The South End Block Club of Hamtramck Michigan, USA

SEBC Meeting Minutes Monthly General Meeting
Date: Location: Time: 06/11/2009 People's Community Services Hamtramck Neighborhood Center 8625 Joseph Campau St. 6:30PM

Officers In Attendance * Arif Huskic: President * Louis M. Privette III: Secretary Speaking Guests * Ronald Orr (HCIW&S Liaison) * Sgt. Wally Trip (Hamtramck Police) Absent * vacant seat: Vice President

Item 1: Presentation | Community Policing | Sgt. Tripp Discussion: Sgt. Tripp followed up from the last general meeting with neighborhood crime statistics for the last month of May. Also briefly discussed the upcoming appointment Lt. Marek Kalinowski as the new Hamtramck Police Chief.

Item 2: Old Business | Last Meeting Minutes | Secretary Discussion: Minutes from the previous General Meeting of May 14th was read.


Minutes were approved as read.

Item 3: Old Business | Discussion:

Proposal for VP Election



The Block Club is without a Vice President.


Election for the Vice President will be held on the next General Meeting, July 9th.

Item 4: New Business | Discussion:

Community Outreach

| General Members

The South End Block Club needs to outreach to the community that it represents. Several discussions about how the organization can go about to best serve the neighborhood were made. Committees was made, comprising of Arif Huskic, Beverly Tran, Laurie Scott.


The address of this published document is:

Action Item Proposal Plan for a Block Party Proposal Plan for a SEBC Sponsored Historical Presentation

Responsible Beverly Tran Laurie Scott

July 9th, 2009 July 9th, 2009


Meeting ended at 7.42PM. Minutes Approved on: 07/09/2009, motion carried by Secretary Louis Privette III, Seconded by Nuo Dedivani. Audio Recording of this meeting can be found at the following URL: Unavailable, audio was unrecoverable.

The address of this published document is:

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