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Headquarters Department of the Amy Department of the Army Memorandum 15-20 Washington, DC 25 June 1985 BOARDS, COMMISSIONS, AND COMMITTEES HEADQUARTERS, DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY PROGRAM AND BUDGET ADVISORY COMMITTEE Impact on New Nanning System. This DA memorandum does not contain information that affects the New Manning System, ‘The DA Committee Management Office concurs in the establishment of the Headquarters, Department of the Army Program and Budget Advisory Committee (HQDA PBAC) as a continuing committee. 1. Purpose ‘The HQDA PBAC is established as a Joint Office, Secretary of the Army and Army Staff committee. The committee will review and approve planning, programing, and budgeting actions that affect the operation of the HQDA, and its field operating agencies and staff support agencies and activities, Composition a. The HQDA PBAC is co-chaired by the Administrative Assistant (AA) to the Secretary of the Army and the Director of the Army Staff (DAS). Principal menbers are General Officer (G0)/Senior Executive Service (SES) representatives of each Army Staff agency and the Secretariat, the Director of Management, and Deputy Administrative Assistant. (Appendix A). b. Other DA committee and offices that are established for special projects that affect daily operation of HQDA may be requested to furnish observers to act in a liaison or advisory capacity. c, A working level HQDA PBAC will be established with representa- tives from each of the primary members. 4. The Administrative Assistant and the Director of the Army Staff will each appoint one executive to be responsible for administrative matters, incoming and outgoing correspondence, record keeping and scheduling of conferences. These executives will prepare all correspondence reflecting decisions of the HQ PBAC. HQDA PBAC decisions will be promulgated by Memorandum signed by the AA end the DAS. 3. Functions The committee will— Memo 15-20 25 June 1985 a. Review the preparation and execution of programs and budgets of the following Ge..eral Operating Agencies as they pertain to HQDA operations including field operating agencies and staff support agencies and activities to ensure they are properly funded, balanced and justified. (1) GOA 911 - The Adjutant General Center (2) GOA 913 - Army State (3) GOA 922 - Office, Secretary of the Army (4) GOA 932 - United States Army Finance and Accounting Center. (5) GOA's 11 and 32 will be under the operational control of the Director of Management, Office Chief of Staff, Army for all HQDA PBAC Programing, Budgeting, and Execution. b. Prioritize unfinanced requirenents. cc. Recommend utilization of year end funds. d. Develop and prioritize decrement lists for presentation as bill payers. e. Recommend solutions to contested funding issues. £. Develop program and budget guidance as appropriate. 4. Authority, The committee is authorized to establish subcommittees and request information related to its functions from Army Staff agencies, Office, Secretary of the Army and HQDA FOAs and staff support agencies and activities as required. 5. Administrative Procedures a. The committee will meet at the call of either chairperson. b. Changes in committee representation will be reported to the PBAC executives, who will issue periodically a listing of the principal members, alternates and POCs. c. PBAC memoranda wili be used to issue administrative procedures and instructions. 25 June 1985 Memo 15-20 6. Administration Support DACS-DMS, OCSA, and SAAA, OSA will provide administrative support to the PBAC.