Az a fiú,aki zenét hallgat a szobában, az én öcsém.
The boy who/that is listening to music in the room is my brother.

. A lány. nagyon érdekes. The girl (who/that) I saw in the shop is my neighbour. ami a polcon van.Az a könyv. a szomszédom. The book which/that is on the shelf is very interesting. akit a boltban láttam.

aki tegnap balesetet szenvedett. nem működik. The DVD-player (which/that) I bought yesterday isn’t working. . A fiú. amit tegnap vettem. kórházban van.A DVD-lejátszó.

My mother. is a nice person. . The newspaper (which/that) I saw in the shop is quite cheap.The boy who/that had an accident yesteday is in hospital. who is 63.

who is the president of the USA. what (the thing that) . A testvérem. My brother. has just resigned. who lives in Canada.Barack Obama. works in a restaurant. étteremben dolgozik. aki Kanadában él.

Jane left her boyfriend.az(t).which amazed everybody. amit What he says is true. He doesn’t know what he says. I didn’t understand what he was saying. .

a.The book you talked about is a best-seller. egy bestseller. b.The book (that/which) you talked about is a bestseller. amiről beszéltél. .A könyv.

c. every THING (that) every BODY (that) . akinek ezt a virágot vettem. A lány.The book about which you talked is a best-seller. az én nővérem. The car whose door is broken down belongs to my father.

any some no cleft sentences .

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