lousy jealousy booty elegy mealy steamy enemy larceny sleepy effigy wily readily slimy tiny destiny gossipy

fleecy secrecy needy remedy beefy

icy policy tidy subsidy simplify

Toby body moody melody goofy fogy apology holy anatomy pony harmony dopy canopy


juicy saucy

709 709 709-710 711 711 711 712 712 713 713-714 715 715 716 716 717 718 719 719 719 720-721 722 722 723 723-724 725 726 727 727 728 728 729 729 730-738 738 738 738

study steady bloody Judy leafy


oily roomy

puny syrupy occupy

loony soupy droopy

hypocrisy city capacity Dixie

foxy cozy



MATRIX INDEX of Consonant Consonant + y from Darby to chintzy A -by -cy -dy -fy -gy -gy -gy -chy -chy tchy phy shy thy cky lky nky rky sky bly +ly ply my ny py ry sy ty vy zy
Darby Nancy hardy slangy lethargy mangy starchy monarchy catchy geography flashy Cathy tacky chalky lanky Sparky Lasky probably badly army corny swampy Landry palsy crafty belfry lefty envy skimpy wintry whimsy shifty chintzy bigotry woodsy lofty bumpy hungry clumsy trusty scurvy laundry naughty

derby decency Wendy energy clergy peachy sketchy fleshy breathy

Kirby Lindy stringy stingy itchy fishy smithy sticky silky dinky whisky possibly kindly

Cosby moldy comfy spongy blotchy trophy philosophy worthy rocky wonky corky nobly fondly

rugby sturdy metallurgy liturgy churchy Murphy slushy


739 739-740 741 741 742 742 742 742 742 742 743 743 743 744 745 745 745 745 745 746 746-751 749 752 752 752 752-753 753-754 754-756 756 756


toothy mouthy lucky bulky murky husky humbly ugly

perky pesky assembly deadly reply

Index of the Comparative Superlative y change to i words A ld-ck ck-mp sp-tz tz-zz VCe VV VCCe VVCe Vr th
sugary handy lanky raspy jazzy lacy gray tasty noisy hungry healthy grey

lengthy jerky messy

filthy risky thrifty chintzy icy

cocky thorny lofty Ozzy

lucky grumpy trusty fuzzy

gawky draughty

757-758 758 759 760 760




761 762 762 763 763


Some Observations
If it is true as the experts1 tell us that phonics need only be taught in the first two grades, then third graders should have no trouble with the double consonant plus the y ending families (CVDC+y) as in silly, sunny, pretty, etc. Yet, only 10% could correctly spell silly and sunny. Only 4% could spell pretty. Obviously, something is wrong. And if it is true that students today don’t spell as well as the students did when the New Iowa Spelling Scale2 was constructed, something is seriously wrong with our spelling curriculum or how spelling is—or is not—taught. Mostly, is not. As nearly every spelling program is based upon the same word frequency studies as the New Iowa Spelling Scale we can estimate quite accurately the number of CVCC+y words that occur in traditional spelling texts from grades 2 through 8. Of the 132 possible, only 10 regularly occur. Of the 40 CVDC+ies words such pennies, the odds say that only one will be found in today’s spelling texts. Adding -ly to words shouldn’t be very difficult if the concept is taught—not merely presented in a lesson or two. Yet of the 10% (the gifted?) who could spell bare in the 3rd grade, 80% could not add ly to correctly spell barely. That is, barely 2% of the 3rd graders could spell barely. And how many learn the concept of the addition of -ly to words by the time they reach the 8th grade. You would think that all of them would. Yet, of the 70% who could spell scarce, 40% could not add the -ly to correctly spell scarcely. Hmm. Of the hundreds of CVDCY (but change the y to i and add -est) words only two are liable to be taught. These two, earliest and prettiest were misspelled by 30% and 37% of the 8th graders, respectively.


Anderson, Richard C., Elfrieda H. Heibert, et. al. Becoming a Nation of Readers: The Report of the Commission on Reading. Washington, D.C., The National Institute of Education, U.S. Department of Education. 2 Greene, Harry. The New Iowa Spelling Scale. Iowa City: The University of Iowa, 1954.


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