DC Medical Care Advisory Committee Overview Summer 2009

MCAC Leadership Director: Julie Hudman, Director, Department of Health Care Finance (DHCF) MCAC Chair: Sharon Baskerville, CEO, DC Primary Care Association MCAC Vice Chair: Kim Bell, Executive Director, DC Area Health Education Center Purpose The DC MCAC is a forum for key participants and stakeholders in the Medicaid program, including consumers, advocates, providers, and DC officials, to review the program’s operations and offer advice for improvements directly to the Department of Health Care Finance. Membership The DC MCAC is comprised of 26 members appointed by the DC Medicaid Director from the following categories: (1)Physicians or other health care providers (2)Consumer groups, including individual consumers, unions, and advocacy organizations (3)Interested citizens not currently on Medicaid (4)DHCF and DHS staff. Subcommittees The Chair of the MCAC can appoint subcommittees on relevant topics as they are deemed necessary. Each subcommittee has a chair that provides a report at each full MCAC meeting. Meetings The DC MCAC meets monthly at the Department of Health Care Finance (825 North Capitol St. NE) and requires a quorum of one-third (1/3) of the official membership. Guests are welcome to attend all meetings (except in cases where a close session is called).

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