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Headquarters *DA Memo 1-10 Department of the Army Washington, Dc 7 February 1990 Administration Telephone Usage and Repair Applicability. This memorandum applies to Headquarters, Department of the Army and its field operating agencies. Paragraph Page Purpose 1 1 References -. 2 1 Explanation of abbreviations 3 1 Policy 4 2 Usage criteria - 5 2 Responsibilities - 6 3 7 4 Repair 1. Purpose This memorandum prescribes policies and responsibilities for Department of Defense (DOD) telephone systems usage by agencies of Headquarters, Department of the Army. 2. References a. AR 1-29, Telephone and Intercommunications Services in the National Capital Region. b. DoD Instruction 5335.1, Telecommunications Services in the National Capital Region. 3. Explanation of abbreviations a. DoD Department of Defense. b. _prs-w. Defense Teleconmunications Service- Washington. c. ~Teleconmunications Control officer. a. ‘Teleconmunications Service Representative. *This memorandum supersedes DA Memo 1-10, 15 June 1988. DA Memo 1-10 . Policy a. DOD telephone systems will be used only for official purposes except as provided for in paragraph 5(c) of this memorandum. b. Long distance calls will be kept to a minimum in both number and duration. ¢. The use of DOD telephone credit cards will be restricted to agency heads, their deputies, and their designated representatives. a. Credit cards will be used only when credit card holders are away from their permanent duty station and are required to make an official telephone call. e. Unauthorized use of government telephones or telephone credit cards will render the user personally liable for repayment of funds caused to be expended by the government and may warrant disciplinary action. 5. Usage criteria a. DOD telephones are provided for the conduct of official business. The improper use of telephones includes but is not limited to-- (1) The making of unauthorized/unofficial long distance calls. (2) The use of AUTOVON for other than official business. (3) The use of (Dial 9) local service, to include directory assistance, for personal business. ‘The government is billed for each local call made. (4) The excessive use of (Dial 9) local service directory assistance for official business. The government is also billed for each local call made to the information operator. b. Credit card holders will use their card for official long distance calls in preference to making collect calls. ©. Personal calls (such as calls to speak to spouse/minor children or to arrange for emergency repairs to residence or automobile) that must be made during working hours over the commercial local/long distance network may properly be authorized DA Memo 1-10 by supervisors as being in the interest of the government if the calls are consistent with the following criteria. (1) They do not adversely affect the performance of official duties by the employee or the employee's organization. (2) They are of reasonable duration and frequency. (3) They could not reasonably have been made at other times. 4. In the case of toll/long distance personal calls, they must be consistent with one of the following additional criteria. (1) They must be charged to the employee's home telephone number or other non-government number (i.e., a third number call). (2) They must be made to a toll-free 800 prefix number. (3) They must be charged to the called party if a non- government number (i.e., a collect call). (4) They must be charged to a personal telephone credit card. e. DA Form 360, Report of Authorized Official Toll Telephone Calls, should be completed for recording long distance calls. f. Guidance for telephone calls while at a temporary duty station is reflected in the Joint Travel Regulations. 6. Responsibilities a. Principal officials of Headquarters, Department of the Army will-- (2) Ensure the proper, official use of telephones and telephone credit cards in accordance with guidance contained herein and within the scope of established DOD policies. (2) Designate a Telecommunications Control officer (TCO) and a Telecommunications Service Representative (TSR) - b. Cos will (1) Conduct an annual review of agency credit cards to validate and update current requirements.