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One and a half hours (Satu setengah jam)


Instruction to candidates: Answer all questions in Part A and answer any one question in Part B. Answers may be written in either English or Malay. All necessary working should be shown clearly. Non-exact numerical answers may be given correct to three significant figures, or one decimal place in the case of angles in degrees, unless a different level of accuracy is specified in the question. Mathematical tables, a list of mathematical formulae and graph paper are provided. Arahan kepada calon: Jawab semua soalan pada bahagian A dan jawab mana-mana satu soalan pada bahagian B. Jawapan boleh ditulis dalam bahasa Inggeris atau bahasa Melayu. Semua kerja yang perlu hendaklah ditunjukkan dengan jelas. Jawapan berangka tak tepat boleh diberikan betul hingga tiga angka bererti, atau satu tempat perpuluhan dalam kes sudut dalam darjah, kecuali aras kejituan yang lain ditentukan dalam soalan. Sifir matematik, senarai rumus matematik, dan kertas graf dibekalkan.
This question paper consists of 3 printed pages. Kertas soalan ini terdiri daripada 3 halaman bercetak.

Section A (45 marks) Answer all questions in this section.

(a) A function g is defined as g(x) = x3 3x2 + x + 1 Find g(1) and g(-2) and hence state a factor of g(x). Express in the form (x +a) (x2 + bx + c) where a, b and c are numbers to be determined. [3 marks]
(b) The functions f and g are defined by

1 f : x , x \ {0}; (all real number except zero) x

g : x 2 x 1, x .

Find composite f

g and its domain

[4 marks] [5 marks]

2 3

1 + x 2 3 Express as a series of ascending powers up to the term in x . 1 + 2 x

(a) Using elementary row operations, find the inverse of the matrix of A A=

[5 marks] (b) Hence, solve the system of linear equations x + y + z = 4, 2x y + 3z = 1, 3x +2y + z = 1. 4 (a) Given that (x + iy)2 = 5 + 12i where x and y are real, find the possible values of x and y. (b) Hence, solve the equation z2 + 4z = 9 + 2i 5 An ellipse is given by the equation 16x2 + 4y2 64x 40y + 100 = 0. (a) Rewrite the equation in standard form of ellipse. (b) Find the centre, foci and vertices. Sketch the ellipse. 6 [3 marks] [6 marks] [4 marks] [4 marks]

[5 marks]

Given that A(1, 1, 1) , B(1, 2, 0) and C(-1, 2, 1) relative to a fixed origin O, find the vector equation and Cartesian equation of the plane through the points. If P is the point (2, -1, 3) find the equation of the line through P perpendicular to the plane

through A, B and C.

[6 marks]

Section B (15 marks) Answer any one questions in this section.

Express 3 cos x 4 sin x in the form cos (x + ) where R > 0 and 0 < < 90o. Hence find the maximum and minimum values of 3 cos x 4 sin x and the corresponding values of x in the interval 00 x 3600 [7 marks] (a) Sketch the graph of y = 3 cos x 4 sin x for 00 x 3600 [3 marks]

(b) By drawing appropriate lines on your graph, determine the number of roots in the interval 00 x 1800 of each of the following equations:

3 cos x 4 sin x =


3 cos x 4 sin x =

[2 marks]

(c) Find the set of values of x in the interval 00 x 3600 for which | 3 cos x 4 sin x | > 2 8 [3 marks]

The position vectors p, q and r of three points P, Q and R respectively, relative to a fixed origin, O are given by p = 2i + 3j k q = 5i 2j + 3k r = 4i + j 2k (a) Find the length of PQ, correct to 3 significant figures (b) Find the angle QPR , correct to the nearest degree (c) Find the area of triangle PQR, correct to 3 significant figures [2 marks] [3 marks] [3 marks]

Show that, for all values of the parameter t, the point S with position vector s = (2+3t)i + (3-5t)j + (-1+4t)k lies on the line through P and Q. Find s such that OS is perpendicular to PQ. [3 marks] [4 marks]