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Book Report New Moon

Book Report New Moon


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Published by Jeremy Brown
This is my 6th Grade book report to the 2nd book in the Twilight Saga... NEW MOON. By Stpehenie Meyer.
This is my 6th Grade book report to the 2nd book in the Twilight Saga... NEW MOON. By Stpehenie Meyer.

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Published by: Jeremy Brown on Jul 28, 2009
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Book Report Jeremy Brown April Report -NOT PROJECT!

Report for: New Moon By Stephenie Meyer

Bella Swan is just turning 18. The night before she had a dream that she was staring at her grandmother. She turning around she saw her immortal boyfriend who was a vampire Edward. She gets worried that her grandmother is watching because it was light in the room they were in and vampires skin crystallized when in light. She turned around

and saw that it wasn’t her grandma standing behind her. It was a mirror. She got the thought that she had been dreading. It was her 80 years while still dating a 17 immortal vampire! She woke up screaming! He dad was came to check on her and she just said bad dream. She went to school and Edward was all over the birthday idea. She hated it, she wanted to be a vampire to bad. She didn’t want to be older than Edward even though technically he is 105 just he’s immortal so he still has the features of a 17 year old. Edward stops talking to Bella for a few days and she knows immediately something is wrong! She asks him one day after school and finds out that Edward thinks its too dangerous for his family of vampires, the Cullens , to be

around a mortal human so much. He tells her he’s leaving. He says that from now on he will make sure that she has no evidence that he was ever even alive. With his light speed running—because he’s a vampire—He goes through her house taking all the pictures, videos, CD’s he gave her… all of it and hid it somewhere. Bella goes into a depression stage that lasts 3 months. Then one day her divorced dad, Charlie comes and tells her that he wants her to move back in with her mom, Renee because he can’t stand her being so depressed! Bella gets furious and disappointed! She tells him that she is 18, just about 5 months from graduating and has to much to focus on here and she can’t move. So he gives her one last chance but she has to stop being depressed! She soon starts hanging out with an old

family friend’s son, his name is Jacob Black. They have so much fun together. They do stupid stuff though. They get into a lot trouble but she likes it because a voice in her head comes every time she does something stupid telling her how to handle it and the voice reminds her of Edward so she just likes getting into trouble. One afternoon she goes and gets two broken down motorcycles. Charlie hates motorcycles because (being a cop) he sees a lot of accidents by them! She knows that this is the perfect thing to get the voice back and best of all it will stay after this. After Jacob and her get finished they start riding them. Bella doesn’t know how to ride and Jacob only showed her the basics. She used the wrong break after riding about 2 miles and she

flipped. Her head hit a rock and got split open. She thinks she’s fine but Jacob takes her to the emergency room. Bella tells her dad and the doctors they were in their garage looking for something and she tripped and hit her hand on the back side of a hammer. Soon Jacob betrays her. He hasn’t called for weeks and Billy (Jacobs dad) won’t tell her where he is. So she decides to go over to their house. When she gets there Jacob is hanging out with the kids who all the other kids hate because of the way they act. Jacob used to hate them too but now they’ve been hanging out for weeks. Jacob has a new attitude that Bella can’t handle. He’s always angry. Charlie doesn’t want Jacob to hang out with Bella again because if he gets her mad at him she’ll go into depression again. Bella no longer has

anything to do so she goes for a hike and runs into a vampire that the Cullens hate! This vampire (unlike the Cullens who only feed on animals) can’t control his thirst for human blood. When the vampire is about to spring at her to kill her he runs away. There are gigantic wolves running after him. One mysteriously reminds him of Jacob. Now she’s worried because that vampire and his friend Victoria (another killer vampire) is after her. Jacob starts talking to her again and she soon finds out that he is a were wolf. But the only reason were wolves exist is because they save humans from vampires. The slightest vampire bite will turn a human into a vampire and if it lasts too long it will kill them. Bella learns that since she’s hanging out with Jacob

again she could be in trouble with depression again so she does some stupid things again to get that voice in her head back. She goes cliff diving ALONE! When she jumps off the cliff and lands in the water she starts to drown because of the winds and waves. Jacobs saves her just in time but she remembers a red streak running past her and knows it was Victoria running fast once Jacob got there! When Jacob is taking her home he tells her about their dad’s friend, Harry having a heart attack and the funeral is the next day. When they get to Bella’s house a strange car is in the driveway and Jacob hurry’s up and pulls around trying to escape the block. He smelt vampire. She remembers the car. Its Carlisle’s car! Carlisle is Edward dad! When she gets into the house (with out Jacob) she notices that its Alice, Edwards

vampire sister and not Edward or Carlisle and Alice is alone. She grabs Bella fast. Alice had a vision (she can see the future) and she saw Bella jumping off the cliff into the water. Her vision ended early before she saw Jacob save her. Alice thought Bella was dead. Alice stays with Bella and her dad for a day to keep Bella company while her dad was at Harry’s funeral. Rosalie (Edwards other sister) told Edward about the vision when she wasn’t supposed to so Edward called to confirm. When he called Alice was gone and Jacob was their with Bella. When Edward called Jacob answered. Jacob thought Edward was Carlisle. Since Edward thought Bella was dead he asked where Charlie was. Since Charlie’s friend just died Jacob told Edward he

was at the ‘funeral’ but he never said whose. Edward then thought that Bella was really dead. Alice had a vision of Edward going to a group of vampires called the Voultri asking them to kill him so he could be in Heaven with Bella. Only vampires and werewolves can kill vampires. Alice immediately got Bella and the headed off to Italy where the Voultri lived so they could save Edward. Luckily on the plane Alice had another vision that the Voultri denies Edwards request so he was going to step in the light revealing himself as a vampire at noon so everyone would know making the Voultri angry forcing them to kill him. Luckily Alice and Bella got there right on time pushing Edward back. The Voultri still came and took them into a castle where they lived. The Voultri decided that since Edward

still broke Vampire Rules by revealing himself to Bella a human that they would kill him unless Edward turned Bella into a vampire soon. When they got back to Forks, where Bella lived. The Cullens decided they would move back. Then Edward said that the Voultri would forget about Bella so they would never have to turn her into a vampire, but Bella desperately wanted to be a vampire. Bella then declared a vote. Only Rosalie and Edward said no to turning Bella into a vampire everyone else in the Cullen Family (Jasper, Alice, Esme, Carlisle) said yes. So since no one else would Carlisle said he would bite her after she graduated. Jacob got mad that Bella betrayed him for the Vampires. He showed Charlie the motorcycle she rode and told him everything

except for the Vampire vs. Werewolf stuff. Charlie was furious and the book ended. The story will continue in the 3rd book in the Twilight Saga, Eclipse, which I am looking very forward to reading soon. Then the Twilight Saga will end in the 4th Book Breaking Dawn which I will read, probably, next year. -Jeremy Brown

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