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Precillas BSE-MAPEH INSTRUCTIONAL PLAN Subject: Arts Topic: Experimenting with Primary and Secondary Colors Prerequisite: Background of using Google Drive (drawing) Target Learners: Grade 7 Time Duration: 60 minutes Instructional Activities: Google Docs. Materials: Computer, Overhead Projector, Internet connection Software: MS PowerPoint Websites: www.keasoftware Instructional 1.Motivation Description of the Activity Show pictures of the color wheel, sketch drawing design for the coloring and some example of art works and ask them what comes in their mind when they see the pictures. At the end of the lesson, students will be able to: 1. Create an environmental poster using primary colors and secondary colors in MS Paint. 2. Perform in an artistic manner the drawing element by using 3. Distinguish the primary color and secondary colors on the color wheel. Presentation of the Lesson: Discussion of primary colors and secondary colors. Students will play software game named Kea software where they can choose which picture they will color. Students will use primary and secondary colors to make the picture attractive. Students will be grouped by threes and they will ask to present one of the memorable things that they want to draw and color. Students will do the following: Students will use either weebly or blogger to show their compilation activities. Students will use prezi or powerpoint presentation to present their artworks by using the Primary and Secondary Colors. Students will be graded according to the rubric below:

2. Objectives

3. Information and examples 4.Practice and feedback 5. Evaluation/ Assessment


Rating 100-95-90% |-----------| A Excellent Outstanding Exemplary

Rating 89-85-80% |-----------| B Above Average Very Good Acceptable

Rating 79-75-70% |-----------| C Average Good Not Yet Acceptable

Rating 69-65-60% |------------| D Below Average Needs Improvement Barely Acceptable

Rating 59% and below |------------|

F Unsatisfactor y Poor Unacceptable

The student did the minimum or the artwork was never completed.


Planned carefully, made several sketches, and showed an awareness of the elements and principles of design; chose color scheme carefully, used space effectively.

The artwork shows that the student applied the principles of design while using one or more elements effectively; showed an awareness of filling the space adequately.

The student did the assignment adequately, yet it shows lack of planning and little evidence that an overall composition was planned.

The assignment was completed and turned in, but showed little evidence of any understanding of the elements and principles of art; no evidence of planning. The student fulfill the assignment, but gave no evidence of trying anything unusual.


The student explored several choices before selecting one; generating many ideas; tried unusual combinations or changes on several ideas; made connections to previous knowledge; demonstrated understandin g problem solving skills. The project was continued until it was complete as the student could make it; gave it effort far beyond that required; to pride in going well beyond the requirement. The artwork was beautiful and patiently done; it was as good as hard work could make it.

The student tried a few ideas for selecting one; or based his or her work on someone else's idea; made decisions after referring to one source; solve the problem in logical way.

The student tried in idea, and help out adequately, but it lacked originality; substituted "symbols" for personal observation; might have copied work.

The student showed no evidence of original thought.


The student work hard and completed the project, but with a loom or effort it might have been outstanding.

The student finished the project, but it could have been improved with more effort; adequate interpretation of the assignment, but lacking finish; chose an easy project and did it indifferently.

The project was completed with minimum effort.

The student did not finished the work adequately.

Craftsmanship/Skill/Consistenc y

With a little more effort, the work could have been outstanding; lacks the finishing touches. The student participated enthusiastically , followed through with commitments, performed more than adequately, assisted in

The student showed average craftsmanship; adequate, but not as good as it could have been, a bit careless.

The student showed below average craftsmanship , lack of pride in finished work.

The student showed poor craftsmanship; evidence of lazy this or lack of understanding.

Group Cooperation/Attitude

The student work toward group goals, effectively performed a variety of roles in group work, followed through on

The student mostly allowed others in the group to make all the decisions, did his or her share of work adequately, assisted in preparation and cleanup when asked.

The student allowed others to do most of the work, did participate minimally, did the minimum amount.

The student was part of the group, but did almost nothing toward group goals, did a minimal amount of preparation and cleanup.

commitments, was sensitive to the feelings and knowledge level of others, willingly participated in necessary preparation or work for classroom.

preparation and clean-up.


Students will create a reflection using Google Document on how to use the primary and secondary colors. Students will share their reflections to their classmates. Teacher will show pictures of the different sketch drawing designs in the different aspects. Students will distinguish/ identify the pictures. This is to prepare students for the coloring art works. Teacher will present a PowerPoint presentation and discuss the primary and secondary colors and the sketch design or the pattern design. For the activity students will play software game named Kea software where the students will distinguish the pictures that have been discussed a while ago. The grade assessment for the students is to discuss and present one of the memorable things that they want to draw and color by using the website given. All the information should be presented using Google Presentation. Students will be graded according to the rubric.