BOM Set ups .Set Profile Options(Required) 2.Define Exception Templates(Optional) 3.

Define and Build your Workday Calender(Required) 4.Assign Workday Calender to organization(Required) 5.Define Bills of Material Parameters(Required) 6.Define Department Classes(Optional) 7.Define Resources(Optional) 8.Define Resources Groups(Optional) 9.Define Simulation Sets(Optional) 10.Define Locations(Optional) 11.Define Departments(Optional) 12.Assign Resources and Resource Shifts to Departments (Optional) 13.Define Overheads(Optional) 14.Associate Overheads with Departments(Optional) 15.Define Alternates(Optional) 16.Define Bills of Material Components(Optional) 17.Define Standard Instructions(Optional) 18.Define Change Order Types(Optional) 19.Define Delete Constraints(Optional

There are 19 setup available in the BOM.but only 4 is Mandatory that are : 1) Profile Option 2) Workday Calendar 3) Workday Calendar assign to Organization 4) Define parameter (BOM parameter)

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