Integrated logistic solutions for containerized and oversized cargoes

Kotka –Tallinn–Riga

How to КАК transport ДОСТАВИТЬ ГРУЗ ИЗ goods from ПУНКТА «А» point ”A“ В ПУНКТ «Б»? to point ”B“?
На первый взгляд все просто! Однако, простота и прозрачность для клиента — это результат It is quite simple at first sight. детальной проработки, накопленного опыта But simplicity and transparency и внимательного for a client is a result of thorough отношения к мелочам.

preparation, accumulated experience and attention to small details.

Origin country
{{ EXW / FCA / FOB shipments {{ Local agent forwarding {{ Door pre-carriage {{ Warehouse consolidation (CFS-CY) {{ Export customs clearance {{ BL originals {{ Seawaybill {{ LCL ocean freight {{ FCL ocean freight {{ Out-of-gauge cargoes {{ Cargo insurance {{ Tracking and tracing

Transit port
Kotka, Tallinn, Riga

Ocean carriage

{{ Customs free zone {{ Cargo re-loading {{ Bonded warehouse storage {{ On site forwarding {{ Weight control {{ Surveying {{ Change of ownership {{ TIR, CMR, customs declarations

Destination country
Russia, Baltics, CIS {{ BL surrender / Telex release {{ Delivery by road, railway {{ Out-of-gauge road trucking {{ Import customs clearance

Seven Seas Shipping OÜ
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