Basic Concepts of Sequences and Pattern

Basic Concepts Sequence A succession of numbers formed according to some definite rule is called a sequence alternatively a sequence is a kind of mapping, where domain always is a set of a natural numbers (finitely or infinitely) and range may be a real or complex numbers. In mathematical form Sequences ≡ f : Nn → X Where Nn denotes set of first n natural numbers (1, 2, 3, N). For finite n we call it finite sequence and for infinite n we call it infinite sequence. If X = R then we call the sequence f is a real sequence and if X = C, we call f is a complex sequence. Sequence and pattern Not necessary, if the terms of a sequence follow certain pattern or rule then it is called progression. Here we are discussing following progression: (i) Arithmetic Progression (A.P.) (ii) Geometric Progression (G.P.) (iii) Harmonic Progression (H.P.)

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