uno Gave the Summer A sun for hearts tempered rhythm in The naked tan bikini line a cry

for Gregarious green, beguiled by colours The park s alive! So what s to hanker her flares; stares; en rapport after more?

Children scream while parents dream their fantasies, Igniting under brilliance They think they share resilience to the Ultraviolet hues; To lie displayed au naturel Is what they d rather choose! And Helios peers at lovers in their Heady worlds: vibrant leas to Roam in hand; calming seas Satin sand insensible as Water runs her ripples cross the Shore so like the park, it really Cries for very little more! In the garden, roses clamber for attention Pouting blooms, wafting scent Our floral monarch June s event! And fingers green receive the praise From toiling hard for coloured blaze. Compelled, I walk the countenance of sunny June As Mother Nature danced amok in her saloon Of roaring life, that came of youth in early spring And nurtured in maternal warmth beneath her wing. Eyes bedewed, I mellow in a reverie Hope renewed As Juno saw to suckle me with Quintessential summer.

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