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Name: Lok-Tin Yao PHED 239: High School Module Worksheet Chapter 3

Total Points = 3 ____

1. As a physical educator, what are the implications of grouping high school students by chronological age rather than by development level? Give examples. The issue grouping by chronological age is that students mature differently physically. If you have a freshman that is physically comparable to a junior or senior, it will be very intimidating to the other freshmen. The skill level of the physically more mature freshmen could also be higher than other freshmen, which would make it unfair for opposing players that are shorter and weaker. In terms of challenge and success, having a physically mature player on one team will make the challenge too difficult for the opposing team and they will have very limited success. Conversely the physically mature player, they would not receive much of a challenge and the activity could be too easy, and skills will not progress as quickly. On the other hand, having a less physically developed junior or senior play against more physically imposing classmates would be demoralizing. It would be too challenging and deter the student from participating. It would be more suitable to let the student to play with freshmen and sophomores to experience more success. 2. Share examples (at least one of each) of characteristics (physical, social, emotional, and intellectual) of high school students and the implications of each trait. Students at a high school level have physically matured by this point of their life. A freshman entering high school will have their growth stunted by this time allowing them to adjust to their body and develop their motor skills accordingly to their body type. That freshman through to when they become a senior will continue to develop through muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, and speed. Socially need an avenue to interact with others. Regardless if it is team sports like basketball or just a fitness unit like yoga, students need an opportunity to participate in an activity with people of similar interests. So a teacher providing a variety of

activities is important for this characteristic aspect. Also it is important giving student choice in dress requirements, while staying publicly appropriate. By giving students choices and some freedom, you allow them to express opinions and ideas. Emotionally students are more stable and suffer fewer mood swings. Teachers should still help students develop emotionally and model the appropriate behaviors when interacting with students. Intellectually, students are reaching their potential in reasoning, concentration, imagination, and thinking conceptually. Teachers can reason with students of the importance of physical education. Students can give more selective choices depending on interests, rather than offering a too broad a spectrum because of a lack of interest in anything. Teachers can stretch units longer and provide more in depth instruction utilizing cognitive concepts and improving physical abilities. Game related decision making can translate into life decision making.